Men’s Hiking Jackets for Ultimate Outdoor Adventures 2024

Men's Hiking Jackets for Ultimate Outdoor Adventures

Hiking is a beautiful outdoor activity that allows you to connect with nature, exercise, and enjoy the incredible scenery. But to fully appreciate your hiking experience, you must have the right gear. One of the most essential gear for men is a good hiking jacket. Men’s hiking jackets are designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable during your outdoor escapades.

Navigating the world of hiking jackets can feel needlessly complex. Softshells, puffer jackets, hybrid hoodies, rain jackets, fleece sweaters, windshells, mid-layers, hardshells—how many of these does one need?

For a start, there are mainly two categories: softshells and hardshells. For instance, a softshell is your perfect choice for a fall desert hike. But when embarking on a winter trek, you will need a hardshell with multiple layers of insulation to stay warm and comfortable.

They offer high-level protection, combining excellent windproofing, waterproofing, breathability, and durability. Now that you know the purpose of these two distinct products, here are the 7 best men’s hiking jackets;

Be sure to make it to #1 for our take on why Arc’teryx Beta AR is the best pick.

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7. Fjallraven Keb Eco-Shell

Material: Recyclable Polyester

Weight: 8.8 Ounces

Water resistant: Yes

Price: $499

Renowned for their fusion of urban sophistication and top-tier outdoor performance, the Swedish-based company Fjallraven has masterfully crafted the ultimate solution in the form of their Keb Eco-Shell hardshell jacket. This versatile and pliant technical marvel is designed to tackle the most demanding outdoor adventures in fluctuating weather conditions throughout the year.

Constructed from a stretchy and sustainable material (Eco-Shell), this jacket offers top-tier performance and minimizes its environmental impact. The Eco-Shell fabric boasts impressive durability while naturally conforming to your body’s movements. It excels in efficiently ventilating excess moisture that accumulates during your active pursuits.

The Keb Eco-Shell jacket is the ideal companion for trekkers and ski tourers alike. Its minimalistic design enables you to push forward easily while ensuring reliable protection even in the harshest weather conditions. The meticulous cut of the jacket ensures a perfect fit and unrestricted freedom of movement.

A feature that stands out is the well-fitting hood, thoughtfully designed to accommodate a helmet, offering exceptional protection without compromising visibility or head movement. The jacket’s opening boasts a two-way water-resistant zipper with an internal protective flap, allowing for effortless ventilation by opening at both ends.

Convenience and accessibility are key with this jacket. The spacious chest pockets, featuring hidden bellows, remain easily reachable even while wearing a climbing harness or a backpack with a hipbelt. Inside, you will find elastic mesh pockets that keep your mobile phone and other small items securely in place. Also, the two-way zippers on the sides allow you to release excess heat, further enhancing comfort.

The Keb Eco-Shell jacket ensures that you remain well-prepared for changing conditions. The hem can be effortlessly adjusted using a drawcord, while the Velcro cuffs on the sleeves provide a personalized fit. Not only does this jacket excel in performance, but it is also committed to sustainability. Eco-Shell is a hardshell fabric that is waterproof and breathable, treated with fluorocarbon-free impregnation.

The material is constructed from recyclable polyester, incorporating both recycled and new materials. Furthermore, Fjallraven is dedicated to mitigating the environmental impact, compensating for all emissions generated during the production and transport of the Eco-Shell fabric.


  • Offers exceptional comfort
  • It is stylish
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Has no hand pockets

Fjallraven $500

6. Jack Wolfskin Go Hike Softshell

Material: Polyester

Weight: 12.7 Ounces

Water resistant: Yes

Price: $67+

The Go Hike Softshell is comfortable and impressive in terms of technical specifications. The fabric feels exceptionally soft to the touch, making it a pleasure to wear. This softshell jacket boasts excellent stretchability, providing remarkable freedom of movement. It also has windproof and water-repellent properties, ensuring you stay dry and protected in windy conditions or a sudden downpour.

Whether strolling in breezy weather or unexpectedly caught in a shower, the Go Hike Softshell has you covered. Its versatility and broad utility make it suitable for a wide range of activities, from a leisurely visit to the dog park to overnight expeditions.

Jack Wolfskin’s Go Hike Softshell adheres to their sophisticated approach to outdoor apparel, combining a sleek and stylish design with the durability required for outdoor technical wear. While it exudes a more urban aesthetic than ruggedness, the Go Hike Softshell is a versatile crossover jacket that you can confidently take on nearly any adventure.


  • Offers great versatility
  • Wind-proof and water-resistant
  • Eco-friendly


  • Limited pockets

Jack Wolfskin starting at $67

5. Rab Kangri GTX

Material: Gore-Tex

Weight: 18.5 Ounces

Water resistant: Yes

Price: $425

In its 2023 update, the Kangri GTX stands out with its eco-friendly approach, featuring a recycled outer fabric. This robust and dependable hardshell is constructed with a durable 70D 3-Layer GORE-TEX, making it an excellent choice for all-weather adventurers. Whether you’re into hillwalking, hiking, trekking, or mountain scrambling, the Kangri GTX has got you covered.

