11 Reasons Why Orlando Florida Is An Epic Family Vacation Idea (2024)

have you been seeking the perfect Family Getaway well Disne...

have you been seeking the perfect Family
Getaway well Disney's Splendor and
bizarre exhibits at Ripley's awaits you
welcome back to wonderfully lost the
best place for parents to plan their
travel with or without the kids today
we're talking about 11 reasons why
Orlando Florida is an epic family
vacation idea
Catch a Sunset
number 11. catch a sunset we've got so
much to do so why not start on a calming
note if you're looking for breathtaking
sunset views in Orlando there are
several fantastic spots to consider
whether you prefer an elevated
observation wheel Serene Lakeside
settings or a private sailing Adventure
Orlando has it all the 400-foot
observation wheel at Icon Park is not
only a great way to see Orlando from up
high but it's also a prime location for
witnessing amazing sunsets another
beautiful spot to catch the sunset is
Lake Eola renting a boat can Elevate The
Experience allowing you to leisurely
Glide across the Tranquil Waters while
the sun casts its golden Hues now if
you're ready for adventure we have a few
games for you number 10 exhilarating
exhilarating games
games while you're in Orlando why not
catch a thrilling professional ice
hockey or basketball game it's an
opportunity to witness the excitement
first hand and so can the electric
atmosphere that can't be replicated
while watching it on TV head to the
renowned Amway Center which serves as
the home arena for both the Orlando
Solar Bears hockey team and the Orlando
Magic NBA team this state-of-the-art
facility is one of the largest and most
impressive Arenas in the area as you
step into the Amway Center you'll
immediately feel a buzz of anticipation
and energy from the passionate fans the
cheers chance and the sounds of skates
or sneakers on the court will envelop
you creating an unforgettable experience
it's an experience that'll leave you
exhilarated and make your trip to
Orlando even more memorable number 9.
Wildlife wonders
Wildlife wonders if you're craving some
adventure and a closer encounter with
nature and airboat tour is an absolute
must do in Orlando hop aboard an airboat
and prepare for an exhilarating Journey
Through the wetlands of Florida as you
Glide across the water keep your eyes
peeled for fascinating Wildlife
including alligators exotic birds and
other creatures that call these Wetlands
home the knowledgeable guides on the
Airboat tours will share interesting
facts and stories about the ecosystem
making it an educational and exciting
experience what sets Airboat Tours apart
is the unique perspective they offer
from the open-air deck of the Airboat
you'll have uninterrupted views of the
stunning surroundings allowing you to
fully immerse yourself in the beauty of
Orlando's natural landscapes
Wonderful accommodations
number eight wonderful accommodations
Orlando is known for its wide range of
accommodations to suit every budget
whether you're traveling with family
friends or solo you'll find affordable
options that provide comfort and
convenience during your stay one popular
choice is Westgate Orlando a fantastic
option that offers spacious Villas and
Suites at affordable prices with
Westgate you can enjoy the Comforts of
home with the added benefit of Resort
amenities their accommodations are
designed to cater to different group
sizes and offer plenty of space for
relaxation and Rejuvenation after a long
day of exploring the city so when you're
planning your trip to Orlando take
advantage of the affordable
accommodations available number seven
International Drive fun
International Drive fun get ready for
Non-Stop fun and excitement along
International Drive the ultimate
destination for Thrill Seekers and
Adventure enthusiasts in Orlando
International Drive offers a plethora of
entertainment options that'll leave you
thrilled and entertained throughout your
holiday one iconic attraction that you
simply can't miss is the wheel at Icon
Park standing at an impressive 400 feet
this colossal Ferris wheel offers
breathtaking panoramic views of the
entire Orlando area from the top you'll
be able to catch glimpses of nearby
theme parks and even spot the Majestic
Hogwarts Castle it's an experience
that'll take your breath away prepare to
be amazed at Ripley's Believe It or Not
where you can explore bizarre exhibits
and mind-boggling Oddities that'll
challenge your perceptions with so much
to see and do along International Drive
you'll never have a dull moment during
your Orlando holiday number six
Everglades Becca new looking to take a
break from the theme park excitement
prepare for an unforgettable Adventure
as you escape to the mesmerizing
Everglades a vast and captivating
natural wonder in Florida take a break
from the bustling City and immerse
yourself in the Serene beauty of the
swamplands head over to Wild Florida
located in the headquarters of the
Florida Everglades for an incredible
journey through this unique ecosystem so
take a break from the theme parks and
embark on an exhilarating airboat ride
adventure we hope you're enjoying
learning more about Orlando head to our
travel blog to learn more number five
