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[Music] thank you when you think of Italy you probably th...

thank you
when you think of Italy you probably
think of Rome the Colosseum incredible
wine and pizza well you are right but it
is so much more Italy is one of the most
popular and trending tourist
destinations in the world and for good
reason it offers a rich history stunning
landscape incredible culture and the
most amazing food in the world if you're
considering a trip to Italy watch this
travel guide make sure to stay until the
end of the video to find out the
original birthplace of your beloved
margarita pizza and don't forget to
subscribe to our Channel alright let's
go to Italy number one Rome we're going
to start out today's list with Rome the
capital of Italy known for its Rich
history and culture it is home to some
of the most iconic landmarks in the
world such as the Coliseum Saint Peter's
Basilica and the Trevi Fountain Rome has
many of Italy's most famous museums such
as the Vatican Museum and Galleria
borghesa the city is renowned for its
food scene with traditional Italian
dishes like pizza and pasta being
popular among tourists and locals alike
the city is chock full of attractions
that you won't want to miss
walk through the Coliseum the largest
ancient Amphitheater in the world where
Gladiators fought for their freedom
thousands of years ago throw a coin in
the famous Trevi Fountain where it is
said that your first coin will get you
to heaven your second coin will bring
you love and your third coin will
promise you marriage oh and make sure
you toss your coin correctly with your
back to the Fountain you should toss the
coin over your left shoulder using your
right hand this apparently matters if
you want your wishes to come true don't
miss out on Vatican City and museums
piazza navona Saint Peter's Basilica the
Spanish Steps the pantheon and the
Sistine Chapel among other landmark
attractions Hotel options are almost
unlimited in Rome due to its popularity
as a top tourist destination
check out the pantheon hotel which
375 a night it has a stunning rooftop
Terrace where you can dine Alfresco
while taking in the sights there are
also many boutique hotels near Piazza
navona averaging between 100 and 200 per
the famous saying when in Rome is never
more accurate that when you're actually
in Rome make sure to get your fill of
authentic traditional Roman food at La
Taverna Del Lupo located in the
historical City Center it serves dishes
that have been passed down for
Generations their fresh homemade pasta
is to die for or if you're feeling
adventurous try the fried sardines
number two Venice next up we're going to
Venice known as the floating city which
attracts millions of visitors each year
it's known for its winding canals
romantic Gondola rides incredible
palaces and impressive museums more
importantly it has the reputation of
making Italy's Best Pizza and gelato you
won't want to miss seeing some of
venice's main attractions walk through
Saint Mark's Basilica known as the
golden church and see all of the golden
mosaics and artifacts it's a history
Lover's Dream or for anybody who likes
things made out of gold visit doja's
Palace the seat of Civic government in
Venice and an excellent example of
italobosantine architecture finally walk
across the Rialto Bridge known as the
lovers Bridge while crossing you can
visit hundreds of shops and stalls
selling one-of-a-kind souvenirs and
crafted items cross the bridge at night
to see the lights of the city mirrored
in the canal for a unique experience you
won't soon forget while in Venice you
can stay in the touristy San Marco
neighborhood to be close to Saint Mark's
Square Rialto Bridge and Dodgers Palace
the gritty Palace is the best luxury
hotel in the area but will cost you
around fifteen hundred dollars per night
for a more realistic and budget-friendly
option check out hotel saranissima which
is decorated in traditional Venetian
style and will cost you around 140
dollars per night
Foodies get ready because you are going
to love eating in Venice the city is
literally built on top of water so you
will find the best and freshest seafood
dishes in the world here
you absolutely must try the chicken
which are small appetizers or finger
foods typically enjoyed with a glass of
wine better yet they are cheap ranging
from about two to four dollars per plate
sip on a spritz a wine spritzer drink
famous throughout Italy which originated
in Venice if you really want to play the
part of a local Venetian make sure to
take part in the Beloved tradition of
ombre which is a small glass of wine
consumed before lunch salute number
three Florence next up we're visiting
Florence The Jewel of the Renaissance
the entire city was declared a UNESCO
world heritage site in 1982 and it
attracts millions of visitors per year
so why is it so popular Florence is an
incredibly beautiful city known for its
stunning architecture art culture and
Cuisine it is the capital of the Tuscany
region and in addition to stunning
architecture and art has a vibrant
nightlife brimming with bars restaurants
and clubs to explore while in Florence
visit Ponte Vecchio a stone bridge
dating back to Medieval Times the bridge
has plenty of shopping opportunity
communities with jewelry stores art
dealers and souvenir shops lining the
street walk through the Cathedral of
Santa Maria del Fiore also known as IL
Duomo one of the largest churches in
Italy finally visit ufizi Gallery one of
