Discover Romance in Paradise: Your Ultimate Guide to a Makanda by the Sea Getaway for Two

welcome back to wonderfully lost a travel Community for par...

welcome back to wonderfully lost a
travel Community for parents by parents
craving a break Costa Rica and its
natural marbles await you wondering
where to begin we've lined up the top
Resorts you can't afford to miss before
your Twilight years are you ready let's
embark on the Costa Rican Adventure
number seven Rancho Pacifico starting
with one of Costa Rica's best resorts
make memories with an award-winning
resort with everything to offer it's a
beautiful all-inclusive resort for
adults encompassed by a lush green
forest in the Pacific Ocean it's nestled
on private property and offers visitors
and enchanting view so they can befriend
nature this Resort boasts spacious rooms
Suites and Villas designed explicitly
for couples the best way to experience
this spot is to take a refreshing dip in
its infinity pool you can enjoy the
mesmerizing beauty of the Pacific Ocean
while you're unwinding another must-have
at Rancho Pacifico is the food you've
got to nourish yourself to to explore
what the place has to offer fully the
dishes they serve are absolutely drool
worthy made with local ingredients to
keep the authentic Costa Rican flavors
alive what's more the resort features a
fantastic Spa and Wellness spot this is
the place where you can find soothing
treatments that Foster relaxation and
Rejuvenation helping you discover that
much needed inner peace while the resort
offers Scenic views and fun indoor
activities it also offers outdoor
adventurous fun you can enjoy hiking in
the lush green forest swing the zip line
and discover the nearby waterfalls
here's an idea you can book this exotic
Resort for your dream destination
wedding and make Unforgettable
picturesque memories you won't be able
to find a place like this anywhere else
in Costa Rica that's for sure number 6.
the Western Reserve a conchal an
all-inclusive Golf Resort and Spa
Western Reserve a Concha should be the
next item on your bucket list if you're
a nature lover it's an all-inclusive
resort and spa within chanting beaches
nearby this Resort is located amidst a
lush tropical forest and offers a
relaxing backdrop the resort has rooms
with comfortable beds and an environment
for a peaceful stay plus you have the
privilege of relishing stunning Sunset
Hues all while enjoying a warm cup of
tea on the Terrace this Resort offers
access to pristine beaches with Crystal
Clear Water perfect for the gram at the
Western Reserve a conch shell you'll
find a spa and golf club designed by
Robert Trent Jones whether you seek to
freshen up with spa treatments or
indulge in your passion for golf this is
the place to be the Resort's standout
feature is its friendly and welcoming
staff in addition the best part is that
this resort is for both kids and adults
making it ideal for family vacations
children can enjoy game time at the kids
club while adults can walk in the
Resort's Lush Gardens and swim in the
crystal clear waters on top of that
they've got water sports ready for you
to dive into you can explore the coastal
scene by snorkeling kayaking or pad
paddleboarding with your family how
fantastic is that the Western reserver
Concho is Heaven for everyone looking
forward to enjoying a bundle of fun
peace and luxury all Under One Roof
number five W Costa Rica Resort looking
for a getaway to a Tropical Paradise
well look no further than W Costa Rica
Resort nestled in the heart of Costa
Rica this Resort guarantees a peaceful
stay and an array of activities to dive
into it's the perfect blend of
relaxation and fun this hotel stands out
with its private balconies bars and the
luxurious treatments that it offers you
can hit the spa infinity pool or Golf
Course when in the resort on a sunny day
you can Splash in the pool and for a
soothing massage head to the spa also
the resort has a gym for Fitness
enthusiasts and why not head to the
beach to snap up those radiant Sunset
Hues with your phone's camera picture
this your sipping tea as the sun dips
behind the mountains if imagining it
brings a smile why not go ahead and
experience it for real nothing's
stopping you beyond that you have the
chance to immerse yourself in the
vibrant folk performances and music of
Costa Rica a true cultural treat there's
no shortage of activities to get
involved in either whether it's kayaking
snorkeling or everything in between the
opportunities are endless dive in and
make the most of it with all these
fantastic facilities a nature lover
would never miss visiting this Resort
number 4. Planet Hollywood Costa Rica
and Autograph Collection imagine finding
a peaceful Haven surrounded by the
breathtaking beauty of nature far away
from the hustle and bustle of your daily
life Planet Hollywood offers the perfect
escape to create a Serene home away from
home this musical themed Resort has
everything to offer for all age groups
here you'll feel like a celebrity
surrounded by movie themed Decor from a
private balcony enjoy the outdoor view
while resting peacefully in bed hit the
