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foreign [Music] get ready to step back in time and experi...

get ready to step back in time and
experience the Eternal City like never
before welcome back to wonderfully lost
your home for all things travel today
we're taking you on a journey to one of
the most enchanting cities in the world
Rome Italy so buckle up and get ready to
explore the 11 best things to do in Rome
from ancient ruins to delicious gelato
and everything in between 11th the
Coliseum first up is the Coliseum this
legendary Landmark is the very
definition of iconic it's like the
Beyonce of ancient architecture everyone
knows it and everyone wants to see it
the architectural Marvel is not for the
faint of heart you'll be blown away by
the sheer size of the place and the
intricate details of its architecture
the outer walls are made of travertine
Stone and feature a series of arches and
columns while the interior is a maze of
corridors and tunnels that would have
been used to move animals Gladiators and
other performers but the real excitement
happens underground where the coliseum's
secrets are hidden away so don't miss
your chance to experience the Colosseum
in all its Glory 10th Vatican Museums
our next best thing is the Vatican
Museums the epicenter of Christianity
and the art capital of Italy all rolled
into one from the moment you step into
the Vatican Museums you'll be
transported to a world of beauty and
wonder the walls are decked out with
amazing pieces that'll leave you
speechless think jaw-dropping marble
sculptures and breathtaking Renaissance
paintings trust us your eyes won't know
where to look first and that's just the
beginning the real jewel in the crown of
the Vatican Museums is the Sistine
Chapel you'll see the most famous pieces
by the likes of Michelangelo Raphael and
Botticelli and you'll be amazed by the
level of detail and skill that went into
creating them It's A Feast for the eyes
ninth Trevi Fountain are you ready for
some coin tossing fun at the Trevi
Fountain Legend has it that throwing a
coin into the Trevi Fountain with your
right hand over your left shoulder
guarantees your return to Rome and if
you toss in a second coin you'll find
love in the Eternal City but even if you
decide that the wishing well or in this
case Fountain experience isn't for you
it's still worth a visit not only is it
a stunning piece of Baroque architecture
but it's also a great spot to people
watch and snap some Instagram worthy
photos just don't try to sneak in for a
midnight dip that's strictly prohibited
and you don't want to end up on the
wrong side of the law in Italy 8th
Pantheon the pantheon is basically the
OG of ancient temples and a must visit
for anyone interested in Roman history
and Engineering what's so impressive
about the pantheon you ask well for
starters it has a massive Dome that was
once the largest unsupport water dome in
the world but wait it gets even cooler
the pantheon also has a giant hole in
the center of its Dome called the Oculus
it's basically like a giant Skylight
that lets in natural light and gives the
space an otherworldly glow Legend has it
that the Oculus was intentionally
designed to let in rain water but we
like to think it's just a really fancy
sunroof when you visit the pantheon
you'll also get to see the stunning
marble floors intricate carvings and
ancient statues that fill the space and
the best part it's completely free to
visit seventh Roman Forum if you're in
Rome you can't miss the Roman Forum it's
like a real life version of the game
civilization except without the chance
of being attacked by barbarians as you
walk through the ruins you'll see the
remains of ancient structures like the
Temple of Saturn the Temple of Vesta and
the Arch of Titus but the most
impressive site in the Forum is the
Basilica of makescentius and Constantine
the towering walls and soaring arches
will have you marveling at the
incredible engineering skills of the
