AirPods vs Beats Earbuds: A Deep Dive into Wireless Audio Excellence

AirPods vs Beats Earbuds: A Deep Dive into Wireless Audio Excellence

Wireless headsets have become an essential part of modern life, offering convenience and high-quality sound for music enthusiasts, commuters, and fitness fanatics alike. Two of the most popular options on the market are Apple’s AirPods and Beats earbuds. Both these brands offer exceptional audio experiences and have long battled for the “best-sounding wireless earbuds” title.

If you’re wondering why these tiny devices have become the status symbols of the tech-savvy elite, you’re in the right place. Buckle up, because we’re going to delve into the delightful world of wireless audio and how AirPods and Beats Earbuds compare with each other.

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EarbudPhone CompatibilityBluetoothBattery LifeChipPriceRating (out of 5 stars)

AirPods 1st Generation

Apple iOS 10 and later


Up to 5 hours

Apple W1

AirPods Pro 2

Apple iOS 12.2 or later


Up to 6 hours

Apple H2



Beats Fit Pro

Apple iOS and Android


Up to 6 hours

Apple H1


Beats Studio Buds+
Apple iOS and Android


Up to 8 hours





Let’s start with the AirPods, the brainchild of Apple, the tech giant that brought us the iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch. AirPods are like the gateway drug to a life of wireless luxury. You pop them in your ears, and voilà, you’re floating on a cloud of auditory pleasure. Here is an in-depth review of AirPods available on Amazon.

AirPods (1st Generation)

Date of release: December 13, 2016

Phone software: 10 iOS or later

Battery Life: Up to 5 hours

Bluetooth: 4.0

Chip: Apple W1

Price: $159

The first-generation Apple AirPods deliver a satisfactory, neutral sound profile. Their remarkable comfort and feather-light design allow for extended wear without discomfort, making them ideal for marathon listening sessions.

Nevertheless, their sound quality falls within the realm of average, making them less than optimal for neutral listeners seeking an exceptional soundstage or an extended, deep bass range.


  • Comfortable wear
  • They are light


  • Sound not as good as following generations

AirPods Pro 2 (2nd Generation)

Date of release: October 19, 2022

Phone software: 12.2 iOS or later

Battery Life: Up to 6 hours

Bluetooth: 5.1

Chip: Apple H2

Price: $189

AirPods Pro 2 are equipped with MagSafe and USB-C offering an experience nearly identical to their Lightning-based predecessors. Users can still expect exceptional sound quality, top-tier noise cancellation, and crystal-clear voice-calling performance.

AirPods Pro 2 now come with some subtle enhancements. These include improved dust resistance, ensuring a more durable and reliable performance. A novel acoustic architecture has also been incorporated, enabling compatibility with Lossless Audio, a feature that pairs perfectly with Apple’s forthcoming wearable headset, the Vision Pro, scheduled for an early 2024 release.


  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Water-resistant
  • Voice-calling performance


  • Murky support for high-resolution audio

Beats Ear Buds

In 2014, Apple acquired the iconic Beats brand, which had once adorned the ears of athletes and celebrities across the globe. Since the acquisition, Apple has proudly offered a range of headphones and earbuds manufactured by Beats in its retail stores. Unlike AirPods, Beats have a different vibe. Designed for music enthusiasts with a touch of street cred, they’re the choice of the discerning listener.

Beats Fit Pro

Date of release: November 1, 2021

Phone software: Android and iOS

Battery Life: Up to 6 hours

Bluetooth: 5.0

Chip: Apple H1

Price: $199

The Beats Fit Pro comes with wingtips that adapt to your ears, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. These earbuds are meticulously engineered to provide a harmonious and powerful sound experience, thanks to a custom acoustic platform that stays faithful to you throughout your daily routine.

Field-tested by athletes across various disciplines, their universal wingtip design guarantees these earbuds will remain in place during both workdays and intense workouts. The inclusion of pressure-relieving vents ensures that you can wear these earbuds all day long in complete comfort.

You’ll also have the choice of three soft silicone eartip options to easily find the perfect fit. To ensure a customized acoustic seal and optimal performance, the Fit Test¹ setup is available for both Apple and Android devices. This way, you can be confident that your Beats Fit Pro will provide an exceptional listening experience tailored to your ears.