Rab’s outerwear remains budget-friendly, often priced considerably lower than market competitors, without compromising quality. Kangri GTX is a prime example, available at just $425.

Equipped with a waterproof and windproof GORE-TEX membrane, the Kangri GTX ensures you are well-prepared for inclement weather. Crafted from a sturdy 70-denier recycled-nylon shell, this jacket provides exceptional durability and environmental responsibility.

It will keep you dry in relentless downpours and shield you from the fiercest winds. The jacket features deep, two-way armpit zips for effective temperature control in challenging terrains for enhanced ventilation. An elasticated hem and drawcord waist enable you to tailor the fit and retain warmth when temperatures plummet.

The Kangri GTX boasts a fully adjustable hood designed to encase your face, offering protection from the elements without sacrificing visibility. It can be cinched tightly to prevent flapping, features a laminated wired peak for extensive coverage, and includes a chin guard lined with fleece to eliminate friction. In adverse conditions, quick adjustments to the hem and hood can be effortlessly made with one hand.

Additional features, such as the two-way YKK® AquaGuard® VISLON® front zipper with an internal storm flap, two hand pockets that accommodate your rucksack comfortably, and an internal secure zipped pocket, to safeguard your phone or GPS device.


  • Is wind-proof and water-proof
  • Offers great breathability
  • Has easy-access pockets


  • Main zipper is not water-resistant

RAB $425

4. Black Diamond Highline Stretch Shell

Material: Nylon

Weight: 10.58 Ounces

Water resistant: Yes

Price: $190.76

The Black Diamond HighLine Stretch Shell is one of the most versatile 3-layer mountain and alpine shells. Its robust, waterproof shell protects against gusty winter winds and precipitation, making it an excellent choice to layer over your base and midlayers.

What sets this jacket apart is its thoughtfully designed features. The generously-sized hood easily accommodates a climbing helmet underneath, and the chin guard adds an extra layer of defense against harsh winds. Whether engaged in belay duty, exploring high above the tree line, or embarking on a casual winter hike, the HighLine jacket has got you covered.

The HighLine jacket is a winning combination of BD.dry waterproof/breathable protection and GTT’s revolutionary Breathable Water Protection Technology. This environmentally friendly PFC-free water-repellent finish outperforms other C-6, C-8, or C-0 DWR options.

What’s particularly impressive is its durability, as the GTT technology is permanently bonded to the individual fabric fibers, eliminating the need for regular reapplications or wash-in finishes. Fully equipped with practical features, the HighLine includes a chest pocket and two hand pockets, DWR pit zips for efficient ventilation, and an adjustable hood to accommodate climbing helmets.

While it may not match the flexibility of a summer jacket, this hard shell offers excellent breathability, ensuring that you stay comfortable during those strenuous, sweat-inducing climbs. YKK Aquaguard zippers are integrated into the design to keep you dry and comfortable. Also, its incredibly lightweight and packable stretch nylon fabric allows you to move freely, whether alpine climbing or trekking through the mountains.

The Black Diamond HighLine Stretch Shell is a top-notch choice for those seeking a versatile, high-performance mountain and alpine shell. Its exceptional waterproofing, breathability, durability, and many well-thought-out features make it an ideal companion for any cold-weather outdoor adventure.


  • Has zippered armpits
  • Has a large hood with chin coverage
  • Very comfortable


  • Not suitable for summer hikes

Black Diamond $190

3. Mountain Hardwear Dawnlight Gore-Tex Pro

Material: Nylon

Weight: 1 Pound

Water resistant: Yes

Price: $600

The Mountain Hardwear Dawnlight jacket is purposefully designed to excel in challenging mountain conditions. It offers a range of features tailored for demanding outdoor adventures, making it a reliable choice for various activities, from resort and backcountry skiing to winter mountaineering.

Some notable features include a two-way center front zipper, a helmet-compatible hood with adjustable elements on the back and sides, zipper pulls that are easy to manage with gloves, as well as a combination of internal chest pockets and external handwarmer pockets, which are harness-compatible.

This jacket is a versatile shell suited for those exploring unforgiving alpine environments. It has been developed in close collaboration with alpine guide agencies to ensure it meets the demands of those who push their limits in the mountains.

The Dawnlight is constructed using a 3-layer GORE-TEX PRO fabric, which offers an impressive combination of breathability, lightweight design, and packability. These qualities are essential when your objectives require you to move swiftly and minimize your impact on the environment.

The 40-denier GORE-TEX PRO fabric provides exceptional protection when you encounter tough conditions. It can stand up to the harshest elements while allowing your body to breathe comfortably when your pace quickens. This means you can count on the Dawnlight to keep you dry and comfortable during your mountain adventures, regardless of the challenges you may face.


