Travel like a Professional Kit

Travel Like A Pro

We’ve done a lot of traveling here at Wanderfully Lost. While always worth it, travel is not always easy. So, we put together a travel kit of must haves to take on every trip with you to make your travels a little easier. Happy wandering! 

Travel Steamer

Because who wants to iron on vacation?! Grab our favorite Travel clothes steamer for easy de-wrinkling! 


How many chargers do you have pack when you travel? Our favorite travel charger is a three in one so you can cut down on all those accessories.

Massage Gun

Travel can be, well, painful. We never travel without a portable massage gun to work out those stiff and sore muscles after long travel days. 

Luggage Scale

Don’t get caught with an overweight checked bag! Never leave for the airport without a luggage scale

Streaming Device

Once you make it to your hotel room, you’re going to want to be able to stream your favorite movies and shows, ESPECIALLY if you’re traveling with kids! Roku Streaming Stick is perfect for traveling with because it plugs right into the TV. 

Power Cord

Hotel outlets are never convenient and you have gadgets to charge! We love this power strip because it has multiple AC and USB outlets as well as a USB-C port. 

Water Bottle

Have clean water anywhere you go!  LARQ Water Bottle is self-cleaning and sanitizing with the push of a button. Not only does it clean your water, but it cleans itself too so you never have to worry about the funky water bottle smell. 


This Sonicare Toothbrush was designed for travel. It’s sleek and lightweight and comes with its own carrying case, making it ideal for taking on the go. 

Travel Humidifier

Why are hotel rooms so dry? You’ll be glad you brought this travel humidifier along with you. It’s lightweight, compact and even has a nightlight built in. Your body will thank you for this one!

Jet Lag Defense

And lastly, checkout Copilot for an all-in-one travel supplement. It’s not just designed to fight jet lag but also provide immune support, stress management, sleep aid, digestive health and energy. With 20 vitamins and minerals derived only of natural ingredients like ashwagandha and green tea leaf, the makers of this product thought of everything that might get you down during travel. 

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