The Ultimate USA Travel Guide: Explore the Top 15 Must-Visit US Cities

the United States is a traveler's playground offering every...

the United States is a traveler's
playground offering everything from
beautiful beaches to Majestic mountain
ranges rugged Wilderness to bustling
cities and everything in between the U.S
attracts 80 million International
visitors and 2 billion domestic
Travelers each year wonderfully lost
presents this U.S travel guide video
featuring the top 15 cities to visit
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lost for more trending travel guides in
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number one New York City the Big Apple
is a vibrant and exciting destination
with iconic sites like the Statue of
Liberty Central Park and Times Square
visitors can take a ferry to Ellis
Island or two of the 911 museum theater
lovers you will be in heaven because New
York is the home of Broadway this
globalized city has a diverse culture
which is highlighted in the different
neighborhoods such as Chinatown Little
Italy Soho and Harlem number two Los
Angeles California Los Angeles known as
the City of Angels is a diverse and
sprawling city known for its famous
beaches Hollywood entertainment and
year-round warm weather visitors can
take a walk along the Hollywood Walk of
Fame see the famous white Hollywood sign
or visit Universal Studios Hollywood
where you'll get a behind-the-scenes
look at the entertainment industry Los
Angeles has a variety of neighborhoods
to explore including Beverly Hills
Venice Beach Santa Monica and downtown
LA make sure to go shopping on Rodeo
drive and check out the Santa Monica
number three Orlando Florida Orlando is
known for being the home of Disney World
and Universal Studios visit the
different Disney theme parks see Mickey
at the Magic Kingdom travel around the
world at Epcot or check out the new Star
Wars attractions at Hollywood Studios
head to Universal Studios and enjoy some
butter beer at The Wizarding World of
Harry Potter in Orlando you can also
soar on a hot air balloon ride take an
airboat tour of the wetlands or eat out
at Downtown Disney number 4. Las Vegas
Nevada if you're feeling lucky you can't
miss out on this gambling Mecca check
out the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip
catch a show or stay up all night at a
club enjoy attractions like the Bellagio
Fountains and the Mirage Volcano watch
out it erupts for those who want a bit
of Adventure there are helicopter rides
over the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam or
a trip to nearby red Rock Canyon Vegas
also offers some of the world's best
all-you-can-eat buffets I'm willing to
bet that you'll have an amazing time
number 5. Chicago Illinois Chicago is
known for its architecture culture and
delicious food
stroll along the Riverwalk and gaze at
the skyline
stand on the observation deck of the
Willis Tower formerly known as Sears
Tower and get panoramic views of the
windy city visit world-class museums
like the Art Institute the Museum of
Science and Industry the shared aquarium
and Adler Planetarium stroll along the
Magnificent Mile and see the bean in
Millennium Park and don't leave without
having a hot dog and some deep dish
pizza number 6. San Diego California
this city is known for its beautiful
beaches mild climate and relaxed Vibe
enjoy a day sunbathing at one of the
many beaches or check out the World
Famous San Diego Zoo home to over 3 700
animals at the USS Midway Museum
visitors can explore a real aircraft
carrier take a boat tour of the bay to
see the skyline and visit famous
landmarks like the Historic Hotel Del
Coronado number 7. Miami Florida Miami
is a vibrant and diverse city known for
its beaches nightlife and Latin culture
visitors can spend a day at famous
beaches like South Beach or Sunny Isles
Beach known for its White Sands and
crystal clear waters Little Havana is a
historic neighborhood known for its
Cuban culture where you can enjoy
traditional Cuban food and see the
famous kaleocho visitors can also take a
boat tour of Biscayne Bay or experience
the thrill of a speedboat ride which
often includes commentary on key sites
and celebrity houses number eight Denver
Colorado Denver is called the mile high
city because of its elevation which is
exactly one mile above sea level it's
close to the Rocky Mountains where you
can partake in hiking skiing or rock
climbing Denver also has a thriving art
scene with multiple museums and art
galleries including the Denver Art
Museum and the Denver Museum of Nature
and Science the city is home to many
brew pubs and craft beer sounds good
about now number 9. Seattle Washington
okay coffee enthusiasts get ready
