All Inclusive Resorts in Texas? Yes, They Do Exist. Here are the 11 Best Options.

All Inclusive Resorts in Texas? Yes, They Do Exist. Here are the 11 best options.

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And speaking of vacation dreams, we have the perfect blog for those looking for a unique all-inclusive family getaway in the heart of Texas. And yes, there are plenty of great all-inclusive options to choose here. These are only the 11 best options.

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11. Miraval Austin, Hill Country

Nestled in the serene Texas Hill Country, Miraval Austin marries wellness and tranquility like no other name on the list. The resort truly offers an experience for those seeking a break from the madding crowd. The resort, positioned on the shores of Lake Travis, stands out as one of the finest adult-only, all-inclusive resorts in Texas.

Miraval Austin doesn’t just provide accommodation, it offers a holistic journey towards well-being. From the moment you arrive, you’re greeted by panoramic views of the lake that set the stage for a serene escape. The resort’s commitment to wellness can be seen in its offerings, from rejuvenating spa sessions to engaging holistic lectures. And for the more adventurous spirits, activities like paddleboarding and archery are always available readily.

What makes Miraval Austin truly special is its dedication to limiting digital distractions. In a world dominated by constant connectivity, the resort encourages guests to disconnect and embrace the present moment.

Miraval Austin on Google Maps:

10. La Cantera Resort & Spa, San Antonio

Moving southwest to San Antonio, La Cantera Resort & Spa is a name that offers a little bit of everything. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of Kings Ranch, this resort seamlessly blends a family-friendly atmosphere with exclusive spaces for couples.

For families, La Cantera Resort & Spa offers a delightful host of experiences. Pool time, nature camps, and a dedicated kids’ club to make sure the younger guests have a memorable stay. On the other hand, couples can savor more intimate moments, from breakfast in bed to romantic dinners and couples-only spa massages.

But this is the best part! La Cantera Resort & Spa offers exclusive private tours to nearby wineries, creating a touch of romance that makes it one of the finest lifestyle resorts in Texas.

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La Cantera Resort & Spa on Google Maps:

9. Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine

In Grapevine, the Great Wolf Lodge beckons families to dive into a water-themed escapade that promises lasting memories.

Boasting an expansive 80,000 square-foot indoor water park maintained at a delightful 84 degrees year-round, the all-inclusive resort in Texas offers a plethora of enjoyable attractions and events, diverse dining options to cater to every palate, and much more.

Beyond the aquatic wonders, Great Wolf Lodge also presents a variety of activities, including an arcade, Build-a-Bear, and MagiQuest. The festive allure of Grapevine, hailed as the Christmas Capital of Texas, adds a layer of magic, especially during the holiday seasons—and we all love the holiday season, don’t we?

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park on Google Maps:

8. Cedar Cove Ranch & Resort, Eustace

Heading northeast to Eustace, Cedar Cove Ranch & Resort offers something special—a glamping adventure spread over 700 acres. And take this! This all-inclusive resort in Texas comes with a private lake!

Cedar Cove Ranch & Resort allows guests to fully customize their stay, offering activities like kayaking, canoeing, and cozy movie nights by the fire. The resort’s watertight commitment to tranquility allows guests to enjoy the soothing peace of nature.

But there’s another twist! Cedar Cove Ranch doubles as a hunting lodge, calling all outdoor and hunting enthusiasts. The combination of glamping and outdoor adventures makes sure that guests experience the best of both worlds—luxurious comfort and the thrill of nature

Cedar Cove Ranch on Google Maps:

7. The Vineyard at Florence

The Vineyard at Florence stands out as an all-inclusive Texas Wine Country that gives a taste of Tuscany, Italy.

Sure, the resort does not always offer the traditional all-inclusive package model, but this boutique property lets guests conveniently bundle amenities with their stay. Ideal for couples seeking a romantic retreat, the resort is centered around vineyards that beautifully blend luxury and vineyard charm.

With over 20 state-of-the-art rooms, suites, and villas, The Vineyard at Florence offers a fresh and modern approach to all-inclusive resorts in Texas. And when it comes to things to do, there is a variety like nowhere else—nature exploration, wine tastings, dining experiences, and wellness events.

Guests can enjoy the entire day indulging in various activities, from morning French press coffee to afternoon aperitivo, and even late-night champagne toasts.

The Vineyard at Florence on Google Maps:

6. Lake Austin Spa Resort, Texas Hill Country

A mere 30-minute drive from Austin, Lake Austin Spa Resort invites guests into an oasis of tranquility nestled in the Texas Hill Country.

With private porches, Egyptian cotton linens, and an array of water activities including yoga and kayaking, this resort is designed for families, romantic getaways, or girls’ weekends.

