2024 10 Best Florida Beach Vacation Destinations | #1 is a dream vacation

if you're dreaming of a warm vacation one where you can swi...

if you're dreaming of a warm vacation
one where you can swim in the ocean
enjoy pool time with the family and soak
in the Rays then there's no place like
in today's video we'll review the top 10
Florida getaways for when you need a
dose of the Sunshine State make sure to
stay until the end of the video so you
can see the ultimate in Island luxury
the creme de La Creme of Florida resorts
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alright so pack your SPF and your
flip-flops and let's go number 10 the
Everglades starting out our list at
number 10 is the Everglades if you've
never been to the Everglades before you
will be amazed by the natural winding
waterways Lush landscape and abundance
of wildlife this area of Florida spans
from Naples to Miami and consists of 1.5
million Acres of natural Wetlands it's
protected from any new developments and
is designated as a national park while
here you will definitely see wildlife
and plenty of it just make sure to watch
out for Crocker and alligators and stay
on the designated walkways and paths
you're not Crocodile Dundee after all
there are several ways to explore the
Everglades you can take a scenic drive
through the national park or walk the
boardwalk at The Visitor Center however
the best way to see the Everglades is by
here you will get deep and dirty into
the swamps for an up close view of the
Gators if you're lucky you may even see
the reclusive Florida panther
number nine Panama City Beach next up on
our list is Panama City Beach located in
Florida's Panhandle this is an easy
drive for midwesterners and a popular
family vacation destination here you'll
find Florida's signature white sand
beaches and unlimited water activities
for you and your family the beaches span
over 25 miles so visitors can really
spread out there's even a top-rated dog
beach for those traveling with their pup
Panama City offers a huge variety of
hotels and resorts so it's never
difficult to find the perfect
accommodations for your group while here
you can fish off the famous Pier take a
boat out for deep sea fishing or enjoy
water sports like jet skiing kayaking or
our personal favorite sipping cocktails
by the pool
Panama City Beach offers it all from
sunfield family vacations to incredible
nightlife and party vibes
number eight Naples coming in at number
eight is the ritzy expensive city of
Naples often referred to as the Paradise
Coast Naples is known for fine dining
high-end shopping and for being a
thriving Arts and Cultural destination
it's located along the west coast of
Florida south of Fort Myers
Naples Florida just like Naples Italy is
considered a romantic getaway
destination perfect for Honeymooners and
couples while here take a stroll along
Fifth Avenue in the heart of downtown
for unparalleled Southern Charm shopping
dining and entertainment date night here
we come Shoppers will love all of the
original boutiques with one-of-a-kind
clothing and jewelry when it's time to
eat enjoy your pick of world-class
International restaurants featuring
Italian French and Greek cuisine oppa
Naples offers some of the most beautiful
beaches in the world where you can
regularly see dolphins jumping and
playing in the water the water is calm
always warm and perfect for swimming
number seven Florida Keys moving on to
our seventh choice we're headed to the
Florida Keys the keys as they are
commonly referred to are a must-see
Florida destination for those unfamiliar
with the keys they are a string of
Tropical Islands about 120 miles off the
southern coast of Florida get ready for
your geography lesson the keys form
what's called an archipelago which is
essentially a grouping of islands
clustered together to get here you can
fly directly into the Florida keys or
you can actually drive straight south
from Miami and get there in about an
um that must be one long Bridge
the keys are often considered the
Caribbean of the United States here
you'll find aquamarine Waters beautiful
coral reefs and calm warm Waters all
year long visitors do not need to pick
just one Island to visit because the
keys are all linked together by the
Overseas Highway no visit is complete
without driving on this famous and
Scenic Highway
road trip anyone
number 6. Saint Augustine next up we're
going to visit a truly unique Florida
experience in Saint Augustine
Saint Augustine is a history Buffs
Paradise as it claims to be the oldest
city in the United States it has both
European and African-American Origins
and these influences can still be seen
today in the architecture food and
culture Saint Augustine is located along
the eastern coast of Florida between
Jacksonville and Daytona Beach
while here take an Old Town Trolley tour
to see all of the prominent historical
sites and to pack in as much sightseeing
as possible without breaking a sweat
make sure to hit up the Fountain of
Youth the Spanish quarter the city Gates
and St George Street for shopping and
art galleries
if you're thinking that you came to
Florida for the beaches then don't worry