ancient Romans so put on your best toga
and get ready to explore this ancient
Wonderland 6th gelato if you're looking
for a sweet treat to cool off during
your Roman Adventure look no further
than the city's beloved gelato gelato is
like ice cream but better but be warned
not all gelato shops are created equal
some are tourist traps serving up
mediocre Gelato at inflated prices so
how do you know where to go to find the
good stuff look for shops that use
natural high quality ingredients and
have a steady stream of locals coming in
for their daily fix and if you want to
take your gelato experience to the next
level try a gelato tour it's guaranteed
to be a slice of Heaven in your mouth
fifth trust everday neighborhood our
next spot is the Charming trastavide
neighborhood where every corner is
bursting with life this beautiful area
is full of narrow cobblestone streets
colorful buildings and plenty of hidden
gems to discover but the most brilliant
Diamond between them is the Basilica of
Santa Maria one of the oldest churches
in Rome as you wander through trastavity
you'll find yourself surrounded by
Lively street performers buzzing cafes
and the scent of delicious Italian food
wafting through the air so what are you
waiting for put on your walking shoes
fourth Spanish Steps get ready to
stretch your legs as we head to the
Spanish Steps picture this 138 elegant
steps leading from the bustling Piazza
de spagna to the stunning trinita De
Monte church at the top the Spanish
Steps aren't just a Site for Sore Eyes
they're also house captivating artworks
that'll keep you hooked at the bottom of
the steps you'll find the Fontana Della
bakacha a beautiful fountain in the
shape of a boat and at the top you can
visit the Trinity Monte Church which is
home to some stunning artwork and
architecture and let's be real who
doesn't love a good Stairway to Heaven
third Appian Way next up is the Appian
Way the road that once led to Rome and
Beyond today it's a peaceful and Scenic
area that offers a glimpse into the past
the picturesque Cobblestone path is
flanked by wildflowers ancient tombs and
rolling Countryside scenery feel the
history at the tomb of Cecilia matella
get lost in the underground Cemetery
known as the catacombs of San Callisto
and wander between ghosts at the ruins
of the luxurious Villa De quintally with
its Serene atmosphere and historic sites
the Appian Way offers a unique glimpse
into the past and a welcome escape from
the city's chaos second capitalize
museums are you a fan of Art and history
then you won't want to miss the capital
line museums the capital line wolf and
the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius
a must-see masterpieces for the history
Buffs and while you're at it take a tour
of the Hall of Emperors to meet the
Caesars the capitalized museums aren't
just filled with history the building
themselves are a masterpiece worth
seeing Michelangelo personally designed
the museum buildings on the capitoline
hill which is one of the Seven Hills of
Rome so what are you waiting for first
food tour and you know what the best way
to get all the flavors of the city is a
food tour from classic pasta dishes like
carbonara and cacio pepe to a rice
croquette stuffed with melted mozzarella
cheese there's something for everyone on
a food tour and don't forget to try the
pizza in Rome with its thin crispy crust
and fresh toppings it's a must-have
experience but a food tour is more than
just about eating it's also about
learning you'll have the opportunity to
talk with locals and expert guides who
will share their knowledge of the
history and culture behind each dish
plus you'll get to explore different
hoods and markets discovering hidden
gems along the way so come hungry bring
your sense of curiosity and don't forget
your stretchy pants thanks for wandering
with us if you enjoyed the 11 best
things to do in Rome check out our Italy
travel guide linked here
thank you

