Planning Your Family Vacation in Banff National Park: A Step-by-Step Guide

welcome back to wonderfully lost a travel Community for par...

welcome back to wonderfully lost a
travel Community for parents by parents
traveling solo can be daunting but with
family it's a whole new level of
complexity mums and dads there's more
expert advice for you at our travel blog
wonderfully today we're
exploring Banff National Park Alberta
Canada a nature lovers kid-friendly
Paradise here's the Ultimate Guide to
planning a family vacation and Adventure
travel to band for National Park
astonishing Rocky Mountain Vistas
prepare to be enchanted the moment you
step foot in Banff the astounding Rocky
Mountain Vistas will leave you
Spellbound it's akin to walking into a
live postcard in every direction you
will see rugged mountain peaks cascading
waterfalls lakes with turquoise blue
hues and emerald forests enticing you to
explore their depths but wait maybe
trees and mountains don't call out to
you perhaps you're more of a sunshine
and Seaside person well in that case you
should check out our video 11 best
family kid-friendly Beach vacations
adventurous Sanctuary for families
speaking of exploration Banff is about
absolute Sanctuary for families picture
yourself camping amidst Majestic
mountains or lodging in a genuine castle
in the Rockies Venture Into the Heart of
a canyon to Marvel at breathtaking
waterfalls or soar Atop A Mountain
through a gondola ride and that's not
all you can even go horseback riding or
embark on a challenging hike to reach
the summit optimal time to discover
Banff with kids allow us to reveal the
prime time for an enchanting sojourn to
this Wonderland with your little
explorers set your sights on band from
mid-june through to mid-september in
June you'll be welcomed by mesmerizing
turquoise Mountain Lakes blooming
wildflowers and dry hiking trails as
June draws to a close warm days arrive
igniting a fervor for water-based
activities if winter is more to your
liking than late November to March is
the ideal time to hit the slopes with
your children duration of your stay in
Banff the million dollar question arises
how long should you plan to stay in
Banff well friends you can sample the
highlights in a few days but beware for
once you arrive extending your stay will
be irresistible a minimum of five days
in Banff allows for a taste of the best
it has to offer however if time is on
your side there's an abundance of
Adventures awaiting your little ones
journeying to Banff you may be pondering
the route to this captivating
destination fear not Calgary
International Airport serves as the
gateway to Banff making access a breeze
a mere 90 minute drive from Calgary will
lead you to Banff having a car in tow is
a game changer granting you the Liberty
to explore at your own pace following
the whims of the wind but if car rental
isn't feasible bench remains accessible
without one accommodations in Banff
Nature's great but if you prefer an
old-fashioned quilt to a blanket of
stars check out our list of
accommodations to guarantee a good
night's rest Banff boasts a diverse
range of lodgings catering to every
taste and budget adventurous Souls will
find camping and Banff an absolute
Delight though it's wise to secure your
spot in advance the two Jack main
Campground provides an excellent choice
nestled close to Lake Minnewanka to Jack
Lake and Johnson lake you'll be
surrounded by Banff summer activities
and a brief Drive will lead you to the
vibrant Banff Town offering delightful
dining and essential supplies if you
seek a touch of luxury the Fairmont
Banff Springs Hotel promises an
unparalleled experience they even offer
a special program for kids aged 3 to 12
featuring outdoor Wilderness Adventures
tennis lessons float tours and scavenger
hunts how delightful plus the hotel
boasts indoor and outdoor pools and even
a bowling alley truly a Regal stay in
the heart of the Rockies yet not
everyone uncrave's luxury and that's
fine Banff offers numerous other
family-friendly hotels to select from
consider the tunnel mountain resort with
its cozy cabins amidst Nature's Splendor
or the Hidden Ridge Resort providing
apartment style accommodations and a
splendid outdoor pool indispensable
packing pointers time to shift our
attention to the vital aspects of
planning your banford Venture ensuring
you pack all the essentials is a must
warm layers are indispensable as
Mountain weather can change in an
instant don't forget to pack your rain
gear for unexpected showers proper
hiking shoes or boots are essential for
both young and old adventurous feet
while comfortable backpacks will keep
all your Necessities close at hand and
don't forget ample water and snacks to
fuel your energy during those epic hikes
what's a trail without a good trail mix
eh breathtaking Pursuits in Banff
calling all hiking enthusiasts pay heed
to Johnson Canyon a celebrated
attraction that you simply can't
