Breezy Point Resort, MN: 90+ Years of Making People Smile

Breezy Point Resort, MN: 90+ Years of Making People Smile

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, a travel community, by parents for parents that makes vacation dreams turn into reality. For today’s blog, we are celebrating a place that has been wowing guests for over 90 years.

With almost a century of history behind it, this wanderer-favorite has everything you need for a perfect family vacation, be it great accommodations or amazing food.

This is the story of Minnesota’s gem, Breezy Point Resort!

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How it all started!

A century ago, in 1921, the picturesque saga of Breezy Point Resort began with the bold vision of Wilfred Hamilton Fawcett, a man known to many as Captain Billy. An Army veteran, Olympian, and the publisher behind the humor magazine “Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang,” Captain Billy ventured into a new chapter by acquiring an 80-acre parcel of land for $500 on the western shore of Pelican Lake in Minnesota.

Captain Billy wasn’t your typical entrepreneur driven solely by profit. Instead, he aimed to create a playground for his Hollywood friends. With connections in the entertainment industry, he brought celebrities like Clark Gable, Rita Hayworth, and even President Harry Truman to this idyllic retreat. The resort’s founding in 1921 marked the beginning of a rich history filled with glamor, laughter, and the unmistakable allure of Breezy Point.

Breezy Point Resort on Google Maps:

Despite lacking a knack for business, Captain Billy had enough financial cushion from his publishing empire, Fawcett Publications, to sustain the resort. He didn’t build it for profit but as a haven for merriment and good times. The resort’s appeal grew, prompting Captain Billy to pave the road from Pequot Lakes, ensuring a smooth journey for his Hollywood guests.

Over the years, rumors and legends have woven themselves into the fabric of Breezy Point’s history. Tales of hauntings in the Fawcett House and Prohibition-era exploits involving float planes and hearses with booze-filled caskets add a layer of mystique to the resort’s colorful narrative. However, one debunked legend is that of gangsters frequenting the resort. Captain Billy’s son, Roscoe, confirmed that his father was discerning about guests, and that the resort did not cater to the criminal elements.

Fast forward to the present, and the torchbearer of Breezy Point is Bob Spizzo, affectionately known as “Bob the Builder.” Since 1981, Spizzo has led the charge, tirelessly working to enhance the resort’s offerings. Always in construction mode, Spizzo is focused on continual upgrades, adding wedding venues, meeting spaces, and housing options. His latest project, the Whitebirch Village, caters to “active adults,” providing one-floor living and a maintenance-free lifestyle.

The resort has weathered storms, both metaphorical and literal. Fires, ownership changes, and the challenges of World War II have left their mark. Yet, Breezy Point endures, and much of its success, according to Spizzo, is attributed to its dedicated team. The average tenure of the managerial staff is over 20 years, which is a testament to the familial atmosphere that pervades the resort.

Breezy Point Today


Breezy Point Resort welcomes you with a great range of accommodations to make sure everyone discovers their ideal retreat. From charming cabins to grand lodges, the resort offers it all!

A unique feature is the Whitebirch Village, designed for “active adults.” Situated near the Whitebirch Golf Course and Antler’s Restaurant, this community offers 52 townhomes. These homes blend comfort and convenience, providing one-floor living and handling chores like lawn mowing and snow shoveling, enabling residents to enjoy a carefree lifestyle.

Whitebirch Golf Course on Google Maps:

Adding a nostalgic touch, guests can stay in the Fawcett House, the private home of the resort’s founder, Captain Billy. Constructed with white pine logs, this house transports visitors to a bygone era when craftsmanship was meticulous, and life’s pace was more deliberate.

The 750-site campground, surrounded by natural beauty, offers a refreshing retreat for those seeking a connection with nature. Each accommodation at Breezy Point Resort showcases the resort’s commitment to diverse experiences, ensuring every guest finds a home away from home.

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Breezy Point takes its food game seriously. They’ve got not one, not two, but four spots to chow down, and each one is like a whole world for your taste buds.

