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foreign [Music] magical boat rides to some of the best fo...

magical boat rides to some of the best
food you'll ever taste you never know
what you'll find in Bangkok go shopping
at one of the local busy markets or
check out the many temples the city has
to offer there's so much to do welcome
back to wonderfully lost a travel
Community for parents by parents if you
find your way into this buzzing
Cosmopolitan be sure to scratch these 11
things off your bucket list number 11.
travel along the floating Market if you
want to experience Bangkok at its finest
visit one of the floating markets it
sounds straight out of a movie but there
are several to choose from and they're
all Charming in the Heart of the City
clonglad ma'am and tailing Chan stand
out as the most popular options easily
accessible if you use public
transportation these markets come alive
in the mornings feel like a main
character as you go along a river in a
little wooden boat trying out yummy new
food and getting a taste of Thailand's
Rich cult there are many agricultural
goods and trinkets along the way so keep
your eyes peeled number 10. explore the
Grand Palace you can't not see the Grand
Palace complex when you come to the city
after all it's an iconic structure going
all the way back to 1782. it's a
masterpiece with ceremonial Halls many
government offices and the world famous
temple of the emerald Buddha what's
crazy is how the entire compound spans
an impressive 218 000 square meters
surrounded by walls stretching 1900
meters it's an architectural wonder and
speaks volumes about Thailand's Rich
history and Heritage while the Thai
royal family no longer lives here this
complex doesn't lose its importance for
the locals number nine go on a temple
tour you'll find loads of floating
markets street food stalls and temples
in Bangkok and they're all worth
exploring as we mentioned the Grand
Palace contains multiple temples and
while they're all impressive there's one
that stands out the most the Temple of
the emerald Buddha is absolutely
magnificent and definitely worth the
trip but be ready for a crowd these
places are busy and for good reason walk
from here just a little more and you'll
get to see the reclining Buddha at what
Poe the site of Thailand's largest
reclining Buddha are 150-foot
gold-plated Masterpiece dominates the
interior besides the Buddha the compound
has the nation's largest assembly of
Buddha images so for you history lovers
out there this is something you can't
miss if your appetite for temple
exploration isn't yet satisfied you have
plenty more options to choose from
there's wattsakit what mahatat and wat
sutat bangkok's spiritual Treasures are
countless but water Rune deserves its
own praise its remarkable 269 foot tall
tower Rises proudly along the Chao
prayer River and when night falls the
temple shines with a golden light what
makes water rune even more special is
that it's one of the few temples in
Thailand you can climb climbing its
Steep and narrow stairs rewards you with
a breathtaking view of the river and the
surrounding Temple grounds to couple for
memorable day find a table at a rooftop
bar and watch the sunset over water rune
sip on some refreshing drinks and click
some photos at the nearby restaurants
and bars it's a perfect way to wrap up
your exploration number eight go
shopping at chatterjack Market every
weekend this sprawling 27-acre Bazaar
burst to life with thousands of shops
and so many Goods you won't know where
to look they've got everything from
stylish clothing to Unique handcrafted
items you won't just find cheap trinkets
you'll also uncover exquisite jewelry
and high quality artisanal products but
here's a pro tip don't forget to brush
up on your bargaining skills to get the
best deals possible with 15 000 stalls
chatter check Market ranks among the
world's largest open-air markets you
name it they've got it practical items
like home decor art fashion and
kitchenware as well as Quirky finds
iPhone cases and yes even live animals
but don't be fooled by its size the
market is very well organized and
there's even a map at the entrance and
here's a bonus the street food at
chatter check Market is nothing short of
fantastic speaking of fantastic don't
forget to click the Bell icon so you'll
be the first to know when we make more
fantastic guides for your family travel
Adventures number seven visit the Jim
Thompson House Jim Thompson an American
entrepreneur and architect played a
pivotal role in revitalizing Thailand's
silk industry during the 20th century in
the 1950s he crafted a Thai inspired
residence in Bangkok decorating it with
