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hello and welcome back to wonderfully lost your home for al...

hello and welcome back to wonderfully lost your home for all things travel we have a passion for

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world whether you're a jet Setter or a from your couch traveler subscribe to our Channel and get

ready to wander with us in today's video we're going to show you one of the most epic cities

in the world Las Vegas all right let's go what to do in Las Vegas when you think of Las Vegas you

probably think of massive casinos where you can gamble the night away and you're right Las Vegas

is one of the most obvious gambling capitals in the world with over 75 casinos to choose

from you may want to try your luck at blackjack or roulette or simply hit up the slot machines

but don't spend all of your time gambling there is so much more to see and do in Las Vegas than

the casinos here are the top 10 activities number one walk the strip the Las Vegas Strip is a Four

Mile Long Boulevard lined with hotels casinos and restaurants it's a must-see attraction in

Vegas and you can walk along the strip and enjoy the light show at night you can also Venture into

any of the casinos along the way to see what they have to offer you may be surprised at the amount

of non-gambling entertainment options for example you can take a gondola ride at the Venetian visit

the Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio or shop The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace number 2. see

a show Las Vegas is known for its incredible shows including Cirque du Soleil magic shows

and concerts make sure to book your tickets in advance as of the time of this video celebrity

shows in Las Vegas include Luke Bryan Keith Urban Donny Osmond Katy Perry Usher Jay Leno and Taylor

Swift number three visit the Bellagio Fountains the Bellagio Fountains are a free attraction on

the Strip making them one of the rare money-saving ways to spend time in Vegas The Fountains shoot

water into the air in sync with the music creating a truly magical experience number four visit the

High Roller observation wheel the High Roller observation wheel is the tallest observation wheel

in the world and it offers stunning views of the strip than the surrounding desert yes you can ride

this at night for the best few of the Vegas lights number five go shopping Las Vegas is home to some

of the best shopping in the world with high-end boutiques designer stores and malls visit the

Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace or the Grand Canal shops at the Venetian number six explore Fremont

Street Fremont Street is the historic Center of Las Vegas and it's known for its vintage casinos

neon lights and street performers you may also find more affordable gambling here for example

a five dollar blackjack table rather than the casinos on the Strip where you'll be lucky to

find anything less than a 20 minimum number seven visit the Mob Museum the Mob Museum is

a museum dedicated to the history of organized crime in Las Vegas and the United States while

here travel back to the prohibition era and enjoy a forbidden drink at the underground Speak Easy

and Distillery number eight take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon the Grand Canyon is one of the

most incredible natural wonders of the world and a helicopter tour will give you a unique perspective

on its beauty many tours leave straight from Las Vegas and it takes about 40 minutes to get there

via helicopter number nine check out the neon Museum the neon museum is a museum dedicated to

preserving the history of the iconic neon signs of Las Vegas it's a great place to learn about

the city's history and take some cool photos it was also featured as a challenge in the popular

TV show The Amazing Race number 10. go on a food tour Las Vegas has some of the best restaurants

in the world with a wide variety of Cuisines take a food tour and try some of the best dishes the

city has to offer more on this in the next section what to eat in Las Vegas Foodies get ready because

Las Vegas is known for its incredibly diverse culinary scene with more dining options than you

can possibly explore in one trip here are some must try foods to eat in Las Vegas obviously

Buffets Las Vegas is famous for its buffets which offer an endless variety of Cuisines and dishes

some of the most popular buffets in Las Vegas include the bacchanel buffet at Caesar's Palace

and the Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan only at a buffet can you eat steak pizza seafood Asian food

and soft serve ice cream in the same meal you've gotta love a buffet Las Vegas has some of the best

steakhouses in the world with high quality cuts of meat and elegant dining rooms popular steakhouses

include cut by Wolfgang Puck SW Steakhouse at Wynn and Gordon Ramsay Steak you may be surprised

to learn that Vegas has amazing Seafood though it's located in the middle of the desert that

doesn't stop the city from offering some of the freshest and most delicious seafood dishes some

of the best seafood restaurants include Rick moonan's RM Seafood essiatorio Milos and Joe's

Seafood Prime Steak and stone crab for more casual fare check out any of Vegas's many burger joints

some popular places to try include holsteins shakes and buns Shake Shack and in and out

burger there are many excellent Asian restaurants to choose from some of the best include Momofuku

Raku and zhanga Steak and Sushi when you think of Vegas pizza probably isn't the first thing

you think of but the city has a number of great pizzerias including Pizza Rock Grimaldi's Pizzeria

and secret Pizza finally you can't skip out on dessert Las Vegas has plenty of delicious and

decadent dessert options some popular places to indulge in Sweet Treats include Serendipity 3 Milk

Bar and John Philippe Patisserie at the Bellagio where to stay in Las Vegas when you are planning

your Las Vegas Vacation figuring out where to stay is one of the most important decisions it'll

have a major impact on what you do and what vibe your vacation has here are some locations you can

consider the most popular place to stay in Vegas is on the Strip if you want to be in the center

of the action and don't mind the crowds staying on the Strip is ideal you'll be able to walk from

casino to casino and take in all of the sights some of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas

include the Bellagio Caesar's Palace the Venetian The Wind and The Cosmopolitan it's important to

book your hotel in advance especially during peak season as prices can vary widely depending on the

time of the year another option if you're looking for something off the strip is Downtown Las Vegas

this is the historic center of the city and has a different vibe than the strip it's known for its

vintage casinos street performers and affordable hotels it's not uncommon to find hotels here for

under a hundred dollars like the Golden Nugget which currently has rooms for 71 a night if

you're looking for a quieter and more laid-back atmosphere there are many hotels and resorts

located off the strip these areas often offer more affordable prices and a more residential feel

many will feel like a Desert Oasis note that you will need to drive or take a taxi or Uber if you

want to visit the strip or other Las Vegas sites for any golfers out there you may want

to check out Summerlin Summerlin is a master planned Community located about 15 minutes

from the strip it's known for its luxury homes golf courses and high-end hotels make sure to

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