7 of the most expensive all-inclusive resorts in the world | #1 is $$$

if you've got a taste for Finer Things in life you've come ...

if you've got a taste for Finer Things
in life you've come to the right place
welcome back to wonderfully lost your
home for all things travel today we'll
talk about exploring the world's most
luxurious all-inclusive resorts where
you can live it up five star style for
your next holiday
stick around for our number one pick you
wouldn't want to miss it let's dive into
the world of Lux living number 7.
Atlantis the Palm first on our list is
the iconic and Timeless Atlantis the
Palm in Dubai located on the iconic Palm
gemurai Island in Dubai Atlantis the
Palm is a massive Resort that boasts
world-class amenities and entertainment
options the resort has over 1500 rooms
23 restaurants a water park an aquarium
and even a private beach the aquaventure
water park is one of the largest water
parks in the world and features a
variety of thrilling water rides and
attractions the Lost Chambers aquarium
is home to over 65 000 marine animals
including sharks and stingrays guests
can also take part in a variety of
activities such as swimming with
dolphins scuba diving and paddle
boarding with so much to do and see
Atlantis the Palm is a true playground
for the rich and famous this extravagant
Resort has everything you could ever
want in a luxury vacation from its
stunning architecture to its water park
aquarium and private beach you'll be
spoiled for choices here but that's not
all you can also enjoy world-class
dining options luxurious spa treatments
and even swim with dolphins if you're
looking for an unforgettable experience
Atlantis the Palm is the place to be
number 6. Jade Mountain Resort next up
is the romantic and secluded Jade
Mountain Resort in St Lucia this
all-inclusive resort is the epitome of
luxury and exclusivity nestled in the
Lush Hills of St Lucia Jade Mountain
Resort is a secluded and romantic
Retreat that offers unparalleled views
each of the Resort's rooms is uniquely
designed and features an open concept
layout allowing guests to take in the
stunning scenery from their private
infinity pool the Resort's dining
options are all farm to table and
include a variety of international and
Caribbean inspired dishes you can also
take part in a range of activities such
as snorkeling sailing and Hiking with
its secluded location and intimate
atmosphere Jade Mountain Resort is the
perfect destination for couples seeking
a romantic getaway oh and there's also a
personalized Butler Service and you can
take part in unique experiences such as
chocolate making classes and guided
rainforest hikes honestly if you're
looking for a peaceful getaway to
disconnect from the world Jade Mountain
Resort is the perfect destination
number five Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Punta Cana and next stop is the vibrant
and energetic Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic
this all-inclusive resort is perfect for
you if you want to mix luxury with
adventure and a whole lot of party
located on the picturesque eastern coast
of the Dominican Republic the Hard Rock
Hotel and Casino Punta Cana is a high
energy Resort that offers 13 swimming
pools and 10 restaurants and if that's
not enough they've got a massive casino
that includes over 40 gaming tables and
450 slot machines wanna chill out after
letting your hair down the Resort's Rock
Spa is a Serena Oasis that offers a
range of relaxation treatments including
massages facials and hydrotherapy you'll
never run out of things to do with
activities like golfing surfing and even
a zipline course the party never stops
here number four Sandals Royal Bahamian
this one's pg-18 for folks fourth on our
list is the Exotic and mesmerizing
Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau Bahamas
this adult only Resort is the epitome of
Island Paradise offering guests pristine
beaches crystal clear waters and
luxurious amenities the resort features
10 swimming pools including a fresh
water pool with a swim up bar as well as
seven restaurants that offer a range of
international cuisine you can indulge in
a variety of once in a lifetime
activities such as snorkeling sailing
and paddle boarding so remember to pack
sunscreen for a truly unique experience
guests can take a yacht to sandals
exclusive offshore island for a private
picnic that's right it doesn't get more
exclusive than that huh the Resort's red
lane Spa is a tranquil Sanctuary that
offers a range of relaxation treatments
including massages facials and body
wraps with its stunning location and
luxurious amenities Sandals Royal
Bahamian is the perfect destination for
couples seeking a romantic and intimate
Escape go on book this tropical vacay
for a romantic getaway in an Uber
luxurious setting number three Belmond
Maroma Resort and Spa ah the elegant and
sophistic dedicated Belmont La Roma
Resort and Spa in Riviera Maya Mexico
this Boutique Resort is a Hidden Gem
boasting a stunning Beach Lush Gardens
and an award-winning Spa here you can be
one with nature by enjoying things like
yoga classes beachfront massages and
Tequila tastings all while taking in the
Serene and tranquil atmosphere the
resort features 63 rooms each with a
private Terrace or patio that offers
stunning views of the Lush Gardens or
the Caribbean Sea the Resort's Keenan
Spa is an award-winning Sanctuary that
offers a range of relaxation treatments
including massages facials and body
scrubs so if you're looking for a
luxurious ultimate pampering kind of a
trip look no further number two Four
Seasons Resort Bali located on the
idyllic island of Bali the Four Seasons
Resort Bali at Jim Barron Bay is a
luxurious Resort that offers stunning
views of the Indian Ocean the resort
features 156 rooms Suites and Villas
each with a private outdoor space that
includes a plunge pool the Resort's
dining options include a range of
international and Indonesian inspired
Cuisine including a seafood restaurant
that offers fresh Catch of the Day
dishes yum you can enjoy the day surfing
doing yoga or even catching some cooking
classes what's more the Resort's Spa is
something you can't miss out on trust me
you'll come out of there a totally
changed person with a positive outlook
on life with its breathtaking location
and luxurious amenities the Four Season
Resort Bali at gym Baron Bay is nothing
short of a Tropical Paradise number one
NECA Island true Utopia exists on Earth
it's at NECA Island the British Virgin
Islands is where you can find this
breathtaking location the entire island
is absolutely private which most of the
visitors rent out yep all 74 Acres of it
you've got the most luxurious
accommodations with sprawling guest
rooms and stunning common areas with
views of the beach oh and all meals
drinks and entertainment along the
oceanfront are included for your
enjoyment NECA Island truly offers a
wide variety of activities including
scuba diving all-day excursions water
sports tennis and kite surfing among
many more so what is the price of this
deep breath
this stunning heaven on Earth costs a
staggering 128
000 per night I said it fast just so it
wouldn't hurt so much but hey you have
the entire Island to yourself for that
amount or you can call up to 48 guests
not so bad now huh by the way it's owned
by none other than Richard Branson so if
you want to live it up at the world's
most expensive Resort you know where to
go thanks for wandering with us if you
enjoyed this video make sure to check
out our top 10 Caribbean all-inclusive
resorts linked here

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