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pack is back if you are planning to make some memories with ...

pack is back if you are planning to make some memories with the gang and recreate The Hangover look no further because Bangkok is the right place for you welcome back to wonderfully lost your home for all things travel today we'll pay a visit to the Buddhas witness the vibrant street life and book a canoe to move through the network of canals Bangkok has to offer but with so much to do what do we get to First don't worry we have taken care of it for you here's the list of the top 11 things you must do if you visit Bangkok number 11. visit the Grand Palace and wat po if you're looking for a way to avoid crowds in Bangkok you better set that alarm clock early get yourself to wattpo in time for the Monks chanting ritual and let us tell you it's quite the experience you'll be staring up at the largest reclining Buddha in the city which is 45 meters long and 15 meters high and if you're into bling you'll love the pearls and symbols etched under the statue's feet the temple complex also houses the Buddha Gallery where you'll find 394 golden borders and four royal cherries covered in colorful Ceramics and don't forget to visit bra Ubisoft where the ashes of King Rama are guarded by another famous Golden Buddha statue it's a temple Extravaganza after your spiritual awakening it's time to head to the Grand Palace AKA a paradise for all you artists out there you'll be in awe of the Grandeur and Majesty of the building and its Throne Halls just make sure to cover up those shoulders and legs or you'll be slapped with a fine yep Bangkok has a thing for shoulders who knew ah and don't forget to catch a show at the Royal Theater for a dose of Bangkok culture the Thai dance show is epic and you'll feel like a true local after watching it number 10. ride the infamous tuk-tuk if you plan to visit Bangkok you simply must hop on a tuk-tuk the wind in your hair the sound of the engine and the vibrant energy of the city all around you it's a an exhilarating Sensation that you won't soon forget it's not just about the destination but the journey itself from the moment you climb aboard you'll feel like you're on a wild ride at a theme park and let's not forget the views as you zip through the bustling streets of Bangkok you'll get a first-hand look at the city's vibrant culture and unique way of life it's an adventure that's sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for this amazing City sure it may be a bit bumpy and chaotic but that's all part of the charm oh and the best part you get to haggle over the price with the driver just throw out a number and watch the fun begin who needs a meter when you can bargain your way to a deal number nine watch kickboxing too bored from sightseeing maybe a kickboxing match will boost your mood and give you that Adrenaline Rush a trip to Thailand is incomplete without watching at least one match of Thailand's National Sports Muay Thai or Thai kickboxing the Russia Domin boxing stadium is the place to be for the Ultimate waitai Experience it's been around since 1945 so you know it's legit this place is the real deal no wimpy half-hearted boxing matches here and if you're lucky you might even catch a fight between some female Fighters the stadium is conveniently located near the old city Carson Road and the chaopraya river so you can easily swing by for a match after a day of exploring don't be square and miss out on the action catch at least one match while you're here number eight attend songkran Festival do you think your homies throw the best water fight in town well it's nothing compared to the songkran festival each year Thai New Year is celebrated between the 13th and 15th of April and during this time the entire country participates in an all-out water fight it's an all-out battle you better come prepared with your water guns buckets and balloons but it's not just about getting soaked to the bone the festival also has a cultural significance it is believed to wash away bad luck and sins by sprinkling water once you experience songkran your regular water fights will seem like an iPod in the world of Spotify AI number seven experience The Nightlife as soon as the sun sets this city comes alive with endless possibilities for fun and Adventure get ready to forget all your worries and dance the night away from the infamous red light districts to Swanky rooftop bars Bangkok has it all if you're looking for a wild party head over to kaosan Road or its laid-back neighbor soy rambutri and if you want to hang with the cool kids Tong law has new trendy bars popping up every week and for the ultimate clubbing experience check out the big names at sukhumvit silam or the super clubs at RCA with so many options you'll never want the Night to End number six visit watt Aaron so now you want to pay a visit to the Buddha well Thailand is filled with thousands of Buddhist temples but you've got to check out what Aaron The Shining Star of Buddhist shrines this Temple is a tribute to Aruna the god of Dawn and it lives up to its name by being absolutely breathtaking you'll be blown away by The Towering 82 meter prang which is adorned with colorful pieces of porcelain and that's not all there are four similar prangs surrounding it all covered in stunning mosaics the location has recently been renovated so it's looking fresher than a daisy number five enjoying the night markets the night markets in Thailand are a Labyrinth of Wonders where you'll find everything from fake Rolex watches to Exotic fried insects it's a chaotic playground for The Adventurous and the daring with markets opening from 5 PM Till Dawn you can kiss your sleep goodbye and if you're in the mood for a little less chaos and a little more culture head on over to asiatik the riverfront here you'll find not just trendy clothing and unique souvenirs but also a chance to ride a 200 foot tall Ferris wheel and feel like you're on top of the world number four watch a puppet show it should be an absolute must for any tourist to attend a puppet show in Bangkok unlike the classic version the Bangkok puppet show involves puppeteers to be on stage they are camouflaged in the background and are part of the show it takes three puppeteers to handle a single puppet the shows are a depiction of Thai culture as they tell a local folk tale these talented puppeteers are like puppet Whisperers able to bring their inanimate objects to life before your very eyes you can catch these shows at all sorts of special events and festivals as well as a few selected theaters scattered throughout the country number three travel Chao prayer River on a boat forget what you think you know about Cheo prayer River because this Mighty Waterway is not just a pretty sight it's the lifeblood of Bangkok and you haven't really experienced the city until you've explored it by boat with its floating markets temples and palaces the chaopra river is a treasure Trove of must-see sites and the best part you can see it all from the comfort of your own boat that's right hoverboard and let the river take you on a wild ride through the city's network of canals number two visit Siam Paragon Mall you can't miss this mall if you're in Bangkok unless you're not interested in designer Brands and luxury shopping in which case you're clearly in the wrong City get get lost in the Maze of shops and don't even bother to try to find your way out because you'll want to stay forever and don't worry about getting bored the multiplex cinema will keep you entertained for hours or you can stuff your face at one of the billions of restaurants here they've got options for every budget you can check out Lamborghinis and Ferraris in the showrooms here and who says you can't go shopping with your pet fish the mall even has an aquarium and it's the biggest in all of South Asia number one have a Time massage all right you've done it all you've shopped eaten and explored the city now it's time to get some rest Thai massages are all A Rage in Bangkok and for a good reason they'll need your body like dough and leave you feeling relaxed and ready for round two popular tourist spots like succumbit silom and chaosan Road are chock full of these massage Havens plus there are loads of spa chains and high-end luxury hotels that offer massages fit for royalty so what are you waiting for Bangkok is an unforgettable experience but if you're headed to Tokyo for your next adventure click on the link below to check our travel guide to Tokyo Japan [Music]