because we're headed to Seattle Seattle
is a city known for its natural beauty
its thriving Waterfront and occasional
rain coffee aficionados will be in
heaven because this city is known for
its Coffee Culture once you've got your
caffeine fix take a trip to the top of
the Space Needle visit the Julie Garden
and glass and explore Pike Place Market
a massive Public Market that sells just
about everything when you're hungry find
any of the 300 food trucks that roam
throughout Seattle in this food truck
Paradise number 10. San Francisco
California San Francisco is a lively
city with a lot to offer visitors some
popular tourist attractions include the
Golden Gate Bridge Alcatraz Island and
the Painted Ladies Victorian houses you
can also take a stroll through Golden
Gate Park or take a cable car to
Fisherman's Wharf for a bite of seafood
if you're interested in technology be
sure to check out Silicon Valley which
is a short drive south of the city be
prepared for chilly weather and chilly
terrain and don't forget to have some
sourdough bread the city is famous for
it number 11. New Orleans LA New Orleans
also known as The Big Easy is known for
its Creole and Cajun cuisine jazz music
and Mardi Gras celebrations there's no
shortage of things to see and do in this
city some popular tourist attractions
include the French Quarter home to the
famous Bourbon Street and Jackson Square
and the Garden District with its
beautiful Antebellum mansions you can
also enjoy live music at various clubs
bars and venues in the city or take a
walk down Saint Charles Avenue to see
the famous streetcars and make sure to
try a beignet a delicious fried dough
number 12. Washington DC Washington DC
is the capital of the United States and
home to the White House the Capitol
building and the Supreme Court walk
through the National Mall which features
the Lincoln Memorial Washington Monument
and the Smithsonian museums check out
the memorials honoring Martin Luther
King Jr Thomas Jefferson and Franklin D
Roosevelt this city is rich in culture
and history with many world-class
museums such as the national museum of
American History national museum of
natural history and Smithsonian American
Art Museum number 13 Nashville Tennessee
Nashville also known as Music City is a
popular city known for its country music
scene you can tour the Country Music
Hall of Fame and Museum visit the Johnny
Cash Museum and see the homes of famous
country music stars the city is proudly
home to the Grand Ole Opry the legendary
radio show and concert venue nightlife
is sparkling in Nashville head to Honky
Tonk Row the epicenter of the bar and
live music scene where you can have a
drink at the famous Tootsie's Orchid
lounge or try out your new dancing boots
at the stage on Broadway
number 14. Honolulu Hawaii
Honolulu is the capital and largest city
of Hawaii and an extremely popular
tourist destination visit landmarks such
as the USS Arizona Memorial the Iolani
Palace and the Bishop Museum you'll find
many beautiful beaches with no shortage
of water activities like surfing
kayaking and paddle boarding hike
Diamond Head State Park or Manoa Falls
for breathtaking views and incredible
photo ops and don't leave without
attending a Hawaiian luau where you can
watch traditional dancers like hula and
fire knife performances
number 15 Austin Texas Austin the
capital of Texas is trending as an
extremely popular tourist destination
due to its music food and culture the
city is famous for its live music scene
with venues such as the Continental Club
the Cactus Cafe and the famous South by
Southwest Festival it has beautiful
Parks like Zilker Park and ladybird Lake
where you can hike bike swim or kayak
Austin has a great food scene with a
wide variety of local food from
traditional Tex-Mex to Juicy barbecue
make sure to start your day off with a
flavorful and possibly spicy breakfast
traveling in the United States offers a
wide variety of experiences with
countless cities all offering their own
unique culture food and experiences what
are you most interested in on your U.S
city vacation museums and cultural
attractions or nightlife tell us in the
comments and make sure to subscribe to
our Channel wonderfully lost for more
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As a travel enthusiast, your exploration of the world can never be complete without a visit to the US of A. But for all its dazzling charm and magnificence, some travelers might find themselves confused. From the sprawling streets of New York and Los Angeles, to the snowstruck landscape of Alaska– when you take into account the sheer size of the country and all the places that there are to see, it can get a tad bit overwhelming.