Shopping Heaven
shopping Heaven get ready to shop till
you drop in Orlando a paradise for all
shopping enthusiasts whether you're
hunting for great deals or looking for
high-end luxury this city has got you
covered at the end of International
Drive you'll discover two incredible
outlet shopping destinations on one end
there's the Orlando Premium Outlets
International Drive and on the other end
you'll find the Orlando Premium Outlets
find land don't worry about
Transportation because the convenient
iride trolley runs along International
Drive making it a breeze to reach these
Outlets even without a car get ready to
indulge in a shopping spree where you
can find all your favorite Major Brands
including Nike Michael Kors DKNY coach
Calvin Klein and so much more if you're
still craving more retail therapy take a
short dry from the central area of
Orlando to the Florida mall it's a
classic American mole experience
offering a wide range of shops and
dining options to satisfy your Cravings
Disneys Magic
number four Walt Disney's Magic get
ready to embark on a magical journey to
Walt Disney World with four enchanting
theme parks Magic Kingdom Epcot
Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom and
two thrilling water parks Typhoon Lagoon
and Blizzard Beach there's something for
everyone to enjoy Disney is a beloved
favorite among fans of all ages it's a
place where your inner child can run
wild and experience pure joy the magic
of Disney continues to grow with new
attractions and experiences step into
the Epic World of Star Wars at Star Wars
Galaxy's Edge immerse yourself in the
Whimsical world of Toy Story at Toy
Story Land and discover new wonders at
every turn just like Universal Orlando
Disney is always adding Fresh Rides and
experiences to each of their park
ensuring there's always something new
and exciting to to explore number three
Wedding Bells Everywhere
Wedding Bells everywhere calling all
couples Orlando is not just for families
it's also a dreamy destination for
romantic getaways and Unforgettable
experiences tailored just for you it's
even been voted as one of the best
places to get married for a truly
enchanting evening head to Ivanhoe
Village a Charming neighborhood just a
short distance from downtown Orlando
this romantic spot was named one of the
most romantic main streets in the U.S
picture this you make your way to the
Thirsty Topher for a craft beer setting
the mood for a relaxed and intimate
atmosphere next if you find yourself in
downtown Orlando don't miss the chance
to have an intimate meal at dovecoat a
Charming French style Brasserie that's
perfect for couples looking for a
romantic atmosphere and delectable
Cuisine so whether you're celebrating an
anniversary planning a proposal or
simply enjoying a romantic Escape
Orlando has all the ingredients for a
magical and memorable experience for you
and your loved one one number two
Wellness and Relaxation
wellness and relaxation take a deep
and get ready to relax and recharge in
beautiful Orlando believe it or not this
city is not just about theme parks and
attractions it's also a top destination
for wellness and an active lifestyle
there are endless ways to stay active
and take care of your well-being in
Orlando how about paddle boarding in a
Serene natural habitat where you can
connect with nature while getting a
great workout for those who prefer
biking the West Orange Trail offers a
scenic route to explore on two wheels
and when it comes to relaxation Orlando
knows how to pamper you treat yourself
to a luxurious Spa experience at the
Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt
Disney World Resort unwind with a
signature spa treatment that'll leave
you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed
even the dining scene in Orlando caters
to health-conscious individuals you'll
find a variety of options offering
healthy and Fresh Farm to Table fare
A Night to Remember
number one a night to remember looking
for a fun night out in Orlando well
you're in luck this vibrant city has a
ton of options to suit every taste if
you're staying near the resorts why not
head over to Disney Springs and check
out Raglan Road Irish Pub for a pint of
your favorite brew and if you're in the
mood for some dancing make your way to
the extravagant Red Coconut Club at
Universal CityWalk where two levels of
Music await you for a more downtown Vibe
head to the Church Street District treat
yourself to a meticulously crafted
cocktail at The Classy bosendorfer
lounge or if you're watching your wallet
don't miss out on Cahoots where they've
got a nickel beer Wednesdays that won't
break the bank so whether you're into
Swanky bars dancing the night away or
just hanging out with the locals Orlando
has got you covered for an unforgettable
nightlife experience cheers to a great
night out in the city of fun thanks for
watching hey are you a Wanderer yet if
not head on over to our travel blog at
wonderfully losttravel.com

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, your home for all things family vacation and adventure travel! For this blog, we’re wandering (no pun intended) to sunny Orlando, where the fun literally never ends!

