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hello and welcome back to wonderfully lost your home for all things travel today we're heading off to the beautiful Caribbean so sit back and check out these beautiful islands and delicious food as we explore another fabulous Beach holiday destination all right are you ready let's go number 10 Barbados Barbados is known for its beautiful beaches and great surfing as well as its rum distilleries and excellent Cuisine you can enjoy surfing snorkeling and scuba diving or explore the Island's historic downtown a UNESCO world heritage site if you enjoy rum make sure to go on the Island's famous rum tour which includes plenty of rum tasting one of the best resorts to stay at is the Sandy Lane a luxurious five-star Resort located on the Island's West Coast the resort offers a range of amenities including three golf courses a spa and several fine dining restaurants as well as access to one of the Island's most beautiful beaches number nine Dominican Republic the Dominican Republic is a beautiful Caribbean destination known for its pristine beaches and Lush rainforests you can enjoy a variety of activities including exploring historic sites such as the colonial zone of Santo Domingo or lounging on some of the world's most beautiful beaches such as Punta Cana or Samana one of the best resorts to stay at is the Casa de Campo Resort and Villas located in La Romana the resort offers three Championship golf courses a marina an equestrian center and a variety of excellent dining options it also has a private Beach spa and luxurious villas with private pools and views of the Caribbean number eight Granada Granada is a beautiful Caribbean island known as The Spice Island Island for its abundant nutmeg cinnamon and other spices while here you'll want to explore the Island's Lush rainforests and stunning waterfalls and go snorkeling in its crystal clear waters or you can simply Lounge on some of the Island's pristine beaches such as the grand on speech check out the Spice Island Beach Resort located on Grand on beach this five-star hotel offers a spa several fine dining restaurants and lavish suites with private plunge pools and open-air garden Terraces you will never want to leave number 7. Antigua Antigua is a picturesque Caribbean island known for its beautiful beaches crystal clear waters and Rich Colonial history some of the popular activities in Antigua include exploring historic sites such as the English Harbor and Nelson's dockyard or snorkeling and diving in some of the Island's most colorful coral reefs one of the best resorts to stay at is the jumpy Bay Island a luxurious or all-inclusive resort located on a private island off the coast of Antigua to get here you'll take the Resort's private catamaran two miles north from Antigua and you'll find yourself in a Caribbean Paradise number 6. Anguilla Anguilla is a charming and small Caribbean island known for its ecologically important coral reefs and its white sand beaches it is unique among the Caribbean islands due to its abundance of limestone caves which you can explore it's also popular to go see total spotting while you're here one of the best resorts to stay at is the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla located on the Island's West End the resort offers a range of amenities including three pools a spa several fine dining restaurants and luxurious Suites and villas with private plunge pools and ocean views number 5. Aruba when you come to Aruba you'll find a vibrant Caribbean island with pristine beaches turquoise Waters and excellent year around weather you will have no shortage of things to do and C including snorkeling and diving in the Island's coral reefs exploring the arakok national park or simply lounging on one of the Island's many white sand beaches one of the best resorts to stay at is the Ritz Carlton located on Palm Beach this five-star Resort offers the ultimate in luxury accommodations and also includes a 24-hour casino and live entertainment number 4. Jamaica when you think of Jamaica you probably think a reggae music and beautiful beaches Jamaica offers these and so much more like Serene waterfalls underground grottos and caves and natural water holes you can go swimming in check out the Bob Marley Museum or relax on one of the Island's stunning beaches such as Seven Mile Beach if you're looking for accommodations in Jamaica you can't go wrong with the half moon Resort located in Montego Bay this five-star hotel is one of the Island's most notable and iconic Resort destinations number three the Bahamas coming in third on our list is the Bahamas a collection of over 700 islands and caves in the Caribbean one of the must-do activities in the Bahamas is swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin K most resorts in the Bahamas offer this as an add-on activity with transportation to and from the resort stay at the Atlantis Paradise Island on a private island off the coast of Nassau this is a family-friendly Resort that includes a water park and Aquarium as well as a casino fine dining and a world-class Spa number two St Lucia St Lucia is a lush and mountainous Caribbean island known for its stunning natural beauty including its iconic twin pittance white sand beaches and tropical rainforests visit the diamond Falls botanical gardens or relax on Sugar Beach you'll want to stay at the Jade Mountain Resort located in sufria this incredible Resort offers panoramic views chromotherapy world pull tubs in every room a helicopter pad a world-class spa and Butler Service swimming your own private infinity pool and when you get hungry treat yourself to some gourmet chocolate this Resort has a chocolate lab where they grow thousands of cocoa trees number one Turks and Caicos all right so we've made it to number one on our list which is the famous Caribbean destination of Turks and Caicos you will find the most turquoise of all Waters in the Caribbean here and the most pristine of all beaches some of the top attractions include Grace Bay Beach chalk sound National Park and The kaikos Conch Farm snorkeling is a must do here as Turks and Caicos has the second largest Barrier Reef in the Atlantic it's consistently rated as the best place for scuba diving in the Caribbean as for where to stay there are many resorts to choose from one of the top rated options is the Como parrot k a five-star Resort located on a private island and another popular choice is the Palms Turks and Caicos which features spacious sweets a stunning infinity pool and gorgeous private beaches make sure to pound that subscribe button so you'll know when more amazing travel videos like this are dropped if you enjoyed this Caribbean islands guide you'll probably like our top 10 Caribbean Luxury Resorts video linked here .

