Amalfi Coast Italy 11 Best Places To Stay in 2024

foreign [Music] Coast as the Cornwall of Italy but with r...

Coast as the Cornwall of Italy but with
roads that are curvier than a roller
coaster welcome back to wonderfully lost
a travel Community for parents by
parents the Amalfi Coast is a stunning
stretch of coastal towns along the
southern shore of Naples Italy but each
one has its own unique charm whether
you're looking for beautiful beaches
romantic getaways or a peaceful family
trip we've rounded up the 11 best places
to stay along the Amalfi Coast number
11. saloono Salerno is on the tail end
of the Amalfi Coast and some people
debate if it truly belongs here but it's
a Hidden Gem for traveling on a budget
Salerno combines old world Italian charm
with the buzz of a lively city which is
pretty cool and it's not just a cozy
spot it's also an awesome base for
exploring Italy you can hop on a train
and be in Rome in about two hours or
check out Pompeii in just about 40
minutes and don't think staying here
means twiddling your thumbs because
soluno's got tons of restaurants cafes
and pubs for your downtime but if you're
on a tight budget check out some of our
videos on budget-friendly tourist
destinations number 10. furor you'll
find the delightful lesser-known funeral
right between the popular Amalfi Coast
towns of Positano and Amalfi with Just
Around 800 locals furora has a small
town charm that some visitors to the
Amalfi Coast absolutely adore unlike
many Amalfi Coast towns with bustling
main squares ferrar's charm is its
scattered homes that cling to the rugged
Coastline once a fishing Village it now
has a fjord right in the heart of town
yes fjords aren't exclusive to Norway
art lovers take note for all is often
called The Painted Town due to its
abundance of murals and artistic Works
throughout the area if you're in search
of an offbeat less touristy gem along
the Amalfi Coast furora should top your
list number 9. Tremonti tucked up in the
high mountain Nooks of the Amalfi Coast
Liza tranquil rusted gem cloaked in
Endless Vineyards stepping into this
place might just trick you into thinking
you've teleported to the picturesque
Landscapes of Tuscany Tremonti is where
the action is on the Amalfi Coast wine
Road a delightful route that winds you
past Charming Vineyards perched on the
hillsides while you've got your pick of
Vineyards to explore along this route
there's one you definitely shouldn't
Miss tenuta San Francisco and here's a
Nifty idea for a full day of Adventure
combine a visit to the lovely ravello
with a stop at tenuta San Francisco
getting to Tremonti perched up in the
mountains is easiest with your own car
and private driver especially if you're
keen on savoring The Vineyards in this
neck of the woods which we totally
recommend number eight Amalfi Amalfi is
a real charmer it's small making it a
breeze to explore quickly and it's just
got a handful of must-see spots that'll
Steal Your Heart now the star of the
show The Amalfi Duomo it might cost you
a few Euros to get in but trust us it's
money well spent inside the Duomo
complex you can check out cool spots
like the cluster of Paradise The Crypt
the museum and of course the stunning
Cathedral Amalfi proudly claims to be
the birthplace of Limoncello so you'll
find lemony goodness everywhere a mouth
is also got a beach and a captivating
historic paper Museum if you fancy
sticking around and it's all
conveniently tucked into the Town Center
so you can explore it all on foot number
7. Sorrento while Sorrento isn't
technically part of the Amalfi Coast
it's still a top pick when you're
wondering where to set up camp during
your Amalfi Adventure situated
approximately 37 miles from Naples it's
super convenient if you want an easy
link to the city here's the ace up
Sorrento sleeve it's the only Amalfi
town with a train station that connects
it to the rest of Italy that's a big win
plus it doesn't skimp on classic Italian
charm and delectable Cuisine trust us
you can't leave without trying the
gnocchi ala sorrentina Sorrento is
perfect for those who want to stay
Seaside save some cash and still relish
that authentic Italian Town Vibe the
only downside is that you'll need to hop
on a bus to reach other Amalfi Coast
gems and the ride can take a while which
is a fair trade
speaking of Fair Trades subscribe to our
Channel wonderfully lost for awesome
travel recommendations number 6. ravello
ravello is a real winner when it comes
to romantic getaways especially for
Lovebirds and Honeymooners This Charming
Hilltop Village nestled among lemon
Terraces and Olive Groves is all about
Elegance with its historic Villas and
Unforgettable visitors especially from
villa chimbroni which sets the stage for
