In Flight Essentials Kit

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Unless you’ve splurged on first class seats, you might find air travel to be less than pleasant. Whether you’re up-front flying in style or hanging back here with us in coach, don’t set foot on a plane without these in-flight essentials. 


Obviously, you’re not flying without headphones. But grab our favorites here for the noise cancelling features! If you’re into a full headphone you need these Beats. If you’d prefer an ear bud however, we’re into these Airpods

Blanket | Flight Essentials

We love this National Parks themed blanket for travel! It rolls up easily so you can pack it in your carry-on if you’re flying or keep it in your car for road tripping. And when you’re not travelling use it for picnics, concerts or beach and park days.

Foot Rest

Let’s make air travel a little more comfortable with this Airplane Footrest! It’s easy to install even in the small space between you and the seat in front of you. Thank us later!

Ear Plugs

We love these Loop Quiet Ear Plugs because they’re super soft and provide the perfect noise reduction for a flight, muffling voices and blocking background noise. 

Sleep Mask

We cannot shout this loud enough. YOU NEED A SLEEP MASK WHEN YOU FLY. Trust us. The Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask is pretty wanderful because it is cooling and breathable. 

Power Bank

Never fly without a Portable Charger / Battery Pack. This one is nice and compact for easy storage. 

Air Tags

Wait. Why? Because lost luggage is THE ABSOLUTE WORST! Keep track of your bags’ location yourself with these Apple Air Tags

Compression Travel Cubes

If you’re traveling with carry-on luggage only, you’re definitely going to want these Compression Travel Cubes to save space in your bags. 


We hate taking up precious space in our carry-on luggage with books, but we love to read in flight! This Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect solution for packable reading.

Travel Pillow

And finally, add to cart now for the hands down best travel pillow!

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