How to Plan Your Grand Canyon National Park Family Vacation

welcome back to wonderfully lost a travel Community for par...

welcome back to wonderfully lost a
travel Community for parents by parents
let's dive into the Epic family vacation
and Adventure travel that awaits you at
the Grand Canyon National Park embarking
on a trip to this natural wonder is a
journey we wholeheartedly recommend and
we're about to guide you through an
unforgettable experience first things
first let's get you out for your Grand
Adventure check out our travel kits for
more help getting to the Grand Canyon
National Park planning a trip to the
Grand Canyon is like preparing for the
ultimate family Quest it's incredibly
popular drawing over 4.5 million
visitors in one season alone with such
high demand you'll need to gear up and
start planning as soon as you have your
available dates locking down lodging or
Campground in or around the Grand Canyon
is essential cozy accommodations
especially inside the park gets snatched
up fast but worry not adventurers for
we've got some Insider tips ride the
wind or the road while you may have an
admirable number of frequent flyer miles
we assure you traveling with family is a
bit more complex than traveling alone
parents go through our travel blog for
further tips and tricks to design your
best family vacation yet Las Vegas and
Phoenix are the nearest airports but
keep in mind that you still have a four
to five hour drive to reach the Grand
Canyon south rim Flagstaff is a much
closer Hub just a 90-minute drive to the
Grand Canyon although Fair warning
flights to Flagstaff can be a bit like
spotting unicorns Las Vegas is the
easiest most direct and most cost
effective option from the East Coast
however if you prefer the scenic route
you can also fly into Phoenix and enjoy
a straightforward Drive North along I-17
to Flagstaff from there you'll Head West
along I-40 to Williams and then North to
the Grand Canyon and for those who love
detours consider taking a side trip to
Sedona for breathtaking views of Red
Rocks from airport Mesa fun for the
whole family a visit to this incredible
National Park offers a plethora of
activities for families to enjoy it's
the chance to make memories that last a
lifetime the adventure begins at the
Grand Canyon Visitor Center on the south
rim here you can catch a fascinating
Park orientation film it's like getting
a sneak peek of the grand Quest that
awaits there are exhibits and programs
suitable for all ages including children
pocket trusty steeds and either walk or
hop on shuttle buses to explore other
breathtaking land marks along the south
rim and let's not forget to join in on
the fun with ranger-led programs
stamping our national parks passports
and participating in the junior Ranger
program it's like becoming part of the
Grand Canyon adventurers Guild rent
bikes or e-bikes and right along the
greenway Trail for a magical Adventure
on Wheels Plus it offers car free paths
close to the south rim so you can enjoy
the scenery without any distractions May
the point a jaw-dropping spot offering a
stunning view of the canyon is right
behind the visitor center from there
begin your Trek on the 13 Mile rim trail
an easy paved walk that's suitable for
all ages even those little explorers in
History Science and shopping the trail
leads to other mesmerizing viewpoints
like yucky point to the East and Yavapai
point to the West at Yavapai points
geology Museum the mysteries of nearly 2
billion years of the Canyon's history
await just a hop skip and a jump away
from Yavapai point lies The Village here
you will find a unique collection of
historic structures a real treasure
Trove these amazing buildings were
designed by the legendary architect Mary
Coulter check out the renowned Hopi
house a homage to the indigenous
architecture of the Southwest now
housing the Park's largest souvenir
store and a Native American Art Gallery
interested in Pioneer history with
exhibits Galore verkamp's Visitor Center
is a must-see it also offers a bookstore
and information desk Feast your eyes on
the cobb studio and Lookout Studio which
were originally vintage photo studios
they are now a fantastic blend of
shopping and exhibit space the play
place is a perfect mix of history and
shopping therapy all aboard the
Adventure Express the scenic Grand
Canyon Railway passenger line covers a
whopping 64 miles through the Coconino
plateau's Pine Forest and Meadows
connecting the south rim and Williams
Arizona this is no ordinary train ride
it's a trip through history it's an
entertaining Journey to the canyon
filled with cowboy tails and heaps of