Overlook a hike up the canyon to witness
The Roaring waterfalls will leave your
kids utterly thrilled elevated platforms
and the mist from The Falls promise an
unforgettable experience craving even
more awe-inspiring Vistas the Banff
Gondola is the answer hop aboard and
prepare to be mesmerized by the
breathtaking Mountain scenery the sulfur
Mountain Boardwalk offers an easy style
of interviews that will steal your heart
away and our Bamford Venture doesn't
cease there set your sights on the
mesmerizing Lake Louise canoe rides on
turquoise blue Waters leisurely hikes
along the shoreline and jaw-dropping
Mountain panoramas await your delight
and brace yourself for Moraine Lake the
next destination on your list all those
stunning pictures you've seen they're
all of Moraine Lake Moraine Lake is a
mesmerizing turquoise gem surrounded by
snow-capped mountains and a magical
Wilderness hiking trails offer
breathtaking views and Wildlife adds to
the charm a visual feast and once
featured on the Canadian 20 Bill prepare
for crowds but it's worth every
awe-inspiring moment the color and
beauty of this Glacier fed Lake will
leave you in awe do your little
adventurers love to play then the Lake
Louise playground awaits a Haven of fun
that they won't want to leave seeking
more hiking Marvels why not explore
Sunshine Meadows a Scenic gondola ride
transports you to this mountain Paradise
your family will relish every moment of
it the easy and kid-friendly Finland
group in Banff offers a perfect stroll
through wooded Marshland along 40 Mile
Creek accessible right from the town of
Banff and of course you can't miss Beau
Falls a wide and short waterfall that'll
leave you all struck by its sheer power
Canmore and nearby Delights there's so
much more to experience in Banff venture
to nearby Canmore for a change of
scenery The Grassy Lake hike walking
trails to explore and the Kenmore ice
cream bus for joyous moments are just a
few of the enjoyable things awaiting you
there and have we mentioned the
abundance of wildlife in Banff National
Park keep your eyes peeled for some very
friends but always remember to maintain
a safe distance safety and preparedness
speaking of safety while Banff is a
magical place it's crucial to be mindful
of the Wilderness and Wildlife always
adhere to park rules and guidelines and
never approach or feed any Wildlife you
may come across admire these creatures
from a safe distance and always carry
bear spray with you during hikes just in
case be attentive to weather conditions
and dress accordingly Mountain weather
can be unpredictable so be prepared for
sudden temperature changes and
precipitation dress in layers and always
have rain gear at the ready don't forget
to stay hydrated especially at higher
altitudes When selecting hiking trails
opt for those suitable for your family's
abilities and fitness levels Banff
offers plenty of easy and moderate hikes
that boast stunning views and enjoyable
experiences for everyone if camping and
Banff is on your itinerary ensure you
book your campsite well in advance as
popular campgrounds can fill up quick
quickly especially during Peak Seasons
want to avoid making rookie mistakes
well check out our travel kits special
events and festivals let's delve into
some special events and festivals you
might be fortunate enough to experience
during your Banff stay throughout the
year ban posts various events that
enhance the charm of your family
vacation in October the Banff Mountain
film and Book Festival welcomes outdoor
enthusiasts with inspiring films and
books about Adventure and exploration
during the winter months the Lake Louise
ice magic Festival is a must-see
featuring talented ice artists creating
stunning sculptures on the shores of
Lake Louise definitely a magical
experience for kids and adults alike
Insider tips alright folks we hope your
excitement matches ours for your
forthcoming banford Venture prepare for
an unforgettable Journey with natural
beauty family bonding and incredible
memories but before you book your
tickets here's a few more Insider tips
firstly stay updated on Park conditions
closures and and safety advisories by
Consulting the official Banff National
Park website this ensures that you're
thoroughly prepared for your trip while
in Banff try to stay disconnected from
the digital world as much as possible
embrace the natural Splendor surrounding
you and cherish quality time with your
family free from the distractions of
Technology don't forget to capture
memorable snapshots preserve those
Smiles those awestruck expressions and
the breathtaking Landscapes you'll
cherish these captured moments for years
a testament to the incredible time you
shared and banned with your loved ones
and that's how to plan your travel to
Banff thanks for watching see you next

Want to take your family on a fun trip to Banff National Park? Check out our ultimate guide on How To Plan Your Banff National Park Family Vacation!

