Ultimate Guide to the Best Travel Backpacks for Men: Comfort, Functionality, and Style Unveiled

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Travel Backpacks for Men: Comfort, Functionality, and Style Unveiled

Whether you are a backpacker or an exotic voyager, a good backpack is a timeless companion as you head out to tick off your bucket list. Picking out a backpack for your travel endeavors entails so much more than whipping out your credit card and paying for the first bag you come across.

You must know what you want in a travel backpack, how much you are willing to spend and other factors such as comfort and aesthetics. In our review of the best travel backpacks for men, we help cover these talking points to help you make your decision. Here are our best travel backpacks for men;

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Topo Designs Travel Bag

Material: Recycled ballistic nylon

Dimensions: 12 x 20 x 10 inches

Item weight: 1.12 pounds

Price: $199

Topo Designs only recently launched this travel backpack. Inside, it has two zippers that open up like a “U,” and you will find a big space, a medium-sized space, two small pockets, and two mesh pockets.

On the outside, there’s a special pocket for your laptop in the back, a front pocket to keep other valuables organized and some loops. The backpack is made from strong nylon, and the zippers are tough.

It has handles on both sides, a shoulder strap, some straps with a hip belt and a chest strap. These are all detachable and can be put in a zippered pocket when you are on the go.

The backpack should be enough for travelers who like to pack light for short-season trips. But if you are into hiking and adventure, it might not be as comfortable as other backpacks made for that.

It comes with a lot of features and space as well as a lifetime guarantee.


  • Has organization pockets
  • Has laptop sleeve
  • Has strong zippers
  • Has detachable straps


  • Has no water bottler holder
  • Can be uncomfortable on a hike

Topo Backpack $199

Osprey Atmos AG

Material: Recycled nylon

Dimensions: 25 x 13 x 5.5 inches

Item weight: 3.99 pounds

Price: $270

If you enjoy backpacking or long hikes, the Osprey Atmos AG is a fantastic companion. It’s very comfortable thanks to its Anti-Gravity suspension system, which makes carrying heavy loads easy.

This backpack opens at the top, which is great for hiking but not so convenient for everyday travelers. But it can still do the job. Osprey makes sturdy and well-built backpacks for outdoor adventures and the Atmos AG is a perfect example.

The back of the bag is predominantly mesh to help keep you cool, and you can adjust the harness to fit any size comfortably. Plus, it has plenty of compartments to keep your things organized, including a space at the bottom for a sleeping bag.


  • Makes carrying easier
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Several pockets to keep your items organized


  • Has only top load access
  • Cannot sit upright

Osprey Atmos $270

Gregory Baltoro 65

Material: Recycled nylon

Dimensions: 27.17 x 16.93 x 9.06 inches

Item weight: 4.84 pounds

Price: $299

This men’s hiking backpack is one of the most comfortable you will find on the market. It’s perfect for long trips into the wilderness, whether you’re trekking for days or camping with lots of gear. Gregory has been in the business for a while and knows how to make an exceptional backpack. Like many before, the Gregory Baltoro 65 is a strong and durable workhorse that can handle the rough and tumble.

The Baltoro backpack is designed to carry heavy loads without giving you a backache. It comes with a top-notch suspension system that has soft padding and great organization. It also has a comfy mesh back that lets the airflow, so you won’t get too sweaty.

Plus, it has some cool features like a built-in rain cover, and a handy water bottle holder, and is hydration pack compatible. While it’s still a bit heavy, you can count on it to carry a lot of stuff without burdening you. If you are planning long hiking trips and don’t mind spending a little extra money, then this backpack is just right for you.


  • Eases carrying
  • Has hydration compatibility
  • Has several useful pockets


  • Loads only from the top
  • Heavy, limiting how much you can pack

Baltoro 65 $299

Thule Crossover 2 Convertible Laptop Bag

Material: Nylon

Dimensions: 13 x 7.5 x 18.9 inches

Item weight: 3.39 pounds

Price: $290

The Thule Crossover 2 is a smartly designed bag offering great versatility, but most importantly, it keeps your laptop safe when you are on the move. It has a special padded pocket for laptops up to 15.6 inches with RFID-blocking capabilities to keep your personal information secure. This bag is sturdy and can handle wet weather. Inside, there’s a crush-resistant pocket and a pouch to keep your cables organized.

You can carry it by the handles on the top and sides. If you don’t want to wear it like a backpack, you can hide the backpack straps and use a padded shoulder strap to make it a messenger bag. As you stroll through the airport, there’s a strap on the back that lets you attach it to your rolling suitcase easily.


  • Has RFID-blocking capabilities
  • Water-resistant
  • Sturdy and durable


  • It is heavy for a laptop bag

Thule Crossover $290

Solo Grand Travel TSA Backpack

Material: Polyester

Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 18 inches

Item weight: 2.64 pounds

Price: $114

Don’t be fooled by the “Travel TSA Backpack” name – it’s not just for travelers; it’s also great for professionals. It is sleek and has a well-padded pocket that can fit a big 17.3-inch laptop, keeping it safe during your commute.

The back and the straps have extra padding, so it’s comfy to carry. You can wear it like a regular backpack or hold it like a duffle bag or suitcase thanks to it having handles on the side.

On the sides, there are pockets to hold your water bottle. The front pockets are ideal for phones, passports, batteries, and many other easy-access items.

If you’re traveling, this backpack is designed to make airport security checking easier. It has a special back panel that slides over the luggage handle, so you can get through the airport with ease.


  • Easy to carry thanks to multiple straps
  • Easily accessible pockets offer great functionality to the modern traveler


  • It isn’t waterproof

Solo Grand Backpack $114

How to pick a travel back for men

Choosing the appropriate backpack comes down to the kind of traveler you are. It depends on what you want to do and where you plan to go. Some people want a strong and tough bag, while others prefer something comfy. Here are three factors to help you make your decision;

  • Comfort; Just like with anything, make sure your backpack feels comfy on your back. You should be able to wear it comfortably for at least an hour.
  • Functionality; When picking a travel backpack, the way it’s designed matters a lot. A great backpack doesn’t have to be fancy with lots of extra stuff. Just decide if you want a backpack that opens at the top or one that opens in the front. Also, see if there are any extra straps, harnesses, zippers, or clips that you do or don’t want and make sure they suit your needs.
  • Volume; First, think about what stuff you want to put in your backpack. This will help you figure out how big of a backpack to get. A good size to start with is around 40-50 liters. Also, try to find a backpack that’s not too heavy because you’ll be carrying it during long hikes.

When it comes to finding the best travel backpacks for men, there are several outstanding options to consider. The ideal backpack will ultimately depend on your specific needs and preferences, such as the size of your trip, your travel style, and your tastes in design and functionality.

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