Nashville Tennessee 11 Best Things To Do 2024 | Nashville Vacation Guide!

11 BEST THINGS TO DO In Nashville, TN – 2023


Looking for the best things to do Nashville, TN? Nashville is a dynamic city renowned for its deep musical roots, mouth-watering Southern dishes, and warm hospitality. No matter if you’re visiting for the first time or a regular traveler, Nashville always has something to surprise you.

Our Nashville Vacation Guide features the top 11 activities to enjoy in 2023. You’ll discover live music venues, honky-tonks, museums, and outdoor attractions that cater to everyone’s interests. 

So whether you’re a country music lover or a foodie seeking delicious eats, you’ll find your slice of heaven in Nashville!

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11 – Ryman Auditorium

Nashville Ryman Auditorium

The Ryman Auditorium is one music destination that music enthusiasts from all around the world hope to visit someday. Ironically, it used to be a place of worship. 

However, the location’s history extends beyond even the Ryman Auditorium and being a former tabernacle. It is in fact the previous location of the Grand Ole Opry!


For musical madmen looking for a magical monument, it is the perfect spot.

Now when you go to the Ryman, you will have the opportunity to either take a guided tour or explore the marvels all by yourself. Depending on your preferences, both are brilliant experiences. 

When planning for Nashville, make sure you head to the Ryman auditorium for some splendid sonic scenery.

10 – Broadway | Things To Do Nashville TN

Nashville Broadway Street

Broadway is a lively street, home to an array of bars, clubs, and honky tonks, all featuring live music that will keep you entertained throughout the night. 

Although Country Music is the most dominant of all out there, blues, rock, and other genres are also on offer to give everyone a taste of the ultimate night out.


The best part about having fun and letting loose is that most of the venues are free! This means you can very easily explore various venues, and sway to any music you like without spending a fortune.

One of the things about Broadway is the fancy rooftops bars, with pools or laid-back joints serving up classic Southern dishes – there is no shortage of options to satisfy your hunger and thirst. In the list of must-visit bars, we have Twelve-thirty Club, Tequila Cowboy, and Loser’s Bar and Grill.

9 – Arrington Vineyards | Things To Do Nashville TN

Arrington Vineyards

You can escape the hustle and bustle of Nashville and head south to Arrington Vineyards. It is a beautiful vineyard that’s well worth the 25-minute drive. 

As you are baffled by the utter beauty and calm, you can take a sip of their wine flight or indulge in their frozen rosé, affectionately known as “frosé”.  And it’s best to time your visit before Fridays, so you don’t miss out on Food Truck Fridays, where you can sample some of the finest eats of Nashville. 

But the highlight of Arrington Vineyards has to be the live music. On weekends, you can listen to bluegrass or jazz bands while sipping on your favorite wine. The ambiance is perfect, and the atmosphere is electric – making it an unforgettable experience for music lovers and wine connoisseurs alike.

8 – Cumberland River Kayaking 

Cumberland River

Instead of the same old sightseeing, you can experience a unique adventure in Nashville with a kayak tour of the Cumberland River. 

This exciting excursion offers a whole new perspective of the city. You’ll start off in the tranquil setting of Shelby Bottoms Park and paddle downstream, passing through the industrial part of town before reaching the heart of Downtown Nashville along Broadway.

Your experienced guide will show you the best spots and provide interesting insights about the history and culture of Nashville. This kayak tour is suitable for all skill levels, so no need to worry if you’re a first-timer. All the necessary equipment is provided, and you’ll receive a safety briefing before setting off.

7 – The Tennessee State Museum

The Tennessee State Museum

Located in Downtown Nashville, the Tennessee State Museum is a wonderful destination which takes its visitors on a trip through the rich and prosperous past of the state. Exhibits highlighting the First People of Tennessee greet you as you step inside, and instantly transport you back in time.

As you explore further, you will come across pivotal events which have shaped the state, including the Civil and Revolutionary Wars. Historical items, photographs, and multimedia depicting the past are displayed on various different exhibits, which depict the past in detail and bring it back to life. The cultural accomplishments of Tennesseans, spanning across fields of music, sports, and the arts are also highlighted in the museum.

It’s definitely one of the best museums in Nashville and a must-visit for anyone interested in history or culture.