Fun close your eyes for a moment and
imagine pioneers and explorers from Days
Gone By embarking on this very same
Journey how about some Cosmic fun when
night falls and the stars twinkle like
diamonds in the sky the Grand Canyon
transforms into an extraordinary
stargazing Wonderland with its
International dark sky Park status this
is no surprise every June you can join
star parties telescopes are set up for
free use and there are astronomer talks
and photo workshops it's like having a
very own Intergalactic Adventure
legendary lodgings inside the park now
let's talk about where to lay your head
for the night when planning a family
trip to the Grand Canyon you'll have one
outdoor lodging option the campgrounds
but keep in mind that the in-part
campgrounds are like gold nuggets
they're often first come first served
and vanish faster than magic tricks so
we're a little hesitant to recommend
them to families never fear inside the
Grand Canyon National Park there are
eight lodging options Pro tip book your
lodging immediately six of these
fantastic lodgings are situated along
the south rim and let us tell you waking
up to those views is like a dream come
true want to know a fun fact the seventh
option Phantom Ranch is deep within the
canyon and is accessible only by foot
mule or raft sounds like something out
of an old Legend but Phantom Ranch is
known to book solid up for 18 months in
advance so plan ahead if you're up for
this wild adventure the eighth choice is
the El Tovar Lodge offering a truly
exceptional stay inside the park it's
like staying at a historic treasure
amazing abodes away outside if you
prefer to Bunk outside the park and
explore the wild west then to Saiyan is
our go-to place it's about a mile from
the south rim entrance and you can find
a range of hotels that are perfect for
families and guess what to say in hotels
offer an extra dose of convenience with
a free shuttle to the Grand Canyon
National Park that's what we call a
sweet deal oh have we mentioned Williams
yet it's like stepping into a Charming
western town straight out of an old
cowboy movie about an hour away from the
south rim entrance Williams offers a
selection of comfortable budget hotels
and motels and hey for those who prefer
the fancier side of life there are
upscale options like the lodge on Route
66 RV parks and campgrounds are also
available for those who want to feel
like true explorers but remember booking
ahead is as crucial as sunscreen on hot
summer days the Park's backyard the wild
west hold your horses there's more just
like a box of chocolates this trip is
just one treat after the next the Grand
Canyon surrounding area has even more
fantastic attractions for families to
enjoy it's like an adventure buffet near
Williams you'll find Bearizona a
drive-through Wildlife Park with all
sorts of Critters experience a real-life
Safari staying into Saiyan has its own
perks prepare for some off-road Thrills
pink Jeep tours offers heart pounding
adventures with breathtaking views of
the canyon otherworldly attractions get
ready for more extraordinary sites let's
Venture further to meteor crater in
Winslow it's the closest most of us will
get to setting foot on an alien planet
this massive crater was formed by a
meteor and it's truly out of this world
and for the little astronomers in your
group flagstaff's lower Observatory is
like a gateway to the Stars you'll get
the chance to explore space learn about
astronomy and let your imagination soar
perfect for all ages to explore space
and learn about astronomy a trip to
Grand Canyon National Park is just what
the doctor ordered if you're a nature
fan now if this isn't what you're
looking for perhaps you'd prefer the
hustle and bustle of a new Metropolis in
that case look no further than our video
on Dubai travel your Grand Canyon
Adventure is going to be one for the
books a visit to this Majestic wonder is
truly One of a Kind like winning the
jackpot remember to take your time soak
in the awe-inspiring views and capture
those precious moments with plenty of
photos you'll be so busy having the time
of your life that you won't even bother
with your phone or devices throughout
your journey to the Grand Canyon you'll
find exciting activities and unique
attractions to explore making your
family vacation Unforgettable it's like
a story that'll be passed down through
generations the tale of your legendary
Adventure at the Grand Canyon thanks for
watching see you next time

Are you ready for an exhilarating family vacation like no other? Read along for the perfect guide on How To Plan Your Grand Canyon National Park Family Vacation!