While there’s a lot to do and explore in the USA (which you can check out right here!), there’s a magical and whimsical quality to Orlando, Florida that you won’t find anywhere else. With a wide plethora of theme parks, sporting activities, and world-class spas, Orlando has something to offer to guests of all ages and sizes!

Often referred to as the ‘Theme Park Capital’ of the world, you can probably guess why Orlando continues to rank high as the go-to vacation destination for families all over the globe. With that being said, however, if you need any more convincing reasons for why you should head out to Orlando for your vacation this year, we’ve got you covered!

Before you get lost in our blog, be sure to browse our Wanderful Storefront for all our favorite travel products, gear and must haves!

Here are 11 compelling reasons why Orlando, Florida is the dream destination for a great, unbelievably fun time with your family!

1. Universal Orlando Resort

There’s a reason why we had to start our list at the highly esteemed Universal Orlando Resort. If you have kids, then you probably know already that there’s nothing that excites them more than the sight of their favorite movie characters. At Universal Orlando, not only will you and your family see a bunch of iconic heroes and heroines, such as Hermione, Megatron, and the Minions, but you’ll embark on thrilling adventures, too!

The Universal Orlando Resort hosts two of the most frequently visited theme parks in the United States— Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. There’s a third recently opened theme park, too, known as Volcano Bay, which features the gravity-defying Krakatau Aqua Coaster.

It’ll take you a couple of visits to explore the entire resort entirely, but we’d recommend that you start at Universal Studios, at the magically exhilarating Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There, you can stroll through the cobblestoned streets of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, and marvel at the majestic exterior of the Hogwarts castle while sipping on your glass of Butterbeer. If you’d like to feel like you’re part of the wizarding universe, try the immersive Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike adventure, for the perfect blend of 4-D motion with a gripping narrative. For fans of other movie franchises, hop on down to rides such as The Incredible Hulk, Revenge of the Mummy, and the Jurassic World VelociCoaster.

2. Walt Disney World

No family vacation to Orlando is complete without a visit to Walt Disney World!

This iconic resort is home to four theme parks, including the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. From meeting beloved Disney characters to experiencing thrilling rides and watching captivating parades and fireworks displays, Disney World promises a truly magical experience for the entire family.

Similarly to Universal, it’s going to take you and your family a couple of visits to fully explore these four unbelievably fun theme parks. Before you head on out to Disney World, we’d recommend that you plan ahead as much as you can! For first-time visitors to the park, the destination can feel a little overwhelming mainly because of the sheer amount of things that there are to see and do!

With that said, some destinations that you NEED to head down to, include:

For more information on how to plan your Disney trip, check out our YouTube video here!

3. Kennedy Space Center

With the Artemis mission just around the corner, America seems to be advancing into the next space age. For thousands of years, the universe has enticed little boys and girls all over the world, who imagined that they’d one day go to space! It may be a couple of years before that becomes possible, but you and your family experience the closest thing to space travel at the Kennedy Space Center.

Attracting visitors of all ages and sizes, the Kennedy Space Center offers exciting exhibits about all the highs and lows of American spaceflight history. You can tour actual launch areas, meet and talk to real astronauts, and even train in lifelike spaceflight simulations.

Make sure to check their website for up-and-coming exhibits, and plan your trip accordingly!

(Pro-tip: Book your tickets in advance, since the Kennedy Space Center is often fully booked out.)

4. WonderWorks

Combining education with eccentricity, the wonderfully bizarre WonderWorks is a must-visit destination if you’ve got children between the ages of 6-16. At WonderWorks, the wonder begins the moment you start to walk toward the entrance. Slowly, you’ll begin to realize that the entire exterior of the building is slanted! Not only that, but it’s also upside down!

