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foreign [Music] if you want to see a city rich in Heritag...

if you want to see a city rich in
Heritage and culture Feast your eyes on
Bangkok welcome back to wonderfully lost
a travel Community for parents by
parents this city is filled with
skyscrapers ancient temples Grand
palaces and Street Markets all at once
so it has something in store for
everyone with so many options to choose
from let's look at the 11 best places to
visit in this buzzing City number 11
Erawan Shrine take a look at the Erawan
Shrine or the tower marapom Shrine as
the locals call it this revered
structure stands as a Hindu Shrine in
the heart of downtown Bangkok in 1956 it
was constructed alongside the lavish
Erawan hotel to dispel bad luck but
what's inside will Amaze you there's a
golden statue of Frau prom who
represents the Hindu god of creation
Brahma this four-faced statue is thought
to bring good fortune and Grant visitors
their wishes so be sure to wish for
something new really want you'll see
locals and tourists gathered here
offering incense sticks flower garlands
fruits and Teakwood elephants and if
you're lucky you might even be able to
see the Thai classical dance
performances that take place on special
occasions fingers crossed number 10.
chaopraya River this is another iconic
symbol of Bangkok so you can't not see
it the cheopara river goes over 225
miles or around 365 kilometers through
the nation's fertile Central Plain until
it empties into the Gulf of Thailand and
it's not just about a pretty view either
there are so many attractions that go
along the banks of the famous river that
you'll be busy for days
staying alongside the river is a
fantastic choice when visiting Bangkok
and navigating the City by boat is
honestly the most enjoyable
Transportation option available there
are restaurants bars discos and Street
Foods available all over the place and
don't forget the Sky Wheel that gives
you a stunning view of Bangkok number 9.
kaisan Road kaisan road is a Backpackers
Paradise offering a night full of
endless fun it's a bustling walking
Street and you'll find visitors from all
corners of the world here this place is
like a global Community attracting those
who come together to enjoy the festive
Spirit when you visit kaisan road you
can soak up the vibrant atmosphere
throughout the night check out the
delicious street food or go into one of
the countless restaurants or if partying
is on your mind go have some fun in the
discos and bars plus case on road is
conveniently located near the Royal
Palace and the cheopara river making it
an easily accessible destination for
your travels number eight wattpo the
Temple of the recline mining Buddha also
known as what Poe or what pra chettapron
is located on rotanakosan island just
south of the Grand Palace in Bangkok
this Temple complex covers eight
hectares and is home to a massive 46
meter long reclining Buddha statue it's
one of the largest temple complexes in
the city and has a rich history as
Thailand's earliest Center for public
education founded by King Rama one for
Buddhist worship if you want to soak up
the history there's no better place than
this after all what Poe boasts four
chapels housing around 400 gilded Buddha
images which together form the largest
collection of Buddha images in Thailand
this Temple is also famous as the
birthplace of traditional Thai massage
and is considered a leading school for
massage in the country the Colossal
reclining Buddha statue is adorned with
gold leaf and its feet feature precious
stone inlays and depictions of the 108
auspicious symbols of the Buddha it's a
site you won't forget anytime soon
number 7. damn noan satawak floating
Market this renowned Thai destination
offers a delightful glimpse into a
bygone era definitely dropped by this
market for a chance to enjoy its unique
charm Savor the local Cuisine and
immerse yourself in Thai culture it's a
place where time seems to stand still
and you'll spend your entire day
exploring the market is a window into
traditional buying and selling methods
with vendors and buyers trading from
small boats you'll see everything from
agricultural Goods to local Delicacies
being sold here and that's not even half
of it make memories on boat tours along
the picturesque canals branching from
them now and satawak as you navigate
these waterways you'll also see
traditional Thai homes and how the
locals live don't miss this golden
opportunity to sample exotic fruits
authentic Cuisine and refreshing
beverages by the river number 6. temple
of emerald Buddha now this is a place
that holds a lot of importance after all
it's Thailand's holiest Buddha site the
temple houses the meticulously carved
Emerald Buddha or frack Hugh maracott
sculpted from the single Jade block
guarded by mythical Warriors at each
entrance this sacred image is a National
Treasure established in 1785 by King
Rama one the Temple's relocation from
water Rune underscores its historical
importance a visit to this vibrantly
adorned Temple is a must for anyone
exploring Bangkok but remember to dress
modestly by covering your knees and
shoulders and remove your shoes before
entering this sacred place number 5.
Bangkok national museum for you history
lovers here's another gem established in
1887 by King Rama V the Bangkok national
museum is Thailand's first Public Museum
located near tamasat University at the
National Theater housed in the 18th
century wangna Palace in francon it
boasts Southeast Asia's largest
collection of Thai art and historical
artifacts making it a must-see for
history enthusiasts explore the Museum's
extensive art collection featuring
Buddhist and devotional art a along with
pieces from the Thai Royal Family while
you can't take pictures inside the
knowledge and memories are sure to last
a lifetime anyway hey are you a Wanderer
yet if not head on over to our travel
blog at number four
yorat Chinatown if you're looking for a
Taste of Thailand no one does it better
than Chinatown here you'll taste and see
the rich merging between Chinese and
Thai cultures but yummy food isn't the
only attraction you can check out
affordable clothing Electronics
souvenirs and antiques located in
sampantha Wong District at the city's
heart yarawat Chinatown is a Haven for
Foodies have a walk in the bright
streets and enjoy dishes like Pad Thai
Tom Yum and expertly seasoned fresh
seafood don't let the amazing nightlife
fool you it's just as magnificent during
the day if you want a stroll here go
visit the watman Kong kamalawat Temple a
remarkable Chinese Buddha Center enter
there's also the what chakra wet a
temple with an interesting twist it's
actually home to many crocodiles that
you didn't see that coming number 3.
chatterjack Market non-locally as JJ
Market the chatter check Market isn't
just Thailand's largest market but an
absolute favorite among wholesalers and
Traders alike want to know the crazy
thing it has over 8 000 stalls you'll
find everything from clothing and
accessories to Furniture art and
antiques and here's a pro tip bargain
like your life depends on it it's a way
of life here and as you negotiate for
fantastic deals the air is filled with
the tempting sense of street food go
grab a bite after you're done chatter
check Market is truly a unique spot in
Bangkok with an atmosphere you can't
find anywhere else number two what Arun
water Rune known as wo Chiang by locals
is a historical Marvel and we don't say
that lightly often hailed as the Temple
of dawn this structure serves as a Sim
of the city's Rich Roots its
construction started during the reign of
Rama 2 in the early 19th century this
Temple is adorned with colorful spiers
and stands in Majestic Splendor beside
the Grand Palace it's a beautiful sight
as it partially overlooks the shimmering
Waters of the river as one of bangkok's
main attractions water Rune boasts
unparalleled Beauty cementing its status
as one of Thailand's most photographed
landmarks number one Grand Palace if you
come to Bangkok and don't see the Grand
Palace did you really visit it all it's
situated on the East Bank of the
chaopraya river and right next to the
wat po Temple so traveling here is easy
this complex has over 30 Royal buildings
temples museums statues and more a
treasure Trove that warrants a few hours
of Exploration at least once the Royal
residence this iconic Landmark is
steeped in history guided tours lead
visitors through its sprawling compound
showcasing various halls and smaller
palaces used for print ceremonies the
Grand Palace stands as a testament to
Thai craftsmanship and creativity with
its intricate architectural details
that'll Amaze you this is a truly
unmissable stop on your Bangkok
Adventure so be sure to check it out
thanks for watching don't forget to like
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Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost — where Moms and Dads come for travel advice!