From shopping while in a canoe, to feasting your eyes on a nearly 50 feet Buddhist statue, these are the 11 best things to do in Bangkok, Thailand.

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11. Travel in Style

11. Travel in Style Bangkok Thailand

Let’s talk about the ultimate, most thrilling adventure you absolutely must experience when visiting Bangkok! 

It’s none other than the iconic Tuk-Tuk Ride! 

This three-wheeled motorized vehicle has been a staple mode of transportation in Bangkok since World War II. And it’s hands-down the most exhilarating way to navigate through the city’s cramped and winding streets. 

You can even take a Tuk Tuk city tour!

Now here’s the thing: watch out for those sneaky Mafia Tuk-Tuk gangs that are scattered all over the place! 

They might try to lure you into exploring the city’s most secretive spots, but fear not! 

Just fold your hands and confidently declare, “Mai chai”, which means no, and show them you know who’s the boss. 

Why don’t you take your Tuk-Tuk to a great place to shop?

10. Floating Markets | bangkok Thailand


Get ready for the ultimate shopping adventure that will have you feeling like a local in no time! 

The floating markets in Bangkok are an absolute must-see – they’re these amazing markets set up on boats that give you a sneak peek into the authentic local way of life. 

From clothes to souvenirs, these boats are overflowing with all kinds of shopping treasures. 

Except, beware, once you step onto a boat, you might find it hard to resist buying something!

And let me tell you, just 20 kilometers from Bangkok lies the holy grail of floating markets – Khlong Lat Mayom! 

Find a floating markets tour HERE!

Once the exhaustion of channeling your inner shopaholic wears you down, you’ll be seeking a way to revitalize and rejuvenate.

9. The Oriental Spa | bangkok Thailand

The Oriental Spa | bangkok Thailand

The world-renowned Oriental Spa in Bangkok beckons you! 

This premier spa is simply the crème de la crème of spas, and it’s an absolute must-do for couples visiting the city.

The expertly trained Thai staff take care of you and your loved one. 

And of course, no trip to Thailand would be complete without indulging in a traditional Thai massage – get ready for some seriously therapeutic romance!

Trust us when we say this is one of the best things to do in Bangkok for couples. 

Now that you’re relaxed, let’s learn about Thai culture.

8. Thai Village | Bangkok Thailand

Thai Village | Bangkok Thailand

We all love delving deep into the culture of any place we visit. 

In that case, the Thai Village Cultural Show will run you through the rich traditions and heritage of this incredible country.

It takes place in the serene Rose Garden, and the show itself is a feast for the senses. 

From featuring a thrilling Thai boxing match, or partaking in a breathtaking traditional Thai wedding, it’s a gratifying experience. 

In merely a few hours, you’ll experience the vibrant and colorful culture of Thailand. 

Make the Thai Village Cultural Show a top priority on your list of places to visit in Bangkok – you won’t regret it!


Now, are you ready for a real high-altitude experience?

7. Sky Bar | Bangkok Thailand

Sky Bar | Bangkok Thailand

If you’re eager to take in the city’s skyline, then The Sky Bar is the perfect destination for you. You’ll be able to enjoy a drink with breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

It catapulted to fame after the movie The Hangover Part II. 

