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hey guys welcome back to wonderfully lost your home to trav...

hey guys welcome back to wonderfully
lost your home to travel guides in 10
minutes or less today we're Beyond
excited to share with you all the latest
addition to Universal Studios Hollywood
the brand new Nintendo World make sure
to stay until the end to learn about the
Epic interactive games and what gear
you'll need to have so grab your power
ups and let's jump into this video tour
of the awesome new Nintendo World when
does Nintendo World open Universal
Studios has set the bar high for theme
parks with the launch of The Wizarding
World of Harry Potter in 2010 and
revolutionized water parks with volcano
Bay in 2017. now they are taking
immersive experiences to the next level
with the addition of new Nintendo World
featuring one of the most iconic and
beloved gaming franchises in the world
cue Mario Luigi Yoshi and Bowser get
ready for some fun with a side of
nostalgia the first Nintendo World
opened at Universal Studios Japan in
March 2021 taking the World by storm
interestingly the total cost to create
Nintendo World exceeded Universal's most
popular exhibit The Wizarding World of
Harry Potter by around 120 million the
total cost of Nintendo World Japan cost
almost 600 million this is an insane
amount to spend on a theme park next up
is the grand opening of Nintendo World
at Universal Studios Hollywood on
February 17
2023 and then it'll come to Universal
Orlando as well as universal Singapore
in 2025. so what is Nintendo World like
keep watch watching to find out the
Nintendo World Experience if you have
ever been to Universal Studios and
visited the Wizarding World of Harry
Potter you will know that part of the
charm of this experience is that you are
completely immersed from the outside you
can't see anything inside of the park
once you're in you are truly in a new
world and everything you see makes you
feel like you are a character in a Harry
Potter movie Nintendo World Hollywood
will offer the same immersive experience
you will truly be inside the Mushroom
Kingdom offering most people their first
glimpse into what the inside of those
iconic pipes really look like you'll get
to experience the inside of Princess
Peach's castle which looks exactly as
you remember it in Super Mario 64.
you'll see Bowser's looming Fortress in
the distance and plenty of moving
platforms hanging coins and Koopa
Troopers along the way at Universal
Hollywood good you'll want to check out
the Mario Kart ride called Mario Kart
Bowser's challenge this is an immersive
ride where you will participate in the
classic video game in real life or as
close to it as possible you'll start by
picking your character and weapons watch
out for those pesky banana peels then
you'll be given a pair of augmented
reality goggles and a steering wheel so
each person on the ride gets to
participate along the way you'll go
underwater through Lava and across the
legendary rainbow road trying to beat
Bowser along the way your ultimate goal
win the golden cup Nintendo World
interactivity Nintendo World has taken
interactivity to a whole new level with
tons of ways for visitors to interact
with the park throughout the day the
main tool you'll need to take advantage
of the interactive activities is a
power-up band which can be purchased at
stands and stores throughout the park
you'll also know made the official
Universal Studios Hollywood app which
you can download prior to your visit
power-up bands come in six different
colors and you can choose between Mario
Luigi Yoshi Peach Toad and Daisy they
are reminiscent of the old school slap
bracelets all you have to do is slap
them on and they will conform to your
wrist the bracelet has a QR code on it
allowing you to track your points
throughout the day compared to every
other visitor at the park your goal is
simple get the highest score and then
keep it interactive activities can be
found throughout the park you'll hit
question mark blocks obtain character
stamps and play interactive games to
unlock keys which will help you in your
final boss battle with Bowser once you
have at least three keys you can
participate in a final showdown against
Bowser and infiltrate his Fortress what
to eat at Nintendo World while at
Nintendo World make sure to eat at the
Toadstool Cafe located inside the toad
house dishes are prepared by Chef Toad
and are suitable for all ages you'll
find appetizers like Toadstool cheesy
garlic knots Yoshi's favorite fruit and
vegetable salad and piranha plant
caprese for your main meal enjoy the
Mario burger the Luigi burger or the
fire flower spaghetti and meatballs for
dessert treat yourself to a Princess
Peach cupcake one thing is for sure
Universal sure knows how to stick to a
theme make sure to pound that subscribe
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