New York City 10 Best Restaurants

foreign [Music] get ready to loosen your belt and indulge...

get ready to loosen your belt and
indulge in the most mouth-watering
adventure of your life with our USA food
tour welcome back to wonderfully lost
your home for all things travel from New
York Star Pizza to Southern barbecue
we've got your taste buds covered sink
your teeth into Chicago deep dish pizza
hot dogs in Detroit lobster rolls in
Maine and so much more just don't forget
your stretchy pants number 10. Houston
Texas Houston is the place to be if you
want to experience a Melting Pot of
flavors they don't call it America's
most diverse City for nothing from Viet
cage infusion to Southeast Asian Latin
American Cuisine there's no shortage of
deliciousness to be found if you're
feeling fancy head on over to post
Market where you'll find a whole bunch
of award-winning chefs showing off their
skills and let us tell you these folks
are like culinary Wizards they're
cooking up some seriously amazing stuff
but if you're looking for a more laid
back Vibe check out the food trucks
honestly who doesn't love a good food
truck right carinas is the one to watch
here they're serving up Korean Mexican
Fusion that's out of this world
seriously it's so good you'll want to
eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner
number 9. Burlington Vermont picture
this you're strolling down Church Street
in Burlington surrounded by the Lush
mountains and sparkling Lake Champlain
but what's that Heavenly smell wafting
in the air ah it's the farm to table
eateries bickering you with their
scrumptious dishes indulge in Vermont's
Farm Fresh flavors with some sharp
cheddar soup maple glazed pancakes or a
warm cup of mulled apple cider because
who says cider is only for kids whether
you're a seasoned foodie or just looking
for a tasty getaway Burlington's got
something to satisfy every craving so
come for the views stay for the food
coma number eight Nashville Tennessee
y'all it's time to put down that guitar
and pick up a fork because Nashville
isn't just the home of country music
anymore this city has been secretly
perfecting some of the best Southern
inspired cuisine in the nation and yes
we're talking about that Infamous
Nashville hot chicken that will make
your taste buds sing from finger licking
barbecue to spicy hot chicken this city
knows how to satisfy your taste buds
skip the tourist traps downtown and head
to the hip and edgy East Nashville where
you'll find local coffee roasters and
some of the best bistros in town like
Butcher and Bee whether you're in the
mood for classic southern comfort food
or creative Chef inspired dishes
Nashville's food scene won't disappoint
number 7. Sonoma California Sonoma is a
Hidden Gem of California's culinary
scene let us tell you why Sonoma is a
foodie's fantasy with its abundance of
farm-to-table restaurants specialty food
stores and tasting rooms whether you're
into cheese chocolate or wine or all
three sonoma's got you covered and what
better way to experience it all than
with a knowledgeable local guide from
Sonoma food tour their three-hour
original food wine and history tour will
take you on a journey through the
Region's Rich history stunning
architecture and unique culture all
while indulging in delicious food and
wine tastings from popular spots like
the Villa cheese company and Wine
Country Chocolates so come hungry leave
happy and discover why Sonoma is the
real star of California's culinary world
number six Seattle Washington state if
you're in Seattle surrounded by the
Fresh Ocean Breeze and the Majestic site
of Mount Rainier what could possibly
make this experience even better oh just
the fact that you're in one of the best
foodie cities in the country from The
world-renowned Pike Place markets to the
original Starbucks location Seattle has
it all when it comes to delicious
Cuisine speaking of Pike Place Market
you might want to start your foodie
Adventure there you can watch
fishmongers toss around fish like it's
nobody's business or indulge in some
fluffy Donuts at Top Pot Donuts and if
you really want to up your foodie game
sign up for a Seattle food tour it's
like a culinary scavenger hunt but
instead of a prize at the end you get to
stuff your face with the best bites in
the city who needs a participation
trophy when you have a full stomach
right number 5. Greenville South
Carolina now we have got a culinary
