7 Best Florida Keys Resorts | Florida Vacation Spots 2024

[Music] today we're looking at the sunniest place on Earth...

today we're looking at the sunniest
place on Earth you guessed it this video
is all about Florida welcome back to
wonderfully lost a travel Community for
parents by parents Florida is also home
to some of the best resorts in the world
and today we're going through seven of
the absolute greatest Florida Keys
resorts s number seven Little Palm
Island the name's a selling point on its
own if you're looking for a relaxing
stay at one of the most beautiful
Resorts there can ever be look no
further than Little Palm Island looking
for an adventurous getaway with
adrenaline pumping water sports or just
a relaxing day by the spa basking in the
sun Little Palm Island knows how to do
both and do it well the Adults Only
Resort draws on inspiration from
thatched British West Indies Beach huts
with its own modern spin on them of
course little palm offers amenities such
as water sports worldclass Cuisines
relaxing Spa nights or just an escape
from the outside world Little Palm
Island separates itself from the rest of
the resorts in the Florida Keys by
offering complete privacy and total
Serenity not only is the Resort located
on a private Shore cutle from the rest
of the world but visitors can stay in
their private cabins without interacting
with anyone from outside the world the
resort makes sure of it howow no
televisions no screens and no
distractions this is your time and your
time alone so spend it relaxing and
basking in all that nature has to offer
at its absolute finest if you're looking
for a more thrilling Escape rather than
a quiet one then the instructors at
little palm have you covered there too
scuba diving kaying fishing snorkeling
sailing and sea planes I'm not even
halfway done yet the resort is a
complete package for every tourist there
is number six Hawks K Resort while
Little Palm Island has so much to offer
Hawks K offers just that plus Dolphins
at a fraction of the price you might
have to compromise on complete isolation
at Hawks K but the Resort located on the
Fantastic duck Keys Island offers a
chance to swim with the dolphins and
learn more about marine life however if
you're not in the mood to spend your
vacation time learning you can relax at
one of the resorts many many spas or
unwind with a plate of hot food in the
dining room when all said and done you
can head back to your spacious Suite
your magnificent Villa or the whole
apartment you booked for your stay Hawks
K welcomes people of all ages and has
carefully curated their agenda to make
sure that the moms dads and kids are
having a great time spend your time
snorkeling maybe swim or stay on Shore
with a book in hand waiting to get that
glowing Sunan Hawks K also features many
events such as live performances
concerts and entertainment facilities to
ensure that every day spent at the
resort feels the absolute best number
five Tranquility Bay located just
between Marathon Community Park and
Curry Hammock State Park Tranquility Bay
offers just that a serene escape from
the wild City Life and a chance to just
sit back feed up and relax the resort
offers just about everything imaginable
great accommodation nestled in a
beautiful location Spar activities to
unwind and adrenaline pumping activities
to keep the adventure bug in you
satisfied Tranquility Bays one Hearts
worldwide with many tourists loving
their hospitality and commitment to give
visitors nothing but the very best their
activity calendar is regularly updated
with the latest attractions live
performances and dedicated advents you'd
only ever find in the Heart of Florida
Keys the chance to unwind kick your feet
up and escape from the 9 to5 is the
dream isn't it for more tourist
locations you're missing out on check
out our travel blog at wonderfully lost
travel.com number four is laella Beach
Resort planning a trip takes a lot of
time and is a lot more complicated than
some people might think tourists are
always on the lookout for the absolute
best of the best that is the best room
with the best view well Isabella Beach
Resort offers that to everyone that's
right it doesn't matter if you've
reserved your room months ago or just a
few days ahead you don't need to fret
when it comes to having a scenic view of
the ocean here besides just being able
to look out your window and letting the
cold breeze brush against you you'll
also be able to bask in all that Florida
Keys have to offer in terms of
entertainment and food their dining hall
caters to every palette with worldclass
dishes prepared by the finest chefs and
if you looking for a midday snack or
just want to enjoy your time away from
home head over to their 5,000 acre
Marketplace the location is Serene and
the amenities are even more so grab a
bite to eat swim relax Under the Sun or
or go for the sailing ride of a lifetime
it's all here number three chica Lodge
and Spa you're on vacation but you came
here with a plan chica lodges are home
to the world's best angling Community
where you can meet fellow Fisher people
and indulge in all that the great
Florida Keys have to offer besides that
there's five dining Halls that cater to
different tastes there's something at
chica lodges for everyone speaking of
which if you're not much for angling and
only came to enjoy the serenity that the
beach Coast has has to offer then the
spa is the place for you equipped with
the top-of-the-line treatments and
highly trained staff there's not a knot
in your body that the experts at chica
spars won't be able to get rid of still
looking for more well what about water
sports like no other snorkling sailing
fishing scuba diving and a whole lot
more that make every day seem like a new
one at chica lodges let's say you're
still looking for something else well
how about a round of golf to cheer you
up or maybe a match of tennis there's
also an indoor exercise Center for you
to get those endorphins pumping all in
all there's no tourist chica Lodgers
hasn't managed to sway yet number two
Bungalows Key Lago while the Florida
Keys might be home to just about a
million different Resorts Bungalow Key
Lago stands out for one reason they're
massive accommodations it's in the name
but just to give you more context each
Bungalow comes with its own private
Veranda for you to stare up at the night
sky or bask in the sun all on your own
once you're done though you might want
to take a step out to enjoy time with
other tourists in their many many group
activities group yoga group games and a
whole lot of other ways you'll get to
mingle besides all that the Spas are
unlike any you've ever experienced
before the trained staff make sure to
cater to you in any way they can this
includes top-of-the-line treatments
relaxing massages and a Glam up to get
you feeling your best Bungalows Key Lago
also Prides itself on new and exciting
exciting additions to their activity
calendar while the other Resorts go
about kaying and snorkeling Every Other
Day kilago offers a whole lot more
sunset cruises dinner in the ocean and
many more such Serene Adventures make
you believe you're in heaven number one
Reef House Resort and marina lastly we
have Reef House Resort and marina which
offers it all a spa water sports great
View and better accommodation all
without breaking the bank unlike many
other resorts along the Florida Keys
Reef House Resort and marina offers just
about everything there is at a nominal
price this makes traveling guilt free
and more enjoyable the resort has kept
up its Stellar reputation with a
five-star rating on trip advisor from
many tourists who had nothing but great
things to say about the Resort's great
food great staff and the great time they
had tucked away in the heart of the
coastline Reef House Resort and marina
makes sure to capitalize on all that
natural beauty surrounding it tourists
can take take a stroll to nearby
research destinations take a trip
through the marketplace or just catch
the sunset from the comfort of their
rooms with all its amenities and
activities Reef house Prides itself on
staying simple that is your Resort Room
will feature the basics with an added
Majestic View of the Oceanside
unparalleled by any other Resort along
the Florida Keys Reef house also offers
group activities like musical
performances and a taste of Cuisines
from all over the globe they're willing
to cater to you on your big day too
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Traveling to Florida Keys for a small, cozy getaway? Read along for 7 Best Florida Keys Resorts!

