11 Best Family Beach Vacations Resorts We Could Find (2024)

out of cool options when it comes to treating your family t...

out of cool options when it comes to
treating your family to a badass Beach
vacay have we got a smashing list of
some of the best beach resorts you can
hit with your clan so sit back and enjoy
as we bring you some of the sweetest
spots with balmy Breeze and exotic
treats welcome back to wonderfully lost
a travel Community for parents by
parents number one Montage Kapalua Bay
Montage Kapalua Bay Maui
Maui Hawaii who doesn't want to take a
gentle stroll down the Sands of a
crystal clear Beach if little Bobby and
Becky love to Splish Splash in pristine
Waters this is your cue to kick back in
Hawaii Kapalua Bay Beach will not
disappoint Montage kabalua Bay will tick
all your boxes as the ultimate Beach
Paradise all the way from its one to
four bedroom amenities to its rad
recreational program that'll have your
kids squealing in Delight from relaxing
in a selection of top-notch swimming
pulls to taking a breather inhaling the
Citrus and floral centered Vibe at the
Exquisite Spa Montage this Luxe Beach
Resort has got all your bases covered
and if you think that's where the perks
end no you're wrong we've just begun to
hit the fun-filled pinata of eclectic
perks if your Junior Clan ranges between
the ages of 5 to 12 then you're in for a
pleasant surprise prepare to unwind and
de-stress the Resort's paintbox
Children's Program packs a powerful
punch to keep your precious brood
preoccupied with a vibrant palette of
playful and creative activities
venturing off to the tide pools and
making instruments are also on the
paintbox's agenda what's more the whole
fam can partake in the cultural magic
getting an authentic Hawaiian feel
Kapalua based cultural Ambassador will
make you feel right at home with talk
story sit-downs colorful Lane making
sessions and a whole lot more so hurry
to Hawaii number two Hotel excarat
Hotel Xcaret Mexico
Mexico Playa del Carmen Mexico parents
we feel for you if you're tending to the
needs of toddlers hitting the terrible
twos or bottle-fed babies we feel you're
too tired to get out of bed mood so
here's something that'll lift the gray
cloud of exhaustion and bring in some
sunshine you'll have a huge
burden-lifted Hotel xcaret offers Next
Level baby equipment amenities for
parents of young children from bottle
warmers that you can borrow to bathtubs
and Beach friendly strollers the resort
itself is ginormous with an astounding
900 Suites along with eight adventure
parks nearby that fall under the Brand's
umbrella another headache that is wiped
clean from your slate is the
transportation hassle as traveling to
any of the parks is efficiently managed
by the hotel is that awesome or what we
couldn't help but holler at this
happening Hub of out of this world Beach
entertainment what's not to like about
this amazing Enterprise number three oil
Old Nut Bay Virgin Gorda
nut Bay Virgin Gorda British Virgin
Islands you'll be nutty as a fruitcake
if you don't give old nut Bay Virgin
Gorda a go it's all quite lovely to have
some time to yourself and enjoy the
Tranquility of a private island with
your kids but how about throwing in some
added education to the Serene mix it'll
truly transform your kids experience of
looking at the whole world through new
eyes flanked by the car motion on all
sides this 400 acre Beach Resort gives
off James Bond Vibes as you cannot set
foot on its soft sand beaches unless you
travel by helicopter or cross the Deep
Emerald Waters by boat excited West
sight this vacation getaway is as
luxurious as they come you and your
family get to experience the Swanky
comfort of your own private Villa there
aren't one but three stupendous pools to
choose from for a chilled summer swim if
you're in your Junior Clan are sports
junkies then a plethora of options await
you fond of tennis you can practice your
swing at the Top Class tennis courts got
a thing for water sports the resort has
got everything you need to have a fun
day of beach sporting activities and now
for the educational part the resort is
big on conservation with a nature center
that educates kids on the topic there is
also a rescue barn with an informative
approach that caters to Children number
four Windham Grand Ryoma Puerto Rico
Windham Grand Resort
Golf and Beach Resort Rio Grande Puerto
Rico we need to give a fair warning
about this one while it might not be the
most frugal of destinations for most