Underdog on our hands Greenville South
Carolina might have started as a sleepy
little town but it's quickly turning
into a foodie's dream come true first up
we've got camp and no we're not talking
about a summer camp we're talking about
a restaurant this joint is offering up
some seriously unique dishes that'll
make your taste buds do a happy dance
Thai inspired calamari yes please lamb
smothered in curry cream don't mind if
we do but that's not all folks great
Jones is serving up some of the freshest
Seafood you'll find in the area and if
you need a caffeine boost methodical
coffee has got you covered and we can't
forget about Scoundrels with acclaimed
chef and Greenville native Joe cash at
the helm this French Brasserie is
quickly becoming the Talk of the Town
trust us you don't want to miss out the
list goes on so what are you waiting for
your taste buds and your Instagram feed
will thank you number 4. Denver Colorado
as the gateway to the Rockies Denver
offers much more than breathtaking
Mountain views the city's culinary
landscape is a thrilling Fusion of
classic cocktails French Delicacies and
a fiery Szechuan noodles that'll make
your taste buds tingle Union Station
Denver's bustling Transportation Hub is
also a Food Lover's Haven indulge in
bone marrow brewlay at Mercantile
provision ends or peruse the shelves at
Tattered Cover Bookstore before grabbing
a bite and if you're looking for a more
laid-back Vibe head over to Rhino for an
afternoon of coffee craft beer and
street art that'll leave you with a full
belly and a head full of inspiration
Denver may be a mile high but it has an
out of this world culinary experience to
offer number three Cleveland Ohio
Cleveland is like a United Nations of
flavor with dishes from all around the
globe with over a hundred different
ethnicities represented you can be sure
that your taste buds will be taken on a
wild ride start your culinary Adventure
at West Side Market an indoor outdoor
Market that'll satisfy any foodie's
appetite you can find everything from
contemporary Mexican Cuisine to perogies
bratwurst and fresh baked goods but why
stop there head to Asia town for some
dim sum or Slavic Village for perogies
that are sure to hit the spot and let's
not forget about the black owned black
LED restaurants that are making a name
for themselves in the land and for a
caffeine fix check out Cleveland cold
brew for a cup of Joe and a pastry and
if you're looking for some new hot spots
check out Cordelia for some Midwest
comfort food with a Twist and the Judith
for a cozy Parisian Vibe with so much to
explore Cleveland's food scene is
definitely worth a taste number 2.
Chicago Illinois are you ready to
indulge in a food journey of Epic
Proportions then pack your bags and head
straight to Chicago the city where food
fantasies come to life from authentic
perogy to mouth-watering Chicago style
deep dish pizza there's something to
satisfy every craving take a stroll
through Pilsen District where you can
Feast on delicious Mexican street tacos
or steamed tamales that'll leave you
drooling for days or head over to
uptownsby at the me's Enclave where you
can slope on some Poe and sink your
teeth into a crusty bun me that'll make
you feel like you're in the streets of
Hanoi and let's not forget about the
iconic Chicago hot dog the perfect late
night snack after a Cubs game
irresistible right number one Milwaukee
Wisconsin Milwaukee where beer flows
like water rats are a staple and brioch
is wait what yes you heard it right
Milwaukee is one of the best foodie
cities that'll make your taste buds go
wild with its unique mix of old and new
Cuisine the city is brimmed and stuffed
with German and European Heritage in
every bite of the traditional bratwurst
schnitzel and of course the beer served
out of Steins but it's not all about the
past Milwaukee is living in the moment
too it's also home to trendy
farm-to-table eateries that serve up
creative dishes that'll make your
stomach Rumble with excitement and let's
not forget about the stunning Lakefront
views where you can sip a glass of wine
and pretend you're in a fancy French
cafe but really you're in the middle
Milwaukee Museum of Art so come to
Milwaukee and indulge in all its
deliciousness who knows you might even
discover a new love for brioche
thanks for wandering with us if you
enjoyed the USA food tour check out the
Europe food tour linked here
thank you