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, where travel meets comfort and luxury. In today’s blog, we are going all the way to the Florida Keys!

The Florida Keys are a bunch of beautiful islands near lower Florida. With amazing beaches with clear blue water, where you can swim, snorkel, and see marine life in all its glory, they have become a top travel destination.

With iconic resorts that offer the world’s best amenities, this is the place to be this summer.

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And with that, let’s dive in!

1. Hawks Cay Resort

Nestled on Duck Key, Hawks Cay Resort is a family-friendly haven that boasts pristine beaches and an array of activities.

This tropical gem offers a variety of accommodations, from cozy guest rooms to luxurious private villas, catering to all types of travelers. The real magic happens at the Dolphin Connection, where you can swim with these amazing marine creatures – a memory that will stay with you forever.

For relaxation, head to the Calm Waters Spa or take a dip in one of the five inviting swimming pools. With multiple on-site restaurants, your taste buds are in for a treat. Plus, the resort’s strategic location lets you explore the historic town of Marathon and the interactive Dolphin Research Center.

Ready for a fantastic getaway? Hawks Cay Resort has it all!

For an even better family beach experience, check out our family essentials checklist for the perfect family beach vacation here.

2. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

If you’re dreaming of a luxurious and secluded getaway, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is the place to be!

Settle into your own private bungalow with charming thatched roofs that overlook the expansive ocean. The ambiance is perfect for couples looking to disconnect from the world and spend some time with one another.

The one thing that truly stands out at the resort is its world-class spa. A full spa experience here is more than just a massage or a facial. It’s an opportunity to unwind, rejuvenate, and pamper yourself. The spa at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is designed to create a serene and peaceful environment where you can truly relax.

When it’s time to dine, the resort’s fine dining experiences elevate your culinary journey. The blend of flavors and the magical backdrop here create an unforgettable dining experience.

For adventure seekers, the opportunity to snorkel in the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary is a dream come true. Dive into the crystal-clear waters and discover a vibrant underwater world teeming with colorful marine life. It’s a chance to witness the beauty of the ocean up close and personal.

This hidden gem can only be reached by boat or seaplane, adding an air of exclusivity to your adventure. The resort offers the ultimate in privacy and peace, making it a perfect retreat for those seeking a romantic and intimate escape.

3. Cheeca Lodge & Spa

Located in Islamorada, Cheeca Lodge & Spa is a tropical paradise known as one of the best resorts worldwide.

Accommodations at Cheeca Lodge range from elegantly appointed rooms to lavishly designed suites, each offering breathtaking views of the majestic ocean or tranquil garden landscapes. Whether you wake up to the sun rising over the waves or the gentle rustle of palm trees, every moment promises to be a picturesque escape.

For those who seek both leisure and recreation, Cheeca Lodge has a remarkable 9-hole golf course that offers an extraordinary golfing experience. Picture yourself teeing off while the ocean breeze brushes against your skin – it’s an immersive experience that blends sport and nature seamlessly.

