Lima Peru 10 Best Restaurants | Best Food In Lima

Lima Peru 10 Best Restaurants | Best Food In Lima

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, your go-to travel community for unforgettable family journeys. And today, we are going to the vibrant city of Lima in Peru to explore its culinary excellence.

Lima, a lively historic city, has become famous for its top-notch South American cuisine, and these 10 innovative restaurants have taken traditional Peruvian dishes to new heights, showcasing the rich flavors of the Andes.

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10. Maido

As a proud member of the World’s Top 50 Restaurants, Maido, helmed by Mitsuharu Tsumura, has pushed the boundaries of Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian culinary traditions.

Located in Lima’s Miraflores district, it enjoys a central spot, making it a hotspot for diners from all over the world.

Maido’s amazing dishes are inspired by the Andes, Peru’s different areas, and its creative people. They focus on seafood, which is very important in Lima‘s food culture, which they couple with Japanese sushi skills.

You’ll enjoy special versions of classic Peruvian ceviche and a creative sushi “hot dog” a lot cheaper than anywhere else here.

Fun Tip – If you have a passion for sake, Maido offers an exceptional selection that pairs wonderfully with their Nikkei-inspired dishes. Consider asking for their sake recommendations to enhance your dining experience.

9. Malabar

If you want to explore Amazon-inspired food, head to Malabar in San Isidro.

Malabar is known for its creative menu and beautiful presentations. Located in Lima’s financial district, Malabar surprises with flavorful dishes using traditional Amazonian ingredients.

Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, who honed his skills in Italy and New York, brings his dishes to life with an Italian focus on honoring the quality of the produce. Peru’s fresh and exotic ingredients take center stage here. Dishes like homemade tagliatelle with mushrooms and crispy roast squab, duck with memepa and textures of pituca, and pork tenderloin with cured bacon in an exotic fruit-jus are staples.

Fun Tip – Given its focus on Amazonian ingredients, be sure to inquire about the unique and lesser-known ingredients used in the dishes.

8. Lima 27

Housed in a gray mansion with a vibrant red foyer, Lima 27 offers a setting that’s unlike any other contemporary restaurant in Peru’s capital.

Stepping into this trendy San Isidro eatery, you’ll encounter a chic lounge and two spacious, elegant dining rooms adorned with oversized artwork and wall sculptures. The terrace, draped in lush greenery against a brick wall backdrop, offers the coziest seating and transforms into a lively bar as the night unfolds.

The cuisine at Lima 27 is a fusion of creative spins on Lima’s classics and local interpretations of continental fare. The results? Delights like cabrito (roast goat kid), tuna with a sesame-and-pepper crust, and gnocchi crocantes (crispy gnocchi smothered in a mushroom-and-artichoke heart sauce).

Both the food and presentation at this restaurant offer a unique window into top-notch Peruvian cuisine, sure to please even the most hard-to-please diners.

Fun Tip – Start with a cocktail at the bar. The mixologists here are skilled at creating unique and delicious drinks that set the tone for a delightful dining experience.

7. Cala

Cala stands as one of Lima’s rare waterfront dining options, a chic restaurant and bar set against a dramatic backdrop of rocky shores, with the soothing sound of waves as your soundtrack.

The kitchen at Cala crafts an imaginative selection of Peruvian nouveau cuisine, with a focus on fresh seafood. Signature dishes include grilled grouper with olive gazpacho, lamb ravioli with squash confit, and grilled tuna atop polenta. Make sure to try the lucuma tiramisu, made with a fruit found exclusively in Peru.

Fun Tip – Opt for a table by the window for a truly romantic and picturesque view. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks adds an extra layer of tranquility to your dining experience.

6. Tragaluz

Situated just outside the Belmond Miraflores Park hotel, Tragaluz sits beside Armendariz Park, perched on the cliffs above the Costa Verde. Framed by a beautiful garden, Tragaluz exudes style and sophistication.

Explore a wide selection of international dishes at Tragaluz, with an emphasis on Asian, Mediterranean, and Peruvian flavors. One standout is the tuna with tagliatelle and Thai curry sauce. Enjoy sophisticated cocktails and nibbles outdoors on the elegant terrace.

The restaurant also showcases the work of local artists alongside its inventive cuisine, giving a peek to the diners into its artistic culture alongside a great dining experience.