seasons it'll knock your budget right
out of the window and we say that kindly
however for the sunny days of summer the
ritzy Resort does offer super rates
which can be as low as 200 the sun
doesn't stop shining at this gorgeous
slice of paradise and you and your
family can avow some very unique bonuses
that the dazzling Resort offers there's
an entire universe that you can explore
with your kids including the colorful
rainforest at proximity other
exhilarating experiences include iguana
feeding sessions definitely not for the
squeamish or faint-hearted let the fun
and festivities unroll with salsa
lessons as well as other dancers
practiced at the Divine destination you
always have the option of soaking in the
marble bath of your super luxurious room
or spending some quality time with your
kiddos at the hotel pool they can have
multiple rounds at the water slide or
enjoy themselves to the hilt in the
awesome Kitty area oh and did we mention
horseback riding that's being offered as
well you and your kids will not want to
take a flight back from this non-smoking
Haven of Serenity number 5. Kimpton
Kimpton Kitale Samui
kitale Samui kosamui Thailand get ready
to Globe Trot with your family in tow
admittedly this task might be a little
tricky with teeny tots given the flight
hours and jet lag but if you've made it
that far then you're in for the
experience of a lifetime because Thai
hospitality is legendary you'll Discover
it for yourself as soon as you hit
kimton kitale Samui the balmy Beach
Resort Suites give a new meaning to the
term luxury with their plush and
comfortable Interiors experience the
Tangy aromatic flavors of Thai Cuisine
explode on your tongue or opt for other
dining delights at any of the Exotic
destinations for restaurants call off
after a day out in the sun with
refreshing homemade coconut ice cream
the Resort's swimming pool with water
slides will be a humongous hit with the
kids he'll also go Gaga over the kids
club playground you can tick off
activities on your family's fun-filled
calendar as the Heavenly location is not
short on entertainment options there are
scavenger hunts a splash park tie and
dye classes as well as making glorious
sandcastles let the fun and games begin
number 6. Rosewood Lake wanahani Saint
Rosewood Lake Wanahani Saint Bath
bath Saint Barts what combo can possibly
top off a beautiful patch of Deep Blue
Sea sparkling sand beaches and a
luxurious Resort we give up we can't
come up with a better combo to Trump
this one Rosewood Lake wanahani Saint
bath is big on bringing on the beachy
bling bling and luxury but it's also a
top class destination if unlimited
family time is what you're after the
best part is that the Resort's stunning
beaches are absolutely wave free bond
with your nearest and dearest over
wholesome activities such as kayaking
snorkeling and paddle boarding sign up
for windsurfing lessons or play some
tennis at the tennis courts more than
seven guests can be housed in the Uber
Lux Suites care for some cozy time with
your SP then available Babysitting
Service Pronto if your children are aged
between 4 and 11 make magical memories
that'll last in eternity number 7.
Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts
Nickelodeon hotels and resorts Punta
Cana Punta Cana Dominican Republic
calling all families who are nuts over
Nickelodeon the gorgeously themed guest
rooms at the Nickelodeon hotels and
resorts Punta Cana offer a cheerful
welcome to all underage guests and
oldies alike the highlight of your stay
will probably be taking a selfie with
the global celebrity SpongeBob
SquarePants it can't get any better than
this folks live life in the slimy Lane
with a personally booked slime session
or make an appearance on the Slime time
live show stop being a Krabby Patty and
let your kiddos pop some Krabby Patties
in their mouths there's plenty to tickle
your taste buds at multiple eateries
including Gourmet Village Club Nick
welcomes 4 to 12 year old children so
take a deep breath
rest your board on the Bali beach bed
and let the Butler Service spoil you
have a happy and happening summer what
are you waiting for grab your passports
and hop aboard a plane to your dream
family vacay you'll win the prestigious
daddy or mummy of the Year award along
with unmatched quality time with your
Junior Clan hey are you a Wanderer yet
if not head on over to our travel blog
wonderfully losttravel.com

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, your home for all things travel!