 6 – Centennial Park | Things To Do Nashville TN

Centennial Park

Centennial Park, located in Nashville, is a serene urban oasis that’s perfect for finding some peace and quiet.  The vast lawns are a preferred choice for both residents and tourists, offering ample room to sprawl and relish in the surrounding scenic vistas. 

You can leisurely stroll amidst the age-old oak trees or bring a captivating book and settle in for a relaxing afternoon. However, the prime attraction of the park is the breathtaking Parthenon, which is an exact replica of the renowned building in Athens, Greece. 

Constructed in 1897, the Parthenon currently serves as an art museum and is a must-visit destination for individuals engrossed in history, art, or architecture.

 5 – Distillery Tour | Things To Do Nashville TN

Nashville Distillery Tour

For those who like listening to country music, the expression “Jack and coke” is likely to ring a bell. However, not many people are aware that the origin of Jack Daniel’s whiskey is situated just a short distance away from Nashville.

If you’re looking for a fun day trip, a distillery tour is the perfect way to explore the history of Tennessee’s famous whiskey. You’ll get to go behind the scenes at not one, but two distilleries – Jack Daniel’s and Dickel Whiskey – and learn about the process of making these top spirits.

Your knowledgeable tour guide will take you to Lynchburg, where you’ll get an up-close look at the craftsmanship and traditions that make Tennessee whiskey so special. Along the way, you’ll learn about the fascinating history of whiskey in Tennessee and how it’s become such an important part of the state’s culture.

So whether you’re a whiskey aficionado or just looking for a fun day trip from Nashville, a distillery tour is a must-do experience that you won’t forget.

4 – Nashville Farmers Market

Nashville Farmers Market

True Nashville experience begins in the Nashville Farmers Market, a vibrant marketplace that has been a staple of the city for over a century. 

This bustling year-round market is home to up to 1000 vendors selling everything from fresh produce to artisanal cheeses and meats. But the market isn’t just a great place to stock up on delicious picnic supplies – it’s also a hub of community activity, with 15 restaurants and boutique shops to explore. 

From farm-to-table dining to one-of-a-kind souvenirs, the Nashville Farmers Market has something for everyone. 

3 – Grand Ole Opry | Things To Do Nashville TN

Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry switched locations in 1947 to where it is currently. And let us tell you, it was unquestionably one of the best things that ever happened to American Music. 

From the likes of the magical Elvis Presley to the legendary Hank Williams, The Grand Ole Opry has been graced by the very best American music has ever offered. The place has a certain pull to it: stars just can’t seem to stay away. Officially recognized as the longest-running broadcast in history, it is a pillar of American music culture, and has been so for decades.

When visiting the great city of Nashville, tourists can explore the Opry House and get an in-depth experience of how this monument of music operates. And if you happen to be of the country music persuasion, it goes without saying that attending a live broadcast is an absolute must. And even if you aren’t a country music fan, it’s still an experience everyone should indulge in.

2 – The Hermitage | Things To Do Nashville TN

Nashville The Hermitage

If you’re a history buff and have found yourself in the beautiful city of Nashville, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is an attraction that you simply cannot miss.

This mansion once belonged to Andrew Jackson and has now been beautifully restored into a museum where visitors can learn about the former president’s life and career. You can take a guided tour to learn about Jackson’s political and private life, and then hop on a wagon for a scenic ride through the picturesque grounds.

With its serene atmosphere, lush surroundings, and intriguing history, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage offers a fascinating glimpse into the past and an opportunity to explore one of the most important presidential homes in the United States.

1 – The Game Terminal | Things To Do Nashville TN

Nashville The Game Terminal

The Music City also has a playful respite, and allows you to the glory days of arcade games and pinball machines at Game Terminal in Nashville. This haven for gamers boasts one of the largest collections of classic arcade games and pinball machines in the US, with free admission for adults aged 21 and up.

From Donkey Kong and Pac-Man to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, there’s a game for everyone to enjoy. And if pinball is your thing, you can indulge your passion on one of the many vintage machines available for just a dollar per play.

But it’s not just about the games – Game Terminal also offers outdoor games like cornhole and giant Jenga for those looking for some fresh air and friendly competition. And with all ages welcome until 8 pm, it’s the perfect spot for a fun family day out or an evening with friends.

Next time you’re in Nashville, be sure to check out these fun and exciting activities. From exploring the history of country music to enjoying a day of arcade games and pinball, Nashville has something for everyone. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube page for even more travel inspiration and ideas for your next adventure.


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