If you want to explore the capital of Bavaria, Munich is a fantastic city blessed with beauty and a lovely destination if you want to please your tourist palette. We have just the right information to set you right on your feet and help you explore. Here, we’ll leave you with a list of the 11 best things to do in Munich Germany.

Whether you’re someone who likes their pork perfectly roasted or you’re a racing car enthusiast, we’ve got you covered.

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11. A Kind of Guise Best Buys

Munich Germany Guise (clothes)

In a city like Munich, you always want to be able to show the maximum possible glamor. And what better way to do that than showing off some clothes? A Kind of Guise offers a unique shopping experience. It is a fashion haven which houses only the finest German craftsmanship and design. It was founded over a decade ago and has never failed to deliver. The store prides itself on the quality of its products.So, let a loose hand and drape yourself in the finest cashmere or silk. Or maybe you like yourself a nice coat? Whatever you decide on, A Kind of Guise will not disappoint.

10. Ravishing Pork Knuckles

Ravishing Pork Knuckles

Now it’s time to get your hands greasy so put aside your cashmere coat and get ready for a treat. Bavarian cuisine is rich and extremely fulfilling and the Bavarian pork knuckles certainly don’t disappoint. This is food made with love. 

Marinated for days and roasted to absolute perfection, this dish melts right off the bone. We are talking about the Schweinshaxe. And it wouldn’t be the perfect dish without a perfect side dish: Knoedel. These are mashed potatoes rolled into the neatest balls. 

And Munich is one the great beer cities in Europe and nothing screams that fact more than a freshly tapped barrel of Augustine wine chilled to 5 degrees celsius.

9. The BMW Driving Academy Thrill

The BMW Driving Academy Thrill

Next on our list, we’ve got something to appease the race car fans. You’ve eaten like kings, it’s time to drive like ones too.

Who wouldn’t want to race some wheels on Germany’s legendary Autobahn?

Head over to the BMW and MINI Driving Academy Maisach to test out your driving skills. Put on your best challenge-look because you’re going to be racing against time. And the best part is yet to come. You have a very solid chance of landing yourself a former race car driver for a coach. Wouldn’t that make your trip to Munich worthwhile? This is a place that knows no speed limits so strap in and get ready to have the time of your life.

And if this is your cup of tea, be sure to check out the BMW Automobile Museum to get a view of actual and futuristic models of engines, aircraft, motorcycles and all kinds of vehicles.

8. Olympic Park’s Beauty

Olympic Park’s Beauty

Maybe all that high octane action isn’t your cup of tea and you’re just looking for a nice, peaceful getaway. 

Look no further than Olympic Park with its Olympic Tower that has some of the most stunning views of Munich you’ll ever see. From roof climbing and ziplining to behind-the-scenes tours highlighting the breathtaking architecture and design of the park, Olympic Park is jam packed with things to do. And if you’re someone who enjoys festivals, be on the lookout for the summer Tollwood Festival. It’s a major event that takes place on the Oberwiesenfeld. 

7. Vintage Buys At Midnightbazar

Vintage Buys At Midnightbazar

If you’re looking to escape the modernities of Munich, you might want to indulge yourself in a little shopping spree at the Midnightbazar.

The market buzzes to life as soon as the clock strums five. There’s a shortage of absolutely no type of clothing – and accessories – here. From retro clothing to vinyl records, you’re bound to leave the place having bought something. And there are some genuine gems waiting to be taken for the cheapest prices possible. So, brush up on your negotiation skills and keep an eye out for everything. All the while you vibe the live DJ or band in the background.

6. Swimming At Mullersches Volksbad | Best Things To Do in Munich

Swimming At Mullersches Volksbad

Is all that hassle and going about giving you the nerves? There’s no better way to step back and relax than taking a dip in cool waters.

Welcome to Mullersches Volksbad. This stunning Art Nouveau swimming pool is a true temple of relaxation, complete with a masterfully restored dome. What used to be a men-only retreat is now open for all to enjoy and heated to a nice and comfortable 27 degrees celsius. Give in to the waters and watch your stress melt away. 