the most famous art museums in the world
which houses works by Botticelli DaVinci
Caravaggio and Michelangelo if you're
into art you will be in heaven here
Florence is also known for its delicious
Cuisine the most popular dish is
spaghetti Alla bolognes spaghetti with
meat sauce but restaurants will also
feature seafood and traditional dishes
from Tuscany enjoy Florence's famous
dish bisteca Allah Florentina which is a
Florentine steak the massive T-bone
steak weighs between two and eight
pounds and is usually cooked over
roasting chestnuts for extra flavor and
smokiness please don't ask the chef to
cook your steak well done they only cook
it one way and will be offended if you
ask there are many options for
accommodation in Florence ranging from
budget hostels to luxury hotels for
those looking for a more authentic
experience there are a variety of
traditional Italian bed and breakfasts
bnbs ranging from 50 to 150 per night
for those looking for something more
upscale there are a number of luxury
hotels located in the heart of Florence
offering stunning views and top-notch
amenities but they will cost you upwards
of five hundred dollars per night number
four Milan next up on our list is Milan
known as one of the largest and
wealthiest cities in Italy located at
the bank of the Po River Milan's
metropolitan area has over 10 million
residents this vibrant city is full of
culture art and history whether you're
looking to explore the incredible
architecture or indulge in some of the
world's best food and wine Milan has it
while here visit the sporza castle a
medieval Landmark built in the 15th
century by the Duke of Milan or take a
stroll through the gallery of Vittorio
Emanuel II Italy's oldest shopping mall
here you will find a sprawling
Metropolis of high-end fashion and
jewelry stores if you're looking for
authentic Prada Gucci or Vuitton Goods
on your Italian vacation then look no
further Milan offers lots of options for
accommodations to fit all budgets if
you're looking to splurge on a luxury
hotel check out the Four Seasons the
Park Hyatt or the Grand Hotel Milan more
affordable hotels include ostelobello
and hotel kavua for around 130 per night
and there are plenty of hostels
available for under 100.
if you'd like to eat like a local make
sure to have some polenta risotto and
soup one of the most famous dishes in
the region is minestrone Milanese soup
simple and delicious with vegetables and
rice you'll find many variations of the
soup throughout the region including
with garnishes like goat's cheese also
famous in Milan is panettone the famous
Christmas fruitcake it originated in
Milan and is popular year round
typically paired with a glass of
Prosecco is anyone getting hungry
number 5. Naples Naples Italy is one of
the most popular tourist destinations in
the world this city is sometimes called
the city of a thousand passions due to
its exciting nightlife diverse culture
and intense football rivalry from its
world-renowned cuisine to its stunning
architecture there's always something
new to explore in this vibrant City
while in Naples visit the largest Old
Town in Europe its historic Center was
declared a UNESCO world heritage site in
1995 and for good reason while walking
along narrow streets with ancient
churches and historic palaces you will
feel like you have been transported back
in time the street plan of Naples dates
back 2 000 years there are famously more
than 500 churches in Naples most of the
Catholic faith as well as 2 000 smaller
shrines these shrines served a historic
purpose not only to spread religious
beliefs but also also to create a
rudimentary Street lighting system
before electricity was invented you'll
have to visit Vesuvius the most famous
volcano in the world its last explosion
was in 1944 and since then it has been
sleeping thank goodness nearby you can
visit the site of Pompeii which stands
as a constant reminder of the dangers of
volcanic eruptions on a more positive
note you will enjoy some of the best
cuisine in the world in Naples and pizza
fans you are in luck Naples is the
birthplace of Margarita Pizza and there
is no shortage of good pizzerias
throughout the city while in Naples just
like the other Italian cities we've
discussed you will find a variety of
accommodations suitable for any budget
most visitors like to stay in the
dekamani neighborhood which is near the
city center and other tourist
attractions check out the popular relay
De La Porta which is inside of a 16th
century building and averages around 130
dollars per night or if you're open to
splurging check out the five-star Grand
Hotel Vesuvio for around 300 per night
Grand Hotel Vesuvio offers the ultimate
luxury Naples experience with Incredible
views old world charm and Lux amenities
all right so that concludes our Italy
travel guide this country should
absolutely be on your vacation bucket
list even if you have already traveled
here before locals will tell you that
there is always something new to see and
do it never gets old and you will never
be bored or hungry here what is your
favorite Italian cuisine pasta or pizza
tell us in the comments and don't forget
to subscribe to our channel for more
videos like this if you enjoyed this
video please check out these other
videos from our Channel ciao and grazie

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, a family travel planning community where every vacation becomes an unforgettable family memory. And what vacation is ever complete without delicious, mouth-watering food?