Let’s kick things off with Dockside Lounge. Imagine sitting by the lake, but with food that’s next-level delicious. The menu includes American cuisine as well as Mexican and Italian dishes. You can also plop yourself down outside and take in the beauty of Breezy Point while you munch. It’s not just about the food here.

Dockside Lounge on Google Maps:

Feeling a bit posh? Antler’s Restaurant is where it’s at. Although this place mostly offers American cuisine, it also offers a thorough exploration of the local dishes that are patron favorites. One name comes to mind—Supreme on Mushrooms.

Next on the lineup is Marina II Bar & Grill. Picture this: it’s the chill spot after a day of doing stuff. Right by the marina, it’s all about laid-back atmosphere. People head there to kick back, enjoy some good bites, and maybe sip on a drink or two. It’s casual, so whether you’re up for a quick snack or a slow, easy meal, this spot is your go-to. But whatever you do, don’t forget to try their shrimp cocktails!

And the final restaurant on the list is Zig’s. This place is perfect for families and groups. The vibe? Totally laid-back. The menu offers a variety of pizza and burger options, with a few oriental options for those of you looking to spice it up a bit. Everyone likes different stuff, so Zig’s has a bit of this and a bit of that. It’s where you round up your crew, kick back, and have a seriously good meal.


Breezy Point Resort is a treasure trove of cool stuff that’ll make your stay extra awesome. Picture this: way more than just beds and grub—they’ve got a bunch of things to make you feel like a superstar on vacation.

Now, if you’re a golf fan, Breezy Point is your paradise. With three golf courses, each with a whopping 18 holes—there’s a boatload of golfing available here! The Traditional Golf Course is extra special because it’s been around for as long as the resort and big-time golf legends like Walter Hagen and Patty Berg have played on the same grass. Then there’s Deacon’s Lodge, designed by none other than Arnold Palmer, a golf legend in his own right. And don’t overlook the Whitebirch course—the poshest version of golf.

The Traditional Golf Course on Google Maps:

When winter rolls in, Breezy Point transforms into a winter wonderland. More than just a celebration of the chilly weather, it’s about exciting stuff like hockey tournaments and weddings. And get this—they’re even cooking up a second ice arena. That means more winter fun and good times on the horizon. Folks from the Twin Cities and other spots make the journey to Breezy Point for the hockey action, turning the whole place into a buzzing hive of excitement.

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And when it’s raining or you’re craving a break from the sun, the Recreation Center is your go-to. Picture a colossal indoor playground with games and fun stuff for everyone. Families and pals can kick back, play board games, or even give indoor sports a shot.

And guess what? They’ve got a special spot just for chilling—the spa. Imagine getting pampered with relaxing treatments and therapies after a tiring day out. It’s like a timeout for your body and mind. The spa is this quiet oasis where you can ditch the daily hustle and just chill.

And there’s still more! Breezy Point Resort isn’t just about snagging a room. They’ve got spaces for all kinds of events, whether you’re throwing a big bash or just a small get-together. And the cherry on top? The whole place looks like it’s straight out of a painting—seriously eye-catching and extra special.

Within a cozy 5-mile radius from your location, a bunch of cool stuff is waiting for you! Lucky’s Tavern is your top spot for good times and great drinks, just a quick 4.3 miles away. If you’re up for some adventure, check out Paul M Thiede Fire Tower Park—it’s only a hop, skip, and jump away at 4.3 miles, offering stunning views that’ll take your breath away.

And if you need something unique, head over to The Wild Daisy Gifts and Floral, a cute shop 4.9 miles away, where you can find special items and beautiful blooms. And if you’re into art, the Red Ruby Art Gallery and Gifts is also 4.9 miles away, showcasing awesome local creations.

This local favorite resort has fast become one of Minnesota’s oldest, most cherished places. One that never seems to age, all thanks to Mr. Spizzo.

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Happy Travels!

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