pool on a sunny day to refresh yourself
and head to the gym for a workout treat
your taste buds that any of the Resort's
seven restaurants these eateries offer a
world of flavors catering to all sorts
of Cravings so no matter where you're
from you'll find something that tastes
just like home since this is an
all-inclusive resort you'll find various
entertainment activities such as red
carpet movie night and star-studded
performances here and let's not forget
the trendy shops dotted around the place
perfect for satisfying that shopping
itch Adventures ziplining and ATV tours
await in the enchanting Papagayo Gulf
this Resort has luxurious facilities and
activities you name it and it's there
everyone dreams of becoming a star so if
you want to be treated like one for some
days look no further than Planet
Hollywood Costa Rica and Autograph
Collection number three Barcelo Tambora
looking forward to a tranquil Escape if
so book your ticket to Costa Rica and
head to Barcelo Tambor this spectacular
beachfront Resort is located on Tambor
beach in the nokoia peninsula of Costa
Rica surrounded by lush green and a
picturesque landscape the resort offers
A Perfect combo of natural beauty and
Modern Luxury thus making it an ideal
location for a relaxing getaway this
Resort features a total of 402 comfy
rooms and Suites you've got options to
choose from some rooms come with air
conditioning and a minibar While others
boast private balconies or Terraces no
matter what you choose your guaranteed
stunning views be it of the sparkling
Ocean or Lush Gardens Barcelo Tambor
rolls out the red carpet for food
serving yummy Delights catering to all
taste buds the restaurants offer diverse
Cuisines ensuring you won't run out of
culinary Adventures the resort has bars
where you can sip on fancy cocktails and
cool beverages you'll find many engaging
activities at this Resort including
snorkeling kayaking paddle boarding and
windsurfing another best spot is the
swimming area catering to adults and
children ensuring maximum privacy and
safety Sports enthusiasts can play on
the tennis court or volley ball at the
beach for younger guests there's a
separate club with supervised activities
ensuring the parents can enjoy their
vacation worry free considering the
Resort's location nearby beaches and
other natural wonders are accessible
this Resort is an enticing blend of lush
surroundings enchanting beaches and
luxurious Comfort number 2. Villa's Soul
Hotel and Beach Resort if you want to
reconnect with nature Villa's Soul Hotel
and Beach Resort is your place it's a
beachfront Resort surrounded by a
Charming landscape it's located in
Central America and is nestled in
guanacast offering visitors a stunning
view of lush Landscapes the resort
offers a blend of relaxation luxury and
fun making it an ideal place to stay for
families couples and solo Travelers the
accommodation is diverse ranging from
spacious rooms to luxury suites all made
to cater to your budget one of the best
features of this Resort is its private
beach you can sunbathe and indulge in
other beach activities at the shore the
chair area on top is the clear blue
water of the Pacific Ocean making it a
perfect spot for water sports Villa's
Soul has many amenities for relaxation
Seekers including a spa where you can
relax the resort offers activities like
ziplining and walking to the nearest
parks to entertain you for food lovers
this Resort has restaurants where the
smell of seafood can make you drool you
can Savor the meal while enjoying the
beautiful view of nature overall the
environment of this Resort is calm and
soothing you'll love staying here it'll
make an exceptional destination for your
vacation in a tropical Paradise in Costa
Rica number one Margaritaville Beach
Resort Playa Flamingo looking for a
peaceful and romantic getaway this
summer look no further than
Margaritaville Beach Resort Playa
Flamingo inspired by Jimmy Buffett's
popular song Margaritaville this place
can be an ideal vacation spot for you it
features rooms with luxurious amenities
and a beach view at the front you can
delve into various activities like
swimming and go sparring to achieve
fresh and young skin Additionally you
can indulge in water sports in the
crystal clear water of the Pacific Ocean
more so the resort has a gym for Fitness
freaks food lovers can Savor the
Delights of fresh seafood and local or
International Food and refreshments at
the bar munching on the delicious food
will give your pallets an unforgettable
experience and how can you forget about
spending a romantic evening with your
loved one at the beach living at this
Resort can turn out to be pure Bliss you
get to enjoy a blend of entertainment
and luxury Under One Roof such a
therapeutic experience it is
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Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, a travel community that offers advice and support for planning unforgettable travel adventures. And while we love family vacations, it is important that we also give you options for some time away with your special one alone.