some serious romance revella gets its
fair share of tourists during the day
but it truly shines in the evening
because that's when the day Trippers
pack up and the whole place gets
drenched in that warm romantic Vibe
you'll love as for recommendations
ravello knows how to do it right take
the Caruso for instance it's got this
incredible infinity pool that
practically screams take a romantic
selfie here number 5. prayano praiano is
a Hidden Gem sandwiched between Positano
and Amalfi and while it escapes some of
the tourist radar Savvy Travelers are
catching on to its relaxed and genuine
charm sure it isn't bursting with
must-see sights but it's a sweet spot
for Beach lovers you'll also find the
famous spiagia Della gavitala down a
steep staircase and you wouldn't want to
miss the sunset views from here hikers
take note too it's the starting point
for the famous centiero deadly die the
Amalfi Coast go-to hiking trail other
than that prayano is known for being a
laid-back small town making it ideal for
families and couples who want peace over
crowded towns it's also the best choice
for an affordable and mouth Eco stay
because you'll find Casa Angelina one of
the Coast's best priced luxury hotels
right here number 4. mayori and minori
mayori with its long Sandy Beach and
Lively seafront like prano is one of the
Amalfi Coast's laid-back towns Italians
adore it and while it might not have the
picture-perfect postcard look of the
other towns it's got its own charm plus
it's easy on the wallet compared to the
fanciest spots and you get minori right
next door too and minori is absolutely
beautiful with a different vibe compared
to the Amalfi or Positano scene I mean
it's super peaceful which is perfect for
a quiet Escape but while you're here you
absolutely must hit up salderiso in
minori for the de Lizzy L Limon these
little cakes are creamy lemony slices of
Heaven topped with a thick layer of
icing and if that's not enough they've
got a mind-boggling array of cakes Tarts
pastries and cookies to indulge in
number three Capri and Anna Capri Capri
much like Positano is the Amalfi Coast
go-to spot for those who crave luxury
and a lively party scene but don't be
fooled this island isn't just about the
glitz and Glam it's a double decker
treat with a stunning natural beauty in
both Capri and Anna Capri so whether
you're all about the high life and
excitement or you simply want to soak in
the Lush Greenery and crystal clear
waters Capri is your Jam Even if you
don't shack up on the island Island
don't skip a day trip to experience this
Italian gem because Capri isn't just
exclusive in Italy it's a global hot
spot and it's so small even divided into
two zones with Anna Capri that you can
stroll from one end to the other in less
than half an hour you won't find
traditional beaches here but it still
has some of the most breathtaking views
number 2. vietry Sun Maury Beatrice on
Mare is just a 3.5 mile hop from solono
like The Unofficial door to the Amalfi
Coast if you're rolling in from this
side forget Sorrento this is your entry
point from Salerno this town wears its
uniqueness with pride known for its
ancient Ceramics Lively colors
Simplicity and natural charm and since
it's a bit farther from Naples hustle
and bustle you'll find fewer tourists in
your own little Amalfi Coast Hideout
Beatrice silmare also has some of the
biggest Sandy stretches along the coast
perfect if you like a little Elbow Room
so if you're into artisanal Ceramics or
fancy a splash of vibrant quirkiness on
your mouth Coast Adventure Beatrice
sulmare is your spot sure getting here
from Naples might be a bit tricky but if
you're swinging by Salerno it's a breeze
number 1. Positano Positano often called
the Amalfi Coast shining star is our
go-to recommendation for first-timers
seriously it's like a dream this place
is hands down one of the Coast's most
gorgeous towns with colorful buildings
hanging off steep Cliffs and the Sea
right below with a black sand beach
Positano isn't just easy on the eyes
it's a charmer it's narrow winding
streets are packed with cute boutiques
cafes and art galleries it's like a
treasure hunt around every corner and
speaking of treasures you've got spiagia
Grande the main Beach right at your
doorstep for sun-soaked relaxation and
swimming but the cherry on top is that
some of the Amalfi Coast's best hotels
and restaurants are right here making
Positano the ultimate home base for your
Coastal Escapade you can't go wrong here
thanks to checking out the best 11
places to stay on the Amalfi Coast don't
forget to like And subscribe

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, your go-to destination for travel advice tailored for parents, by parents.

