7 Camping Sleeping Bags for Restful Nights Outdoors | 2024

7 Camping Sleeping Bags for Restful Nights Outdoors

After a day full of adventure in the outdoors, a delightful z’s in one of many amazing camping sleeping bags, under the stars is a great way to recharge for the next day.

Whether you are a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a novice camper, one essential piece of gear you will need is a quality sleeping bag. Picking the right camping sleeping bag can significantly impact your outdoor experience, ensuring a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

However, finding the perfect sleeping bag can be daunting, especially for first-timers. There are thousands of products on the market, and picking out the right pouch is more like finding a needle in a haystack. We have researched for you and created a list of the best camping sleeping bags to reward your outdoor explorations with a comfy night’s rest. Here are the 7 best camping sleeping bags;

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1. Teton Sports Celsius XXL

Material: Polyester Taffeta(exterior) Polyester Flannel (liner)

Temperature rating: -18°C

Weight: 7 Pounds

Price: $80

If you are searching for an affordable classic flannel-lined sleeping bag, you will love the Teton Sports Celsius XXL. It’s warm, comfortable, and roomy inside, making it great for tall individuals or those who like extra space. Experience comfortable 3-season camping with the Teton Sports® Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag.

It has a soft polyester taffeta lining and a hood that keeps you warm. It’s designed to keep you cozy with its innovative fiber-fill, double-layer construction, and draft tubes that trap warmth. The zipper can be opened from the top or bottom for easy access and fresh air.

You will find a compression sack with sturdy straps included, making it easy to carry and store. You can use the hang loops if you want to store it for a long time and maintain its fluffiness. The Teton Sports Celsius XXL sleeping bag measures 90 inches in length, 39 inches in width, and 2 inches in height.

The bonus of a compression sack makes it convenient for packing and storing. The Celsius offers traditional comfort at a reasonable price, especially for those who prefer a heavier and more substantial sleeping bag. If you don’t need the extra room, there’s also a Regular size available.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • It has a hood for extra warmth
  • It has built-in pillow sleeves


  • Sleeves may not work with larger pillows or mattresses

Celsius XXL $80

2. Coleman Brazos

Material: Polyester (exterior) Tricot knit (liner)

Temperature rating: 30°F

Weight: 5 Pounds

Price: $49

The Coleman Brazos is a low-cost sleeping bag, making it an excellent choice for people on a tight budget or families needing multiple bags. It will keep you warm in temperatures as low as 20°F during chilly nights outdoors. This sleeping bag is built to last with its robust Fiberlock™ construction that keeps the insulation in place.

The Brazos has a roomy rectangular shape and a cozy interior. It’s best to use it inside a tent because dirt can stick to the lining easily. Nevertheless, it’s a good value for your money, especially if you only go car camping occasionally.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Comfortable lining
  • It has an internal stash pocket


  • Debris attaches to the lining when used outside the tent

Brazos $49

3. The North Face Wawona Bed 20

Material: Ripstop polyester (exterior) Synthetic (liner)

Temperature rating: 20°F

Weight: 4.8 Pounds

Price: $130+

Whether you like sleeping on your back, front, or side, the Wawona Bed 20 Sleeping Bag brings comfort and warmth using recycled materials. It’s roomy and rectangular; you can even zip two Wawona Beds together to make a big double bag. The North Face’s Wawona Bed 20 is a tremendous all-around rectangular sleeping bag that balances warmth, comfort, and price.

The Wawona Bed has a temperature rating of 20 degrees. It will keep you cozy even when it’s freezing if you wear a beanie. Inside, it’s super soft with a fleece-like lining at the top.

Plus, it has a full-length zipper, so you can use it as a blanket and even zip two Wawona Beds together to make a double bag. Overall, it’s an affordable and well-made design that’ll keep you comfy on most spring, summer, and fall trips.

For really hot summer trips, The North Face also offers a 35-degree version that’s $10 cheaper (but we think the 20-degree model is better for most people).


  • Very comfortable lining
  • Full-length zipper to offer versatility


  • It doesn’t include a hood

Wawona 20 starting at $130

4. Coleman Kompact 20

Material: Polyester (exterior) brushed polyester (liner)

Temperature rating: 20°F

Weight: 5 Pounds

Price: $85+

In 2023, many synthetic sleeping bags are available, but Coleman Kompact stands out for offering good value. It’s affordable, just like most Coleman sleeping bags, and it comes with many features you would want in a decent three-season sleeping bag.

These features include durable yet soft materials, a warm draft tube to keep the cold out, and a roomy rectangular shape that’s comfortable without feeling too tight. Plus, it lives up to its name by packing nicely for a 20-degree synthetic bag, squeezing into a small 9.8 x 15.7-inch stuff sack. When packed, the North Wawona Bed 20 is bigger at 11 x 20 inches.

However, there are a few drawbacks of the Coleman Kompact 20. It lacks attention to detail, with reports of zippers getting caught and a tiny interior pocket. Also, it might not keep you as warm as expected from a 20-degree bag, so adding extra layers is a smart approach to prepare for colder weather.

Nevertheless, these downsides don’t take away from the overall value of the Coleman Kompact 20, and it’s a step up in quality compared to their 20-degree Brazos.


  • Has comfortable lining
  • It has a draft tube


  • Zippers get caught

Kompact starting at $85

5. Big Agnes Lost Ranger 3N1

Material: Polyester

Temperature rating: 15°, 35°, and 50°F

Weight: 2 Pounds

Price: $650+

The Big Agnes Lost Ranger 3N1 sleeping bag is a smart product. It has two parts: one is filled with down, and the other has a mix of synthetic and down insulation. You can use both parts together when it’s cold or separately when it’s warmer.

