10 Best Mexico Family Kid Friendly All Inclusive Resorts

snorkeling and fishing to massive Nickelodeon themed water ...

snorkeling and fishing to massive
Nickelodeon themed water parks Mexico
promises a great time for both kids and
adults welcome back to wonderfully lost
a travel Community for parents by
parents for today's video we're heading
all the way to Mexico and counting down
the best kid-friendly all-inclusive
resorts without any further Ado let's
get down to planning your next family
vacation number 10. Hotel X carrot
Mexico starting off our list at number
Hotel Xcaret
10 is the wonderful hotel xcaret resort
which is located in Playa del Carmen
Hotel excarat doesn't just promise fun
it actually delivers it in such a way
that by the time your children return to
their rooms they'll have massive Smiles
plastered on their adorable faces just a
heads up though the excarat resort
generally refers to the three hotels and
nine Parks run by Grupo xcaret when you
opt for an all-inclusive deal you get
access access to all of the parks and
tours along with lodging ground
transportation and some delicious food
now if you have any experience traveling
with kids you'll know that unless you've
come prepared with an itinerary packed
with all the right luggage things can go
bad pretty quick but to help you with
that you can check our family travel
kits Linked In the description trust us
nothing is more disastrous than a child
being bored at hotel excerpt your child
will never be bored not only are there
several pools and endless grounds for
kids of all ages to explore but there's
also a splendid Game Room dedicated to
Children there's also a kids pool
equipped with manageable slides and a
dedicated kids club when your kids are
done playing you can head on down to
their Buffet which is kid friendly too
number 9. player Viva Mexico for our
Player Viva Mexico
next pick we're heading from Playa Del
Carmen to Mexico's beautiful Pacific
Coast all the way to Playa Viva look we
get it as amazing as your
run-of-the-mill mega Resort experience
can be sometimes it can get a little
typical if you and your family are on
the lookout for something a little bit
different you're going to want to check
out player Viva nestled at the base of
the Sierra Madre Mountains on the coast
of a private beach you won't have a
single lackluster moment now play Aviva
has a variety of activities for children
including but most certainly not limited
to Boogie boarding gardening feeding
animals and horseback riding as parents
who want our children to experience the
best that Mother Earth has to offer we
love that player Viva offers something
for both kids and parents you can begin
your day with complementary yoga while
your children learn how to surf and
snorkel if you're interested in our
journey as parents and travel
enthusiasts try checking out our travel
blog over the course of the years we've
learned that the best way for a family
to have the best time is to find a
shared activity to participate in
together at play Aviva you can watch
baby turtles being released into the
ocean it doesn't matter if you're 2 or
92 everyone loves baby turtles number
Villa del Palmer
eight Villa del Palmer while our next
pick might be considered somewhat safe
in comparison to play Aviva that doesn't
mean it's any less wonderful for our
number eight pick we're going back to
Cancun to the extremely kid-friendly
Villa del Palmer if you've got children
aged 4 to 12 bored out of their minds on
a vacation that you've worked so hard
for you need to take them to Villa del
Palmer this Resort offers a whole bunch
of amenities geared just for children
including a play area decked with toys
and a staff that's going to guarantee
that your kid has the time of their life
there's even a game room for kids who
love video games while your kids are
having their dose of fun you can always
head on down to the sauna and Spa to
relax for a bit number 7. Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach Cosmo
Cosmo less than 10 miles away from
cozumel's cruise port The Paradise
Resort is every bit as Heavenly as its
name said suggests whether you want to
soak up some sun or relax indoors
lounging around in bed at Paradise Beach
you'll find your options for a good time
to be endless while you get a massage or
sip on some lovely Margaritas your kids
can go wild playing in the pool with
their water Inflatables and if there's
an experience that's sure to bring you
closer as a family it's definitely a
banana boat ride if that's not your
thing no worries you and your family can
always get that Adrenaline Rush by
parasailing across the vibrant Azure
Waters number six Nickelodeon Hotel and
Nickelodeon Hotel Resort
Resort for our number six pick we've
