11 Essential Tips for New Parents Traveling with a Baby (And Mistakes to Avoid) 2024

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foreign [Music] calling all manic mummies looking to unpack and unwind if you're on a mission to probe the globe with your sweet little dumpling or you're a new Dad planning a playful adventure with your tiny pee you've come to the right place you might want to check out our 11 tips and traveling do's and don'ts for newbie parents welcome back to wonderfully lost your Holy Grail for all the latest info on family vacation and Adventure travel tip number one back to traveling Basics traveling with your baby can be an exciting experience but don't get carried away before you start fantasizing about taking little Johnny on a long-haul flight you will need to pay a visit to your precious bundles pediatrician after all there are notes to take and itty bitty details to consider ideally doctors endorse the idea of holding back on plans for pottering around the globe till your baby's immune system is a bit more robust no you don't have to wait till College to take the plunge it can happen as early as one month for a full-term infant to dip their little toe in travel opinions vary but as per most docks this range can fall anywhere between your baby's three to six month Mark how about putting the brakes on until the first round of immunizations is done and dusted traveling is quite a germy Affair so you want to be fully prepared for baby kin's sake traveling to some countries requires additional vaccines so it's a stellar idea to peek into that as well we're not Healthcare practitioners so it's best to keep your pediatrician on speed dial and go over all the nitty-gritty Deets tip number two decisions on desirable destinations provided that your own postpartum health is on the up and up now's the time to decide on a dreamy destination to de-stress and unwind choosing the wrong vacation spot can spell disaster and cast all your well-laid plans in the dumpster not ready to Don that bathing suit yet don't worry next the idea and bask in the luxury of a plush Beach Resort if that's what floats your boat there are plenty of other options to pick and choose from whether you're a beach bar for a mountain lover you can cast a pretty wide net to fish for a good vacation spot whatever you choose with a baby on board you need to focus on these three top considerations safety cleanliness and availability of good health care with these three things in order the rest of your vacay planning shouldn't be too hard to pin down tip number three making an informed decision be it a car trip a train ride or an airplane Journey every parent can March to the beat of Their Own Drum when it comes to choosing their ideal mode of transportation with a baby in tow traveling by plane short haul flights are more suitable but it's your life and your decision you do you and don't forget those documents or you'll be in for a doozy at the airport remember the devil is in the details so sort out all the relevant documentation to travel with your bundle of joy be it their passport or birth certificate different airlines practice different sets of policies for infants on board so do check in with your airline of choice if you're opting for the train route the one thing to keep on your parenting radar is to be wary of crowds think about your baby's developing immune system and recycled cold and flu germs cozying up to each other not the most comforting combo car trips can be convenient when coupled with well-timed breaks with you at the steering wheel you can control the pace of your journey whatever your plan plan it around your baby's sleeping and eating schedule congratulations you've covered the first leg of your vacation prep what will follow will only be a cakewalk so get set and go tip number four arranging appropriate accommodation want to simplify your vacay staying game then pick an all-inclusive hotel that's child end Baby Friendly life for traveling parents becomes miraculously simplified if they make advanced reservations at a hotel that offers baby amenities such as cribs baby baths bottle warmers strollers and even diapers such as the Saint Regis hotels this allows you tons of packing space and saves you some major headaches babies are Pros when it comes to soiling clothes with spit up and poo so do take stock of the laundry facilities at your vacay Escape as well doctors on call and transport facilities are super too tip number five packing like a pro don't forget to plug into our blog to get your hands on our latest compilation of essential traveling kits with invaluable tips hacks and advice that'll take your traveling game up a notch the golden rule of packing is don't over pack with baby's company you'll have your hands full already the last thing you need to do is lug around tons of stuff here's a general checklist diapers and wipes should be easily accessible at all times clothes socks shoes sippy cups baby food are good bets as are formula breast pump for breastfeeding Mummers pacifier and a swaddle blanket as a Saving Grace in sticky situations do carry a wet bag toys teething gel soft baby carrier especially if train travel is involved and a detergent for clothing mishaps this is assuming that your hotel offers the baby amenities otherwise add those to your luggage as well tip number six putting the fun in flying if the idea of flying with a baby fills you up with Dread it's time to face your fear head-on you don't need to fret just follow our tips when you board that plane and you're good to go being unprepared at thirty thousand feet is a very bad idea so plan plan and plan ahead a bassinet on board is your best friend when traveling by an airplane call the airline in advance to make sure that one is available some Airlines require a reservation in advance so keep your booking games strong your little baby boo will thank you by sleeping through most of the flightless cozy cocoon which means more r r for you such sweet Bliss just a tip bassinets are handy when the airplane is at cruising altitude during takeoff Landing taxi or with the seat belt sign on they are usually not in service got it good tip number seven pop in air pressure problems you know you're on tricky terrain when air pressure in the cabin fluctuates during takeoff and Landing it spells bad news for the baby because she or he can only cry up a storm with the painful popping in their ears is there a time-tested way to get around this problematic issue of course that's where we step into the picture no we're not offering onboard Nanny services but have we got some Sage advice to lessen your emotional load anything that allows your precious to engage in a sucking motion can ease those ears be it breastfeeding bottle feeding or even giving a good old pacifier also the dehydration is real keep the baby hydrated pump extra breast milk beforehand if you have to or prepare whatever liquids your dumpling loves to chug on in advance Pro tip do check travel restrictions before packing baby's preferred beverages your well welcome tip number eight the weatherman is your best buddy you cannot possibly plan a trip with your little pumpkin without giving some serious thought to the weather forecast from picking a destination to packing scheduling the time and season of your trip to filling up a fun-filled itinerary the weather app on your mobile phone is a super handy tool and one you absolutely cannot function without getting caught in a downpour with your infant is not a very appealing picture now is it so be a diligent dad and check the weather before you embark on your baby Adventure tip number nine trim your itinerary if your day is packed to the brim with activities that keep you on the go around the clock then don't expect your little pudding to adjust to your crazy Pace with giggles and Coos keep your everyday plans light and flexible for minimal stress and maximum Comfort you'll be taxing your baby and tempting your luck to turn on you if you go for a ridiculously fast-paced daily dose of craziness don't say we didn't warn you tip number 10 be careful when and carrying meds if you're carrying babies meds in your carry-on luggage be on your toes if an inspection is required say you're carrying a pain reliever and cough syrup then do the needful thing and let the screening officer inspect them tip number 11 go easy on yourself we don't want to be too emo about this but this goes without saying you're going on a joyous Journey with your baby for the very first time don't beat yourself up if things don't go all perfect and peachy cut yourself some slack it might seem like climbing Everest with one arm tied behind your back right now but it'll get easier with time we promise you that what's more you'll make tons of wonderful memories that'll pump up your confidence even more to go on more traveling adventures with your little pumpkin pie so what are you waiting for get cracking on planning a fantastic getaway with your baby and that's the long and short of it if you want to go globetrotting with Baby Bunting hey are you a Wanderer yet if not check out our travel blog at wonderfully lost travel dot com

