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foreign [Music] love the food scene in Paris it's like a ...

love the food scene in Paris it's like a
culinary Paradise with flavors from all
over the world welcome back to
wonderfully lost a travel Community for
parents by parents from bustling bistros
to high-end restaurants you'll find so
many options that'll be sure to stand
out we've got everything from fancy
Michelin starred extravaganzas to
Charming little restaurants right on the
Sim so let's dig in and explore the 10
best restaurants in Paris number 10.
Vive the moment you step inside Vive the
bright and warm Decor will instantly
cheer you up led by David lekolek he's
got some serious culinary power behind
him his wife Stephanie lekalek are two
Michelin star chef from last scene and
ma'am together they make one formidable
power couple the Interiors are stunning
with soft mustard hued Banquets
underwater Garden inspired graphic
pattern carpets and fish themed Crockery
the walls are adorned with a wave of
seashells a masterpiece by the young
artist Victor Fontaine the menu offers a
daily catch of fresh fish and seafood
delivered straight from the fishermen
who drive all the way over from Normandy
you've got to try the Prairie clams
baked to crunchy Perfection with
garlicky goodness for a truly unique
experience go for the Weaver fish it's
served spiraled on the plate and Grilled
in a spicy broth you won't find this
delicacy just anywhere ah and make sure
to leave room for their Heavenly pecan
cookie served soft and gooey in a pan
and topped with generous scoops of
vanilla ice cream it's the perfect sweet
ending to your Unforgettable dining
experience at Vive number 9. spear
inside this super stylish restaurant
you'll find clean contemporary lines
copper tube lighting hanging like upside
down bamboo and a refreshing pallet of
greens that'll make you feel one with
nature it's a breath of fresh air in an
area dominated by bistros catering to
office types during their lunch breaks
and when Japanese shifts known for their
precision and attention to detail dive
into French cooking the results are
simply mind-blowing Yoshida the Master
Chef here is no exception here's a tip
go for the surprise tasting menu that
way you can Savor a delightful
cross-section of the chef's brilliant
dishes from the yummy hors d'oeuvres to
the perfectly cooked monkfish with leeks
and hazelnut butter Emulsion each dish
is a work of art the beef is so tender
it melts in your mouth served with a
Heavenly gravy carrot and potato puree
and for dessert indulge in the not too
sweet chocolate cream caramelized
walnuts and crispy tile paired with
velvety vanilla ice cream so if you're
in the mood for an extraordinary
culinary experience that fuses French
Elegance with Japanese finesse head over
to this Gem of a restaurant number 8. La
Petite retro step into one of the few
original bistros that have stood the
test of time and you'll be transported
back into the 1900s the original zinc
top bar off-white tiles with delicate
flower details and the little wooden
drawers where regulars store their
napkins all remain intact the menu might
be small but every dish is well executed
start with the hearty and Meaty Pate on
fruit and then dive into the company
veal stew and for a sweet finish indulge
in Timeless favorites like Paris breast
and creme brulee it's the perfect choice
for a cozy Winter's evening if your
mouth is watering at the thought of
these delectable dishes and you want to
stay up to date with the fine dining
scene in Paris make sure to hit our
subscribe button number 7. dragon's
Elysee with a floor made entirely of
glass with a mesmerizing aquarium
underneath check out dragon's Ali say if
you're up for something totally unique
the aquarium actually has fish and
turtles so the ambience here is like a
dining underwater they serve some
fantastic Chinese and Thai Dishes with a
focus on Seafood and Meat if you're into
bold flavors you must try this spicy
Imperial shrimp dish but don't worry if
spicy isn't your thing go for their
delicious deep fried shrimp cake this
place has it all number 6. letran blue
step into the legendary La Tran blue a
true Parisian landmark that's been
captivating diners for decades this
Historic Railway restaurant was built
above guard DeLeon for the universal
exhibition in 1901 and its interior is
an absolute Marvel a dazzling Ambience
that Rivals even the Grandeur of
Versailles Hall of Mirrors sure a meal
here might not be easy on the wallet but
the memories you'll create are worth