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, where parents come for travel advice. In today’s blog, we are taking you to a place that is sometimes rocky, sometimes green, and everything in between – The Grand Canyon National Park!

Situated in the mesmerizing state of Arizona, this geological wonder is an awe-inspiring marvel that promises an unforgettable experience for your entire family.

For an even better vacation experience, check out our detailed travel kits – especially made for families just like yours!

Before you get lost in our blog, be sure to browse our Wanderful Storefront for all our favorite travel products, gear and must haves!

This is how to plan your Grand Canyon National Park Family Vacation!

Where is Grand Canyon National Park?

The Grand Canyon National Park is majestically nestled in the southwestern part of the United States, specifically in the picturesque state of Arizona. Stretching over 277 miles in length, up to 18 miles in width, and plunging more than a mile deep, this iconic destination has been meticulously designed by the Colorado River itself – but it did take the river over millions of years.

With its sheer size and breathtaking beauty, the Grand Canyon has earned its place as one of the world’s most celebrated natural wonders.

Before Hitting the Road!

Planning is all part of the excitement! But before you embark on your Grand Canyon adventure, make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

To streamline your entry, consider purchasing a Grand Canyon National Park site-specific digital pass on before you arrive. With immediate access to your digital pass, you can easily download it on your phone or tablet. The pass will also be emailed as a PDF, allowing you to print it out for display when you reach the park.

Remember! Restroom facilities are available at various locations, including the South Entrance Grand Canyon National Park sign, picnic area east of Yaki Road, Shoshone Point, and Buggeln picnic area. As a precautionary measure, remember to bring hand sanitizer to keep yourself and your family safe.

Since the park encourages visitors to be self-sufficient, make sure to pack enough food and water for your trip. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon without any worries.

Here’s a helpful checklist to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip for the entire family:

  • Valid Identification
  • Proper Footwear
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sun-Screen
  • Camera and Binoculars

How to Get There?

Now that you’re all prepped and raring to go, let’s talk about how to get to the Grand Canyon National Park. And boy, there are several options to choose from.

If you’re coming from afar, the nearest major airport to the South Rim is Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) in Flagstaff, Arizona. For a visit to the West Rim, you can fly into Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS).

A family road trip can be a thrilling adventure in itself! The South Rim is easily accessible from major cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas. If you’re heading to the North Rim, the route from the Utah side is your best bet.

For a unique and enjoyable experience, consider taking the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams, Arizona, to the South Rim. Your kids will love the Old West charm and scenic journey!

Top Attractions

Get ready to be awestruck by the sheer beauty and wonder of the Grand Canyon. There are 3 rims of the park, so it is better to plan your trip accordingly. Here are some top attractions and their exciting offerings that your family will love:

1. The South Rim

1. Mather Point – This will likely be your first stop at the South Rim, and it will undoubtedly leave you speechless. Witness the breathtaking sunrise or sunset over the canyon’s great landscape for a picture-perfect moment.

2. Bright Angel Trail – Put on your hiking boots and embark on a thrilling adventure down this famous trail. The trail offers several options for hikes of varying lengths, allowing you to get as close to the Colorado River as you dare. Just remember to pace yourself and carry plenty of water!

3. Desert View Watchtower – Make your way up this stunning Native American-inspired tower for panoramic views that will leave you in awe. It’s an excellent spot for photos and quiet reflection on the canyon’s breathtaking beauty.

2. The North Rim

1. Point Imperial – As the highest point on the North Rim, Point Imperial offers unmatched vistas of the canyon’s wild and remote beauty. It’s a sight you’ll cherish forever.

2. Transept Trail – This family-friendly hike is perfect for exploring the lush forests and picturesque views of the North Rim. Take your time to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you.

3. Kaibab Lodge – For a cozy and comfortable retreat, consider staying at the Kaibab Lodge near the North Rim. Their rustic cabins provide the perfect setting for family bonding time.