Today, we’re traveling all the way to Bangkok, to explore the city’s bustling nightlife. Just a heads-up, you might want to leave your kids at home for this one.

Offering a plethora of crazy experiences, ranging from electric theatrical shows to rooftop martinis and wild partying — the stars really do shine brighter at night in Bangkok!

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How to Enjoy Bangkok’s Nightlife Safely

Bangkok is a city of many surprises.

While you might know Bangkok for its fantastic food scene, or for the many cultural landmarks that populate the city — including the vast Grand Palace, or Lumphini Park, which is a marvelous feat of nature intermingling with urban spaces — there’s a glamorous and gritty underbelly to the city that not many people know about.

If you’re looking for a break from the monotonous routine of your 9-to-5 job, or just want to feel the thrill of your college days again, the City of Angels awaits you! And hey, if you’re parents like us, you can read more about our story by subscribing to our blog! Exploring the nocturnal side of Bangkok makes for an excellent adventure once you’ve put your kids to bed.

Before we can get into all that there is to see and do in Bangkok at night, let’s go over a couple of handy pointers that you’ll need to remember at all times:

  • Plan ahead and prepare! Make an itinerary of the day’s events and try to stick to it.
  • Pack light: Make sure to pack the correct footwear and clothes since you’ll be walking a lot. If you need some help, check out our travel kits here
  • Respect local customs: This goes without saying, but be respectful of the locals and their culture
  • Language: Learn how to speak a few Thai phrases to help you navigate the city better.
  • Money: Bargain as much as you can!
  • Substances: Drink responsibly and stay as far away from any illegal drugs as you can. Thailand has pretty strict laws against illegal substances
  • Safety: Keep an eye on your belongings to avoid getting pickpocketed and never leave your drink in crowded areas and bars

Now that you know how to enjoy Bangkok’s nightlife in a safe way, let’s talk about all the areas that you need to explore!

Where Should You Go to Experience Bangkok’s Legendary Nightlife?

Night Markets:

One of the best ways to truly savor nightlife in Bangkok is to head to a night market. Seeing how Bangkok is a city that never sleeps, it’s unsurprising that you can find these night markets sprinkled all around the city.

Teeming with the vibrancy of life, you’ll find yourself utterly mesmerized from the second that you enter one of these markets. It’s a good thing that these markets last all night long, because when you’re lost in a world of bright colors, mouth-watering local market food, along with the sounds and sights of customers bargaining with street vendors, you’ll wonder where all the time went!