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, your family’s favorite travel companion. And for today’s blog, we are taking you across some of Rome’s best dining spots and fancy eateries.

Rome is more commonly visited for its fascinating history, vibrant culture, and hospitable people. But it is also one of the food capitals of the world. With delectable cuisine and mouth-watering dishes that line its streets, there is something to tantalize everyone’s taste buds.

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10. Mediterraneo

True to its name, Maditerraneo celebrates Italian and Mediterranean ingredients with subtle influences from Morocco and Greece. The dynamic duo, Ramona Anello and Riccardo Di Giacinto, renowned for Ristorante All’Oro, have established a culinary empire in Rome’s upscale scene. Their boutique hotel, The H’all Tailor Suite, along with Up Sunset Bar and Mediterraneo, grace the 6th and 7th floors of Rinascente on Via del Tritone, showcasing their unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding gourmet experiences.

The menu is a great mix of Italian flavors, featuring dishes like Moussaka with Chianina ragù and an Iberian pork kebab. Pasta offerings include exquisite creations like gnocchi with salt cod and chicory, and mezzaluna pasta filled with tagine-cooked lamb, lemon, and sage. Seafood options abound, as do delectable vegetarian dishes.

Save room for dessert, and indulge in Di Giacinto’s famous variations of the Maritozzo, a sweet bun steeped in Roman tradition. The apple strudel rendition is a particular standout.

9. Seu Pizza Illuminati

In the culinary landscape of Rome, Pier Daniele Seu is the pizza maestro of the moment. And his masterpiece? Seu Pizza Illuminati.

From classics like Margherita and marinara to inventive creations like a deconstructed capricciosa pizza or one made with tuna tartare and burrata, Seu’s menu is a canvas of flavors. Seasonal and prized ingredients like chicory, yellow tomatoes, walnuts, and cocoa powder make appearances in his signature creations.

The fritti (fried treats) are a revelation, with the suppli stuffed with a silky carbonara filling being a standout. Vegan and vegetarian options, delectable desserts, craft beer, and local wines round out the menu, offering something for every palate.

Want more? Check out our foodie travel guides for many more hot travel destinations for foodies just like you.

8. Glass Hostaria

In the heart of Rome’s Trastevere, a district known for its casual trattorias and bars, Glass Hostaria offers fine-dining at its best. Helmed by Michelin-starred chef Cristina Bowerman, this restaurant exudes sophistication in a relaxed setting.

The menu at Glass Hostaria is a testament to Bowerman’s inventive and contemporary approach to cuisine, mirroring the sleek and stylish interiors. The wine cellar is as impressive as the menu, boasting an extensive selection of wines to complement every dish.

Diners can expect a menu that changes with the seasons, with a tasting experience offering the best way to savor the diverse offerings.

Fun Tip – Indulge in Cristina Bowerman’s steak tartare – a culinary masterpiece that’s not to be missed.

7. Rimessa Roscioli

Rimessa Roscioli is a name synonymous with excellence in Rome’s vibrant food and wine scene.

Stepping inside, guests are welcomed by a warm and modern ambiance, with vintage hues setting the tone. The sight of countless wine glasses hints at the extraordinary experience that awaits. Here, it’s not just about wine tasting; it’s about a deep dive into the world of Italian wine – an exploration of its culture, history, and production. The Wine Tasting menus offer more than just wine; they present special pairings that elevate the entire experience. From exquisite cheese and salumi to indulgent pasta and dessert, every element is thoughtfully selected.

With an impressive collection of over 2,500 labels, Rimessa Roscioli caters to wine enthusiasts of all levels. They take pride in showcasing vineyards, both large-scale and artisanal.

6. Zia Restaurant

After training with culinary luminaries, including Genovese and Ramsey, Antonio Ziantoni earned a Michelin star with his Trastevere-based Zia Restaurant – one of the best dining spots in all of Rome.

The menu at Zia is an invitation to a crowd seeking quality and innovation. It changes seasonally, with highlights like lamb sweetbreads with mozzarella and tomato, a pulled pork salad, panzerotti with smoked cockerel, and a remarkably tender lamb and mustard dish. For dessert, Christian Marasca’s creations are a delight, with the Tourbillon being a standout.

5. Idylio by Apreda

Nestled within the opulent Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel, Idylio embodies the spirit of rebirth that is most common to Rome’s history and its many cuisines.

The philosophy at Idylio is evident in every dish. The menu is crafted around three distinct tasting menus, offering a choice of 6, 7, or 8 courses. Each dish can also be ordered individually, allowing guests to tailor their experience.

Apreda’s twists on Roman classics like ‘Pollo ai Peperoni’ (slow-cooked for 4 days) and ‘Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino’ (served with angel hair pasta and topped with smoked eel) are culinary masterpieces. The menu is a journey through Japan, India, and Apreda’s Neapolitan heritage, offering a global sensory adventure.

4. Da Enzo

For a taste of traditional Cucina Romana (Roman cuisine), Da Enzo is a must-visit. Tucked away in Trastevere, this intimate eatery boasts around 10 or 12 tables, ensuring a cozy and authentic experience.