In today’s blog, we’re taking you on a trip through the top restaurants in Naples, Italy. This city offers a varied food scene, featuring special dishes paired with awe-inspiring views that you can only find in this charming island.

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10. Antonio & Antonio

Antonio & Antonio, a cherished spot on Via Partenope, has warmly welcomed guests for over 15 years. Positioned in front of Castel dell’Ovo, it treats diners to splendid views of the Gulf of Naples.

The menu is a treasure trove of over 40 pizza varieties and classic Neapolitan and seafood dishes. A standout is the pizza adorned with raw ham, ricotta, and mozzarella—a delightful blend of flavors. The culinary offerings range from seafood-packed linguine to fresh fusilli with Vesuvius cherry tomatoes, showcasing an extraordinary assortment.

Gnocchi Sorrentina, tender poached baby octopus, zesty peppered mussels, classic babà, and refreshing Sorrento limoncello complete the delightful menu.

Fun Tip – While Antonio & Antonio is renowned for its extensive pizza menu, a hidden gem is a pizza featuring artichokes, truffle oil, and aged Parmesan. This combination creates a flavor profile that’s simply divine.

9. Reginella

Rising above a rocky vantage point in the charming Posillipo district, Reginella provides an enchanting view of the Gulf of Naples that is simply magical. As evening descends, the innumerable lights of the city reflected in the sea create an entrancing ambiance.

Reginella’s culinary offerings span from exceptional fresh seafood to tantalizing pizzas. Dishes like the Whim of the Fisherman, featuring octopus, salmon, shrimp, rocket, and Parmesan flakes, as well as shrimp cocktails and delightful risottos, showcase the restaurant’s mastery of marine flavors.

Fun Tip – Enhance your visit to Reginella by securing a table on the terrace, especially in the evening. The sunset over the Gulf of Naples is a breathtaking spectacle that adds an extra layer of enchantment to your dining experience. Kickstart your meal with their signature cocktail, the Reginella Spritz, for a refreshing beginning.

8. George Restaurant

George Restaurant, on the sixth floor of the Grand Hotel Parker’s, has a fantastic view of the Gulf of Naples and the famous Castel dell’Ovo.

Chef Domenico Candela has been impressing diners since the restaurant opened in 2018 with his creative approach to Neapolitan cuisine. While he respects tradition with dishes like Genoese-style pasta with Ischia rabbit, he also introduces innovative creations like Gragnano spaghetti with various Campania tomatoes.

The menu features special ingredients like Mazara red prawns and Romagna’s blackberries, all accompanied by Normandy butter and extra virgin olive oil. And, they have an impressive selection of 135 fine wines to complement your meal.

Fun Tip – Don’t miss the opportunity to try the chef’s seasonal specials, which often feature unique ingredients sourced from local markets.

7. Il Comandante

Il Comandante, located on the tenth floor, is led by Chef Salvatore Bianco from Torre del Greco, who has held a Michelin star since 2012.

Chef Bianco combines flavors from around the world to create dishes that impress with their elegant simplicity and beautiful presentation. Some of his specialties include cuttlefish and potatoes, linguine pasta with a mix of fish, kefir, and lime, and grilled veal sweetbreads with apple and herb cream. The meal ends on a sweet note with a dessert featuring white chocolate and kiwi.

Fun Tip — Inquire about the private dining options at Il Comandante. They offer an exclusive experience where you can savor Michelin-starred cuisine in an intimate setting, complete with personalized service. Also, if you’re a fan of seafood, try their catch-of-the-day specials for an extra fresh and unique experience.

6. Renzo e Lucia

Although not situated directly by the sea, Renzo e Lucia offers a stunning panorama from the heights of Castel Sant’Elmo, overlooking the city, the gulf, and majestic.Mount Vesuvius

Renzo e Lucia has spacious and well-lit dining areas with classy furniture, ensuring a comfortable experience for their valued guests. The commitment to using freshly prepared ingredients is clear in how each dish is presented, with a touch of simple elegance.

The menu offers a range of delicious options, from the classic spaghetti carbonara to tasty sea bass and tender squid, all showing their skill in cooking. Special dishes like tuna tacos, delightful bonbons of mortadella, and a smooth creamed beetroot risotto highlight their mix of new ideas with beloved traditions.