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, a travel community for parents, by parents. Today, we will be walking through the perfect Banff National Park family vacation. Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey filled with stunning natural beauty and unforgettable experiences.

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What to Do Before You Start Traveling

Planning your Banff adventure doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, it can be as exciting as the trip itself.

Research – Familiarize yourself with the park’s attractions, activities, and the best time to visit. Gather information about family-friendly trails, wildlife spotting opportunities, and any specific interests your family may have.

Create an Itinerary – Plan a rough outline of your trip, including the attractions you’d like to visit, activities you want to experience, and the duration of your stay. But remember to leave room for flexibility and spontaneity. Family vacations can turn magical with a little touch of adventure.

Pack Accordingly – Prepare clothing suitable for the weather and activities, including comfortable walking shoes, rain jackets, and sunscreen. Don’t forget to pack any necessary medications, snacks, and entertainment for the journey.

How to Get to Banff?

If travel is not your favorite part, this is the perfect spot for you. Banff National Park is easily accessible by various means of transportation:

If you’re arriving by air, the closest major airport is Calgary International Airport, which is conveniently located approximately 90 minutes away from Banff. Once you land, you have the option to rent a car, allowing you the flexibility to explore the park at your own pace.

If that’s not your thing, you can choose shuttle services that cater specifically to tourists, making your journey comfortable and hassle-free.

For those who prefer a road trip adventure, driving to Banff is an excellent option. The park is accessible via well-maintained highways, offering scenic views and a sense of freedom on the open road. The Trans-Canada Highway, also known as Highway 1, connects Banff to Calgary, providing a straightforward route for travelers coming from that direction.

Another picturesque option is the Icefields Parkway, also known as Highway 93, which offers breathtaking views as it connects Banff to Jasper National Park.

If driving isn’t your cup of tea, fear not! Several bus companies operate services between Calgary and Banff, making it easy to travel to the park without the need to navigate the roads yourself. This option is especially convenient for travelers who don’t have access to a car or prefer to sit back and relax during the journey. These buses are designed with tourists in mind, providing comfortable seating and scenic views along the way.

What to Do When You Get There?

Whether you’re seeking breathtaking natural beauty, thrilling adventures, or opportunities to connect with wildlife, Banff has something for everyone. It is especially a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide array of incredible attractions and activities that will captivate the whole family.

Here are some must-visit spots that will make your family vacation truly unforgettable:

1. Lake Louise

Nestled in the heart of Banff National Park, Lake Louise is a mesmerizing turquoise gem that will leave you in awe.

As you arrive at the lake, you’ll be greeted by the sight of crystal-clear waters reflecting the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, marveling at the stunning scenery. Rent a canoe and glide across the serene waters, immersing yourself in the tranquility of this natural wonder.

For an informative and enriching experience, join a guided tour that will provide insights into the history, geology, and wildlife of the area. But no matter what you do, don’t forget to capture family photos against the backdrop of this breathtaking masterpiece.

2. Johnston Canyon

Prepare for an enchanting adventure as you embark on a picturesque hike through Johnston Canyon. This family-friendly trail takes you along the edge of the canyon, guiding you through a series of suspended catwalks and bridges – talk about adventure!

As you venture deeper into the canyon, you’ll be treated to the mesmerizing sight of beautiful and vibrant waterfalls. The Lower Falls, with its powerful rush of water, is a sight to behold.

If you continue your hike to the Upper Falls, you’ll see the magnificent waterfall crashing into a deep pool below. The beauty of Johnston Canyon combined with the thrilling suspension bridges makes this experience truly memorable for the whole family.

3. Banff Gondola

For a truly awe-inspiring experience, hop aboard the Banff Gondola and ascend Sulphur Mountain. As the gondola glides upward, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the majestic Rockies.

Once you reach the summit, step out onto the observation deck, where a breathtaking 360-degree panorama awaits.