Are you planning on traveling with your kids for the first time? Read along for 11 tips for traveling as new parents (and what not to do!)

Planning a vacation can be hard as is, but it is all the more hectic when doing it as new parents. Navigating how to stay on schedule and find things to do that everyone will enjoy can be incredibly challenging. But if you travel with the right knowledge and tools, travel with kiddos can be more enjoyable than you’d have imagined!

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1. Plan ahead

As a new parent, finding age-appropriate, family-friendly accommodations and attractions is super important. Plan your itinerary with the flexibility to meet the needs of your babies. Take it from our own mistakes as new parents, plan your itinerary around things that will be enjoyable for everyone! They aren’t going to want to spend the whole day in the car sightseeing, for example.

Every child is unique, and while some may enjoy vibrant and active environments, others may prefer peaceful and natural surroundings. You can create a memorable and exciting first trip for them by choosing places based on what they like individually


2. Don’t forget essential documents

Make sure to bring all the necessary documents for your baby, including

  • A valid passport
  • Identification
  • Complete medical records to meet the airlines and destination requirements

Pro tip: Storing a digital copy on your phone or cloud storage would help in case of lost or missing documents.

You might also be required to get certain vaccinations and shots based on where you are going. Keep all their records and vaccine certificates, even the ones you don’t think will be useful – you can never be too sure.

If your child has any disability, make sure to check in advance and keep the relevant documents to request assistance if needed.

If you’re flying with an infant in your lap some airlines will want to see the child’s birth certificate for proof of age.

3. Prioritize safety

When traveling as new parents, it is crucial to prioritize safety above all else. While it’s natural to be excited and immersed in the travel experience, it’s important to remember that the needs of your family, particularly your baby’s safety, should be at the forefront of your mind. Here are some key considerations to ensure a safe trip:

  • Travel with a properly mounted car seat. It should fit your baby’s age, size, and weigh. From our own experience, bring your own car seats. We’ve rented them with the rental car before and although we’re sure they meet safety requirements, you’re not likely going to be happy with quality.
  • Bring band-aids, antiseptic wipes, a thermometer, pain medicines as well as gas and fever meds. Prepare for minor injuries and illnesses.
  • Childproof your lodgings to reduce dangers. Safeguard cabinets, electrical outlets, and sharp objects. Safeguard your infant with plug protectors, corner guards, and door stoppers. While it may seem cumbersome to pack child safety gear for your stay, you’ll find it much more so to closely follow your child around the house the entire trip.


