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Disney World guide Disney World overview Disney World in Orlando Florida is a world-renowned

theme park resort that offers endless magic and adventure for visitors of all ages it's

made up of four main theme parks Magic Kingdom Epcot Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom as

well as its Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon water parks with its exhilarating rides diverse

dining options and top-notch entertainment Disney World promises an unforgettable and

will say it again magical experience for families couples and solo Travelers alike from classic

rides like Splash Mountain and Space Mountain to newer experiences like the Star Wars rise of the

resistance attraction there's never a dull moment whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned

Disney goer this magical destination is sure to leave a lasting impression Disney World planning

tips some people spend over a year planning the perfect Disney World vacation but don't let that

intimidate you there is nothing stopping you from booking a flight tomorrow and heading to the Magic

Kingdom in fact many airlines and hotels offer last minute deals so it's worth looking into there

is no prime time to visit Disney and regardless of when you go you will experience plenty of

crowds spring break time in March tends to be a particularly busy time as this is a popular time

for families to visit something else to keep in mind is the weather during June July and or

August Orlando's Highs are in the 90s making for a really hot visit if you plan to visit

during these months make sure to pack a lot of sunscreen and bring water bottles with you Peak

Seasons at Disney World pretty much follow the standard school schedule the summer months are
busier as families with kids are out of school other extra busy weeks include spring break in

March April and the week between Christmas and New Year's how long you stay depends on what

your Disney goals are if you'd like to visit all four Parks plus the water parks then you'll want

a full week-long trip this will allow you to visit all of the parks and potentially build an a rest

day or two where you can hang out at your hotel pool and get some extra sleep you'll certainly

be tired after some of those long Disney days budgeting really depends on how long you plan

to stay how you plan to travel driving versus flying and what type of Hotel you're looking

for Disney Resort Hotels tend to be the most expensive especially the ones that are directly

on on the monorail however you can save money at these Resorts by not renting a car you can also

find plenty of nearby hotels condos and airbnbs right outside of the Disney property tickets and

My Disney Experience app you'll want to purchase your Park tickets in advance on the Disney website

current single day tickets are around 115 dollars a day but these range based on the season you can

also buy multi-day passes anywhere from 2 to 10 days which offer some cost savings as you're

buying in bulk if you plan on going to Disney parks for four days then buy the four day pass

if you're looking for ways to beat the lines then a crucial step to your Disney planning experience

is to download the My Disney Experience app and start using Genie first you will need to purchase

your Disney theme park tickets and then link them to your app Genie is a free planning tool within

the app that has replaced the previous Fastpass system Genie includes an itinerary of your Disney

day and offers recommendations for you you can customize it which is recommended by putting in

your interests Genie will show you current wait times for each ride so you can decide which ride

to hit up next a major feature of Genie is Genie plus which is the paid add-on to Genie Genie plus

allows you to make reservations for rides and enter via the lightning Lane entrance as opposed

to waiting in the standard line it'll allow you for a quicker entrance onto the rides of your
choice Genie plus typically costs 15 per person per day but the prices do fluctuate slightly

based on time of the year with Genie plus you can make one reservation at a time throughout the day

starting at 7am on the day of your visit once you have completed that reservation you can book a new

one through the app you can purchase access to Genie Plus on the first day of your visit
and not before visiting Magic Kingdom the Magic Kingdom park is the most iconic and recognizable

of all Disney theme parks based on the the original Disneyland in California the Magic

Kingdom features classic Disney attractions and beloved Disney characters this is where

you'll see the iconic Cinderella's castle which features regular live entertainment and nightly

fireworks while at the Magic Kingdom make sure to experience these classic rides number one Seven

Dwarfs Mine Train this is a family-friendly roller coaster that takes you through the mine where Snow

White's Seven Dwarf friends work number two Splash Mountain get ready to get wet please

note that as of January 2023 this ride will be temporarily shut down as it is being reimagined

into Tiana's Bayou Adventure number three Pirates of the Caribbean this classic Dark Ride will take

you through pirate infested waters complete with live-action Pirate characters and special effects

number four Big Thunder Mountain Railroad this wild west themed roller coaster takes

you through a mining town and a round and through rock formations Hold On Tight number five Space

Mountain a high-speed indoor roller coaster that takes you through a futuristic space adventure if

you've never been on Space Mountain before be prepared there are parts of this ride that are
completely in the dark imagine being on a roller coaster in Pitch Black this classic ride has been

delighting guests for many many years number six Haunted Mansion enjoy this spooky tour through

a haunted house filled with ghosts Ghouls and other Eerie surprises number seven It's a small

world you may get the song stuck in your head but this is a must experience ride this classic Disney

boat ride that takes you on a musical tour around the world to celebrate the beauty and diversity

of different cultures number eight Jungle Cruise get ready to take a boat ride through the rivers

of the world complete with live action Skippers and exotic animals watch out you may get water

sprayed on You by an elephant and you will be sure to get hungry during your Disney day but there are

no shortages of dining options throughout the park at many of the popular restaurants it is

recommended to make reservations in advance check out the Be Our Guest restaurant which is themed

after the Beauty and the Beast movie and offers both Quick Service and table service options a

truly epic Magic Kingdom dining experience is at Cinderella's Royal table which is actually

inside of Cinderella's castle this is a once in a lifetime experience while you're eating you'll get

to see and meet characters as they walk around the restaurant maybe even Cinderella herself

Liberty free Tavern is a colonial themed restaurant located in Liberty Square and is

a great place to enjoy a family-style meal in a patriotic atmosphere another classic Disney

Experience is to dine at the Crystal Palace this all you can eat buffet is located in Adventure

Land and features Winnie the Pooh and his friends as well as a variety of delicious food options

throughout the park you will find plenty of Quick Service dining options try to avoid popular eating

times like 12 to 1 pm if you want to save time and skip the lines planning a Disney Vacation

can be half the fun as you get to plan out your Park's schedule figure out which ride
you want to go on and anticipate all of the magic ahead make sure to pound that subscribe

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