Fun Tip – Take some time to explore the art displayed in the restaurant. It’s a unique blend of creativity and culinary artistry that adds an extra layer of cultural richness to your dining experience.

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5. Kjolle

Kjolle is owned by Pia León, Latin America’s top female chef. The restaurant’s name pays homage to a tree that thrives at extreme altitudes, where oxygen is limited and solar radiation is high.

Pia and her skilled team at Kjolle harness the rich tapestry of Peru’s landscape, curating a dynamic menu that celebrates the nation’s finest offerings. This includes an array of Andean corn varieties. Signature dishes feature Andean Corn Gnocchi paired with earthy Wild Mushrooms, a unique Quinoa-Stuffed Rocoto Relleno, and a daring Llama Tartare with zesty Aji Amarillo Aioli.

Fun Tip – When dining at Kjolle, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations on wine pairings.

4. La Mar

When in Lima, getting a genuine cebichería experience is a must, and there’s no better place than La Mar, a hotspot in trendy Miraflores.

The star here is undoubtedly the raw marinated fish specialty, ceviche, complemented by an extensive selection of main dishes. The ceviche options are diverse: tuna, sea bass, octopus, Dover sole, salmon, and imaginative combinations thereof.

La Mar proudly serves fine, freshly caught fish from artisanal fishermen in northern Peru. The restaurant is also renowned for its cocktails, crafted from various types of pisco, the national spirit, and local fruits.

And a pisco sour at the bar is a must!

Fun Tip – Consider going for lunch, especially if you prefer a less crowded atmosphere. The light-filled ambiance during the day is a lovely complement to the vibrant flavors of the ceviche.

3. La Picantería

La Picantería, located in Lima, is where communal tables, family-style servings, and inventive takes on traditional Peruvian dishes meet.

Chef Héctor Solís puts ajíes (chillies) at the forefront in his re-creation of picanterías from northern and southern Peru. It’s a challenge to find a chef who can master the spiciness and aroma of ajíes quite like him.

From rocoto relleno con chupe de camarones, a stuffed pepper dish, to other reimagined Peruvian classics, Solís and his team skillfully balance different tastes.

Fun Tip – If you’re a fan of bold flavors, be sure to inquire about the various types of ajíes they use in their dishes. The staff can guide you on a spicy journey through Peruvian cuisine.

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2. Astrid & Gastón

Situated in the heart of chic San Isidro, this 17th-century hacienda is a restaurant space that ranks among the world’s finest.

In 1994, Gastón Acurio and Astrid Gutsche founded Astrid & Gastón in a small Miraflores house. While it had a distinctly French vibe to it in its earlier days, it has evolved into a staunchly Peruvian establishment over the years. This transformation was driven by new ingredients and recipes, all with the clear motive of promoting Peruvian cuisine on the world stage.

The seasonal menu showcases traditional Peruvian fare, but it’s the fusion specialties that truly elevate this dining experience. The 28-course tasting menu showcases the breadth of possibilities here.

Guests might even be treated to a peek into the kitchen, witnessing the precision of the chefs at work. The setting is a stunning mansion with multiple dining rooms and impeccable service, including an astute sommelier.

Fun Tip – Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the extensive wine list, as it complements the flavors of the dishes impeccably. Ask for recommendations based on your menu choices for a truly refined dining experience.

1. Virgilio Martinez’s Central

Central, nestled in the Barranco district, is a culinary gem often sought after for reservations, which open up three months in advance and fill up in a blink.

Eating at Central is like going on a special trip through Peru. This globally acclaimed and highest-rated restaurant in Latin America changes its menu six times a year, so there is always a nice surprise for everyone.

Here, Chef Virgilio Martínez takes you on a journey celebrating Peru’s diversity. Central serves as his creative hub for integrating indigenous Peruvian ingredients into the menu – from limpets sourced from below sea level to tocosh, a fermented potato grown at over 5,000 meters above sea level. Produce from the restaurant’s urban garden is often a highlight of the menu.

Fun Tip – Be sure to try to secure a reservation as early as possible, and opt for the tasting menu. Arrive a bit early to take in the sights of Barranco before your culinary journey.

With these 10 restaurants, Lima, Peru stands out as a top foodie destination in the world. And if there is one thing that completes a fun family vacation, it is good food.

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