chosen The Eccentric and Goofy
Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort located in
Riviera Maya if you want to go all out
for your vacation and guarantee that
your kids come back with lifelong
memories then bring them out to the
world of Nickelodeon decked with slime
Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob this Resort
offers guests a uniquely immersive
experience that is every bit as fun as
you'd imagine it to be and be before you
scratch this Resort off your list as
being too cartoony you should know that
there are several adult amenities in
store for parents too you can get
massages at the Tranquil nice spa and
enjoy the steam rooms too make sure you
spend a day at the Resort's best
offering the famous Aqua neck water park
with seven massive water slides and a
lazy river this water park promises
greatness and fun trust us by the time
you leave your kids will be thanking you
number 5. Fiesta Americana condesa
Fiesta Americana Cancun
Cancun coming in hot at number five
we've got another Resort in Cancun the
fiesta Americana condesa located right
at the center of the hotel Zone in
Cancun one of the best things about
fiesta Americana is that you don't have
to worry about traveling time since
everything is literally just right
around the corner apart from the usual
amenities this Resort actually has an
arcade for your kids to make full use of
you could spend your days soaking up as
much sun on the beach as you want and
unites battling it out with your
children on a video game number four
Barcelo Maya Grand Resort
Barcelo Maya Grand Resort the Barcelo
Maya Grand Resort is every bit as classy
and sophisticated as it is fun do you
know what that means it means that both
adults and children are going to have a
splendid time together before you make
your reservation you should know that
the barcela Maya Grand Resort is
absolutely massive comprised of six
resorts in total the resort holds 27
restaurants 14 pools three theaters
three water parks are 33 000 square foot
spa and a bowling alley and if somehow
your kids aren't feeling any of these
options take them down to the Resort's
Ventura Fly and Ride Park not only is
this amusement park Beyond ordinary but
it's also got rides that'll bring out
the child inside of adults too just try
out the tasania and aqua zip rides to
see what we mean number three Hard Rock
Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya
Hotel Riviera Maya for our number three
pick we we're not going anywhere since
the Hard Rock hotel is located in
Cancun's Hotel Zone 2. Cancun has the
secret to great resorts figured out
since the Hard Rock Hotel much like the
barcelon Maya Grand Resort has something
in store for both adults and children
with over 75 spa treatment rooms you can
relax to all your heart's content while
your children enjoy activities and games
at the Rock City kids club if you want
an adrenaline rush head out to the
Rockaway Bay water park or go snorkeling
and kayaking with your whole family
number two Grand Villas Riviera Nayarit
Grand Villas Riviera Nayarit
how many resorts offer a baby concierge
package well we can only think of one
the Grand Palace Riviera nehrich it
doesn't get any more kid-friendly than
this if you've got a newborn or a board
tween Grand vallas has something for
everyone the baby concierge package
comes equipped with everything that you
need to shower your baby with Comfort
bottle warmers a travel crib strollers a
a baby seat and a list of baby foods and
there's a dedicated kids club for
children aged 4 to 12 along with a place
for teenagers to meet up and hang out as
for parents you have the option to hire
a personal concierge and enjoy some
guilt-free massages at the spa number
one Grand Palladium Costa muyos Resort
and Spa and for our top pick we're going
with the Grand Palladium costumes Resort
and Spa with an exclusive family
selection This Magnificent Resort offers
a unique experience for families and
caters to people of all ages and sizes
if you want to go for the most luxurious
experience book their family selection
Ambassador Suite amenities include a
private check-in along with a personal
family host to guide and assist
throughout your vacation ensuring that
everything goes smoothly as for the
activities there are clubs for babies to
teenagers offering everything from Xbox
games to trampolines an art room and a
kitty Park and as if that wasn't an
enough there's a tennis center on site
along with three massive pools a swim up
bar and a water park for kids on that
note thanks for watching hey are you a
Wanderer yet if not head over to our
travel blog at wonderfullylostravel.com

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, a family travel community for parents, by parents.