Today, we’re sharing the top 11 family beach vacation resorts worldwide, for a hassle-free, sunny vacation with the kids!

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1- Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Perched on an expansive stretch of white-sand coastline, Atlantis has become synonymous with luxury, comfort, and fun.

Staying in any one of the resort’s 2,000 plus rooms gets you and your family access to four beaches, including Cove Beach, Atlantis Beach, Paradise Beach, and Paradise Lagoon Beach.

You can also register your family for fun marine activities, including snorkeling alongside dolphins!

After which, you can turn your attention to the resort’s underwater tunnels and 14 lagoons, which host more than 50,000 sea creatures.

And if you have teens with an adventurous spirit, make sure to visit the 50-foot water slide with them!. Trust us — it’ll be an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives!

2- Turtle Bay Resort, O‘ahu, Hawaii

Located on the dazzling North Shore of O’ahu, Turtle Bay Resort is vast, and brimming with amenities that guarantee an unforgettable time.

Occupying over 1300 acres of land, Turtle Bay Resort appeals to people of all ages. If you thought Atlantis’s four beaches were too good to be true, Turtle Bay takes things up a notch, and offers visitors unbridled access to seven beaches!

If it were up to us, we’d spend an eternity frolicking around these turquoise shores, surfing and snorkeling as much as we please, but if you’re looking for something a little extra, look no further.

At Turtle Bay Resort, you can enjoy multiple pools, and a wide plethora of activities, including stargazing, pony riding, birdwatching, hula lessons, and a turtle tour to captivate all ages!

3- Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, Oranjestad, Aruba

Often referred to as “One Happy Island,” Aruba is bursting with euphoria and joy!

Located just 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba enjoys the warmth of the sun all year round, making it the perfect destination for families seeking a beachy getaway.

A ten-minute drive away from downtown Oranjestad — Aruba’s bustling capital city — you’ll find the majestic Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort.

Perched on Eagle Beach, this resort is perfect for American tourists who are looking to immerse themselves in a new culture, while still holding on to their roots.

From its several villas, suites, and rooms, we recommend that you book a beach-facing villa.

When you’re done basking in the sun, head down to any of the two on-site restaurants, which serve American and Aruban-inspired dishes that are tasty enough to send your taste buds into overdrive!

Other attractions include the water park at De Palm Island, where you can scuba dive, and explore the depths of the ocean via a submarine tour.

If you visit during the island’s carnival season in between January and February, you and your children can also watch the Kids’ Parade.

4- Disney Vero Beach Resort, Vero Beach, Florida

What’s better than a swimming pool?

A Mickey Mouse-shaped pool!

If that sounds too hard to believe, head over to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort in Florida and see for yourself.

Located at a two-hour drive away from all the chaos, and hustle of Orlando’s famous theme parks, at Vero Beach Resort, Disney offers a quieter, more budget-friendly experience for families looking to beat the heat.

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t always mean that you have to give up on the fun, and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is a great example of that.

Although you pay significantly less than you would at Disney’s water parks, you can have just as much fun by enjoying miles of pristine beaches, golfing, and catching sight of loggerhead sea turtles in their nesting sites!

5- Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa, Manalapan, Florida

While there’s a lot to do and see in Florida — which you can check out here — nothing comes close to staying at the prestigious Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

In this oceanic heaven, adults can relax and unwind in the stylish Jonathan Adler-designed rooms while enjoying stress-melting massages.

But wait, that’s not all!

The real excitement starts when we walk into the kids’ club. This magical wonderland boasts a giant light-peg wall, a virtual playground zone, a sketch aquarium for little artists, and a magic mirror that’ll leave your little ones enchanted. There’s even a cinema for epic movie nights!

And the cherry on top of it all is the private beach and pool with a splash pad! It’s the stuff of summer dreams, with endless opportunities for sandcastle competitions, cannonball contests, and water fights.

6- Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For our next pick, we’re heading down all the way to the other side of the globe, to Dubai, UAE!

Located on the shores of Jumeirah Beach, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a five-star resort that’s more than just your average hotel.

