Stunning Real Life locations in white lotus, GoT, Emily in Paris & more

get ready guys because in today's video we are headed to th...

get ready guys because in today's video we are headed to the locations where Star Wars Indiana

Jones Lord of the Rings White Lotus Game of Thrones and more were filmed there's a

new trend in traveling called set jetting where you experience the filming destinations of your

favorite TV shows or movies today we're covering the top seven for you be sure to subscribe to

wonderfully lost for more trending travel guides in less than 10 minutes all right let's go number

one Dubrovnik Croatia Game of Thrones whether you're a fan of Jon Snow the Starks Daenerys

Targaryen or the Lannisters you'll be in Game of Thrones heaven in Dubrovnik Croatia this country

served as the backdrop for King's Landing in the popular HBO series and when you visit you'll be

completely immersed in the capital of the Seven Kingdoms King's Landing you can explore many of

the show's filming locations throughout the city including the city walls the Minnesota
hour which was the exterior for the house of dying in quaff and the piled gate which is

seen in Seasons two and three of the show The Old Town of Dubrovnik is also a UNESCO world

heritage site and offers a glimpse into the city's Rich history architecture and culture

when visiting you can take guided tours of the Game of Thrones filming locations go on

a walk along the city walls or visit the nearby island of locker room which was also featured in

the show in addition there are several Game of Thrones themed bars and restaurants in Dubrovnik

where you can have your wine in a goblet just make sure it isn't poisoned first just kidding

2. hobbiton New Zealand the Lord of the Rings hobbiton located in matamata New Zealand is a

popular tourist destination for fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film franchises this

is the home of the Shire the home of the hobbits while in hobbiton you can take a guided tour of

the Shire and see The Hobbit holes you'll even get to see Bilbo Baggins hobbit hole which is small

cozy and comfortable just perfect for a hobbit you'll see a fireplace comfy small chairs and A

well-stocked ladder or kitchen Bilbo Baggins as Hobbit Hole in particular is described as being

quite Grand and luxurious compared to most other Hobbit holes reflecting his status as a wealthy

Hobbit the tour also includes a visit to the green dragon Inn which was used as a filming location

for scenes of Hobbits socializing and drinking Ale in addition to the Hobbit holes and in you can

see other iconic locations for the films such as the mill and the bridge which we used for various

scenes throughout the Shire the tour also includes a visit to the party field where the famous three

years company scene was filmed visitors can also see the gardens and farmlands surrounding Hobbit

holes which were created to add to the illusion of the Shire being a real thriving Community the

tour ends with a visit to the hobbit-sized apple orchard where visitors can enjoy a cider or Ale in

a hobbit-sized glass while taking in the stunning views of the surrounding Hills number 3. Skellig

Michael Island Star Wars this remote island off the coast of Ireland was used as a filming

location for the Star Wars franchise specifically for the scenes of the planet Arch 2 in the force

awakens and The Last Jedi visitors to Skellig Michael can see the stone beehive huts which

served as the dwelling place of the Jedi Temple on Arch 2. the Huts are located on top of the island

and offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean you can also see the famous Force awakens

staircase which leads to the huts and was used in the film as the entrance to the Jedi Temple make

sure to take a boat tour from the nearby town of Port McGee and hike to the top of the island to

see the filming locations it is recommended to plan ahead and book a tour in advance as

the number of visitors on the island is limited for preservation purposes number four Bucharest

Romania Wednesday any Wednesday fans out there we thought so this incredibly popular Netflix series

is based on Wednesday Adams the morose teenage daughter in The Adams Family this drama is full

of Gothic dark dramatic settings and scenery and was filmed in various locations throughout

Romania the boarding school at Wednesday is sent to called Nevermore Academy is actually the Canter

Casino Castle located in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania you can visit and enter the castle they

have daily visiting hours and offer tours of the castle and surrounding grounds note that
this Castle was only used for the exterior shots of the cast muscle the interior of the castle was

filmed in several different places throughout Romania such as palato montioru and Casa

nicolescu dorobantu which are both in Bucharest the greenhouse scenes were filmed at the Bucharest

Botanical Garden you feel the general Wednesday Vibe all throughout Romania number 5. Sicily Italy

White Lotus the White Lotus is a crazy popular HBO series that first premiered in 2021 the first

season was set in Hawaii and the second season which was released in late 2022 was set on the

beautiful island of Sicily in southern Italy due to the overwhelming popularity of the show Sicily

has seen a huge tourism boost as White Lotus fans flock to the region to experience the beautiful

sights pristine beaches and picturesque towns from the show most of the locations from White

Lotus are in eastern Sicily visit te Amina the hilltop town with the cobblestone streets where

the main characters first arrive in the show while there check out the ancient Greek Theater which

was built in the 3rd Century BC the characters in White Lotus also visited here travel to the small

island of Isola Bella where you can rent jet skis like Ethan and Cameron did in White Lotus
hike Mount Edna and experience wine tasting with an incredible view as was featured on the show

or visit the beaches of severalu you will feel like you've walked into an episode of White Lotus

minus the deaths and drama number 6. Petra Jordan Indiana Jones if you're interested in visiting

one of the most incredible ancient cities in the world then you can't miss out on Petra Jordan in

addition to seeing this amazing architectural Marvel you will also feel like you're on your
own quest for the Holy Grail because this happens to be where Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was

filmed visitors can explore the treasury Monastery and the Roman Theater all carved into sandstone

Cliffs a visit to Petra typically includes a walk through the seek a narrow Canyon leading

to the treasury followed by a tour of the various temples tombs and other structures the site can be

explored on foot by horse or donkey or by taking a guided tour please note unfortunately visitors

aren't allowed to walk inside the wall carving like Harrison Ford does in the movie you will
still be able to get that perfect picture from outside of it make sure to check out the Wadi
Rum Village which was also a location of Indiana Jones as well as scenes from Star Wars and June

number 7. Paris France Emily in Paris okay so we know that thousands of movies and TV shows have

been filmed in Paris you may have seen some of the classics like Emily Midnight in Paris The French

Connection An American in Paris and lahan however the most current and trending paris-based show

which can be watched on Netflix is Emily in Paris This Charming series features a young American

girl who moves to Paris for her career you see her navigate the challenges of life in a foreign

city while trying to succeed in her job and find love check out La bellangerie modern where Emily

has the best Panda Chocolat of her life visit Emily's workplace place develoie or see where

Emily breaks up with her Chicago boyfriend over the phone in front of the palace super Pantheon
eat at Cafe De LOM where Emily encounters Antoine for the first time in the show this is also one

of the best views of the Eiffel Tower you'll get anywhere make sure to pound that subscribe button

so you'll know when more amazing travel videos like this are dropped if you enjoyed this set

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