The bar is on the 64th floor of the posh State Tower in Bang Rak, and that’s where the best parties are at!

Order a bubbly champagne, and take in the epic 360-degree views of the city. 

The ambiance is lush and glamorous, and the bar is lit up with flashy LED lights. They’ll change color every 90 seconds so let’s hope that doesn’t add to your tipsiness. 

Feel free to experiment with some of their crazy cocktails, they have the classic stuff, but also some really off-the-wall concoctions. 

Now, head over to an all-encompassing experience at Koh Sanh.

6. Khao San Road | Bangkok Thailan

Khao San Road | Bangkok Thailan

Alcohol buckets, dried cockroaches and spider snacks and street parties that spill out onto the sidewalks, there’s never a dull moment on Khao San. 

And if you’re a foodie, you’ll love the incredible street food scene – just make sure to follow the locals’ lead and choose a crowded stall to avoid any tummy troubles. 

Pad Thai with chicken is a must-try, and at just 50 baht for a large portion, it’s a steal!


Now, even if you’re not a party person, there’s still plenty to love about Khao San. Cheap and fantastic massages are on offer, and the street food scene alone is worth a visit. 

And while the area may not be the most fragrant, the intoxicating energy and exciting atmosphere make up for any smells. 

Now, if you’re looking for some peace and calm, we know just the temple.

5. Wat Pho | Bangkok Thailand

Wat Pho | Bangkok Thailand

If your eyes have been eager to see some splendid architecture, then please visit Wat Pho

This regal temple is also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. 

Properly named, this temple houses a 46-meter-long and 15-meter-high golden Buddha statue in a reclining position. 

You really need to see it to believe it. What makes the statue unique are the intricate details of the feet, which are inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

Apart from the reclining Buddha, Wat Pho also boasts other beautiful structures. 

It has four chapels that house 394 Buddha images, eight pagodas, and many beautiful murals. 

If all of this art exhausts you, then the temple complex is also a center for traditional Thai massage, and visitors can opt to have a massage after exploring the temple.

Overall, Wat Pho is a must-visit attraction in Bangkok. 


Now, to imprint the best of your trip, can we suggest a tattoo parlor?

4.  Sak Yant Tattoo | Bangkok Thailand

Sak Yant Tattoo | Bangkok Thailand

How about getting a sak yant tattoo?

If you’ll recall, these tattoos became famous thanks to Angelina Jolie and Muay Thai fighters. 

They’re like a mix of Buddhist and Yantra tattoos, and they’re filled with sacred geometry, animals, and deities that come with their own mantras.

These tattoos are frequently brandished by locals since they are thought to bring protection and luck. 

On the other hand, the symmetrical simplicity of these stylish tattoos has captured the hearts of foreigners. 

It’s like a whole spiritual vibe that connects your body, the universe and some higher power together. If we’ve helped ease your doubts about getting inked, then we’re excited to see what design will catch your eye. 

We know it’s a big decision, but imagine getting inked by a legit monk at the Wat Bang Phra temple.

3. Temple of the Golden Mount | Bangkok Thailand

Temple of the Golden Mount | Bangkok Thailand

If you want a dose of serenity amidst the chaos of Bangkok, head to the Temple of the Golden Mount. 

You’ll need to shell out just 20 baht to enter and then get ready to climb a gazillion stairs to the top. 

But don’t worry, you can ring the bells on the way up for some good luck. 

Once you’re at the top, get ready for a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and its stunning skyline, complete with a glittering gold Chedi.

Trust us, it’s worth the climb. 

The best part? It’s not too challenging, so you can take a break whenever you want. And it’s quiet and peaceful up there, unlike the hustle and bustle of the city below. 

2. The Grand Palace in Bangkok Thailand

The Grand Palace in Bangkok Thailand

It’s the epitome of opulence and grandeur, and you’ll regret it if you miss out on this one. 

Sure, the entry fee is a bit steep at 500 baht, but trust me, it’s worth every penny. If you’re only going to see one temple during your entire trip to Thailand, this is the one to visit.


Now beware, the dress code is seriously no joke. 

They’re not messing around when they say no shoulders or knees on show. And don’t even think about wearing anything remotely sexy, because that’s a big no-no. 

Seriously, you can’t even wear leggings! 

But don’t stress too much if you forget the dress code, there’s another temple where the star attraction is a wild cat.

1. Tiger Temple | Bangkok Thailand

Tiger Temple | Bangkok Thailand

Are you tired of just watching tigers from behind the safety of a cage? 

Well, in Thailand’s Tiger Temple, you can take things to the next level and get up close and personal with these magnificent beasts! 

That’s right, no cages in sight! 

You can even snap a selfie with these wild cats, all thanks to the monks who raise them. 

Witness the tigers’ daily exercises and watch baby cubs being fed. 

And if you’re feeling brave enough, you can even take a walk with these majestic creatures. 

And, that’s among the best that Bangkok can offer.


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