treasures he had gathered from across
the globe today the Jim Thompson House
stands as one of the city's most popular
tourist destinations it's right
alongside a canal surrounded by Lush
Gardens Beyond its Artistry the property
has a legendary reputation for hosting
extravagant High Society Gatherings
number six go on a shopping spree yep
you've got it right we're recommending a
trip to a shopping mall but these aren't
just any old malls Bangkok shopping
malls are amazing they have massive food
courts and some crazy shops plus you can
get some relief from the heat outside
and all the crowds for a movie
experience like no other start with some
window shopping at Siam Paragon Mall
then catch a flick at the Paragon
Cineplex here you can unwind from your
busy day in plush recliners or even Cozy
Theater Style beds but the luxury
doesn't end there gourmet popcorn and
full meals are on the menu and you can
even enjoy a foot massage number five
get a Thai massage speaking of massages
you also have to experience a Thai
massage that'll bend your body in
unexpected ways if you're not one for a
little man handling then simply ask the
masseuse to go a little easy on you
it'll give your body just the Boost it
needs after your long travel number four
walk around lumpini Park every morning
you'll see all sorts of people doing
their own thing at lumpini Park
bangkok's largest park walking jogging
using exercise equipment and practicing
Tai Chi you'll see it at all it's an
excellent place to escape the urban
hustle and experience the karma side of
Bangkok the city's a concrete jungle
with most of its Green Space is
transformed into condos but in the heart
of Thailand's Capital there's an Urban
Oasis named after the Buddha's
birthplace in Nepal this park offers a
break from The Busy City life there's
even an artificial Lake where you can
rent Swan shaped paddle boats for a
relaxing time perfect for a rest day
number three dine at the Siam if you
want a little luxury in your travel no
Hotel Does It Better Than The Siam
you'll see 16th century Burmese Buddhas
and vintage toy race cars displayed from
the film room to the Grand upstairs bar
located to the north of the Grand Palace
The Siam provides a sanctuary to retreat
to after a day of Temple hopping and
silk shopping at chatterjack Market the
sound of water flowing from elegant
Stone fountains sets the tone in the
courtyard if you want to relax
completely the hotel's Hammond star Spa
has beautiful marble pillars and offers
deeply rejuvenating Reiki massages for
the ultimate spa day take a soak in the
clawfoot tubs in the teak clad Art Deco
style rooms at the end of the day well
spent sip a cocktail on the Terrace
while watching the chaopraya river
number two enjoy the menorah dinner
River Cruise now this cruise is perfect
for a romantic dinner get ready for a
journey through bangkok's Riverside
landmarks with this Unforgettable six
course dinner served aboard an antique
wooden rice barge this experience offers
both a crash course in Thai Cuisine and
a delightful exploration of the city's
Riverfront attractions as you dine
you'll get to savor some great dishes
including an amuse Boucher dawned with
gold leaf a creative rendition of mango
sticky rice enhanced by dry ice and
charcoal cooked chicken the warm and
attentive staff rival of finest dining
establishments On Solid Ground making it
an ideal choice for a relaxing evening
in the Tranquil Waters of Bangkok number
one eat your fill if you're coming to
Bangkok and not trying the delicious
Cuisine what's the point try a street
food stall once and you'll be hooked
there are so many options since it's so
cheap and Everywhere You Walk you'll
find another store setup tempting you
with its Aroma if you want the ambience
you've also got to take a look at
bangkok's enchanting yarrow at Chinatown
one of the largest chinatowns in the
World Market Lanes brimming with life
colorful shops adorned the smell of
street food and crazy street art as your
backdrop it doesn't get any better than
this have you ever wanted to try a
scorpion the answers probably no but if
you're in the mood for Something
Completely new a quick stop at kaisan
road is a must the street has everything
from bars and street food stalls to
Backpacker hostels but there's one
strange dish here fried scorpions get a
few drinks and who knows you might build
up the courage to try the dish no need
for tickets or reservations all you need
is an appetite and a sense of adventure
hey are you a Wanderer yet if not head
on over to our travel blog at

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost — where Mom and Dads come for advice!