From there onwards, things only get stranger. Brimming with interactive areas for your children to explore, some of WonderWorks most famous attractions include a simulated hurricane, a glow-in-the-dark ropes course, 4D motion rides, and over 100 exhibits that are updated frequently. When you’re done exploring the exhibitions, you can head on down to the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show, which combines hilarity and gastronomy for a bizarre experience that your children will never forget.

5. LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

If your children love playing with LEGO sets, then you need to take them for a visit to LEGOLAND Florida. Center of all things LEGO, this unique resort is the stuff of what every child’s dreams are made out of!

Packed with LEGOs of all shapes, colors, and sizes, LEGOLAND offers its visitors creative building opportunities and presents them with mind-boggling models of creatures that move and have all sorts of bizarre mechanisms. When you’re done with exploring, you can head on down to Heartlake City, for a trip down memory lake!

6. Icon Park

If your family craves entertainment and panoramic views of the city, then you need to pay a visit to Icon Park. Formerly known as the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye, this entertainment complex features the iconic Wheel– a 400-foot observation wheel that offers magnificent and breathtaking views of Orlando’s skyline. In addition to the observation wheel, Icon Park offers a variety of attractions, such as the Orlando StarFlyer, Madame Tussauds Orlando, and SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, along with a wide assortment of restaurants and shops. Needless to say, it can take some time to explore all of Icon Park. If you’re worried about what you might need to pack, try out our travel kits for a hassle-free vacation!

7. SeaWorld Orlando

After having your fun on land, prepare for an aquatic adventure at SeaWorld Orlando!

This marine-themed park offers a unique blend of education and entertainment, where families can learn about marine life while enjoying thrilling rides and live shows. From up-close encounters with dolphins and sea turtles to exhilarating roller coasters and awe-inspiring performances by majestic killer whales, SeaWorld Orlando creates lasting memories for visitors of all sizes.

If you want your children excited about a trip to SeaWorld, just book them a dinner surrounded by Orcas. Moreover, with animals ranging from flamingos, belugas, dolphins, stingrays, and manatees, there’s no better way of teaching your children about wildlife than at SeaWorld!

8. Aquatica

While we’re on the subject of aquatic adventures, our list can’t possibly be complete without a mention of Aquatica Water Park. Situated in the International Drive neighborhood, this waterpark offers fun and promises a good time– plain and simple!

Of course, there’s a lot of charm to all the complex 4D motion rides that are offered at theme parks, but there’s a certain joy to be found in Aquatica’s roller coasters that you can’t find anywhere else. Head on down to the Kraken and Infinity Falls rides to experience delight and glee as you’ve never known before.

9. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Let’s face it. As children, there’s nothing we loved more than the bizarre and eccentric.

Having made a brand out of oddities and curious wonders, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is everything that you’d expect it to be and more.

At Ripley’s, the truth is always stranger than fiction, and nowhere is this more obvious than at the wax hands exhibit. Inside of their ‘odditorium,’ you’ll find attractions including The Warehouse, Undersea Mysteries, World of Illusions, and The Tomb of the Pharaohs.

10. Gatorland

Your visit to Florida won’t be complete without a visit to Gatorland— the Alligator Center of the World. Here, you’ll get to see alligators in a protected environment, while also simultaneously educating yourself about these fearsome predators. As you wander through this 110-acre wildlife reserve and theme park, you can embark on several activities, including a nature walk, a petting zoo, and even some Gator entertainment shows!

11. Wekiwa Springs State Park

Although Orlando is known for its theme parks and resorts, we understand that you might want to take the occasional break from all that noise. In that case, head down to Wekiwa Springs State Park, and experience lush Floridian fauna and wildlife. Surrounded by the beauties of nature, you can explore miles of track on foot, horseback, or bike. What makes this even more exciting is the fact that you can rent canoes and kayaks for water adventures!

As we’ve tried to illustrate in this blog, Orlando provides endless opportunities for magical moments and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re seeking thrills, education, or simply quality time with your loved ones, Orlando is the perfect place to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

If you found this blog helpful, consider subscribing to our YouTube channel, and leaving us a comment about how your trip went. We’d love to hear from you!

With that said, we wish you a very happy traveling!

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