Here are our top picks for the best US cities you MUST visit during your time in the US!

If your time on our site is as WANDERFUL as we hope, we’d be super thrilled to have you share this post with your fellow wanderers!

1. New York City, New York

What better place to start your journey than in New York— the city that never sleeps? Considered by many to be the quintessential American city, New York is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and dreams. While you’re in New York, you need to check out the city’s most iconic landmarks, which include Times Square, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty.


There’s a lot to do and see and love in this city, and we’d suggest that you begin by exploring the many museums peppered around the city. Once you’ve taken in all the magnificent art that the city houses, indulge in Broadway shows, and savor diverse culinary delights.

2. Portland, Maine

The largest city in Maine, Portland is a delightful combination of fun, culture, and history. If you’re on the lookout for an authentic Portland experience, you’re going to have to go to South Portland and scour the city for local oysters, ceviche, salmon toast and some smoked trout at the SoPo Seafood Market. While you’re here, make sure you try the absolutely delicious Maine lobster roll as well! After you’re full, visit the Portland Museum of Art and enjoy the brilliant and historic paintings on display.

You’ll also find Portland to have some of the absolute most charming VRBOs!

3. Chicago, Illinois

Nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is renowned for its stunning architecture, deep-dish pizza, and blues music. Some locations that you need to explore include the Millenium Park, and the awe-inspiring Art Institute of Chicago. If you’d like to take a small break and just breathe in some fresh air, try taking a stroll along the Magnificent Mile, with the gentle breeze blowing through your hair.


4. Miami, Florida

Beauty can be found everywhere in Miami, and if you’re a lover of all things beautiful, you need to check this breathtaking city out! Known for its beautiful beaches and lively nightlife, Miami is a city with a vibrant Latin American flavor that is just brimming with life. While in Miami, try visiting the colorful Art Deco District in South Beach. Afterwards, you can take a boat tour in Biscayne Bay, and explore the trendy neighborhood of Wynwood with its vibrant street art.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Step back in time in Boston, one of the oldest cities in the USA. Walk the Freedom Trail to discover significant historical sites, or visit prestigious universities like Harvard and MIT and take in their history. At the end of the day, sit back and enjoy a delicious seafood feast at the vivacious Quincy Market.


6. Palm Springs, California

Contrary to what this city’s name might suggest, there’s a lot more to Palm Springs than just palm trees. Soak up as much sun as you can in this beautiful city, and admire the panoramic desert views from the top of the aerial tramway. If you’re into architecture, then you need to pay a visit to the downtown area, and admire the magnificent Spanish-style buildings.

7. Moloka’i, Hawai’i

Perched 40 kilometers off the southeast coast of Oahu, Moloka’i is a welcoming city, brimming with warmth and love. Home to sites such as the Kalaupapa National Historical Park, and the breathtakingly beautiful Halawa Valley, Moloka’i is a cocoon of beauty, and serenity that you need to pay a visit to.


8. Traverse City, Michigan

Most of the cities that we’ve included in this list are pretty well known amongst travel enthusiasts.If you’re someone who prides themselves on having discovered underrated gems, then you need to pay a visit to Traverse City. Wedged on the Northeast side of Michigan, Traverse City combines small-town charm with a bustling culinary and cultural scene, with sites such as Dennos Museum Center– which houses the largest collection of Inuit art in all of the US. Also, we’d suggest you try coming here in spring to relish the sights of hundreds of cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

9. Kansas City, Missouri

If you consider yourself a true gastronome, then you need to pay a visit to Kansas City in Missouri. In KC, they pour their hearts into the food they produce. You can feel their love as you nibble on a piece of deliciously handcrafted chocolate, or sip on your cocktail. While you’re in KC, immerse yourself in the local food and wine scene, and have your taste buds thank you for it. Once your taste buds are satisfied, drop by at the brilliant American Jazz Museum to ensure that your ears get to have some fun too.