  • Has a two-way front zip
  • It is exceptionally breathable
  • Hood is helmet compatible


  • Not as sturdy as the Arc’teryx Beta AR below
  • High price point

Mountain Hardwear $600

2. Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket

Material: Nylon and spandex

Weight: 13.4 Ounces

Water resistant: No

Price: $179

The Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket is a lightweight softshell tailored for your summer hiking adventures. This jacket is wind-resistant and breathable, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout your outdoor pursuits. Its remarkable flexibility due to the stretchy material sets this jacket apart.

Unlike many conventional softshells, it doesn’t crinkle or produce distracting noise, making your hikes more enjoyable. The Cordura fabric equips the jacket to withstand the rigors of encounters with rocks and other abrasive surfaces. While the Ferrosi Hooded Jacket isn’t entirely waterproof, it is notably quick-drying.

With a UPF 50+ rating, the jacket is a reliable shield against the sun’s rays, making it an ideal choice for summer hiking excursions. The jacket is also designed to be compact and easily packable, with the added convenience of the left pocket doubling as a stuff sack.

Also, the hood is designed to accommodate a climbing helmet and can be swiftly stowed away when not in use, making it perfect for trail running. The Ferrosi Hooded Jacket is an excellent choice for 3-season, multi-sport use, and it has garnered immense praise from customers online.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is breathable
  • It is abrasion resistant
  • Offers sun protection


  • It is not water-resistant

Outdoor Research $179

1. Arc’teryx Beta AR

Material: Gore-Tex Pro

Weight: 1.12 Pounds

Water resistant: Yes

Price: $600

Arc’teryx is renowned for producing some of the finest hardshell jackets. While it’s true that you will pay a premium, nothing else in the market quite matches the exceptional combination of performance, fit, and craftsmanship that Arc’teryx offers. Among its extensive selection, the Beta AR is the ultimate all-rounder in hardshell jackets and is our top recommendation for this winter season.

The Beta AR Jacket is packable, breathable, and exceptionally durable, providing waterproof protection well-suited for a wide range of alpine environments and activities. It is carefully crafted to deliver performance versatility.

Featuring GORE-TEX PRO with Most Rugged Technology, a cutting-edge material developed in collaboration with Gore, it offers maximum durability that can withstand the harshest conditions.

One of the standout features of the Beta AR is the helmet-compatible DropHood™, which includes an internal collar for added protection. Also, an embedded RECCO® reflector enhances searchability in emergencies, further showing its commitment to safety and functionality.

Despite being a hardshell jacket, it offers a surprising level of comfort, thanks to the lightweight 40-denier fabric used on the body. The 80-denier Gore-Tex shoulder material may contribute a bit of weight, but this addition is engineered to handle backpack straps and withstand rain or snowfall without compromise.


  • Very sturdy
  • Very comfortable
  • Hood is helmet compatible


  • Only limited to winter and mountain trails

Beta AR $600

Men’s hiking jacket comparison table



Rating (out of 5 stars)



Arc’teryx Beta AR

Gore-Tex Pro




Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded Jacket

Nylon and spandex




Mountain Hardwear Dawnlight jacket





Black Diamond HighLine Stretch Shell





Rab Kangri GTX





Jack Wolfskin Go Hike





Fjallraven Keb Eco-Shell





hiking jacket comparison table

What to consider when buying a men’s hiking jacket

When picking out a hiking jacket, you’ll want to consider the intended activity’s specific outdoor environment and ensure it provides a comfortable fit. To compile our list of jackets, we looked at several factors such as material, user reviews, and features, among others. To assist you in making an informed choice, here are key factors to consider when in the market for a hiking jacket.

Material and Construction

Pay close attention to the materials used in the jacket’s construction. For waterproof jackets, look for those made with Gore-Tex or similar waterproof-breathable materials. For insulation, options like down or synthetic materials are commonly used. The construction and seam sealing should be of high quality to ensure waterproofing and durability.

Fit and Size

A proper fit is crucial for comfort and functionality. Look for a jacket that allows for easy movement while ensuring there’s enough space for layering. It’s essential to try the jacket on before buying to assess how it feels and moves with your body.

Weight and Packability

Consider the weight and packability of the jacket, especially if you plan on long-distance hiking or backpacking. Lightweight and compressible jackets are easier to carry and won’t add unnecessary weight to your load.

Ventilation and Breathability

Hiking can be physically demanding, and you will likely build up sweat even in cold conditions. Look for jackets with underarm vents, mesh-lined pockets, or breathable materials to help regulate your body temperature and manage moisture.

Choosing the right men’s hiking jacket is crucial for staying comfortable and protected during your outdoor adventures. Consider the climate, terrain, and your specific needs to make an informed decision. With the right hiking jacket, you will be well-prepared to tackle the trails and make the most of your outdoor experiences.

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