Fun Tip – Opt for an evening visit to Renzo e Lucia for a truly exceptional experience. As the sun sets, the city lights up, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your meal. Don’t forget to savor their homemade limoncello as a perfect conclusion to your dining experience.

5. Zi Teresa

With a rich history and favored by luminaries from entertainment and politics,Zi Teresa is a famous symbol of the Neapolitan tradition. Situated in the ancient Borgo Marinari, it offers a captivating view of the Castel dell’Ovo just like some of its top contenders.

The menu is a treasure trove of Neapolitan culinary heritage, featuring raw seafood and the iconic Neapolitan “fresella.” Scialatielli with seafood, rigatoni with ricotta and meat sauce, and the legendary linguine pasta with lobster are just a few of the stars.

Fun Tip – Seafood enthusiasts should indulge in Zi Teresa’s seafood platter, a true feast for the senses. It showcases an array of the freshest catches of the day, beautifully presented.

4. Palazzo Petrucci

This esteemed restaurant, now in a historic 15th-century villa on the shores of Villa Donn’Anna in Posillipo, owes its name to its original location—the stables of the Palazzo Petrucci in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore.

Chef Lino Scarallo leads the charge, delivering a traditional Campanian menu complete with flavors that define the region. From the unique spaghetti with parsley juice, sea snails, and marinated radish to mullet with spring onion and lentils, Scarallo’s creations are a celebration of the sea. Classics like spaghetti with clams and the irresistible Neapolitan “cassata” seal the experience.

Fun Tip – Request a guided tour of the historic villa at Palazzo Petrucci. The 15th-century architecture is truly a marvel, and learning about its storied past adds an extra layer of appreciation to your dining experience. Try their house-made liqueurs—they’re a delightful way to end your meal.

Looking for an adventurous vacation instead? Check out our family travel guides for families that love wandering just as much as us.

3. La Cantinella

Rooted fully in the ancient Neapolitan tradition, La Cantinella marries refined presentation with authentic flavors, always highlighting the quality of its ingredients.

With a seasonal menu sourced exclusively from the Gulf of Naples, the signature dishes of spaghetti with seafood and fish with crazy water shine. Homemade bread bruschetta with Agerola provola, squid stuffed with seafood stew, and amberjack pie with zucchini further exemplify the culinary expertise on offer.

Fun Tip – La Cantinella offers an exceptional wine list of over 100 labels. Consider opting for their wine pairing menu, where expertly selected wines complement each course. The sommelier is incredibly knowledgeable and can guide you through a tasting journey that perfectly complements your meal.

2. Caruso Roof Garden Restaurant

Grand Hotel Vesuvio pays homage to the legendary Enrico Caruso, who considered the hotel his Neapolitan haven.

The menu is full of classic dishes, offering both traditional pasta and fish specialties, as well as some international inspirations. You can savor delights like Paccheri pasta with fish and a hint of spiciness from green chilies, or try the crispy zucchini flowers filled with creamy ricotta and flavorful Neapolitan salami.

Don’t miss out on the zesty orange-marinated salmon! And to complete this delicious experience, they also serve baked fish and the famous buffalo mozzarella. It’s a wonderful homage to the great tenor and a true celebration of culinary tradition.

Fun Tip – To start your meal, try the delicious buffalo mozzarella, a much-loved local treat. This creamy and tasty cheese comes right from the area, giving you a real taste of Naples. Its smooth and rich texture, along with its fresh, milky flavor, is a great way to begin your dining experience. Enjoy it on its own or with other yummy starters.

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1. Veritas

Veritas was awarded a Michelin star in 2016 for their combination of both tradition and new ideas.

The restaurant has a modern and classy atmosphere with nice design touches that nod to the local culture. Chef Gianluca D’Agostino creates a wonderful mix of dishes from the land and the sea, each showing off his great cooking skills.

Dishes like steamed cod with escarole, black olives, and bits of black truffle, and a special anchovy dish with buffalo mozzarella and Vesuvius broccoli, give you a taste of the creative menu.

Fun Tip – Since Veritas emphasizes seasonal ingredients, ask your server about any special dishes that might not be on the regular menu. They often feature unique creations that showcase the best of each season.

These restaurants offer the best of Naples’ culinary scene. Whether you opt for the more traditional eateries or the ones that have graced the Neapolitan map in recent years, you and your family are in for a fantastic treat.

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