Typically, these night markets start somewhere around 5 p.m., so you can plan your night accordingly. No two night markets are ever the same, so try to visit as many as you can.

That said, here are some of our top picks for the must-see night markets in Bangkok!

1. Talad Neon Night Market

If you want to experience the standard version of a night bazaar, then Talad Neon Market is the place for you. Offering some great food, shopping, cheap prices, and even some dancing — an evening spent here will be an evening you won’t forget!

2. Rod Fai Market

Bangkok loves colors! Nowhere is this more apparent than at Rod Fai Market, where you’ll find rows and rows of colorful stalls, brimming with all sorts of goods, from delectable food to knockoff designer wear. Just make sure to wear your best walking shoes, since you’ll be on your feet for a long time.

3. Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Night Market

After you’ve visited the Chang Chui Plane Night Market, your expectations for a night bazaar will be soaring in the air! Home to several zany art installations and pieces — including the massive shell of a Tristar airliner, from which the market takes its name — this market is a must-see destination for folks who’ve got a penchant for the artistic and the absurd!

4. Suan Lum Night Bazaar

With over 1800 stalls, there’s a lot to see and buy at the Suan Lum Night Bazaar. Although this market is a reinvention of the old Suan Lum Night Bazaar, you’ll find that a modern twist goes a long way in providing customers with an elevated shopping experience.

5. Chatuchak Friday Night Market

If you’re a night owl, and 5 p.m. seems a tad early to start your adventuring, you can always check out the Chatuchak Friday Night Market, which doesn’t open until 9 p.m.! While the market is open throughout the week, it doesn’t really come to life until the weekend.

Theater Shows:

Apart from being a home to night bazaars, a side of Bangkok that really comes to life during the night are the theater and cabaret shows. Bangkok has a booming entertainment industry, and once you pay a visit to one of these shows, you’ll understand why. With shows that are on par with the world-famous entertainment offered in Las Vegaswhich you can find out more about here! — these shows will keep you entertained and in awe until the first rays of morning arise.

1. Golden Dome Cabaret

Located in Bangkok’s Ratchada area, the Golden Dome Cabaret show is one of Bangkok’s best transgender musical shows. The shows are an hour-long, and typically, the theater hosts up to four shows a day, from 3 p.m. in the afternoon to 8.15 p.m. at night.

If you’re in search of a night-time extravaganza, filled with music, glitter, along with an explosion of color and a fiesta of heavenly sounds, make sure to book your tickets as soon as you can.

2. Siam Niramit

If you’re a history fanatic on a night out in the City of Angels, looking for some fun, then you’ll want to pay a visit to Siam Niramit.

A retelling of Thai history, encompassing history from the events of antiquity, all the way up to the present day, the 70-minute performance at Siam Niramit is every bit a tribute to Thai culture as it is entertaining.

With expertly-played traditional music, breathtaking costumes, and a narrative that weaves together a tapestry of angels, kung fu, and love — you’ll remember this tale of Thailand’s history for a long, long time to come.

You can also check out the mock village before the show, and even enjoy a restaurant serving authentic Thai dishes!

3. Calypso Cabaret

Considered by locals to be the major pioneering force behind the cabaret’s popularity in Bangkok, the Calypso Cabaret, located within Asiatique, The Riverfront, is nothing short of a treat for the eyes.

Ever since its conception in 1988, Calypso Cabaret has offered to its many visitors everything from Broadway-style shows, to classical Thai dance performances, Chinese ballads, and even a comical Geisha staging.

Taking into account Calypso Cabaret’s popularity, however, remember to book ahead of time, since seats tend to get filled up super quickly, especially if you’re planning to go on the weekends.

4. Khon

Renowned for its splendid performances of the traditional Thai masked dance known as ‘Khon,’ the Sala Chalermkrung Khon is a must-visit for any lover of history.

For those who may be new to classical Thai dance, the theater offers a concise video introduction, where you’ll get to learn about the profound significance behind each movement.

Moreover, to ensure that every guest can fully appreciate the narrative, there is a conveniently placed screen that translates the dialogue into English, bridging any language barriers, and allowing you to bask in Thai’s classical heritage.

5. Playhouse Cabaret

Let’s face it — there aren’t many family-friendly options for entertainment in Bangkok.

With an array of comedic acts, that focus more on comic timing rather than erotic dancing, you’ll find yourself cackling throughout the night at the Thai renditions of everyone from Michael Jackson and Swan Lake, to Tina Turner and Chrisitina Aguilera.

Before you stroll down to Shanghai Mansion to enjoy a night full of laughter and music, make sure to plan ahead and book your tickets beforehand!

Rooftop Bars:

You ever dream of sipping a martini while you’re soaring in the air, surrounded by white, fluffy clouds?

Well, you can make this dream come true in Bangkok, since there’s an almost unbelievable number of bars that offer panoramic views of the city, along with some great wine, and food.

Before you waltz into one of these bars, however, remember that most of them have a strict dress code, and you’ll have to change from your jeans and shorts into something a bit more formal.

With that being said, some bars that we definitely think you should check out include:

On that airy note, we hope you enjoy your nights in Bangkok!

Until we meet again, happy travels!

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