Today’s blog is for those in love with the Italian charm of the Amalfi Coast. We have compiled a list of the 11 most charming and luxurious places to stay on the Amalfi Coast to get the full experience.

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1. Le Sirenuse, Positano

Le Sirenuse in Positano stands as a true treasure among the exquisite hotels of the Amalfi Coast, once a private villa cherished by an aristocratic family.

With 58 impeccably adorned rooms featuring antique furnishings and captivating artwork, Le Sirenuse effortlessly captures the spotlight. The balconies and secluded terraces present unrivaled vistas of the boundless Mediterranean sea.

Indulgence knows no bounds at Le Sirenuse. Delight in culinary experiences at the Champagne & Oyster Bar or the renowned La Sponda restaurant, where impeccable service accompanies every dish. Should you prefer the comfort of your room, the hotel’s efficient room service caters to your every need.

When it comes to relaxation, Le Sirenuse offers a sanctuary for days. The Aveda Spa, the outdoor pool terrace, and the sun terrace provide havens of tranquility. For those seeking an active escape, the fitness center offers a range of invigorating options.

2. Hotel Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

Perched above Ravello, Hotel Villa Cimbrone is an 11th-century villa-turned-hotel that offers an experience worthy of its rank among the best Amalfi Coast hotels.

The gardens, considered among the most breathtaking in Italy, are accessible to hotel guests. The interior matches the exterior’s splendor, with frescoed ceilings, antiques, and artwork. The 19 uniquely designed rooms boast rustic fireplaces, curated furniture, and vaulted ceilings, all with stunning views. And only shows just how exclusive this place is.

Modern and elegant bathrooms feature bespoke in-house toiletries, and free WiFi is available throughout. Explore the spectacular library, enjoy concierge services, or unwind in the in-house spa, fitness center, or outdoor pool. The Michelin-starred Flauto di Pan restaurant serves delectable Mediterranean cuisine.

After a day of exploring, treat yourself to a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool at Le Sirenuse. The breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast make it a truly unforgettable experience!

3. Borgo Santandrea, Amalfi

Borgo Sant’andrea in Amalfi is a property that stands out in luxury and style. The local artisans seamlessly blend contemporary Mediterranean aesthetics with mid-century elements in this architectural masterpiece.

The 29 rooms and 16 suites are veritable sanctuaries of comfort and elegance. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the spaces with natural light, while private balconies offer sweeping views of the mesmerizing Tyrrhenian sea. Every corner exudes regal opulence, with fine details like the 31 varieties of handcrafted tiles and carefully curated vintage furniture.

The grounds boast an infinity pool, communal outdoor swimming pool, and private beach. Culinary delights at Borgo Sant’andrea are nothing short of extraordinary. Under the expert guidance of Chef Crescenzo Scotti, three on-site restaurants promise a symphony of flavors. From local specialties to international delicacies, each dish is a delectable masterpiece that tantalizes the taste buds.

4. Casa Angelina, Praiano

Casa Angelina’s striking white cubic structure perched atop a cliff makes it a prime boutique hotel on the coast. Its minimalist approach to styling, with hardwood floors and Murano glass sculptures, creates a tranquil atmosphere.

The majority of Casa Angelina’s rooms are strategically oriented towards the boundless sea, treating guests to views that border on the surreal, creating an almost dream-like experience. What truly sets Casa Angelina apart are the personalized touches that elevate every stay. A subtle infusion of bespoke scents, gently dispersed by diffusers, adds a unique olfactory dimension to the environment.

For those seeking an extra touch of luxury, the suites situated on a sprawling beach within easy walking distance offer an exclusive upgrade. Guests who opt for these suites are treated to a host of premium amenities, including a sumptuous breakfast service that ensures a delightful start to each day. Additionally, a dedicated private butler stands ready to cater to every need, ensuring an experience that is both indulgent and unforgettable.

Looking for something more romantic? Check out our guide to some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations all over.

5. Monastero Santa Rosa, Conca dei Marini

Monastero Santa Rosa is a grandiose boutique hotel located on a clifftop, boasting terraced gardens that seamlessly blend with the grounds.

The highlight here is an infinity pool overlooking the Amalfi coast. Inside, the 20 former vaulted cells feature contemporary tones, delicate Jerusalem-marble floors, Italian linens, and curated antique furniture.