10. Austin, Texas

As the capital of Texas, the lively city of Austin is known for its live music scene, delicious barbecue, and vibrant culture. When you’re in Austin, you just can’t help but smile as you wander around the city, exploring historical sites, eating delicious food, and listening to some great music. While you’re here, we would suggest you explore the trendy South Congress Avenue, visit the State Capitol building, and enjoy the energetic and jubilant atmosphere of Sixth Street. If you’re feeling up for it, you can also book a boat tour and traverse the calm waters of Lake Travis to see the most EPIC sunset.

Might we also suggest you rent a car and take a trip to San Antonio for the Riverwalk and to Waco to see what all the Chip and Joanna fuss is all about!

11. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As a World Heritage City, Philadelphia is a must-see location for all history enthusiasts. Discover the birthplace of American independence in Philadelphia, and while you’re at it, wander around Independence National Historical Park to soak up as much of America’s history as you can. Other sites you need to visit include the Eastern Penitentiary, Liberty Bell, and the well-reputed Eastern Museum of Art. Once your stomach begins to roar in hunger at all the walking you’re doing, indulge your taste buds with a delicious Philly cheese steak sandwich, which can be found on almost every street corner.

We love this hilarious BYOB Trolley Tour of Philly!

12. Nashville, Tennessee

Often referred to as the “Music City,” Nashville is the heart and soul of country music. Home to country legends such as Dolly Parton and Hank Williams, Nashville is brimming with life, music, and joy. While you’re in this beautiful city, check out the reputable Grand Ole Opry, and explore the Country Music Hall of Fame. No visit to Nashville can ever be complete without attending a concert or two, so drop in the ever-vibrant Honky Tonk Highway to experience the charm of live country music performances. Dance, sip on your beer, and have the time of your life in this one-of-a-kind city!

13. Niagara Falls, New York

Considered to be one of the most instantly recognizable locations in the world, no trip to the US can ever be complete without a visit to Niagara Falls. While you’re in this breathtakingly beautiful city, some sites that you need to explore are the wonderfully quaint Maid of the Mist, and Cave of the Winds. Of all the lovely traits associated with Niagara Falls, perhaps the most characteristic is how scenic this city truly is. While you’re here, we’d recommend you take your time and stroll across the Falls, stay at the historic Red Coach Inn, and sip on some wine from the numerous local wineries. Take a deep breath in, and enjoy the natural beauty all around you!


14. Honolulu, Hawai’i

Who doesn’t love a tropical paradise?

If you’d like to experience the Caribbean within the US, we’d suggest that you book a flight to Honolulu, ASAP! Once you’ve reached this wonderful destination, you can either enjoy a serene stroll on the beaches of Waikiki, or hike up to the Diamond Head State Monument to gaze at the magnificent shoreline, whilst simultaneously soaking up the sun. Lastly, if you’re a history buff, don’t forget to visit Pearl Harbor, and experience a monumental moment in US history.

15. Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’ve got a penchant for entertainment, excitement, and fun, then Las Vegas will prove to be your ultimate destination. Not only is Las Vegas dazzling, and alluring, with glimmering lights, casinos and music shows, you’ll find yourself utterly mesmerized by the high-end hotels on the famous Las Vegas strip. Here, you can indulge your taste buds at countless high-end restaurants, including the reputable STK Steakhouse. Once you’ve had your fun, you should also try checking out the amazing Neon Museum to bring your trip to an eccentric yet memorable close.

America is a delightful place, full of beauty, diversity and natural wonders. From the hustle and bustle of New York, to the serenity of Honolulu, there’s something for everyone in the US!


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