So for today’s blog, we are taking you to one of Costa Rica’s most exclusive adults-only paradise—Hotel Makanda by the Sea.

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Introducing the All-new Makanda by the Sea

Situated just outside Manuel Antonio National Park, the Makanda Hotel is a total package for couples seeking a romantic retreat with a touch of local charm. The ambiance is specifically designed for adults because the hotel does not allow children under 16. It is an expression of the owner’s vision for the hotel—an architectural masterpiece that offers the complete experience in the heart of one of the greenest regions in the world.

The grounds are a lush spectacle, planned with great detail to attract a diverse mix of jungle wildlife, from birds and monkeys to butterflies. As you stroll along the Pacific Coast beaches, the tropical breezes rejuvenate you, and it doesn’t hurt that the sunsets over the ocean are almost heavenly.

Built on a forty-five-degree hillside, the hotel boasts expansive viewing decks that extend into the jungle canopy, bringing nature within arm’s reach. This is definitely a highlight that you won’t find anywhere else in the region.

Nestled in the middle of the rainforest on a steep bluff about 300 feet above the sea, Hotel Makanda is a short 10-minute drive west of Manuel Antonio National Park. The winding road between the hotel and the park is lined with restaurants, and the Quepos airport is only six miles away. Tour operators in the area can arrange pickups directly from the hotel, and the secluded Biesanz Beach is a leisurely 15-minute walk away.

But what’s new about Makanda then? That’s where it gets interesting. Under new ownership since 2017, Makanda has undergone a remarkable transformation that has combined Balinese design, retro Hollywood glam, and rare horse art all into one to add a unique flavor to the resort’s aesthetic.

The result is a visual feast, with common spaces exploding with color, texture, and unique adornments. From wicker cocoons to suspended sofas and vertical gardens to patterned tiles imported from China, every detail contributes to an immersive experience. Guests are enveloped in an atmosphere that feels nothing short of rock-star status. Which it absolutely is.

Your Makanda journey begins with a warm welcome and a seamless check-in process. The meticulously landscaped grounds are not only exclusive but extremely scenic, creating the perfect backdrop for your romantic escape from the madding crowd.

Makanda Accommodations

The options for accommodation at the newly renovated Makanda are better than the original, with special additions that make it stand out among its competitors.

The highlight here is the Wow Loft, a cozy luxurious setup with a king bed that cradles you, a balcony that brings panoramic views of the ocean, and a mini-spa in the bathroom.

Explore the Deluxe Suite Ocean Club. This room comes with an extra-large double bed with silky sheets, a marble bathroom that exudes elegance, and a balcony just steps away from the coastline—it’s a coastal poem, with a perfect rhyme.

The Pacific Jacuzzi Suite extends an invitation to a luxurious rendezvous. An extra-large double bed, a studio-style living room, a terrace with a Jacuzzi, and even a kitchen.

Step into the Honeymoon Grand Pool Villa—a realm of romance that is over a thousand square feet in size. Vaulted ceilings, a plunge pool, and an ocean-view balcony complete with a kitchen and plush amenities, create a heaven for two.

Other exciting options include the Luxury Villa Private Pool which comes with a private terrace and plunge pool. Then we have the Honeymoon Junior Pool Suite which offers an intimate ocean-view terrace, a private pool-bath, and a kitchenette. The Luxury Villa for 4 People provides shared sophistication for a group, featuring marble floors, an ocean-view terrace, and a “smart house” system. And finally, the Tropical Suite, a standard room with vaulted ceilings, a king bed, and a terrace with a hammock.

Dine at Arbol

Eating at Makanda is a treat on its own. And with their signature restaurant, Arbol, things have gotten spicier, if you don’t mind the culinary pun.