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost – your ultimate travel hub by parents, for parents! Today, we’re diving fork-first into the mouth watering world of New York City!

Known as the ultimate global foodie destination, it’s a place where every taste bud finds its happy dance. Think of towering skyscrapers and streets alive with vibrant energy, homing a host of eateries, each with its own special charm.

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1. Gage & Tollner

In the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, Gage & Tollner captures the essence of New York City’s rich history and culinary innovation. With roots tracing back to 1892 and a revival in 2021, this iconic establishment welcomes guests with opulent crimson velvet, lavish gilded accents, and mirrors that echo its grandeur.

The menu at Gage and Tollner is a celebration of classic American fare, presented with an elegant touch that pays homage to the history of this beloved establishment. Some standout options include succulent steaks and chops, extravagant seafood towers, sensational fried chicken, and a range of other culinary delights. This historic restaurant caters to various tastes and preferences, ensuring that every diner can find something to savor and enjoy.

Fun tip! Don’t miss the chance to explore the Sunken Harbor Club upstairs, a hidden gem within this historic establishment.

2. Crown Shy

Located in the Financial District, Crown Shy is a culinary gem that has been wowing diners since its establishment in 2019. Helmed by the talented Chef James Kent, renowned for his tenure at the Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park, the restaurant embodies a perfect fusion of sophistication and unexpected indulgence.

Crown Shy features a great variety of meticulously crafted dishes that showcase a harmonious blend of flavors and textures from all over the world. From the iconic Gruyère fritters to their original short rib, each offering is a masterpiece in its own right.

The ambiance at Crown Shy is equally captivating. With soaring ceilings and an elegant yet inviting decor, the restaurant exudes an air of refinement and warmth. Whether you’re seated in the intimate dining room or enjoying a post-dinner drink with a view at Overstory, every corner of Crown Shy invites you to savor the culinary journey that awaits.

After your meal, head up to Overstory for post-dinner drinks with a view that’s nothing short of breathtaking.

3. Tatiana by Kwame Onwuachi

It is hard to leave off Tatiana by Kwame Onwuachi when talking about some of the best eateries in NYC. This restaurant, which burst onto the scene in 2022, follows in the footsteps of the Bronx-raised chef’s acclaimed D.C. establishments, a Top Chef season, and a coveted James Beard award.

Stepping into Tatiana is like entering a dreamscape, where sunlight bathes the space, and cloud-inspired light fixtures adorn the ceiling. It’s a comfortable yet grand setting that perfectly complements the Afro-Caribbean-influenced menu. Their short rib pastrami is an absolute must-try that has swiftly become a New York City legend.

After your meal, take a leisurely walk to Riverside Park South. It offers stunning views of the Hudson River and the New Jersey skyline, providing a peaceful escape from the city buzz.

4. Gramercy Tavern

In the heart of Flatiron, Gramercy Tavern stands as the absolute best of New York City dining. It’s a place where special occasions are elevated and everyday moments become extraordinary. The restaurant has that extra flair of exclusivity, both in the intimate dining room at the back and the convivial tavern up front.

What sets Gramercy Tavern apart is its exquisite five-course tasting menu, currently featuring delights such as succulent lamb and a perfectly roasted duck breast. For those seeking a more flexible dining experience, the tavern section offers equally delightful mains. It’s a versatile spot that caters to various tastes and occasions, ensuring that every visit is a memorable one.

If you’re visiting during the day, explore the Union Square Greenmarket. It’s a bustling market where you can browse fresh produce, artisanal goods, and unique crafts from local vendors.

5. Dhamaka

The Lower East Side is home to Dhamaka, a restaurant that took the city by storm in 2021. It’s a culinary gem that showcases dishes rarely seen on local menus, curated by the unstoppable Unapologetic Foods team.

What sets Dhamaka apart is its dedication to spotlighting “the forgotten side of India,” a culinary journey that brings forth the rich and diverse flavors of the country.

Favorites at Dhamaka include the gurda kapoora, a flavorful combination of goat kidney, testicles, red onion, and pao, as well as the champaran meat, a tantalizing blend of mutton, garlic, and red chili. The team behind Dhamaka has continued to make waves in the culinary scene, with new venues like Rowdy Rooster and Masalawala & Sons, each offering its own unique dining experience.