every penny it's a dreamy setting
that'll make you feel like you're part
of a Parisian fairy tale plus the menus
are perfect Fusion of French Hot Cuisine
and refined traditional cooking from
delicate dishes like pigeon and
fogramous to indulgent Delights like cod
with black truffles there's nothing
better you'll also find hidden lounges
tucked away in corners and stairs
leading up from the bustling station
below reminding you why this beautiful
place was built in the first place
number five the zerta cafe back in 1946
zerta Cafe made its Mark as one of the
very first Algerian restaurants in Paris
this place is steeped in Rich history
and when you step in you'll be embraced
by the authentic North African Vibes and
delectable food the menu boasts a
variety of mouth-watering options but
their couscous definitely earns the
spotlight the ambience has elements from
Algerian culture so enjoy the unique
setting as you enjoy a plate of
delicious chicken tagine or couscous
served with tender lamb and spicy
morguez sausages and the best part you
won't have to break the bank for this
delightful culinary experience the
prices are affordable without
compromising on the quality so if you're
looking to embark on a culinary journey
to North Africa without leaving Paris
zerta Cafe is the place to be number 4.
Leisha tourbillon if you want a little
unpredictability in your dining
experience it doesn't get better than
Leicester tobrion the menu is fixed so
you won't know what's coming your way
until it's right there on your plate the
chef is a culinary genius and his
playful take on French Classics has
earned this restaurant a well-deserved
Michelin star prepare to be wowed by
avant-garde Creations like smeared
avocado sauces beetroot Foams and dishes
that are deconstructed to Perfection
while the ingredients may come from far
and wide like Japan Morocco and Spain
the heart of each dish is grounded in
classic French techniques and for a
better experience don't forget about the
impressive wine list you can sip on a
fantastic bottle of Labor Lanes from the
Spanish border for just 27 Euros it's a
steal number three substance named for a
high-end bubbly substance boasts being
the only restaurant in Paris serving the
Jacques celos initial Brut Cuvee but
it's not just about the Exquisite
champagne for your meal you might love
the potato emulsions with trout eggs and
pickled onions goat cheese and beetroot
cannelloni or you could choose from the
just as good plant-based dishes their
culinary Creations are all about
seasonality and sourcing locally just as
you'd expect from the creme de La Creme
of French restaurants number two latur
welcome to La Tour de John a historic
French dining gem that faces the
beautiful sen River this place has quite
the story it was built as an inn back in
the 16th century and if you're the type
who loves surprises leaving your meal up
to the chef here is an absolute treat
but if surprises aren't your thing no
worries they've got you covered with a
fantastic several course tasting menu
now let's talk about the main attraction
duck since the late 1800s La Tour de
jeon has been wowing diners with its
duck dishes it's a delicacy that Charmed
food enthusiasts to this day so whether
you're into meat or prefer fish or
plant-based options La Tour de Jean has
got something truly Sublime to suit
every palette and if you're a wine lover
this is the perfect spot up for you with
over three hundred thousand bottles and
a whopping fifteen thousand different
references you're in good hands number
one set team in this Scandal inspired
setting every meal is a creative
Masterpiece focused on plants and
vegetables the menu changes every two
weeks so you're in for a fun surprise
each time you visit but despite the
modern and ambitious take on food you
won't find any pomp or arrogance here
this is fine dining without all the
unnecessary fuss that's a major reason
my set team is a local fave the Michelin
starred restaurant is a true celebration
of seasonal produce and the chef is an
absolute genius when it comes to
Bringing out the flavors in every
ingredient and playing with the textures
you'll often find a mix of raw and
cooked items on the same plate prepared
using various methods to create a
symphony of tastes so if you're looking
for a modern and minimalist take on
French cuisine look no further than
septim and if you prefer a relaxed and
pretentious atmosphere this is the place
to go thanks for watching don't forget
to like And subscribe

In today’s blog, we’re picking out the top 10 restaurants in Paris, France!