3. The West Rim

1. Grand Canyon Skywalk – If your family loves adventure, this one’s for you! The Grand Canyon Skywalk allows you to walk on air, quite literally, above the canyon floor. With a glass-bottomed walkway, the views below are guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

2. Hualapai Ranch – Embrace the spirit of the Wild West at the Hualapai Ranch. This cowboy-themed ranch offers horseback riding and other exciting activities that will transport your family back in time.


After a day of exploration and adventure, finding a comfortable place to rest your heads is vital. Here are some top accommodation options catering to different budgets:

El Tovar Hotel – For a touch of old-world charm, the historic El Tovar Hotel is your go-to option. Perched right on the rim, it offers stunning views and an unforgettable experience. However, be sure to book early, as it’s a favorite among visitors.

Yavapai Lodge – This cozy lodge provides a range of rooms and cabins, making it an excellent choice for families on a moderate budget. It’s conveniently located and offers all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

Maswik Lodge – Nestled amidst the pine trees, Maswik Lodge provides comfortable and affordable accommodations just a short walk from the South Rim. It’s a great option for families seeking a relaxed stay in a natural setting.

Grand Canyon Lodge:** As the only lodging available on the North Rim, the Grand Canyon Lodge offers rustic cabins and stunning views. To secure your spot, make sure to make reservations well in advance.

Hualapai Ranch Cabins:** For a unique and immersive experience, the Hualapai Ranch Cabins are an excellent choice. Embrace the spirit of the Wild West with their rustic accommodations perfect for families seeking adventure.

What’s The Best Time to Visit?

Picking the perfect time to visit the Grand Canyon can make a world of difference in your family’s experience. There are four possible windows, each with the perfect set of attractions for you and your family.

  • Spring (March to May) – With pleasant temperatures and blooming wildflowers, spring is an ideal time to visit. Additionally, you’ll encounter fewer crowds, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the canyon. Just be prepared for occasional rain showers.
  • Fall (September to November) – Similar to spring, fall offers milder weather and stunning foliage. As an added bonus, the North Rim usually closes in mid-October, leading to quieter trails on the South Rim.
  • Winter (December to February) – If you’re seeking a unique experience, consider visiting during the winter when the canyon is dusted with snow. The South Rim is open year-round, although some trails may be icy and require extra caution.
  • Summer (June to August) – Be aware that summer is the peak tourist season, which means larger crowds and scorching temperatures. If you plan to visit during this time, stay hydrated and explore early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the heat.

Tips And Hacks

To ensure your family’s Grand Canyon adventure is nothing short of exceptional, here are some insider tips and hacks:

Beat the Crowds – Get an early start to your day to enjoy popular viewpoints without the crowds. Alternatively, explore less-known trails for a more intimate experience with nature.

Shuttle Service – Take advantage of the free shuttle service available at the South Rim. It’s an eco-friendly and convenient way to explore the park without worrying about parking.

Safety First – While the Grand Canyon’s beauty is captivating, it’s essential to prioritize safety. Always stay on marked trails, never approach wildlife, and keep a safe distance from the canyon’s edge, especially when traveling with kids.

Capture the Magic – Bring along extra camera batteries and memory cards to capture all the magical moments without any hiccups. Trust us; you’ll want to relive these memories again and again!

Stargazing – Don’t forget to experience the breathtaking night sky at the Grand Canyon. Join a ranger-led stargazing program for an unforgettable celestial journey.

With all these tips in your pocket, you’re all set for a memorable Grand Canyon National Park family vacation!

And that’s a wrap on how to plan your Grand Canyon National Park! Prepare to be amazed by nature’s grandeur and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So, gather your loved ones, pack your bags, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon!

And if you’re looking for another National Park family vacation, check out our guide to the best family vacation ideas for Banff National Park. And if you’re feeling more adventurous, check out our Youtube channel for hundreds of travel spots around the world!

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