Unlocking the Ultimate Guide to JetBlue Vacations: Are They Really Worth the Hype?

Unlocking the Ultimate Guide to JetBlue Vacations: Are They Really Worth the Hype?

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Countless dreamy pictures of people living their best life in a remote paradise often get a lot of social interaction across the internet. But the build-up to such gorgeous photo-ops takes a lot of background work. Planning a vacation can be tedious, from searching for the perfect destination to looking for affordable stays and scouring the internet for great deals on flights.

Over the years, travelers have turned to discount booking sites to get the best deals and help cut down significantly on travel costs. Travel airlines have joined the fold by offering more than just flight tickets. Many airliners now offer vacation packages to cater to the ever-increasing travel trends.

One of the strong players in this market is JetBlue, an American airline that offers special travel packages known as JetBlue Vacations. The packages help travelers book flights and hotels easily. Often, these deals can even provide better overall prices for the entire trip. Let’s take an in-depth look at JetBlue Vacations; Are they worth the hype? Read on to find out.

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What are JetBlue Vacations?

JetBlue Vacations offers customized travel packages, including flights, car rentals, hotel bookings, and additional features. When you book online, you can look up where and when you want to go and then see flights and hotels to pick from. You will see different booking choices and prices and how many TrueBlue points you can earn with each option.

JetBlue Vacations has a special deals section for travelers. Here, you can make the most of discounts and special offers for specific places and dates. Using the portal to book trips is a smart way to save money.

JetBlue Vacation perks

JetBlue is so much more than great deals on flight tickets; the airliner also gives special VIP travel rewards called “Very Important Perks” and unique in-destination experiences named “The Insider Experience” for specific destinations. Additionally, JetBlue Vacations also offer car rentals. These special perks give travelers significant savings as they look to cross accomplishments off their bucket lists.

VIP (Very Important Perks) Treatment

Alongside regular benefits, JetBlue Vacations packages come with Very Important Perks exclusively for JetBlue Vacations customers. These include; reduced prices on hotel rooms and dining, free rides to and from the airport, confirmed late checkout, free access to the minibar, and complimentary credits for the resort.

Remember, the perks can vary based on the vacation package and are labeled with the “Very Important Perks” tag on the JetBlue Vacations website.

The Insider Experience

JetBlue Vacations also include “The Insider Experience” in specific vacation packages. With the Insider Experience, travelers get help directly from local experts – people who know the area well and are well-trained to give excellent service – as soon as you arrive.

JetBlue Vacations car rentals

You can also add a rental car to your package when you book a flight and hotel. JetBlue specifically works with Avis and Budget for car rentals. Also, if you book a car rental through JetBlue Vacations, you won’t pay an extra fee for a second driver. However, there are rules about age and who can rent.

Once you have checked all the vacation details, you can book everything. You can also hold the booking until the end of the day (11 p.m. ET) by paying $25 non-refundable. To finalize your car rental booking, you will need to call JetBlue.

How to pay for JetBlue Vacations

You can pick from several options when paying for a JetBlue Vacations package. These include using TrueBlue points, a debit or credit card, or making a deposit.

Pay using TrueBlue points

You can use your TrueBlue points to pay for your JetBlue Vacations package. Just remember to tick the “Use TrueBlue Points” box when you start your search. It will show you a list of packages with the points needed plus some cash.

The checkout page has a slider to pick how many TrueBlue points you want to use. If you have enough points, you can cover the whole cost. But you can combine cash and points if you’re short on points.

Remember, while booking an all-inclusive package is easy, booking the flight and hotel separately (using points or cash) might be cheaper. If you are okay with comparing prices, check how much the flight and hotel cost in points or money before you buy a package.

JetBlue credit card

You can also pay in different ways, like using a JetBlue credit card such as the JetBlue Card or JetBlue Plus Card. These cards let you get more points when you buy things. With the JetBlue Card, you can earn 3 points for every $1 you spend on eligible JetBlue purchases. And with the JetBlue Plus Card, you earn 6 points for every $1.

The points you get from JetBlue are worth 1.5 cents each. So, if you buy something worth $2,000 using your JetBlue Plus Card, you’ll get 12,000 TrueBlue points. These points are worth about $180.

Upfront deposit

You can also put down a non-refundable $200 deposit per person. Then, you pay the whole amount 30 days before you leave for a domestic trip and 45 days before if it’s an overseas trip. It is a great way to spread out your travel costs, especially for family overseas trips.

Are JetBlue Vacations worth the hype?

After looking at all JetBlue Vacations has to offer, the underlying question still lingers. Are they worth the hype? The packages include great standard benefits. It could be a good option for planning your next trip, but it has drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of JetBlue Vacations.


  • Great vacation deals: You will get the best prices for your trip or get the difference via credit.
  • Help from travel pros: Trained experts are at your disposal to hash out your vacation plans to the smallest details.
  • No fees for changes or cancellations when you upgrade: There’s no extra fee when upgrading your airfare to a JetBlue Vacations package.


  • Limited number of destinations: Compared to other similar travel packages, JetBlue Vacations is thin on possible destinations.
  • Difficult to attain Very Important Perks: Only a limited number of hotels offer Very Important Perks.
  • Few opportunities for The Insider Experience: Only a handful of destinations where travelers will get affiliate insider assistance from the locals.

Are they worth the hype? That’s for you to decide based on your budget and travel preferences!. JetBlue Vacations is an excellent option to have up your sleeve when planning a family trip. Some packages offer incredible deals and could transform your vacation experience altogether. However, they come with limitations.

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