Holiday Inn Club Vacations Guide: Pros, Cons, and Cost Analysis 2024

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Guide: Pros, Cons, and Cost Analysis

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Family vacations are opportunities to create unforgettable memories and strengthen the bonds between loved ones. However, planning a trip that caters to everyone’s preferences and budget can be daunting. For some, it’s a sunny beach escape and for others, a city retreat. That is where family vacation clubs come into play, offering a unique and convenient way for families to experience the joys of travel while enjoying various benefits.

Many hospitality brands are turning to vacation clubs to entice customers into opting for their vacation stays on an annual basis. Ideally, vacation clubs let people choose and plan their vacations at pocket-friendly price points offering unparalleled benefits that would have left a massive dent in their clients’ savings accounts.

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Some of the perks presented seem unbelievable, making many think these vacation clubs are scams. Vacation clubs are a kind of timeshare. Instead of owning a specific property, members can stay at various hotels and resorts for their vacations. Members use points or weeks to enjoy this perk.

Like timeshares, members pay an upfront amount to get these points or weeks, which they can use for different vacations each year. These clubs usually have yearly maintenance fees too. Because of their flexible options, vacation clubs have become popular among family travelers.

Let’s look closely at Holiday Inn Club Vacations; is it worth it? Read on to find out.

What are Holiday Inn Club Vacations?

Holiday Inn Club Vacations is a timeshare division of Holiday Inn. The hospitality brand has more than 28 resorts in prime spots throughout the US. Club members often love the flexibility, particularly how they can enjoy vacations whenever they want. Orange Lake Resort is the flagship property for Holiday Inn Club, and the haven sits on a substantial 1,450-acre area in Kissimmee, FL.

The “Holiday Inn” name belongs to Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG). “Holiday Inn” has been used for many different hotels, both fancy and affordable, since 1952. However, the Vacation Club concept only started in September 2008 when IHG licensed the name to Orange Lake Resorts to create the Holiday Inn Vacation Club.

Although Holiday Inn Club Vacations are typically viewed as timeshares, they differ slightly. Instead of owning a specific week at one resort every year, Holiday Inn Club Vacations offer something more. They use a points system like vacation money. Every year, you get a certain amount of points to spend whenever and wherever you see fit.

The number of points depends on things such as how popular your home resort is, the week you own, and the size of your villa. Owners can visit their favorite resort every year or try other Holiday Inn resorts nationwide. That makes Holiday Inn Club Vacations an excellent choice for many owners.

How much does a Holiday Inn Club cost?

The cost of Holiday Inn Club Vacation contracts can exceed $16,000, depending on the number of points you purchase. On average, people start by buying 75,000 points. That gives you a long weekend getaway at Orange Lake or a week during less busy periods at other resorts.

Is it worth it? Pros and cons

Now that you are acquainted with Holiday Inn Club Vacations, let us look at the pros and cons of this particular timeshare.


Extra comfortable stays;

At every Holiday Inn Club Vacation spot, you’ll discover roomy villas with all the comforts of home. Relax in personal bedrooms with well-equipped kitchens, and enjoy the spacious living and dining areas. Also, many places at Holiday Inn resorts include washers and dryers for your ease.

It makes financial sense;

Hotels increase their prices yearly due to inflation. That means if you go on a vacation every year, you will need to pay more each time. On the other hand, buying a vacation club membership all at once can enjoy the same advantages every year without extra expenses.

Vacation Exchange with RCI;

When you purchase a Holiday Inn Club Vacations package, you get a timeshare and a chance to travel worldwide. Some Holiday Inn resorts are connected with RCI, a vacation exchange group.

If you buy a timeshare at one of these resorts, you can join RCI. It lets you swap your stay at your home resort for stays at many other RCI resorts globally. The countless choices an RCI membership provides make Holiday Inn Club Vacations an excellent choice for avid travelers.


High-pressure sales;

Owning a Holiday Inn Vacation Club membership can sometimes be frustrating, just like other timeshare options. The biggest issue is the constant pushy sales tactics that don’t stop even after you’ve bought a unit. Club members say that they are often encouraged to purchase more points right after they arrive at the club, sometimes even before they finish talking to the front desk.

High maintenance and problems with RCI exchange;

Online reviews (like on Yelp) indicate that many people have issues with expensive maintenance fees. They also find it hard to book and exchange with RCI. Some owners are also dissatisfied with these properties’ cleanliness and overall condition.


As per the Holiday Inn Vacation Club website, new members usually pay over $16,000 on average for a timeshare points membership. Since this amount is pretty high for many people, some owners take out mortgages to cover the cost instead of paying all at once. The interest and fees on these mortgages should also be included in the total cost price.

So, is Holiday Inn Club Vacations a good choice? Ultimately, that’s for you to decide! Vacations are expensive, and timeshares have been a huge sigh of relief for many. However, the concept has also had dire financial consequences for some making it a catch-22. So, if you are thinking about becoming a Holiday Inn Club owner, consider your choices to ensure it is a good decision for you.

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