The Caribbean is a paradise that draws travelers from all over the world.

Romantic havens.

Underwater paradises.

Peaceful beach retreats.

Amazing jungle adventures

…the Caribbean Islands have it all! And in this blog, we’ll cover the ten most unforgettable places you’ll want to add to your bucket list.

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Number 10: Turks and Caicos: A Caribbean Paradise

Turks and Caicos is a hidden gem in the Caribbean. It is the ultimate destination for a romantic escape or a dreamy getaway. It’s full of pristine white sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters.

Diving into the crystal-clear depths. Explore the vibrant underwater world. Leisurely strolls through lush tropical gardens. Join a yoga or meditation class. Or simply unwind at the picturesque beaches.

Turks and Caicos offer endless opportunities to create unforgettable memories.

You might also love Jet Skiing around a shipwreck!

Number 9: St. Lucia’s Captivating Charms

Discover the wonders of St. Lucia, a picture-perfect island that sets the stage for an unforgettable romantic rendezvous or honeymoon.

Whether cruising on a catamaran, discovering hidden waterfalls, or savoring beachside dining as the sun sets, St. Lucia will not let any chance of a romantic evening pass by.

Naturally, this makes St Lucia a popular destination for weddings. Exchanging vows on a pristine beach, in a historical park, or in front of a cascading waterfall is the dream wedding for many. And local wedding planners will ensure your special day is truly magical.

But you don’t have to be in love to enjoy St Lucia. With majestic mountains, lush rainforests, volcanic sand beaches and vibrant coral reefs, this destination is a haven for nature lovers.

Tourists can also immerse themselves in the island’s rich chocolate-producing heritage and enjoy delicious sweets.


Number 8: Curacao, An Underrated Gem

Curacao is often overlooked but full of charm; and you’ll definitely regret not visiting it soon.

This island, which is a part of the Netherlands, offers an appealing combination of tropical paradise and pastel-colored Dutch colonial architecture.

Fun fact: although Papiamentu is the primary language, English, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese are also frequently spoken here. So naturally, most tourists enjoy this travel destination because there’s less language barriers.

The people of Curacao are also extremely sweet and helpful in everything. And that’s a huge plus whenever you’re traveling somewhere for the first time.

What’s the fun in an island without some skinny dipping? In Curacao, you’ll find that all the hidden beaches are tucked away in charming secluded areas, packed to the brim with marine life waiting to be explored.

This island is the perfect vacation spot for ocean lovers, with easy access to snorkeling and diving spots right from the beach.

Visitors can engage in a variety of land and water sports to create special memories with their loved ones.

We highly recommend a VRBO for your stay on Curacao as some of them are out of this world!

Number 7: Exuma Cays Bahamas: A Tropical Paradise of 365 Islands

The gorgeous Exumas is a stunning archipelago hidden in the Bahamas, known to mesmerize all visitors. This piece of heaven amazes tourists, with its 365 islands and atolls scattered over 176 miles of sparkling turquoise waters.

Although the Exumas are officially in the Atlantic, due to their stunning beauty, they are sometimes grouped with the Caribbean Islands.

Visiting Major Cay for a surreal snorkeling trip in Thunderball Grotto, a brilliant underwater wonderland, swimming with sharks, and meeting the famous swimming pigs are just some of the attractions the place offers. 


You’ll have a lot of fun here if you’re an animal lover. Ever heard of the wildlife mystery called the Exumas swimming hogs? How about starfish as big as your head? Iguanas that don’t scurry at the mere sight of a human? Ever seen people feeding sharks casually? Don’t worry, they won’t bite.