For today’s blog, we’re elevating our Bangkok itineraries to the next level! Given how vast the City of Angels is, it can be a tad bit overwhelming to navigate the many sights and attractions that Bangkok has to offer.

But, we’re here to help, with our top 11 picks for the best things to do in Bangkok!

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What Are Some Of The Best Things To Do In Bangkok?

Garnering over 20 million visitors annually, there’s a reason why Bangkok is so popular with tourists from all over the world. From magnificent beach resorts to larger-than-life Buddha temples — Bangkok is brimming with must-see sights.

When it comes to planning vacations that the whole family will enjoy, oftentimes, one of the biggest hurdles that lie on the way to endless fun is actually narrowing down your itinerary. Particularly in a city like Bangkok where there’s so much to see and do, it can be quite a nuisance to limit yourself in this way.

Being parents who love to travel (which you can always read more about here!), we know how important it is to have fun on your vacation, without any of the usual hassles of deciding where to go and what to pack..

But fret not, dear readers! We’re here to help.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best things to do in Bangkok over the course of a week, based on how fun, family-friendly, and safe the activities are.

And hey, if you’d like to take your hassle-free approach a notch further, feel free to check out our travel kits here. This way, you’ll be equipped with all the right gear and clothes for your and your family’s Bangkok adventures!

11- Visit the Grand Palace

No visit to Bangkok can ever be complete without a visit to the Grand Palace.

Seeing that the Grand Palace has been the residence of Thai Kings since 1782, you can imagine the magnificence of the complex. With numerous buildings — including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha —, golden pillars and pavilions, the Grand Palace is a must-visit destination.

You can explore the compound as much as you want, and to avoid the stress of waiting in long lines, we’d recommend that you book your tickets online, and adhere to the strict dress code.

10- Eat Delicious Thai Food

Bangkok is full of entertainment options — which you can check out here but none of them can entertain you on an empty stomach.

Luckily, the soul of Bangkok is its mouth-watering cuisine. Known as the street food capital of the world, Bangkok has an arsenal of cheap and delicious dishes under its belt.

While you’re exploring food streets such as Sukhumvit Soi 38, Chinatown, or Victory Monument, make sure to get your hands on these dishes:

  • Pho
  • Jok
  • Pad Thai
  • Roti Gluay
  • Som Tam

9- Learn about Thai History at The Bangkok National Museum

Bangkok is a city with a deep, and rich history. As an eager tourist, you can always educate yourself about Bangkok’s culture by visiting the Bangkok National Museum.

Here, you can find the largest artifact collection in Thailand, along with numerous relics (which were initially in the possession of King Rama the V) such as puppets, precious stones, and ceramics.

As you plan your visit, do some research beforehand, and book a day when tours are offered in English.

8- Visit the Temple of Dawn

Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn, stands as a testament to the beauty of Thai architecture. Resting upon the banks of the Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun is one of the most magnificent temples in all of Bangkok!

Before you visit, make sure to purchase tickets in advance since there’s going to be a huge crowd. We’d suggest that you visit in the off-hours since Wat Arun is even more beautiful at night.

7- Stroll Across Lumpini Park

As urban as Bangkok is, it’s also a city that has a deep-rooted appreciation for nature, and nowhere is this appreciation more evident than it is at Lumpini Park.

The oldest and largest open space in Bangkok, Lumpini Park is a fundamental part of Bangkok’s history. With winding cobblestone paths, surrounded by flora, you can stroll through the park anytime you feel that the noise of Bangkok gets too much to bear!

6- Explore Wat Pho

Another temple that you definitely need to pay a visit to is the ever-majestic and regal Wat Pho, which houses the massive Reclining Buddha.