When it’s time to unwind, the resort’s spa is a sanctuary of relaxation. If you’re looking to add a touch of magic to your escape, visit the saltwater lagoon nearby.

What’s more – Cheeca Lodge understands that a great vacation is a journey for the taste buds as well. With a variety of dining options, ranging from the freshest seafood to delectable desserts, your palate is in for a treat.

Just a stone’s throw away, you have the Theater of the Sea, which has all-day-long shows of marine shows.

In every sense, Cheeca Lodge & Spa is a destination that delivers more than a vacation; it provides an experience that lingers in your memory long after you’ve left.

4. Casa Marina Key West, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Key West is famous for its lively atmosphere, and Casa Marina offers a perfect blend of relaxation and vibrancy.

At Casa Marina Key West, life takes on a soothing rhythm that’s hard to resist. With a private beach just a few steps away, you’ll find yourself effortlessly drawn into its calming embrace. Leisure becomes more than just a pastime; it’s a cherished way of life that you’ll quickly fall in love with.

Beyond the doors of your plush accommodations, a world of sun-kissed pools awaits your company. And as the day winds down and the sun dips below the horizon, the resort’s strategic location near the lively Duval Street is an open invitation to explore…or might we suggest Mallory Square? You’ll find it all here – food, fun, and fresh air!

Not feeling Florida Keys? Check out our guide to the best family vacation ideas for 2023 here.

5. Amara Cay Resort

Nestled in the heart of Islamorada, Amara Cay Resort offers a modern and inviting haven where comfort meets coastal charm.

The resort’s captivating “Bayside Town” introduces an extra layer of delight, with an inviting pool for refreshing swims, stylish fire pits that provide cozy gathering spots as the sun sets.

Nearby, Anne’s Beach, a tranquil stretch of sandy shoreline, offers the ideal setting for soaking up the sun and immersing yourself in the beauty of the ocean.

If you’re intrigued by the history of diving, the History of Diving Museum is a short distance away, where you can explore the captivating evolution of underwater exploration and the stories of those who ventured beneath the waves.

Take it from us – Amara Cay Resort captures the essence of an easy-going yet luxurious Florida Keys getaway like no other.

6. Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort

When you’re traveling with your extended family or a group of friends, finding the perfect accommodation can be a puzzle. But fear not, because the Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort in Marathon has cracked it. With spacious two- and three-bedroom beach houses, you’ll have all the room you need to spread out and relax. No more squeezing into tight spaces!

And here’s a bonus: these beach houses come with full kitchens. That means you can cook up your favorite meals or prepare snacks whenever hunger strikes. No need to hunt for a restaurant that suits everyone’s taste.

Now, let’s talk about the beach. It’s like stepping into a postcard – powdery sand, gentle waves, and that salty sea breeze. Get your cameras ready because you’ll want to capture every breathtaking moment. And speaking of moments, picture yourself dining right by the water’s edge. The resort offers waterfront dining that’s a feast for your taste buds and your senses.

For those in your crew who crave excitement, the resort has an array of water sports waiting for you. Jet skiing, snorkeling, paddleboarding – you name it, they’ve got it. But don’t worry if you’re more of a poolside lounger. Tranquility Bay has you covered there, too.

The highlight? Turtle Hospital. It’s not your typical medical facility, but a place dedicated to sea turtle conservation. Take a tour and get the inside scoop on how these amazing creatures are protected. You might even get to meet some of these incredible turtles up close. It’s an educational adventure that’ll warm your heart as much as the Florida sun.

7. Playa Largo Resort & Spa

Picture this: expansive rooms and suites adorned with fancy decor, creating a cozy haven that feels like a home away from home. And that’s just the beginning! Welcome to Playa Largo Resort and Spa.

At Playa Largo, they know how to pamper you right. Imagine sinking into a world of relaxation at their full-service spa, where worries fade and stress melts away. But that’s not all – there’s a bunch of pools to choose from. And when your tummy rumbles, the resort’s dining options are there to impress, serving up mouthwatering dishes that you won’t forget anytime soon.

Here’s the real kicker: Playa Largo is like a gateway to another world – the enchanting Florida Everglades. Eco-tours that make your heart race and wildlife encounters that make your eyes widen are just a hop, skip, and a jump away. It’s like having a brush with Mother Nature’s most fascinating creations, all from the comfort of your luxurious base.

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Getting to the Resorts

Most of the Florida Keys resorts are accessible from the mainland via the Overseas Highway, also known as U.S. Route 1. The highway connects the Keys to mainland Florida and offers a scenic drive through turquoise waters and picturesque landscapes. Key West can also be reached by air through the Key West International Airport.

The Florida Keys offer a range of resorts catering to different preferences, from family-friendly to ultra-luxurious. Each resort stands out with its unique accommodations, special offerings, and easy access to nearby attractions.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a romantic escape, these resorts promise an unforgettable vacation experience in the stunning tropical paradise of the Florida Keys!

Happy traveling!

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