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foreign [Music] packs a punch if you're an adventure trav...

packs a punch if you're an adventure
traveler or looking for the next family
vacation spot welcome back to
wonderfully lost a travel Community for
parents by parents in this video we're
giving you an ultimate tour of the best
places to stay in Bangkok with a guide
this extensive we'll be passing a lot of
vibe checks from shopping Havens to
Ultimate spots for a dad vacation we've
got you covered grab your travel Journal
because we'll be spilling a lot of tips
for your dream vacation in Bangkok let's
get started bang lampoo do you know how
gen Zed TV shows have this super Chic
spot where every cool person hangs out
well that was the reputation of bang
lampoo in Bangkok for the longest time
while it is not the trendiest spot in
the city it has been modernized enough
to open up big hotels with rooftop pools
and Scenic views don't get us wrong if
cheap crash pads with shared toilets are
your summer Vibe banglam poo will still
welcome from you with open arms but if
you can spare more than that on your
vacation consider staying at New Siam 2
for a comfy stay in with a hint of
extravagance it's not the hotel of your
dreams but it'll cover the basics the
pool is great the AC works the staff are
super nice and most tourist attractions
are nearby you'll be in a near vicinity
to the Grand Palace Temple of the
emerald Buddha and Watt socket at the
same time you can hit the nightclubs in
banglam poo because oh boy the Thai
youth know how to party
kaisan road kaisan is the center of the
backpacking Universe if you can identify
this legendary line from the beach we
know you're hitting the most famous
street in Bangkok even though kaisan is
part of the banglam Poo area it deserves
a special shout out for being so
transformative look this Narrow Street
is pure magic once you step in there you
want to get in the party State of Mind
in case Sun the happy hour doesn't end
if you're traveling on a budget this
street will offer you a cheap Chang beer
cute flowy summer dresses and cheap food
gosh the street vendors cook a mean Pad
Thai and trust us you'll want to eat it
every single day without ever getting
tired of it but also if you hate the
noise don't stay here plus you'll only
find mid-range hotels here like Villa
mangala it's not your five-star dream
but hey who says you'll be only lounging
in your hotel room not on caissan's
watch Bangkok Riverside if you want your
hotel view to be the epitome of
Riverside glistening-like Stars Bangkok
Riverside should be on the top of your
list the only catch is the Riverside has
been super modernized so you'll mostly
find high-end hotels that'll cost you
some big bucks don't fret though many
old houses in the area also offer Guest
House services that'll give you a
complete experience of that Indie
classic lifestyle you can live your
cottage core dreams and visit affluent
boutiques and if you want to feel that
Summer Breeze you can take Ferry trips
across the river your rides will be
super chatty local ties are friendly and
they'll tell you all the iconic street
food spots you can have the hotel
experience of your lifetime consider
staying at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
because well the staff have been hosting
presidents and royalties for years now
Chinatown one word chaos that's about it
Chinatown is perhaps one of the most
chaotic places in Bangkok it's super
busy and the cleanliness in the area
isn't typically the best but if you're
on a food tour or you just want to enjoy
the underrated Thai food scene Chinatown
is the place for you you can experience
vibrant Foods in rutton-like Seafood
krinapon namai jock kitchen and more
will keep you coming back with hotels
like the Grand China Hotel you can enjoy
delish food and some dazzling views
sukambit area we know you're already
accustomed to Party in the USA but the
succumbered area in Bangkok might give
you a different perspective look there's
a reason why this area grabs westerners
and expats for great party spots and
non-tai Cuisine if you're getting tired
of eating capad you can enjoy some
Italian eateries or you can even have
some classic American hamburgers the
area also offers an apartment-style
hotel for cheaper accommodation and a
more easy going travel lifestyle 137
pillar residences is our recommendation
for the area because hey you've got to
be close to the transit system Salam
area lumpini Park King Power mahanacon
Chic rooftop hotels and delicious food
at Chiron krung Road Siloam area in
Bangkok offer you all of this and more
as it stands today the high-end area is
more of a business center and it's
always bustling with people running
around for jobs but it is almost
fascinating that the salon area hasn't
lost its tourist charm either if you're
going for an easy going vacation you
should definitely consider staying here
one of the best hotels to stay in the
area is definitely Kempton Malay a
five-star hotel that can easily win
numerous awards for its world-class
service the Lush Garden of the hotel is
hard to miss and our favorite part the
hotel is extremely pet friendly trust us
nothing beats playing with cute puppies
in Scenic views Siam area if you have a
knack for shop till you drop there's no
better place in Bangkok than the Siam
area it's safe to say that once you're
here you'll be burning your credit card
to the ground this area offers you
everything from Modern high-end stores
to Street shops with trendy clothes to
Die For The Siam area has something for
everyone our favorite part of the area
is that it comes alive at night quite
literally once you've done with shopping
you'll see the area getting populated
with Street artists dancers musicians
and food trucks that can put Michelin
star food to shame we have to give a
special shout out to Siam Square walking
street because it stays true to its name
the streets get closed to cars pretty
early in the day and you can just walk
around to submerge yourself into a
tokyo-esque experience but without the
pratinum area here's the thing The Siam
area isn't exactly cheap if the area
churns up some high-end stores it's
because the tourists mostly spend within
those Hefty price ranges hotels in the
Siam area aren't very affordable but
don't fret there's a cheap alternative
that is in the vicinity of the shopping
Hub of Bangkok welcome to pratnam area
the place with an authentic Thai
shopping experience the area's namesake
Market offers one of the most vibrant
shops in the area its cloth Market is
the largest in the city and if you're
into styling yourself the market is your
personal Heaven and the best part if
you're crafty enough you can bargain
with the shopkeepers too bang rack if
you want to live near Rama Four Road we
suggest bang rack bangkok's very own
capital of luxury hotels here's the
catch though bangrack offers Thailand's
two luxury hotels that are extremely
heavy on your credit card yep with
hotels like Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
and the peninsula Bangkok you'll get the
finest Hotel service for sure but
perhaps you'll never recover from the
financial damage either these two hotels
have a tendency to show up on lists of
the top 10 hotels in the world so you
can do the math either way if you can
afford the area your bangkok's most
lucrative guest bon voyage the
International Airport Savannah boomi
area alright this one is a bit of a
shocker isn't it but hey if you're one
of those who are backpacking across
southeast Asia for any reason or need a
quick getaway in Bangkok this area is
literally nothing short of perfect sure
you're far from the main tourist spots
of the city but if you're there for a
day or so chances are you're only
hitting a spot or two it takes at least
45 minutes to get to Central Bangkok
since it's the city's main airport
you'll have a plethora of Transit
options too but the biggest attraction
of the area is the Le Meridien Savannah
boomi Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa if
golfing and quietly looking over the
skyscrapers is your Vibe you have found
your spot return
if you decide to stay at retana Kosen in
Bangkok you're in for a treat the
capital's main tourist spots the Grand
Palace wat Po and the national museum
are just a walk away from this area with
its Old Town charm Britannica will
instantly Delight you with its boutique
hotels and Scenic views of the Temple of
dawn it's true that ratanicosin doesn't
pack a punch it's quiet traditional
neighborhood is a good escape from the
bustling Bangkok life yet if you want to
enjoy a great shopping and food
experience we'd recommend traveling to
Chinatown bang lampu don't worry you'll
find yourself getting a ride easily the
city is pretty well connected in this
area you can consider staying in Salah
Arun if you're cash trapped it's not
extravagant but hey in this bustling
City all you need is a bed to crash in
at 6am yep Thai nightlife is that good
thanks for watching don't forget to like
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Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost — a family travel community that offers advice, support, and inspiration!