For today’s travel blog, we’re sharing our picks for the 10 best family and kid-friendly, all-inclusive resorts in Mexico!

Traveling with kids can be quite challenging if you haven’t prepared ahead of time. But with an all-inclusive resort, you can enjoy a stress-free vacation, with all your family’s needs well taken care of!

Before you get lost in our blog, be sure to browse our Wanderful Storefront for all our favorite travel products, gear and must haves!

1 – Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen

The Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen, much like its sister property in Punta Cana, is an all-inclusive beach resort thoughtfully designed to cater to kids and families.

With a massive six-acre outdoor water park, aptly called, AquaNick, the resort promises a unique blend of eccentricity and fun.

As parents on the lookout for ways to ensure our children have as much fun as possible, (click here to read more about our story!), we love the Nickelodeon resorts mainly because of just how much there is to!

We don’t say this lightly, but at the Nickelodeon will forget what boredom is!

With interactive game shows, character breakfasts, and a variety of Nickelodeon-themed dining options, your family is bound to have an exciting experience!

And before you start thinking of the resort as just for children, bear in mind that it offers spa facilities and two inviting swim-up bars for adults, too. While your children enjoy breakfast with Spongebob, you can head on down to the spa, and relax!

To top it all off, each suite comes with a picturesque view of the beach, and a private infinity pool.

Lastly, seeing that the resort is conveniently located at a 30-minute drive from Cancun, you won’t have to spend hours commuting either!

2 – Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta

Geared primarily towards rock n’ roll enthusiasts, Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta offers an all-inclusive resort experience that caters especially to teenagers.

If you have a couple of pouty teenagers on your hands, take them to Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta for an experience that they’ll thank you for!

This quirky resort stands out with its special club dedicated to teenagers, including air hockey, a pool table, Xbox games, and a dazzling plethora of arcade games. Needless to say, you won’t have to worry about entertaining your teenagers here, since there’s a dedicated space for them to rock out.

Similarly, there’s also a kid’s club for younger children, which offers several activities for your little ones, including crafts and games.

Other amenities include the Rock spa, a beauty salon, two outdoor pools, a kid’s pool, along with several whirlpools, and a wide array of dining options with six restaurants and multiple bars.

If you get bored of spending time indoors, you can always head on down to the stunning white sand beach, and bask in the gentle sunlight!

3 – Generations Riviera Maya

Generations Riviera Maya stands out as an all-suites, all-inclusive hotel designed specifically to accommodate large families and multi-generational trips.

With magnificent suites featuring up to three bedrooms, the resort offers the perfect combination of convenience and space akin to a condominium.

At Generations Riviera Maya, you’ll find a kids’ club and a teens’ club, providing age-appropriate activities for your kids, to keep them entertained and engaged!

The cherry on top is the fact that the resort also offers on-site water sports, an expansive pool with a swim-up bar, and an impressive selection of seven restaurants and bars offering gourmet cuisine from around the world.

At Generations Riviera Maya, it doesn’t matter what your age is — there’s something enjoyable for everyone in store!

4 – Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, Nayarit

When it comes to resorts offering a baby concierge package, the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit stands out as a unique choice.

This family-friendly resort caters to the needs of all family members, from newborns to bored tweens, and is an excellent choice for parents travelling with babies!

As the name suggests, the Baby Concierge package is specially designed to shower your baby with comfort and convenience. Including amenities such as bottle warmers, a travel crib, strollers, a baby seat, and a curated list of baby foods, you’ll find your precious little one coddled and cared for in the best of ways!

As for older children, the resort offers a dedicated kids’ club catering to ages 4-12, with several activities being offered.

While your kids have their fun, you can hire a personal concierge, and head on down to the on-site spa for some guilt-free massages!

5 – Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Offering an experience that leaves children beaming with joy, Hotel Xcaret is nothing short of a paradise!

