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hello and welcome back to wonderfully lost your home for al...

hello and welcome back to wonderfully
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us in today's video we're going to show
you how chat GPT and AI are changing the
travel industry as we know it what is
chat GPT on November 30th 2022 the world
changed chat GPT Medics debut and became
a site as ubiquitous as Amazon or
Netflix within days if not minutes for
those of you not on the chat GPT
bandwagon yet you may be wondering what
it is and how it's used so the GPT in
chat GPT stands for generative
pre-trained transform former and it's an
AI chat bot with incredibly real
communication skills it's produced by
the company open Ai and it can do just
about everything it can answer any
question that you would Google it can
create poetry compose lyrics take tests
and even do coding Microsoft has jumped
on board recently confirming a
multi-billion dollar deal with open AI
given how quickly chat GPT came into
existence and how good it really is it's
not surprising how popular it's become
all you have to do is sign up for a free
account at and start asking
questions so the real question is how
will chat GPT change the travel industry
chat GPT and travel when you are
planning a trip your first step is
likely to Google you may Google best
spring break locations or Mexico spring
break or something along those lines
once you know location you may Google
what to do in Cancun or where to stay in
Cancun from those searches you will find
yourself clicking into a myriad of
different websites which are all written
in blog style meaning you have to read
for several minutes before you find the
information that you really need with
chat GPT you can get these answers
within seconds for example chat gpt's
response for best spring break location
is number one Cancun Mexico known for
its pristine beaches Clear Blue Waters
and vibrant nightlife Cancun is a
popular destination for Spring Breakers
number two Panama City Beach Florida
this Gulf Coast Town is a popular spring
break destination for those looking for
a mix of sun sand and puttying number
three South Padre Island Texas this
Barrier island is a popular destination
for Spring Breakers offering miles of
sandy beaches and a variety of water
sports number 4. Punta Cana Dominican
Republic Punta Cana is known for its
stunning beaches and all-inclusive
resorts making it a popular destination
for those looking for a relaxing spring
break experience number 5. Kaba San
Lucas Mexico this destination is known
for its stunning beaches beautiful
scenery and vibrant nightlife making it
a popular choice for Spring Breakers
number 6. Miami Florida Miami is a
popular spring break destination for
those looking for a mix of sun sand and
City Life with its famous South Beach
vibrant nightlife and many cultural
attractions going back to our original
Google question let's say you're trying
to figure out spring break from the list
above pretend you picked Panama City
Beach Florida before chat GPT you would
then Google what to do in Panama City
Beach and make a list of things you want
to do or see however you may need to
spend an hour visiting different
websites and combining lists plus
reading through all of the travel
descriptions however chat GPT can
quickly answer the question what to do
in Panama City Beach here is its
response number one spend time at the
beach with miles of stunning light sand
and clear blue water Panama City Beach
is a great place to sunbathe swim and
take part in water sports like
parasailing and paddle boarding number
two visit the golf world Marine Park
this popular attraction features dolphin
shows sea lion performances and
encounters with a variety of marine
animals number three explore the Saint
Andrews State Park this beautiful State
Park features miles of hiking trails a
fishing pier and several beaches that
offer excellent opportunities for
snorkeling kayaking and Wildlife viewing
number four visit the Panama City Beach
pier the 1500 foot Pier offers panoramic
views of the Gulf of Mexico as well as a
variety of restaurants shops and fishing
opportunities number live shop and dine
at Pier Park this outdoor shopping
center features a variety of shops
restaurants and entertainment options
making it a great place to spend an
afternoon or evening number six take a
dolphin watching tour Panama City Beach
is home to a thriving population of
dolphins and there are several tour
companies that offer boat excursions for
dolphin watching what's interesting is
that you can actually take it a step
further and have chat GPT create a whole
travel itinerary for you we prompted
chat GPT to make a three-day itinerary
for a Panama City Beach spring break
trip and here's what it came up with day
one arrive in Panama City Beach and
check into your hotel or rental property
head to the beach for some sunbathing
and swimming visit the golf world marine
park for an afternoon of dolphin shows
sea lion performances and encounters
with a variety of marine animals dining
at a local seafood restaurant and enjoy
the nightlife in the area date 2. start
the day with a visit to the Saint
Andrews State Park for hiking fishing
and snorkeling head back to the beach
for some water sports such as paddle
boarding or kayaking visit the Panama
City Beach pier for a relaxing afternoon
of shopping and dining enjoy an evening
of live music and drinks at one of the
many bars in the area day three take a
dolphin watching tour to see the local
Dolphins up close spend the afternoon
shopping and dining at Pier Park take a
sunset walk on the beach end the trip
with a farewell dinner at a local
restaurant so we'll chat GPT take over
for travel agents based on the sample
itinerary above our answer is no chat
GPT provides more generic style
responses such as end the trip with a
farewell dinner at a local restaurant as
opposed to picking a specific restaurant
yes you can prompt chat GPT to pick a
restaurant for you but it may not know
your tastes or budget or general area
you'd like the restaurant to be in or
the vibe you want the restaurant to have
in addition chat gbt cannot at least at
this time make actual travel
Arrangements like booking flights or
hotels this still needs to be done
manually or through a travel agent
travel agents are also known to offer
discounts on flights hotels and
activities beyond what is available
online to the average person for these
reasons we do not believe that chat GPT
will take over for travel agents we do
think that chat GPT can help you narrow
down travel ideas and give you some
suggestions of places to go accuracy
it's important to discuss accuracy and
timeliness when discussing chat GPT as
of the time we made this video the
knowledge cut off for chat GPT was 2021.
this means that the model was trained on
a data set that only includes
information up to 2021 and may not be up
to date on more recent events or
developments when it comes to travel the
industry changes free frequently
restaurants go out of business hotels
change names Go Under New Management or
offer updated services and pricing it's
important to know that when you use chat
gbt you are getting information that is
a few years old you may ask for a list
of four-star hotels in Cancun and
receive a list that includes hotels that
have gone out of business the same thing
frequently happens with chat GPT
restaurant recommendations due to the
frequent turnover of restaurants it's
always a best practice to verify the
information you receive from chat GPT
with a quick Google search you should
never take the information as 100
accurate it is written by artificial
intelligence after all overall there are
incredible opportunities to use chatgpt
to up your travel game and speed up the
research process make sure to pound that
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