you can also get your fill at the
beautiful pristine beaches of Saint
Augustine there are several beaches to
choose from each with their own charm
and personality don't forget your
sunscreen you wouldn't want to turn into
a lobster yum Lobster
number five Sarasota moving on to number
five is the beautiful and fun to say
Sarasota Florida a little known fact
about Sarasota is that it used to be a
circus Town it is the hometown of the
Ringling Brothers Circus and visitors to
this city can see the former Palace of
John Ringling this monster home is part
of what's referred to as the Ringling a
series of attractions all related to the
circus the Ringling Brothers Circus has
been on Hiatus for some time but
according to their website they plan to
reopen The Greatest Show on Earth in the
fall of 2023 with a massive American
tour including in Sarasota
okay we know you want to know about the
beaches don't worry Sarasota is chock
full of beautiful white sand beaches
known as Siesta Key Sarasota's three
popular beaches include Siesta Beach
Turtle Beach and Crescent Beach it's
common to see families during the day
and party is out at night there is
something for everyone in Sarasota
number four Key West okay so we already
covered the Florida Keys earlier and Key
West is part of the Florida Keys so not
to confuse you but we wanted to give Key
West its own spot on today's list
because this destination is truly
all-encompassing and worthy of its own
Key West is the Southernmost city in the
United States and a true Tropical
Paradise the waters are turquoise the
pristine beaches have soft white sand
and the culture is a blend of European
Southern and Caribbean influences make
sure to check out the action on Duval
Street a famous stretch where
pedestrians can walk from the Gulf of
Mexico to the Atlantic
along the way stock up on Cuban food and
tacky souvenirs
another popular attraction is Mallory
Square where a sunset celebration
happens each night with food trucks
street performers and even psychics okay
psychic can you predict what our number
one pick will be in today's video
number three Miami next up we're heading
to Miami baby Miami is located on the
Southeastern Coast of Florida and highs
stay in the 70s and 80s year round if
you're looking for a winter getaway
Miami is the perfect choice
the beaches in Miami sit on a narrow
Barrier Reef making them some of the
best beaches in Florida if not the world
and while Miami draws many visitors with
its glamorous look cultural diversity
and sparkling nightlife most people come
for the beach for those looking to see
and be seen Miami is the perfect
destination you'll find designer apparel
endless high-end shopping and unlimited
fine dining options in addition Miami
has a very cool hip International vibe
that makes it feel very different from
most other American cities party people
this one's for you
number two Orlando moving on to our
second choice we would obviously be
amiss in not giving Orlando a place of
honor on today's list Orlando Florida is
on most people's bucket lists and once
you visit once it's hard to not come
back regularly the obvious appeal to
Orlando Florida is that it's the home of
Walt Disney World and if you can't
afford the price of the park tickets
most visitors will find affordable
flight and hotel options assuming you're
not staying at a Disney hotel so come
meet Mickey ride the monorail enjoy the
Thrills of Space Mountain and take a
trip around the world at Epcot Center
when you're disneyed out make sure to
check out the awesome Universal Studios
where the Wizarding World of Harry
Potter is a must-see even if you're not
a Potter fan you will love the butter
beer and immersive experience that makes
you feel like you're in another Magical
one thing is for certain you will not be
able to fit everything you want to do in
one trip so get ready to come back to
Orlando again and again and again
number one Pensacola Beach finally we
have reached our number one pick in
today's video Pensacola Beach Florida
Pensacola Beach sits on the very long
and narrow Santa Rosa Island off of the
Panhandle it is consistently rated one
of the best beaches in the world with
miles upon miles of endless sugar white
sand and calm Waters Pensacola is home
to the Blue Angels who practice out of
the naval air station nearby beachgoers
may find themselves drifting off in a
sun-filled days when all of a sudden the
Roar and vibration of blue angels
zipping overhead noxious socks or in
this case sandals off
the Blue Angels are an integral part of
Pensacola's culture and visitors flock
to the city every year for their annual
homecoming Air Show
while in Pensacola stay at the Portofino
Island Resort and Spa where luxury
awaits you enjoy panoramic views of the
island choose from the more private
Tower pool or the party lifestyle pool
with live music and enjoy a day at the
spa nothing says luxury like Portofino
whether you're planning to stay in the
Panhandle or down south in the keys you
are certain to enjoy an unforgettable
vacation in Florida
what is your favorite Florida
destination tell us in the comments and
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