The in-house spa with stained glass windows, an ice cave, and Santa Maria Novella products offers ultimate relaxation. The Michelin-starred Il Refettorio serves tantalizing authentic Italian dishes.

Take a leisurely stroll through Monastero Santa Rosa’s terraced gardens and discover hidden nooks perfect for quiet moments of reflection or capturing breathtaking photos. The serene atmosphere and stunning views make it an ideal spot for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

6. Palazzo Murat, Positano

In the heart of Positano lies the garden Hotel Palazzo Murat, an idyllic escape from the crowd. Once owned by the king of Naples, Joachim Murat, the property exudes a grandeur that’s still palpable.

The courtyard is adorned with bougainvilleas and white shade umbrellas. Room interiors reflect Bourbon-era style, featuring four-poster beds and creeper-draped balconies with fantastic views.

One of the highlights of the Hotel Palazzo Murat experience is the culinary journey offered at the Al Palazzo restaurant. Here, classic Italian dishes receive a modern twist, creating a delectable fusion of tradition and innovation.

The carefully curated menu, complemented by the charming ambiance, promises an unforgettable dining experience that captures the essence of the Amalfi Coast.

Limoncello is a popular Italian liqueur known for its bright and zesty lemon flavor. It is made by infusing lemon peels in alcohol, typically vodka or grain alcohol, and then sweetening the mixture with sugar. The result is a refreshing and tangy liqueur that is best served chilled.

7. Villa Lara, Amalfi

For value and charm, few places can rival Villa Lara in Amalfi. The 19th-century villa is nestled within terraced vineyards and lemon groves, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean sea.

Each of the six rooms is decorated with bright colors, creating a crisp and welcoming atmosphere. Beamed hardwood ceilings and luxurious king-size beds add an elegant touch. Enjoy breakfast on the villa’s balconies, and let owner Nello Rispoli guide you to the best local experiences.

8. Hotel Villa San Michele, Ravello

Situated right on the waters of Ravello in Castiglione di Ravello, Hotel Villa San Michele is one of the most intimate hotels in Amalfi coast.

Lush lemon trees and bougainvilleas frame the exterior, while the twelve rooms feature calming shades of green and white or blue accents. Furnished balconies offer an immersive coastal experience that is just the cherry on top.

The hotel also provides private access to the Tyrrhenian sea, surrounded by lounge chairs and sun umbrellas. Enjoy local dishes and vegetarian options at the in-house restaurant here like nowhere else.

9. Il San Pietro di Positano

Il San Pietro di Positano offers an opulent and unrivaled experience for discerning travelers. This cliffside retreat is a sanctuary of luxury and refinement, where every detail is meticulously curated to provide guests with a truly extraordinary stay.

From virtually every vantage point, guests are treated to sweeping vistas of the cerulean Tyrrhenian Sea and the picturesque Amalfi Coastline. The staff at Il San Pietro di Positano is renowned for their warm hospitality and unwavering dedication to guest satisfaction. Every need and desire is attended to with a level of care and attentiveness that leaves a lasting impression.

Whether lounging by the infinity pool, indulging in a spa treatment, or savoring exquisite cuisine at the hotel’s renowned restaurant, guests are enveloped in an atmosphere of pure opulence that stands unmatched.

10. Belmond Hotel Caruso

The Belmond Hotel Caruso offers an experience on par with Il San Pietro di Positano. This distinguished establishment, perched high above the Amalfi Coast, presents guests with awe-inspiring vistas that compete with the finest in the region.

Overlooking the turquoise expanse of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the picturesque coastal towns below, the panorama is a masterpiece in itself. The meticulously restored 11th-century palace exudes an air of regal sophistication, creating an ambiance that is both evocative and enchanting.

11. Hotel Santa Caterina

Hotel Santa Caterina is one of the most luxurious sites on the Amalfi coast.

What truly sets Hotel Santa Caterina apart is its unwavering commitment to exceptional service, where every guest is treated with the utmost care and attention. A stay here promises not just a vacation, but an unforgettable journey along the stunning Amalfi Coast.

Want more? Check out our Youtube channel where the wandering never, ever stops.

The Amalfi Coast is a destination that promises not only breathtaking views and luxurious accommodations but also a rich cultural experience. And these iconic Amalfian hotels add to its unique charm, giving you the full experience in all its glory.

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