Take your time to absorb the beauty of the surrounding peaks, valleys, and emerald-green forests. On a clear day, you might even spot wildlife roaming in the distance.

4. Wildlife Spotting

Banff National Park is teeming with diverse wildlife, making it a paradise for nature lovers. Keep your eyes peeled as you explore the park’s scenic drives, hiking trails, and meadows.

Look out for bears, including black bears and grizzlies, which are commonly spotted in the park. Elk, with their majestic antlers, can often be seen grazing in open fields. Bighorn sheep gracefully navigate rocky slopes, showcasing their impressive horns.

Joining a wildlife tour with experienced guides will enhance your chances of spotting these magnificent creatures and provide valuable insights into their behaviors and habitats.

Remember! Always maintain a safe distance and observe wildlife respectfully in their natural environment.

5. Banff Hot Springs

After an adventurous day exploring Banff’s natural wonders, treat your family to a relaxing and rejuvenating experience at the Banff Hot Springs.

Here, you can soak in the warm mineral-rich waters and let your cares melt away as you enjoy the serene surroundings. The hot springs offer a tranquil retreat amidst the mountains, providing the perfect opportunity to unwind and connect with nature.

The mineral waters are believed to have therapeutic properties, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

Accommodation Options

Banff National Park welcomes families with a diverse range of accommodation options, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay amidst the stunning Canadian Rockies.

Campgrounds – For families seeking an authentic outdoor experience, Banff offers a selection of picturesque campgrounds surrounded by nature’s beauty. Tunnel Mountain Campgrounds provide a serene escape with access to hiking trails, while Two Jack Main and Lakeside campgrounds offer breathtaking views of Two Jack Lake.

Enjoy the magic of sleeping under a starlit sky and bond around the campfire, sharing stories and creating cherished memories. These campgrounds offer basic amenities such as picnic tables, fire pits, and washrooms, allowing you to immerse yourself in the wilderness while maintaining essential comforts.

Hotels and Resorts – The towns of Banff and Lake Louise boast an array of hotels and resorts, each offering its unique charm and conveniences. Fairmont Banff Springs, often referred to as the “Castle in the Rockies,” exudes luxury and history, providing families with a fairytale-like experience.

For a contemporary and family-friendly option, Moose Hotel and Suites in Banff offers cozy rooms and suites with mountain views. The Lake Louise Inn, nestled near the iconic Lake Louise, offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, complete with an indoor pool and hot tubs.

Vacation Rentals – If you prefer the freedom of a home-like setting, vacation rentals in Banff National Park are a fantastic choice. Whether it’s a charming cabin or a spacious vacation home, these rentals offer a private and intimate space for families to relax after a day of adventure. Canmore, a charming town just outside Banff, offers an excellent selection of vacation rentals with stunning mountain views. The cozy cabins in the town of Banff itself provide a rustic and cozy experience, while vacation homes near Lake Louise offer easy access to the lake and surrounding trails.

What’s The Best Time to Visit?

Banff National Park is a year-round destination, with each season offering its own beauty and attractions.

  • Summer (June to August) is perfect for hiking and wildlife spotting, but expect larger crowds.
  • Fall (September to November) dazzles with colorful foliage and fewer visitors, making it ideal for wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Winter (December to February) transforms the park into a snowy wonderland, perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and cozy fireside moments.
  • Spring (March to May) welcomes blooming wildflowers and emerging wildlife, providing a tranquil and serene vacation experience.


Dress in layers – The weather in Banff can be unpredictable, so layering your clothing will ensure you’re prepared for varying temperatures throughout the day.

Carry bear spray – Banff is home to wildlife, including bears. Carrying bear spray and being aware of bear safety protocols when exploring the park is essential.

Plan for breaks – Include downtime in your itinerary for relaxation and to recharge. Banff’s tranquil surroundings provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and connect with nature.

Try local cuisine – Sample the delicious Canadian fare available in Banff, including poutine, maple syrup treats, and Alberta beef. Don’t forget to indulge in some Canadian-style pancakes for a delightful breakfast treat!

And that’s the end! With this guide, you can make your Banff National Park family vacation one of the best vacations of your life. For more travel options and destinations around the world, check out our Youtube channel.

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