The outer part is roomy and shaped like a rectangle with extra shoulder space. The inner part is more like a cozy cocoon, especially for people who like sleeping on their sides. Together, they can handle all four seasons, keeping you warm even when it’s 15 degrees outside. Big Agnes even has a version that can handle 0-degree weather in more frigid conditions.

When you combine both parts, the whole thing weighs about 2 pounds and 13 ounces, which is excellent for backpacking. It’s also designed with cool features like two-way zippers to let in some fresh air on warm nights. There’s a clever system to keep your sleeping pad in place so you don’t slide around.

The inner part has a hood like a scuba diver’s hood to keep you extra warm, and the outer part has a collar to keep out drafts and pockets for your hands or small stuff you want to keep close. But if you’re only going car camping, this might be a bit too fancy and expensive.


  • Covers multiple seasons
  • It is roomy and cozy
  • It has two-way zippers to let in fresh air


  • It is pricey

Lost Ranger 3N1 starting at $650

6. Klymit KSB Sleeping Bag

Material: Nylon

Temperature rating: 15°F

Weight: 3 Pounds

Price: $254+

The Klymit KSB sleeping bag is a one-size-fits-all option with an attractive price. It’s just as light and easy to pack as they say. The zipper, which is longer than usual, gives you more airflow and even turns it into a quilt if you want. However, we recommend using the Klymit in the warmer summer months. This might not be the best choice if you need a bag for frigid nights.

The Klymit 20 Full-Synthetic Sleeping Bag is filled with soft synthetic material that keeps you warm and cozy all night. The outer fabric is treated to repel water, so your insulation stays dry and works well. But the real treat with this sleeping bag is the stretchy baffles that let you sit up, stretch, and even cross your legs without unzipping the bag.


  • Lightweight
  • Packs small
  • It unzips into a quilt


  • Not suitable for frigid conditions

Klymit KSB starting at $254

7. Marmot Ironwood 20-degree Mummy Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Material: Nylon

Temperature rating: 20°F

Weight: 1.44 Pounds

Price: $159

Sleep Soundly with the Marmot Ironwood! Whether camping in the wilderness or exploring the mountains, this lightweight mummy-style sleeping bag is your perfect companion for chilly nights.

The Marmot Ironwood 20-degree Mummy Lightweight Sleeping Bag is a top-quality, lightweight option for backpacking and camping. It comes with a convenient stuff sack and a spacious mesh storage bag. The zipper is on the left side, which may feel unusual to some users, but that is not a major concern.

This bag comfortably accommodates individuals up to 6 feet tall and guarantees warmth as low as 20 degrees. The down insulation is evenly distributed and plush, and the nylon shell feels soft and not plastic-like. The Marmot Ironwood Sleeping Bag, with its lightweight mummy-style design and durability, is designed to make your outdoor adventures more comfortable and enjoyable.


  • Breathable material enabling campers to sleep warm and not hot
  • Roomy, allowing enough wiggle room


  • Limited color options

Mummy $159

How to select a perfect sleeping bag

Consider material, warmth, and weight when picking a sleeping bag. Price matters too for many people. In our review, we looked at these factors to create our list. The following factors will make it easier for you to buy the perfect sleeping bag.


Camping sleeping bags come in two main types: rectangular and mummy-shaped bags. Most campers prefer roomy rectangular bags as they can be unzipped and used as a big blanket for two people. However, keep in mind that your head won’t have insulation, so choose your sleepwear wisely if you opt for them in colder weather.

Rectangular bags are also heavy and bulky, so if you want a sleeping bag for camping and backpacking, consider a mummy-style bag instead. Mummy sleeping bags are designed to fit your body closely by trimming extra material at the shoulders, hips, and feet. This snug fit minimizes the chance of cold spots in your sleeping bag. A good hood around your head helps you stay warm in chilly conditions. A mummy bag is a smart choice if you plan to camp at higher elevations or in cold weather.

Temperature rating

You shouldn’t always take sleeping bag temperature ratings as absolute truths. Unlike backpacking bags, which usually have ratings determined by a standardized process, most camping bags have ratings set by individual manufacturers. This can lead to significant discrepancies when you use them in the real world.

One reason for this is the shape of many camping bags. A rectangular bag with a wide opening at one end won’t hold heat as effectively as a tightly sealed mummy bag. That said, temperature ratings are valuable, and you should use them as a basic guideline. To choose the suitable rating, think about the coldest temperature you expect to encounter during your night outdoors. Once you have that number, adding a little extra (about 10-15 degrees) is an excellent idea to ensure you stay warm and comfortable.

Keep in mind that the temperature rating is more like a survival rating, so it’s not necessarily the most comfortable temperature. Other things to consider are your age (as people tend to feel colder as they get older) and whether you typically feel cold or warm when you sleep. Most campers prefer to go out during the warmer months, so many of the sleeping bags on this list are rated for temperatures between 25 and 40 degrees.

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Warmth and Insulation

Your body generates heat, and your sleeping bag optimizes that heat across the enclosure. The more insulation your bag has, the more cozy it gets as you sleep. Bags with too much space between you and the insulation cannot do the job.

Unlike mummy bags, rectangular down sleeping bags don’t keep you as warm as possible. Their shape, loose fit, and lack of a head cover mean they don’t hold heat well. For more rugged outdoor camping, you might prefer a sleeping bag filled with down (unless you have allergies, budget constraints, or ethical concerns) instead of one with synthetic filling. Down is costly but lightweight, compresses nicely, and keeps you warm for its weight. If you take care of it, down can also last longer than synthetic fillings.

The right camping sleeping bag is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience. Take the time to evaluate your needs, consider the bag’s temperature range, insulation type, shape, and size, and weigh the importance of additional features. Doing so will ensure that your camping trips are filled with restful nights under the stars and cozy mornings in the great outdoors.

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