From the mind-blowing carciofi alla giudia (Jewish-style fried artichokes) to classic pasta dishes like carbonara (egg and pork cheek), amatriciana (tomato and pork cheek), and cacio e Pepe (pecorino cheese and pepper), every dish is a testament to Roman tradition.

Da Enzo also celebrates local offal dishes like tripe and braised oxtail (coda alla vaccinara). Complement your meal with a bottle of house wine and indulge in dessert for a complete culinary experience.

Fun Tip – Start with the creamy burrata cheese and stuffed fried zucchini, then savor whatever catches your fancy in between, and conclude with the mascarpone mousse with wild strawberries.

3. Retrobottega

Sleek and chic, Retrobottega has become one of Rome’s most sought-after destinations. Located in the heart of the city, between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, this modern eatery seats just 26, making reservations a must.

The culinary minds behind Retrobottega, Giuseppe Lo Iudice and Alessandro Miocchi, draw on their experiences with renowned brands like Bulgari, Anthony Genovese, Il Pagliaccio, and Enrico Crippa.

As you step in from the ancient cobblestone streets, you’re greeted with a mix of old and new. The design elements and lighting make a statement, and you’ll be intrigued to find your cutlery cleverly stored in custom-designed high-top tables – a conversation starter in itself!

Diners can choose from the à la carte menu or opt for a 5-course meal, where they select two starters, a first and second course, and dessert. The menu here also changes with the seasons, featuring delights like squid and wild boar tartare, blueberry and veal shank risotto, sea eel and fennel tortellini, and a variety of main course options.

Desserts are a decadent affair, with options like an almond, licorice, and raisin delight, or a heartwarming chocolate and salted caramel treat.

Fun tip – Look for your cutlery in the cute drawer built into the custom-designed tables, and consider trying their new 20-bites menu to savor the entire menu in a single sitting!

For more hot tips and tricks, check out our official Youtube page here.

2. Ristorante All’Oro

Ristorante All’Oro, nestled in Rome’s chic boutique hotel, The H’all Tailor Suite, near Piazza del Popolo, seamlessly blends fine dining with boutique lodging. Owned by Riccardo Di Giacinto and Ramona Anello, it’s more than a restaurant – it’s a full-scale indulgence, offering both exquisite dining and cozy hotel rooms.

Every detail, from the charcoal fabric-covered tables to the purple velvet sofa seats, is meticulously designed for guest comfort.

The menu at Ristorante All’Oro brings a playful and innovative twist to age-old signature dishes while introducing new culinary creations. Dishes like the potato and salt cod tiramisu, a deconstructed carbonara cream in an eggshell, mascarpone ravioli with duck ragu and red wine reduction are culinary masterpieces. What’s more, you can also try their chef favorites like the whimsical coda alla vaccinara (slowly braised oxtail) ball, reminiscent of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate, and the like.

The fun doesn’t end with dinner. After dessert, a mini wooden carousel, complete with music, arrives at your table with petit fours, ensuring a delightful end to your meal. Ristorante All’Oro promises an exceptional gastronomic journey, where surprises and smiles await at every turn.

1. Pianostrada Laboratorio di Cucina

What began as a modest hole-in-the-wall in Trastevere has quietly blossomed into a Roman institution. Pianostrada Laboratorio di Cucina stands as one of the hottest eateries in town, where guests can choose to be seated at the open kitchen bar, in the eclectic main dining area, or in the enchanting garden adorned with fairy lights.

The culinary journey at Pianostrada begins with their freshly baked focaccia, with options like prosciutto, basil, and fig jam topping that never fail to delight. From there, diners can indulge in daily pasta specials or opt for the classic baccaburger – a squid ink bun filled with delectable salt cod and zucchini flower.

With a bustling crowd for both lunch and dinner, reservations are highly recommended. A visit to Pianostrada promises an experience that combines high-quality ingredients, contemporary design, and a genuine passion for the culinary arts.

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