Their all-inclusive package will grant you access to all of the resort’s parks and tours, along with accommodations, ground transportation, and multiple delectable dining options.

Alongside the impeccable amenities being offered, you can rest assured that there will never be a dull moment for children. With multiple pools, massive grounds for exploration, and a game room, your children will have the time of their lives, with several age-appropriate activities!

The kid-friendly buffet caters to children’s taste buds and promises that every mealtime is a great experience, without any complaints!

6 – Club Med Cancun Yucatan, Cancun

Club Med Cancun is the perfect resort for families seeking an adventure!

Not everyone wants to relax on their vacation, and if you’re one such family, you’ll find yourself surrounded by endless possibilities of fun at this wonderful resort.

Offering an arsenal of water-based activities such as sailing, and scuba diving, Club Med Cancun stands out as the only resort in Cancun with three private beachfront spaces!

As an added perk, the resort’s new Amazing Family Program ensures families have access to a wide range of entertainment options, such as life-sized board games, family story time, beginner yoga, treasure hunts, and pickleball!

Whether you’re a grandma or a four-year-old, you’ll find yourself giddy with joy here!

7 – Moon Palace Cancun, Cancun

As one of the largest and most notable all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, there’s a reason why Moon Palace Cancun is at the top of every resort list.

With a supervised kids’ club, along with a dedicated playroom, multiple outdoor playgrounds, and even a mini-golf course, Moon Palace Cancun takes fun a step further!

If you want your children to be beaming by the time you leave, you’ll want to bring them here!

Your teens will love the Wired Teens Lounge, which is equipped with the latest video games and a dance floor — providing them with the perfect opportunity to socialise with other teenagers!

While their kids socialise and revel in each moment, parents can rejuvenate at the Awe Spa or enjoy a round of golf at the resort’s 27-hole course.

8 – Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun

Mexico is full of amazing all-inclusive resorts (which you can check out here!), but Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun is just in a league of its own!

A boutique-style all-inclusive resort that focuses on creating an intimate and personalized experience for families, Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun is made out of the stuff of all your travel dreams!

Offering several age-appropriate activities, the resort ensures that kids are entertained at all times.

The My Gym Children’s Fitness Center and the Fisher-Price Toy Lending Library add an extra dimension of fun for little ones.

While your kids have fun, you can head on down to the several on-site gourmet dining options. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, visit the spa, and relax to all your heart’s content!

9 – Playa Viva, Petatlan

Nestled at the base of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Playa Viva boasts a vast 200-acre nature preserve and is a serene haven on Earth.

With a turtle sanctuary, this resort is perfect for families who want an escape from the hustle and bustle of their city lives.

At Playa Viva, a range of spa services awaits, along with cooking lessons, shore fishing, and scenic hiking trails. Your family will also have several opportunities for snorkelling, boogie boarding, kayaking farm visits, shopping, and the immersive Temazcal sweat lodge experience.

With meals, snacks, and most beverages included, Playa Viva presents the perfect haven for families to create cherished memories amidst nature’s embrace.

10 – Viva Wyndham Maya, Playa del Carmen

At Viva Wyndham Maya, families are in for an unforgettable vacation filled with fun and excitement.

Decked with a dedicated kids club, a separate pool, a sandbox, and a swing area, children aged four to 12 can have a blast from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Additionally, if you want to bond with your children, you can, since the resort hosts activities such as dancing, trapeze, and cooking lessons for the entire family.

As for adventure enthusiasts, you can enjoy various water sports such as paddle boarding, water aerobics, kayaking, and windsurfing.

The resort also offers amenities like oceanfront pools, a climbing wall, ceramic painting, and tennis to cater to every family member’s interests.

At night time, Viva Wyndham Maya comes alive with enticing entertainment at the theatre, where kids get a chance to showcase their talents during the Mini Show, which features dance choreography they learned earlier in the day!

On that note, we hope that you’ve found this blog helpful!

With that said, happy travels!

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