With over 44,000 restaurants, the gastronomic experience in Paris is unmatched. From high-end, Michelin-star-winning restaurants, to quaint and cozy cafes, you’ll find plenty of options to cater to every palate possible.

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Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, a travel community for parents, by parents!

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1- Huitrerie Regis

2023 Best Paris Restaurant

Known as the city of love and romance, it’s only fair that we start off this list with a popular destination for fresh oysters — which are hailed for their reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Nestled away in the bustling heart of Saint Germain des Pres, Huitrerie Regis doesn’t appear to be anything special from the outside. With a pristine and cozy white exterior, which is quite appealing for its charm, it doesn’t quite do justice to the quality of the food being served up inside.

With oysters sourced locally from the Marennes-Oléron region, you’ll get to taste just how delicious and delectable seafood can truly be. And depending on what time of the year you visit this small joint, you can also savor prawns, sea urchins, and clams in your plateau de fruits, which is served with some freshly-toasted bread, and butter.

2- Clover Grill

While Paris’s culinary landscape isn’t necessarily famous for being kid-friendly, as parents ourselves, we can’t really go out and shuck oysters, without first stopping at a place where our kids can fill up their little tummies. (You can read more about our travel journey as parents by subscribing to our blog here!)

And hey, just because your kids don’t want to eat oysters with you, doesn’t mean that you can’t share an elevated and unique food experience with them!

If there ever was a joint we’d recommend visiting with your family, it would be Clover Grill.

Equally suited for a business meeting, a romantic date, or a family outing, Clover Grill, under Chef Jean-François Piège’s delightful vision, is the pinnacle of elevated deliciousness.

The stars of the menu are definitely their beef dishes, ranging from a burger to a prime rib and filet mignon. Start off your meal with their excellent tomato tartare, and let the flavors create a party in your mouth!

3- Guy Savoy

If you’re looking for the complete tourist experience of Paris, Guy Savoy is a must-visit destination.

Considered by both locals and tourists to be the epitome of Parisian fine dining, Guy Savoy bears testament to the city’s deep-rooted culinary history, while also putting a wonderfully modern and fresh twist on it.

With three Michelin stars under its belt, this restaurant offers an extraordinary culinary journey led by the legendary chef Guy Savoy himself.

Once you taste a bite of their food, you’ll understand all the accolades, and hype surrounding the place. With a menu consisting of the perfect balance of flavors, designed with meticulous care for the culinary experience of your life, Guy Savoy features some of the best food in all of Paris.

Whatever you decide to eat, make sure you try their guinea fowl, cooked three ways.

4- Septime

If you’re vacationing in Paris, chances are you’re looking for a break from the mundaneness of life, and want to relax for a bit. (While we’re talking about relaxing, you can always check out our travel kits to take the hassle of packing off your hands!)

After a day of sightseeing, head down to the 11th arrondissement, to Septime, a Michelin-star-winning, neo-international bistro.

Bringing to life the vision of Betrand Grébaut, Septime orchestrates a culinary experience that aims to fuse together the innovative with the classic. With a tasting menu consisting of 5 and 7 ‘steps,’ Septime pays homage to locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, and presents guests with dishes that blow them away with their quiet eccentricity.

For those eager to indulge, we would suggest reaching out to make your reservation, approximately three weeks before your preferred date. Now, that might seem like a long waiting time, but keep in mind Septime is an extremely famous spot, which is why it’s better to be safe than sorry.

5- Allard

There’s a lot to do and see in Paris — which you can check right here in our Paris travel guide — but if you want a taste of the past, along with some deliciously heart-warming food, head over to Allard.