Love it or hate it, strange animal encounters are not so strange at the Exuma Cays.

And once you’re surrounded by the tempting charm of Exuma Bay, there’s no turning back.


Number 6: Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands have a lot to offer.

They are one of the Caribbean’s top destinations for a reason.

It has three islands off the coast of Cuba and all of them have breathtaking beaches, diverse marine life, underwater activities and more!

Each Island has its own vibe.

If you’re a party person, then the Grand Cayman Island is the place to go! It consists of numerous luxury resorts, clubs and restaurants for you to hangout in. And the best part is, it has many shops which offer duty free shipping!


The next Island is Cayman Brac which is totally a thrill seeker’s kinda place. This island offers a lot of opportunities for diving, paragliding, cave exploring and bird watching- okay so maybe not a complete thrill seeker’s vibe.

Lastly, there is the remote island of Little Cayman. As the name suggests, Little Cayman is a small island with secluded white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. It’s basically a honeymoon magnet.

Number 5: San Blas Islands, The Untouched Paradise

For a Caribbean escape unlike any other, the mesmerizing San Blas Islands, situated in Panama’s northern Caribbean coast should not be overlooked.

While these pristine islands have traditionally been favored by backpackers exploring Central America, they offer an affordable retreat for all types of travelers.

To reach the San Blas Islands, you can either go from Panama City or set sail from Colombia.

Whether it is a guided tour or you book accommodations on the island itself, the journey promises experiences like no other.

Although the majority of the hotel options on this island are quite rustic, given its closeness to the flawless white beaches, this simply adds to the island’s charm.

For most adventurers, a well-planned multi-day tour is the easiest way to fully enjoy yourself in the wonders of San Blas.


With transport, hotels, and more taken care of, visitors can focus on savoring the breathtaking beauty and unspoiled nature of this hidden Caribbean paradise.

All in all, exploring the hidden treasures of the San Blas Islands make for an extraordinary Caribbean island getaway.

Number 4: Dominica: The Nature Lover’s Paradise

Dominica is a truly tropical haven with its stunning mountains and thick jungles covering approximately two-thirds of the island.

Dominica is filled with symphonies of vivid birds and cascading waterfalls. Breathtaking ocean views and up-close interactions with Mother Nature are commonplace as you embark on exhilarating hikes along the island’s large network of trails.

For tourists that want to enjoy some beach time, Dominica has a range of beaches, including rare black sand beaches.

The clear waters are perfect for exciting snorkeling, and diving adventures that are suitable for both beginners and experienced adventurers are available.

As the Caribbean’s whale-watching capital, Dominica is home to resident sperm whales, a remarkable sight found nowhere else on Earth.

Number 3: Saba, Caribbean’s Best-Kept Secret

With a population of only two thousand residents and four charming villages, Saba welcomes visitors with open arms, promising a travel experience that surpasses expectations.

Saba, an island in the Caribbean Sea, is unique in that it sits on a dormant volcano. This one-of-a-kind topography sets this island apart. Visitors love exploring the island’s natural wonders by going on treks along its trails and walkways.

After a day of exploration, you can retreat to one of Saba’s luxurious hotels or spacious villas, where breathtaking views await.

Number 2: Caye Caulker, Where Blissful Beaches Meet Caribbean Charm

Discovering the laid-back paradise of Caye Caulker, an incredible island in Belize, is a magical experience. Stepping foot on its sandy shores, the beauty will instantly captivate all visitors.

While neighboring Ambergris Caye may be more well-known, Caye Caulker offers a relaxed vibe.

Incredible diving and snorkeling experiences in the finest Caribbean waters await, especially in the legendary Shark Ray Alley right off the coast.

One of the most unique and loved things about this island is the absence of cars and any sort of automobiles. It is a secluded haven, removed from the noise of the world.

They have one of the finest resorts in all of Carribean, where tourists can sign up for a number of activities.

Number 1: Barbados, The Dream Destination

The number one island on this list will come as no surprise to some of you. It’s Barbados, a dream destination that sits at the top of many Caribbean island wish lists.

While geographically, it may not be part of the Caribbean Sea, this easternmost gem of the Lesser Antilles blends tropical attractiveness and British influence.

With soft sands and clear seas, Barbados provides a sense of peace and serenity that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Exploring the island’s lush tropical gardens is a captivating experience.

So, which one of these islands is number one on your list? Or maybe you’ve added them all to your bucket list!


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