The chefs at Arbol know how to mix local stuff with fancy cooking techniques. You get delectable dishes that look just as great as they taste. And guess what? There’s a raw bar where you can grab sushi and eat it right in the pool—how awesome is that?

Breakfast is a whole experience. You get six main dishes, including the delicious Eggs Benedict. You can have it on your private balcony or at Sunspot, where you can see the main pool.

Sunspot is your go-to place for a relaxed dining experience by the pool. They’ve got a bit of everything—from fancy seafood like risotto to regular stuff like flatbreads and burgers.

Now, if you want a killer sunset view, head to the Sunset Pool. They’ve got a sushi bar right there as well. Grab some sashimi and enjoy the sunset—what’s a more perfect combo than that?

And if all this does not impress you, take this! At Arbol, they have one of the most exclusive wine lists in Costa Rica that is curated by wine experts from all over the world.

Things to do

With its prime location and recent renovation that promises a futuristic experience to the guests, it should come as no surprise that there is a lot to do at and around Makanda.

If you’re a nature lover, you cannot find a better place than Makanda Hotel. It is nestled near Manuel Antonio National Park. As such, casual hikes through lush jungles leading to hidden beaches give you an experience that might not be found elsewhere.

Perched on a 12-acre wildlife reserve, Makanda Hotel is also a vibrant canvas of tropical birds and playful howler monkeys. It’s a paradise for those who seek unique encounters with Costa Rica’s natural wonders, and believe us when we say that there are many!

But before you set off on your hiking adventure, make sure to check out our hiking essentials travel kit here.

After a day of thrilling adventures, take a soak in the infinity pools or relax in the Jacuzzi, the perfect recipe for rejuvenation. The hotel’s strategic location makes it a hub for various tours and attractions, an essential part of the Manuel Antonio experience.

Activities cater to all tastes—from adventurous horseback rides and jungle hikes to serene private yoga classes and spa treatments. Dive into Costa Rica’s history with spice tours, canopy adventures, or ATV tours. Wildlife enthusiasts can explore different attractions around Manuel Antonio Park, enjoy sport fishing, or leisurely strolls through the Butterfly and Reptile Gardens.

The spa at Makanda is a true sanctuary, with its treehouse-meets-jungle ambiance. Natural materials create an intimate space for massages along with an outdoor patio with an ocean view. The sauna, offering a panoramic rainforest vista, adds a unique touch to your relaxation.

Imagine having your toes in the sand at Makanda’s private beach on Playa Biesanz, reachable by a charming hilly walk or a breezy golf cart ride. Group yoga classes amidst stunning scenery add a holistic touch to your stay.

For more tips, tricks, and hot travel deals, check out our YouTube channel here.


At Makanda Hotel, they go all out to treat guests with many special amenities alongside the standard services. Picture this: you’re at the well-stocked bar, the tropical breeze gently playing with your hair as you savor your favorite drink, immersing yourself in the laid-back atmosphere.

The Arbol Restaurant takes dining to another level by offering the service of in-room dining. This is not just room service, it is a complete fine dining experience in your own space.

Now, imagine sinking into the Jacuzzi, which you can find everywhere on the resort’s properties. Security boxes are also there to give you peace of mind throughout your stay, allowing you to focus on the good vibes.

Breathing in the fresh Costa Rican air is a pleasure, especially when the commitment to a smoke-free environment adds to the overall wellness vibe. And for a tranquil touch, there’s the Yoga Center.

Makanda by the Sea also specializes in events that become etched in your relationship memories such as weddings, anniversaries, or any group celebration. The blend of breathtaking scenery, gourmet delights and top-notch accommodations makes sure your celebrations are unforgettable.

For practical needs, they’ve got you covered—air conditioning to keep you cool, laundry service to freshen up, a telephone to connect, tour assistance for adventures and Wi-Fi to keep you linked. The all-inclusive experience at Makanda Hotel goes a step further by offering other unique services like guided tours to nearby cities and attractions, as well as arranging private date nights that are customized to the T.

As you gear up for your Makanda escape, get ready for more than just a stay—it’s a journey where each day paints a fresh picture of private adventure in the heart of nature—just for you and your beloved.

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