And if you’re looking to go all out, take a step into the Roman steam baths surrounded by ornate Baroque murals, statues, and stucco work. While you’re there, do not miss out on the Finnish sauna where the Aufguss ceremony takes place every hour.

5. Nymphenburg Palace and Gardens | Best Things To Do in Munich

Nymphenburg Palace and Gardens

Munich’s architecture is breathtaking but it’s impossible to take in all of it in just one visit.

But Nymphenburg Palace is a great highlight if you want to spend your day gazing at royal extravagance and stunning architecture. This Baroque palace is absolutely gigantic and extends over 600 meters from wing to wing. It’s surrounded by the spectacular Nymphenburg Canal too which makes the entire place extremely scenic. Your first pit stop should be at the Central Pavillion. It’s a beautiful cube-shaped palace that will leave you in awe. From there, the Palace Chapel is a great option to explore. Take in the stunning ceiling paintings depicting the life of Mary Magdalene.

And don’t plan on leaving just yet. The 17th century gardens of Nymphenburg Park are a must visit too.

4. The Legendary Viktualienmarkt | Best Things To Do in Munich

The Legendary Viktualienmarkt

So far, you’ve had a chance to catch up on Munich’s history. Now it’s time to experience life in Munich as a local.

The Viktualienmarkt is the city’s oldest and most vibrant farmer’s market. Stack up on some cash because you’re going to want to spend a lot when you’re here. With over 100 stalls lining the market, all the world’s delicacies are at arms reach. And the indulgent atmosphere, with its tantalizing smells and mouth watering treats, is addicting. Explore Munich’s tradition by trying out the Weisswurst sausage, barrels of pickles, fresh spices and locally produced cheeses. The Viktualienmarkt also hosts magnificent events and festivals all year around such as the Maypole Festival where traditional Bavarian dancers and musicians perform around the decorated maypole.

3. Schneider Brauhaus’s Breakfast | Best Things To Do in Munich

Schneider Brauhaus’s Breakfast

The Schneider Brauhaus offers a truly authentic Bavarian experience. Start your day off by indulging in some Weisswurst – a delicate sausage made from minced veal, pork and spices, served with freshly baked, fluffy Brezn and a nice, cool glass of Weissbier.

And if that doesn’t satisfy your cravings, you might want to try out the liver dumplings with sauerkraut. To top it all off, have a taste of some sweet Weisswurstsenf for an explosion of flavor. This delicacy is best enjoyed in the morning when it’s fresh and at its finest – so don’t wait for later.

2. Eisbach Scary Waves | Best Things To Do in Munich

Eisbach Scary Waves

Now it’s time to burn off some of the calories you’ve been putting on eating all of that exquisite German cuisine. And to switch things up, surfing is a fun way to go about it. 

At Eisbach you can experience artificially created waves instead of waiting around for real ones. The river is two kilometers in length, so you’ve got plenty of room to surf. It forms a stationary wave at a particular point of the river and the spot is very popular for surfers. And it’s best to have prior experience surfing before you jump into Eisbach for its waves.

If you’re having difficulty getting used to them, don’t hesitate to reach out to the more seasoned surfers. You’ll spot them – it’s a local’s favorite pastime after all.

1. Stroll The Glockenbachviertel | Best Things To Do in Munich

Stroll The Glockenbachviertel

This smart and fashionable neighborhood in Munich is a must see.

From its picturesque streets lined with chic boutiques, inviting cafes to its energetic pubs, there’s something for everyone here.

And if you’re a tea enthusiast, a trip to the Tushita tea house on Klenzestrasse is a must. With its assortment of 150 traditionally prepared blends and the large collection of kettles, teapots, cups and bowls, Tushita tea house treats a cup of tea like a spiritual affair.

Or maybe you just want to relax in the sun. Head over to the Flushing Meadows Bar. This location couldn’t be more perfect for you if you’re looking to enjoy good, handmade drinks as you take in the breathtaking views of the city.

Munich is a beautiful city with rich history, cultural attractions and a vibrant atmosphere. It’s well known for its beautiful and scenic parks and gardens, world class museums and galleries and, of course, its lively beer halls and festivals. Whether you’re interested in art, culture, history or even just looking to take some time off, you’ll easily find something to fill a multiple day agenda – making it a worthwhile visit.


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