Not only will you and your family find yourself immersed in a world of luxury and excitement, with five temperature-controlled pools but you’ll also get to unwind over a mile-long private sandy beach.

As for your kids, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel has a fantastic kids club that offers a wide range of activities, from swimming lessons to kite building.

While the little ones are having the time of their lives, parents can relax and soak up the sun. Once you’ve had your fill of relaxation, make way to the thrilling Wild Wadi Waterpark, for an adrenaline rush!

7- Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, Hawaii

Sprawling across 22 acres on Oahu, the Hilton Hawaiian Village is the most accessible and budget-friendly Hawaiian island from the mainland. Decked with six pools — one of which is specially designed for children, makes it the ultimate family favorite destination.

Kids are in for a treat with complimentary snorkeling lessons and hula classes on the deck. You don’t even need to worry about making a dent in your bank account as Friday-night fireworks, lawn bowling, and ukulele lessons are all on the house.

Once you’re done with these entertaining activities, you can explore the mini zoo within the resort, which is home to around 60 wildlife species like flamingos, turtles, and koi fish.

8- Abi d’Oru Beach Hotel & Spa, Sardinia, Italy

In our experience, Sardinia, Italy is often overlooked when it comes to beach destinations for families.

Nestled amidst the enchanting shores of Marinella Beach in Porto Rotondo, the Abi d’Oru Beach Hotel & Spa is nothing short of a haven for parents, and kids alike.

With an amazing kids club — that offers a plethora of activities for children, tweens, and teens — a water park, swimming pool, and an eccentric playground, your kids will have the time of their life splashing around!

Other activities include tennis, soccer, windsurfing, catamaran rides, sailing, and stand-up paddleboarding, which as far as we know it, appeal the most to teenagers.

Plus, there’s a special kids-only area and a delectable menu tailored to children’s taste buds at the main restaurant.

9- Holiday Inn Montego Bay, Montego Bay, Jamaica

At the delightful Holiday Inn Resort, your family’s dreams come true.

As parents ourselves, we know all about what it means to have fun together as a family. (Click here if you want to read more about our journey as parents and travelers!)

If that sounds like an exaggeration, just wait till you get there!

Located amidst lush tropical gardens and pristine white sand beaches, your kids are in for a treat, as they avail free access to an assortment of on-site entertainment, along with a mini golf course, pool games, and delicious meals.

On top of all that, there’s the perk of being conveniently close to the airport, which makes traveling a breeze.

Book a local tour, and explore the hidden gems of Montego Bay. Once you’ve basked in the local culture, try out thrilling activities such as glass-bottom boat rides, snorkeling, and windsurfing, to name just a few!

10- Faena Hotel, Miami, Florida

If you want your family to bask in some glorious architecture while having as much fun as you possibly can, head on down to The Faena Hotel in Florida.

Perched on the coastline of Miami Beach, this luxury resort is perfect for families seeking to embrace class and opulence and is defined by its 1940’s inspired design.

The hotel offers a family-friendly atmosphere with spacious rooms and suites, and an arsenal of activities to keep kids entertained.

Parents can indulge in luxurious amenities while the little ones enjoy the on-site kids’ club, beach access, and pool facilities. The Faena Hotel’s blend of aesthetics, comfort, and family-oriented offerings ensures an unforgettable vacation experience for everyone.

11- Sani Resort, Halkidiki, Greece

Perched in the picturesque Kassandra peninsula of Halkidiki, Northern Greece, Sani Resort is a stellar family-friendly destination.

Overlooking the mesmerizing Aegean Sea, the resort offers a delightful vacation experience for families seeking both opulence and a wide range of amenities.

Your children will have an unforgettable time at the resort’s several dedicated children’s clubs, such as the Melissa Mini Club, Melissa Club, and Teenagers Club.

These clubs ensure younger guests have a fun-filled and safe vacation, offering engaging activities and supervised playtime, while you get to relax on the white-sand shores of the ethereal Sani Beach.

On that sunny note, we hope that you’ve found this blog helpful!

With that said, happy travels!

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