  • Works with both Android and Apple
  • Has wingtips for secure fit
  • Great noise-canceling


  • Only standard Find My feature

Beats Studio Buds +

Date of release: May 2023

Phone software: Android and iOS

Battery Life: Up to 8 hours

Bluetooth: 5.2

Chip: No

Price: $169

The Beats Studio Buds+ bring you a captivating audio experience, whether you’re immersed in your favorite tunes or engaged in crystal-clear call conversations. Each earbud features a custom-designed two-layer transducer that gracefully flexes to deliver impeccably clean bass and an exceptionally low level of distortion.

With just a simple touch of a button, you have the power to choose between two dynamic listening modes – one that keeps the outside world at bay and another that allows it to gently seep in.

The Active Noise Cancelling feature effortlessly adapts to your ear fit, skillfully eliminating any pesky external noise that might interfere with your audio pleasure. Sporting 3x larger microphones, enhanced venting, and a potent processor, the Beats Studio Buds+ amplify their Active Noise Cancelling prowess, providing up to 1.6x more noise-canceling power.


  • Unparalleled noise cancellation feature
  • Great audio output
  • Android and Apple compatible


  • No ear detection sensor

How AirPods and Beats Ear Buds compare

Comparing the Apple AirPods and the Beats Ear Buds is an interesting affair, particularly given the fact that Beats is a subsidiary of Apple. While there are clear similarities between these wireless earbuds, they also boast some distinct features that set them apart.


AirPods and Beats share a similar design language as they both fall under the category of true wireless earbuds accompanied by a charging case. AirPods come in typically 3 styles, catering to a variety of audio enthusiasts: the open-ear AirPods (including AirPods 2 and AirPods 3), the noise-isolating, noise-canceling champs (AirPods Pro 2), and the over-ear titans (AirPods Max). It’s a buffet of auditory delights, and everyone’s got their favorite dish.

If you’re in the market for something that blends security and style, the Beats Fit Pro might be your cup of tea. These earbuds come equipped with built-in wingtips, ensuring they stay firmly in place. No more precarious fidgeting during your morning run or intense workout sessions. You’ll be free to move to the music without any earbud anxiety.

Whether you’re rocking the AirPods, embracing the Beats Fit Pro, or diving into the world of noise-canceling with AirPods Pro 2 or Beat Studio Buds +, you have a style and fit that caters to your unique preferences. Your ears, your rules!


The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) relies on a lightning connector for charging, while the Beats Studio Buds + opt for USB-C. This choice is primarily attributed to the Beats Studio Buds’ intention to cater to a broader range of smartphones, extending beyond Apple’s iPhone lineup.


In the realm of customization, the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) takes a slender lead. They offer a set of four different-sized silicone tips, giving users the flexibility to find their perfect fit. In contrast, the Beats Studio Buds + provides three sizes, slightly reducing the options for a tailored fit.


The Apple AirPods Pro 2 distinguishes itself significantly from the Beats Fit Pro, thanks to substantial performance enhancements delivered by the H2 chip. While the Beats Fit Pro utilizes the H1 chip, which already marked a substantial leap in terms of Apple ecosystem integration and connectivity performance compared to the older W1 chip, the AirPods Pro 2 takes things to a whole new level.

The sheer power of the latest H2 chip results in a dramatic improvement in noise cancellation and transparency mode, setting a new standard for audio quality and user experience.

A convenience feature unique to the Apple AirPods Pro 2nd is their automatic pause function. This nifty feature pauses your audio when you remove the earbuds, ensuring you never miss a beat. The Beats Studio Buds +, however, lack this particular function.


Both AirPods and Beats share a common trait in their durability, boasting an IPX4 rating. This signifies that they are built to withstand wet conditions, making them suitable for use during light rain or workouts that induce sweat. Whether you’re caught in a sudden drizzle or breaking a sweat at the gym, these earbuds are up to the task of enduring the elements without missing a note.

AirPods Vs Beats Ear Buds Comparison Table

Whether you’re an AirPods fanatic, cruising through life with Apple’s signature elegance, or a Beats enthusiast, grooving to bass-heavy beats, owning either of these earbuds is a bold statement. You’re telling the world that you value the future of audio, whether that’s in the form of seamless integration or heart-thumping bass.

In the end, what matters is that you’re embracing the wireless revolution and looking good while doing it. After all, in the world of personal audio, style, and substance go hand in hand. So, pick your side, put in those earbuds, and savor the sweet sound of status.

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