Stepping into Allard is like stepping back in time. This historic establishment has been serving classic French food since 1932 and offers an authentic version of classical French cuisine to aspiring foodies.

If you’re a foodie enthusiast, with a passion for culinary history, and how culture and food reflect each other, you need to make visiting Allard a matter of top priority!

Other than its history, there’s also something quite charming about classic dining, and at Allard, you can see and experience that charm for yourself. With its Belle Époque décor and traditional dishes like coq au vin and boeuf bourguignon, Allard remains a cornerstone of Parisian cultural and culinary heritage.

6- Spring

Restaurant Paris

Under the wonderfully clear vision of American-born Chef Daniel Rose, Spring bears a delightful testament to just how diverse and cosmopolitan the Parisian food scene really is.

Housed in a renovated 17th-century home in Les Halles, Chef Daniel Rose pays tribute to the city’s gastronomic history, while simultaneously bringing to guests his innovative cuisine du marche menu.

If you’re in the mood for some great food, and fine, you need to visit Spring. And while you’re there, some dishes that you definitely need to savor include the New Caledonian prawns, served on a bed of baby fennel, and the perfectly grilled Basque country trout, served with freshly picked coriander flowers and avocado.

Seeing how amour is all around the air in Paris, if you do decide to visit Spring with a special someone, make sure to check out their wine bar, or Buvette, in the basement, if you don’t get a reservation for the restaurant.

7- Café de Flore

Another restaurant on our list, located in Saint Germain des Pres, Café de Flore, is nothing short of an iconic marker of Parisian and French cultural history.

Not only is this small, and quaint Café known by many as the site where the surrealist movement emerged in 1939, the spot was also a favorite amongst many local artists and revolutionaries. Over the course of history, some names that have graced Café de Flore include André Breton, Pablo Picasso, Leon Trotsky, Brigette Bardot, Yves Saint Laurent, and Roman Polanski. While this is in no way a comprehensive list, it’s enough to give you an idea of just how influential this little cafe was.

While you’re there relishing in the cafe’s history, make sure to order yourself a tarte tatin, and a coffee, too! That way, you’ll get to savor some wonderful and classic flavors.

8- Frenchie

A safe, cozy haven within the hustle and bustle of the 2nd arrondissement, Frenchie is equal parts chic, modern, and inventive.

With a Michelin star under their name, Frenchie is the perfect spot for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re in Paris for a business meeting, or to catch up with family, or a loved one, Frenchie has something to offer to everyone.

While you’re dining here, make sure to order as many small plates as you can, since this is where the inventiveness of Chef Gregory really shines through. Mixing and matching classic French flavors with international ones, Frenchie offers dishes such as foie gras, with apricot chutney. Although this pairing may seem unusual at first glance, it’s actually a match made in heaven!

9- Le Stella

An independent storied brasserie, Le Stella, located in the 16th arrondissement , offers efficient service, and has a comfortable ambiance that’s perfect for a night out. What truly sets Le Stella apart from the rest of its competition, is the quality of food being served here.

When it comes to food, Le Stella is at the top of their game. Serving French classics such as escargots, sole meunière, citrusy and tarty steak tartare, roast lamb, and onion soup, it doesn’t take a lot to see why Le Stella remains a favorite amongst tourists and Parisians alike.

10- Passerini

While you expect and even want to relish in classical French flavors in Paris, if you’re ever in the mood for something a little bit different, make sure to visit the 12th arrondissement, and walk all the way to Passerini.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, here, you’ll be welcomed to a slew of utterly delectable Italian dishes. The menu, although concise, is always changing, so you’re always in for a little surprise.

If you’re looking to play it safe, however, we’d recommend getting their ravioli, which is perfectly al dente, and cooked in a light butter and sage sauce.

As is the case with most restaurants in Paris, make sure that you make an online reservation at least three weeks before your expected date of visit, since Passerini is almost always full-service.

On that rather practical note, we hope you enjoyed this blog!

Until next time, happy travels!

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