While dining at Dhamaka, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for spice level recommendations. They are experts in balancing the flavors, and tailoring the spice level to your preference can enhance your dining experience. Whether you prefer mild or fiery, they’ll ensure your meal is just right for your taste buds.

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6. Rezdôra

No other eatery is doing pasta in NYC like Rezdôra. Chef Stefano Secchi, known for his time at the highly-regarded Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, brings his expertise to the forefront.

The restaurant offers a dining experience that feels both familiar and revelatory, even for those who grew up with pasta night.

At Rezdôra, the star of the show is undoubtedly the regional pasta tasting menu. While securing prime time reservations can be a challenge, a weekday lunch visit offers a slightly easier path to this culinary haven.

And if you’re visiting in the warmer months, keep an eye out for the Madison Square Park Eats event. It brings together a variety of food vendors offering delectable dishes in the park.

7. Atoboy

Nestled in the heart of Flatiron, Atoboy gives you a front-row seat to Chef Junghyun Park’s innovative take on modern Korean cuisine.

The restaurant introduces diners to a five-course prix-fixe menu, showcasing a harmonious fusion of flavors and textures. A standout add-on is the fried chicken with gochujang and spicy peanut sauce, an indulgence that never fails to impress.

What sets Atoboy apart is its approachability. While tasting menus can often be rigid, Park’s offering is more flexible, allowing diners to choose from a selection of options for certain courses. This flexibility ensures that each visit is a personalized culinary adventure.

8. Sushi Nakazawa

Sushi Nakazawa is a temple of culinary artistry curated by none other than Chef Daisuke Nakazawa, celebrated for his role in the revered documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” This haven of gastronomy unveils an omakase experience par excellence.

Approximately 20 courses grace your palate, each a collection of tongue-turning flavors. Delicacies like the unctuous fatty tuna and the briny sea urchin transport you to a distant realm of taste.

This place also gets a 10-on-10 for its accessibility. While many of the city’s top sushi restaurants start at a few hundred dollars for chef’s selections, reservations at Nakazawa’s counter are relatively more affordable. For those seeking a more serene dining experience, the peaceful dining room offers the same exceptional quality at half the price. But always remember – Sake pairings complete the full Sushi experience here.

You can also combine art and dining by visiting the Whitney Museum. After exploring the exhibits, head to the museum’s restaurant, Untitled, for a delightful culinary experience.

9. Cote

In the heart of Flatiron, Cote proudly bears the title of “New York City’s first Korean steakhouse.” This sleek and stylish establishment offers a unique dining experience centered around bronzed inset grills, where a variety of meats are cooked to perfection right at your table.

The pièce de résistance at Cote is undoubtedly the butcher’s feast. This extravagant spread showcases the finest American Wagyu beef, cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Accompanying this meaty marvel is a cumulus egg soufflé, a fluffy and decadent delight. To add depth and variety, a duo of stews complements the rich flavors. And, of course, no Korean dining experience is complete without an assortment of banchan, the flavorful side dishes that dance in harmony with the main course.

This culinary adventure at Cote promises a seamless fusion of indulgence and sophistication. It’s a must-visit for not only discerning steak aficionados but also those with a penchant for the bold and dynamic flavors of Korean cuisine.

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10. K’Far

Located in Williamsburg’s Hoxton hotel, K’Far is a charming Israeli restaurant that has quickly garnered a reputation for its exceptional fare.

While its neighbor Laser Wolf may have garnered more attention, K’Far is a culinary powerhouse in its own right. The restaurant offers an array of large dining rooms with a diverse menu that includes standout dishes like chicken schnitzel, savory baklava, Palestinian lamb tartare, and world-class dorade.

K’Far’s dedication to authentic Israeli flavors sets it apart in the NYC dining scene. The restaurant’s focus on quality and presentation makes each dish a memorable experience. The warm, inviting atmosphere and attentive staff contribute to an overall exceptional dining experience.

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