For today’s blog, we’re rolling up our sleeves, pulling out our maps, and preparing our Bangkok itinerary! There’s a lot to see and do in the ‘City of Angels,’ so we’ve narrowed down our picks to the top 11 places.

This post includes affiliate links. It’s super important for us to be transparent with our Wanderers! If you click on one, we may receive a small, but wanderful commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for WANDERING with us!

Where Should You Stay In Bangkok?

Bangkok is a vast city, and it can be quite easy to get a little lost in all that space.

Here at Wanderfully Lost, we’re committed to simplifying things for our fellow travelers. As parents ourselves, we know just how important a vacation is for the whole family — you can read more about our parenting journey parenting by subscribing to our blog here! — which is why we’ve chosen these places based on how safe, fun, and budget-friendly they are.

If you want to take the hassle-free aspect of your Bangkok trip a notch further, we’d suggest checking out our travel kits. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about packing the right gear for walking, and trekking across the city, since we’d have taken care of that for you!

With that out of the way, let’s get on with our top 11 picks!

11. Sukhumvit

Located in central Bangkok, along the eponymous Sukhumvit Road, Sukhumvit is one of Bangkok’s best neighborhoods

When you enter Sukhumvit, one of the first things that you’ll realize is how wonderfully loud everything is. From the pedestrians trying to cross the road, the businessmen chattering away on their phones, to the Skytrain and MRT buses honking, any exhaustion that you felt from the long airplane flight will just dissipate in the midst of all this bustling city life.

It’s easy to see why Sukhumvit is so popular among ex-pats. Although all of Bangkok is a melting pot of cultures, in Sukhumvit alone, you can find restaurants from a variety of cultures — including Italian, Australian, and Middle Eastern.

As for accommodation, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available, including La Petit Salil and Citypoint Hotel.

And that’s not all!

Sukhumvit is also famous for offering the best of Bangkok nightlife, most of which is concentrated on one party street — Soi 11!

If you’re thinking of heading down here with your partner for some good times, make sure to put your kids to sleep since this is not a family-friendly area at all.

10. Khao San Road

If there was one place that epitomizes all that is great about Bangkok, it’d be Khao San Road and the surrounding Banglamphu area.

While there’s no shortage of adventure in Bangkok (which you can find out about by watching our video!), nothing holds a candle to the lively offerings of Khao San Road.

Being a family that loves to travel, we’re always on the lookout for ways to save a couple of bucks. Seeing that Khao San Road receives a monumental number of budget-conscious backpackers, you’ll easily find several guesthouses and hotels to stay in without breaking the bank.

