It's Wanderful To Meet You.

Chad & Brandy Wanderfully Lost Travel Owners
Chad & Brandy Wanderfully Lost Travel Owners

Hi friends! We’re Chad and Brandy, the wanderers behind Wanderfully Lost.

Together we travel the world in search of the most breathtaking views and awe-inspiring
adventures on Earth. And boy have we had some adventures:

  • paragliding the cliffs in Lima
  • epic train rides through the Andes mountains
  • getting lost (literally) in the jungles of Oahu
  • eating grapes off the vine in the South of France.

We’ve seen enough to know there’s a whole
world out there waiting to be wandered. And then WE HAD KIDS...

Travel suddenly became more, well, challenging. But also, more exciting. More FUN!

Wanderfully Lost is our little contribution to Mother Earth. Our way of showing you what’s out there so you can love her as much as we do. And so you can bring your kiddos along on your adventures!

Wanderfully Lost has a YouTube page too.  Wander with us!

Why we're here.

We love creating joyful experiences for everyone we come across. We want to spread
happiness like dandelion seeds. We dreamt up Wanderfully Lost to share our love of travel and joy with people we would have otherwise never known. People just like you!

Wanderfully Lost is where Moms and Dads go for travel advice.

A community by parents, for parents.

A place for you, as parents, to come for travel tips, trick and hacks.

We know how challenging it can be to travel with littles. All the extra worry and all the extra things. We’re here to help you through the challenges so you can be fully present for the experiences.

We would feel absolutely honored if you came here and felt inspired to live the life you want, where you want, how you want. For us, this is more than a blog. It’s a piece of our hearts and our platform for encouraging you to be the wanderer you were always meant to be.


Simply put, we’ve traveled a lot.

We have traveled by plane and train. We’ve roadtripped. We’ve flown with babies and without. We’ve traveled solo and together. We’ve argued with TSA agents about the rules for taking breast milk through security. We spent ten days in Peru having only packed a carryon. And also ten days on Kauai with three giant suitcases. We’ve stayed in the fanciest hotels and whatever the opposite of fanciest is Airbnbs. We certainly have not done it all but we have lived and learned and now we get to help you avoid our mistakes and travel with ease.

Our Team Is the bomb!

In addition to Chad and Brandy, we have an awesome, growing team behind the scenes.  Everything from research, voice over, image editing, video editing, SEO, and more, our crew is full of rockstars.  They deserve all the credit as they are the ones that bring our travels to life and help encourage you all to wander with us.

Content Focus

We seek to give you timely and trending travel advice with a focus on stuff we would enjoy doing ourselves; hikes, beaches, fun ideas for the family. From adventures in the mountains to all inclusive resorts on the beach, we're confident you'll find something that fits your travel tastes with us.

Contact US

If you have any remarks or questions about our website, don’t hesitate to contact us at wanderfullylostbrand@gmail.com.


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