And Wat Pho is not just home to the Reclining Buddha. Here, you’ll be able to find over a thousand Buddha images, along with 394 gilded Buddhas. As one of the largest and oldest Temples in Bangkok, Wat Pho is seeped in a lot of history — including the fact that it is the birthplace of traditional Thai medicine and massages!

5- Shop At Floating Markets

Who ever heard of a floating market?

But here, just outside of Bangkok, you can find not one, but several floating markets!

And yes, a floating market is exactly what you’d imagine it to be. Several hundred shops and stalls are lined at the harbor, and you can explore these shops on little boats, bobbing up and down against the water, as you bargain with the shopkeepers!

While there are several floating markets to visit, we’d suggest that you check out the Bang Noi, Amphawa, and Tha Kha floating markets, since they’re the biggest markets that you’ll find!

4- Boat Across The Chao Phraya River

Running through all of Bangkok, the Chao Phraya River is a cornerstone of Bangkok’s life.

If you’d like to spend your vacations close to the flowing blue heart of the city, we’d recommend you book a hotel overlooking the river. Some affordable options include the cozy Lamphu House Bangkok and the Matchbox Bangkok Hostel.

Other than that, make sure that you boat across the Chao Phraya River, either on a cruise or as a way of navigating between temples.

3- Visit Jim Thompson House

If you’re a history buff or have kids who are on their way to becoming historians, make sure to add Jim Thompson House to your itineraries!

As the home of the famous American art collector and silk producer, Jim Thompson, the complex consists of multiple traditional Thai houses and structures. Once you walk through the massive complex, you’ll be perplexed and delighted to find that all the structures have been meticulously maintained, which only adds to how immersive the experience of visiting the house is.

You can also learn more about Southeast Asian art since there are several pieces that Thompson collected throughout his life, displayed at the houses, alongside contemporary exhibitions. Not only that, but you can also educate yourself about the mysterious circumstances of Thompson’s disappearance, and the legacy that he left behind.

The Jim Thompson house is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and while there’s a small entry fee for adults, children get to visit for free. You can even book a tour (which is offered in multiple languages, including English) around the house to further elevate your experience!

2- Stop By The Wat Benchamabophit Temple

Also referred to as the “Marble Temple,” the Wat Benchamabophit Temple is a dazzling feat of architecture, with multi-tiered roofs, intricate gold carvings, and graceful chofas on the top of the roof.

As soon as you enter the temple, you’ll find yourself completely mesmerized by the giant decorated windows, which have been masterfully carved out of white marble. Moreover, if you visit Wat Benchamabophit during the day, you’ll get to see the sunlight cascading along the pillars and the building, basking the entire temple in a golden glow.

Furthermore, on the opposite side of the entrance, there’s a large stone lion, which was placed there to guard the temple and the worshippers who visit daily.

1- Enjoy a Tuk-tuk Ride

If there’s anything that you take away from this blog post, let it be the fact that Bangkok is a vast, bustling metropolis, with a lot to see and do.

Being human, there’s only so much that you can walk in a day, which is why we’d recommend that while you’re in Bangkok, you should ride as many tuk-tuks as you can.

Not only is a tuk-tuk an affordable means of traveling all across the city, but it also allows you to experience Bangkok in a much more authentic way. Once you step foot in the small tuk-tuk, and the ride begins, you’ll feel yourself being rocked back and forth by the sprawling roads of Bangkok, with the chatter and smoke of the city engulfing you.

A tuk-tuk ride is something that we’d recommend everyone to experience once in their life, but it’s not without its cons. For one, a tuk-tuk doesn’t have a meter, so you’ll have to negotiate a fixed price beforehand. Oftentimes, tuk-tuk drivers tend to charge tourists an increased fare, so make sure that you’re bargaining a fair price. Also, a tuk-tuk is prone to getting stuck in the city’s many traffic jams, so be prepared to endure some complaints from the kids!

On that note, we hope you enjoy your stay in Bangkok!

Until we meet again, happy and safe travels!

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