Boasting over 100 therapeutic spa treatments, including meals, and most amenities, Lake Austin Spa Resort emerges as one of the top choices for couples seeking a serene and relaxing escape.

Lake Austin Spa Resort on Google Maps:

5. Doves Rest Cabins in Panhandle

For those craving an outdoor all-inclusive resort experience, Doves Rest Cabins in the Texas Panhandle, near Palo Duro Canyon, offers panoramic views and seclusion.

Guests can either choose one of the 5 vacation packages, or customize their stay, choosing from activities like hiking, horseback riding, ziplining, and ATV riding.

But the best part has yet to come. This all-inclusive resort in Texas gives you a private chef and butler, combined with spa treatments. These amenities elevate this resort to a level of luxury not matched by many other Texan resorts.

Durango Cabin at Doves Rest on Google Maps:

4. Inn at Dos Brisas, Washington County

Nestled just an hour outside Houston on a sprawling 313-acre estate, the Inn at Dos Brisas epitomizes luxury ranch living with its Spanish-influenced architecture and family-friendly activities.

This resort is renowned for its opulent amenities and serene atmosphere, offering an all-inclusive package covering wine receptions, meals, drinks, and various activities.

For those seeking an elevated experience, the property provides an exclusive full buyout option, granting guests sole access to the expansive estate. This includes lush meadows, pristine gardens, and a range of seasonal activities like carriage rides, horseback riding, fishing, clay target shooting, and biking.

But the real highlight here is the exceptional dining, featuring a four-course dinner with highlights such as foie gras, wild mushroom risotto, and blue cheese agnolotti pasta.

The Inn at Dos Brisas on Google Maps:

3. Cibolo Creek Ranch, West Texas

Transport yourself back in time to experience the rich mix of history, culture, and luxury at Cibolo Creek Ranch.

Located near Big Bend National Park in West Texas, this resort combines the rugged beauty of the Chinati Mountains with traditional Southern hospitality—one that has been admired by celebrities and discerning guests alike.

Here, you have the option to stay in historic Texas forts along the Rio Grande, including La Morita, La Cienega, and El Cibolo. And the activities range from horseback riding and wildlife viewing to hiking—offering a perfect balance between relaxation and exploration.

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Cibolo Creek Ranch on Google Maps:

2. Horseshoe Bay Resort, Lake LBJ

Situated a mere 45 miles from Austin on the shores of Lake Lyndon B. Johnson, Horseshoe Bay Resort stands as a family-friendly all-inclusive resort in Texas.

Accommodations range from standard hotel rooms to three-bedroom condos, all featuring soothing earthen tones and warm, inviting decor.

With multiple dining options, swimming pools, hot tubs, and dedicated kids’ programs, the resort caters to families seeking an active and enjoyable getaway. The proximity to attractions like Hamilton Pool Preserve truly makes it a stand-out option.

Horseshoe Bay Resort on Google Maps:

1. Moody Gardens, Galveston

Topping our list is none other than Moody Gardens with its simple but luxurious charm. Nestled on Galveston Island, the iconic glass pyramids house a science and discovery museum, a world-class aquarium, and a captivating rainforest exhibit, offering guests the option to bundle these attractions for an unlimited, all-inclusive experience.

The resort, committed to ensuring a seamless stay, provides choices for resort credits and free wifi. Its proximity to Galveston’s stunning beaches further solidifies its status as one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Texas.

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Adjacent to the resort is Galveston’s premier public golf course, the seaside links with lush paspalum fairways lined by 500 palms and featuring shorebird habitat. With a comprehensive renovation, this par 72 course offers diverse challenges for every skill level, boasting a larger practice range, a new golf cart fleet, and a remodeled clubhouse and pro shop. The Pelican Grille, with incredible vistas of the clubhouse patio, serves a diverse menu for golf and non-golf events.

In the Discovery Museum, the Sharks In Depth exhibit dispels myths and explores shark anatomy and behavior through hands-on activities. The exhibit delves into the mysterious world of sharks, addressing survival mechanisms, sensory capabilities, threats to populations, and safety tips for humans in the ocean.

Moody Gardens also presents a breathtaking tribute to vanishing rainforests through an interactive adventure with over 1,700 exotic plants and endangered animals. Visitors traverse the rainforests of Asia, Africa, and the Americas, encountering creatures such as Giant Amazon River Otters, Komodo dragons, and sloths, creating an immersive experience in the heart of nature.

With all of this said, these resorts boast even more of fantastic amenities, accommodations, and adventures—just for you and your family. Don’t believe us? Check out for yourself.

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