While you’re there, stroll across the streets, which are lined with a plethora of Thai food stalls. You can also check out the nearby markets, and shop for the whole family!

If you’d like to avoid the hustle of Khao San Road’s markets, you should definitely visit the Democracy Monument, along with the marvelous Wat Saket. Also known as the Golden Mount Temple, this Buddhist temple sits on top of the Golden Mountain, and offers breathtaking views.

9. Silom

Considered by many to be Bangkok’s business district, Silom is one of the places that you can stay in Bangkok!

While we usually tend to think of cities as all noise and pandemonium, Silom will change that definition of a city for you. Not only will you encounter Bangkok’s beating green heart here, in the form of the jaw-droppingly beautiful Lumphini Park, but you’ll get to enjoy the best, and most authentic Thai food, too!

Seeing how Silom is a business district, the accommodation is a bit more expensive than other areas in Bangkok, but this is an easily justifiable expense since you’ll be saving up on your travel expenses. With several Skytrain and MRT stations located in Silom, you can explore all of Bangkok from here at extremely cheap rates.

While you’re in Silom, make sure to check out the following locations:

Once you’ve thoroughly enjoyed these places, make sure to end your stay in Silom by feasting at the Charoen Krung Road, where timeless Thai restaurants have thrived for generations.

8. Old City (Rattanakosin)

If you’re interested in exploring the quieter, and somewhat underrated parts of Bangkok, you need to head over to the Old City, which is also known as Rattanakosin.

Situated on the left bank of the gushing Chao Phraya River, Rattanakosin is home to several iconic landmarks, including the majestic Grand Palace, the historic Wat Pho, and the National Museum. If you or your children have a knack for history and culture, you’re going to absolutely love Ratanakosin!

As for accommodation, you can stay at Sala Arun for a cozy and budget-friendly option. That being said, if you’ve got some money to spare, you can elevate your vacation by staying in the luxurious Chakrabongse Villas!

7. Thonglor

Thonglor, which is sometimes referred to as ‘Thong Lo,’ is a trendy and upscale district with a hipster vibe.

Most notable for its popularity with youngsters, Thonglor offers an array of stylish restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs.

Much like the rest of Sukhumvit, Thonglor is popular with both locals and ex-pats and an overall great place to savor Bangkok’s modern side. While you’re here, some spots that you can add to your itinerary include:

6. Chinatown

One of the best features of vacationing in Bangkok is that you get to experience an array of different cultures, all in one place.

If you’re on the lookout for a unique cultural experience, combined with stellar street food, you should consider staying in Bangkok’s Chinatown, which is also known as Yaowarat.

Chinatown — as the name quite aptly suggests — is a maze of narrow streets filled with market stalls and busy restaurants, bearing a wonderful testimony to China’s influence on Thailand.

If you want to experience Yaowarat in all of its glory, though, we’d recommend staying here during the Lunar New Year, which is when Chinatown really comes alive!

5. Ekkamai

Ekkamai has a lot in common with Thonglor.

For one, it boasts of the same popularity with the young generation as Thong Lo does, and has a lot of the same attractions, which range from cozy, little cafes, to high-end bars and restaurants.

With that being said, some of Ekkamai’s must-visit spots include the following:

4. Siam Square

There are a lot of malls and shopping centers to visit in Bangkok, but if you want to stay at a place where you can shop at the best malls, then Siam Square is the place for you!

Home to multiple high-end shopping malls like MBK Center, Siam Paragon, and CentralWorld, to name a few, Siam Square is easily accessible by the BTS Skytrain, too.

As for the accommodation, you’ve got several mid-to-high range options, including the notable Pathumwan Princess Hotel and Chatrium Grand Bangkok.

3. Riverside

Serenity and urban landscapes don’t really go hand in hand, but Bangkok’s Riverside is a wonderful exception. The Chao Phraya River, which is also known as the “River of Kings,” flows through this area, which is how it gets its name.

You can book a room in one of Riverside’s many affordable accommodation options, including the Public House Hotel and the Akara Hotel. While you’re in Riverside, make sure to make the most of your vacation by frequenting these spots:

2. Pratunam

Bangkok is famous for its cheap shopping options, and it doesn’t get any cheaper than it does at Pratunam.

Much like Siam Square, Pratunam is a haven for all shoppers. Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest designer wear or some cheap and trendy clothes, Pratunam has it all!

Known for its vast markets, including the main Pratunam market and Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam is also within walking distance of some of Bangkok’s major shopping centers, which is yet another similarity it shares with Siam Square.

1. Ari

Located in Northern Bangkok, Ari is another underrated area that few people stay in. Known for its chic cafes, boutique shops, and laid-back atmosphere, Ari is an ideal choice for travelers looking to experience Bangkok in a completely new way.

You won’t find as many tourists here, but you’ll discover a thriving food scene instead, brimming with local cafes, and eateries. Some of our favorites include Black Cat Coffee and Landhaus, where you can grab a steaming cup of cappuccino with a flakey and gooey chocolate croissant!

On that mouth-watering note, we hope you enjoy your time in Bangkok!

Until we meet again, happy travels!

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