4. Don’t overpack

Traveling with a baby mostly only requires essentials, but it’s easy to overpack when you’ve never traveled with babes before. This can be an added hassle with extra weight that would have to be carried around.

We like to only pack enough diapers and wipes for traveling and pick up more when we reach our destination. We cut down on clothes by planning out the kids’ outfits for each day so we aren’t bringing a ton of extra. And we always try to stay somewhere with access to laundry so we can pack for fewer days and wash some clothes halfway through the trip.

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5. Choose the right transportation

Plan for all your traveling at your destination ahead of time. With a baby in tow, your ride from the airport isn’t as easy as jumping in an Uber anymore.

Consider options like renting a car or using baby-friendly public transportation, depending on the destination.

Pro tip: Babies will be babies. Traveling is going to be hard on them. Try to let the opinions of others around you go. We know, easier said than done right? Remember that other people don’t get to parent your child, so they’re opinion of how your child is acting or how you are parenting is nothing to concern yourself with. If you can remind yourself in those tough moments that comforting your child is your only job and that your fellow travelers’ comfort is their own responsibility, your travels will go much more smoothly.

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6. Don’t overlook meal and nap routines

Try to maintain your baby’s meal and nap routines as much as possible during travel. Familiar patterns usually keep them grounded and help them feel more comfortable.

TRY is the key word here, wanderers. It’s not always going to work out and it’s just as important to be okay with the flexibility. Carry snacks with you AT ALL TIMES. Getting food often takes longer than expected so having something to offer your littles in between meals is going to help keep the peace. And if you’re unable to get back to your room for nap time, we love on the go naps during travels. We try to be in the car around nap time but a stroller or contact nap work great too!

7. Pack comfort items

It can be super helpful to bring along your baby’s favorite toys, books, and comfort items to keep them engaged and calm, especially during the travel part of the vacation. Familiar items can provide a sense of security in unfamiliar surroundings.

Introducing easily-carryable toys and comfort items a few weeks before traveling might be a good idea. This will help you pack more efficiently and pacify your child during travel.

Pro tip: If they’re used to a sound machine at home, BRING THE SOUND MACHINE!

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8. Don’t shy away from asking for help

Traveling with kids as new parents can be overwhelming. Feeling confused and unsure is normal, but people are almost always willing to help, especially if they’re parents too!

Reach out to airline staff, hotel staff, or fellow travelers if you need support with carrying luggage or other tasks while tending to your baby. You can also ask for resources that you think might help.

We sometimes hesitate to ask for extra supplies because they have already asked for a lot. But know that it is the job of your attendants to provide you with a comfortable experience. Ask for that extra sheet for the third time during the night if needed.

9. Stay connected with other parents

This one is very important!

If you are traveling to a family-friendly destination, there are going to be other parents experiencing the same stress as you. We have made many friends during our travels and it’s really nice to meet travel companions for your kiddos too!

So when you’re chasing your kids around the hotel pool or chaperoning the monkey bars at the playground, start conversation with other parents. Bonus if you meet a local family who can share their favorite spots for families!

10. Don’t overpack your itinerary

Vacations should be memorable and restful. A more relaxed schedule allows an enjoyable time with your family without feeling rushed or irritable. Your ability to adapt to changes and obstacles is only going to make the trip more enjoyable.

Prioritize rest and flexibility in response to your child’s requirements and unforeseen circumstances. Plan breaks and leisure time, as traveling with a baby is mentally and physically exhausting.

And while it’s good to have a plan, being spontaneous leads to fun surprises and unexpected finds.

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11. Enjoy the experience

Above all, when traveling with your baby, remember to embrace and enjoy the experience. It’s easy to get caught up in the logistics and challenges that come with traveling as new parents but don’t forget to savor the precious moments and create beautiful memories along the way.

Take the time to appreciate the wonder and excitement in your baby’s eyes as they discover new places and experiences. Whether it’s their first time seeing the ocean, exploring a new city, or tasting new foods, witnessing their joy and curiosity can be incredibly rewarding.

Allow yourself to be fully present in the journey, immersing yourself in each destination’s sights, sounds, and sensations. Engage with the local culture, interact with friendly strangers, and embrace the opportunities for connection and learning.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be easy to be good!

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