Oktoberfest Munich 2024 – Your First Timer’s Ultimate Guide

foreign [Music] it's that time of the year when it's soci...

it's that time of the year when it's
socially acceptable to get crazy drunk
and pass out on the street Oktoberfest
is here welcome back to wonderfully lost
a travel Community for parents by
parents today we're talking about a
holiday for parents because you wouldn't
want to expose your little ones to the
world's largest Folk Festival attended
by more than 7 million beer thirsty
visitors every year they'll have to
become adults before experiencing this
party 18 days of endless drinking
dancing parades Fair rides and more but
considering the absolute Mayhem at the
festival it can be hard to experience
Bavarian culture at its best especially
if you're a first-time visitor don't
worry though we've got you covered
here's your guide for the Oktoberfest
Munich Germany lots and lots of beer
okay first of all prepare yourself to
get really really drunk and we mean
really every year 7 million liters of
beer are served at the festival by
waitresses dressed in traditional
doondle and waiters rocking the classic
Lederhosen carrying giant beer mugs
called muskrug and trust us they can
carry a lot the current world record
stands at 26 full muskrug we know all
that beer is tempting but remember it's
a marathon not a Sprint you don't want
to be drunk and black out in the middle
of the festival and here's a pro tip
don't forget to fuel up with some
delicious food along the way dress code
that said there's no dress code for the
festival if you want to show up in a
pair of shorts and a t-shirt go ahead
but wearing traditional clothing might
not be a bad idea either you're going to
the greatest Festival which only comes
around once a year make it memorable if
you do decide to go with traditional
clothing make sure you're doing it right
otherwise you risk offending the locals
pay special attention to how you tie
your dirndl the placement of your bow
tells people about your relationship
status so front right means your married
or in a relationship front middle means
you're a virgin and front left means
you're single and ready to mingle old
traditions don't ask bring cash lots of
it moving on prepare to empty your
wallet at the festival nothing comes
cheap at Oktoberfest and you don't want
to waste your precious time looking for
an ATM so listen to us and take a big
wad of cash with you no amount is big
enough a beer is going to cost you
somewhere between 12 euros 60 to 14
euros 90. snacks can cost you around
five to six euros and 15 to 20 euros for
full entrees that said you don't need to
buy tokens for the Oktoberfest there's a
bunch of websites saying that you need
to but don't buy into it you'll be good
with cash now it's time for some even
more important pointers but before we
let you in on the golden tourist Secrets
make sure to subscribe to our channel
for more videos like this how to get
there thankfully the festival isn't
tucked away in some remote Village
corner it actually sets up shop at
Teresa Vice which for all the non-locals
watching is easily accessible by public
transport Munich has a state-of-the-art
Metro System that makes it very easy to
get around the city hop online's u4 or
u5 which will take you directly to the
fairgrounds when you're on board keep an
eye out for the tourism by stop you can
also stroll in through any of the
numerous entrances they've got set up
once you're inside the festival grounds
are neatly split into two zones on the
right you're in for a warm Barbarian
welcome inside vs Buddhist drug that's
where you'll find most of the famous
beer tents over on the left is Shasta La
strugg it's a whole different world with
all kinds of rides hopping between the
two areas is as simple as Crossing one
of the many Crossways the largest one is
the Matthias Source drug in front of the
barbaria statue you won't miss it
Oktoberfest beer tense before you pack
your bags for the festival make sure you
read up on the Oktoberfest beer tents
there are 14 major tents and each of
them offers a unique Unforgettable
experience so you want to pick up one
that matches your Vibe or you can visit
them all if you're going to attend all
16 days of the Oktoberfest when we say
tense we don't mean those tiny ones that
you and your dad took on that one
camping trip no we're talking about
giant ones that can house hundreds of
people the largest of the 14 tents
paulana Fest celt can house around 11
000 people and people still call it cozy
the tent is all about fun and beer other
worth mentioning tents include Scott and
harmel one of the oldest and one where
the Lord mayor of Munich Taps the first
keg of the year and shouts ozaptiz then
there's Hofbrau pastelt with a standing
only area a godsend because finding
seats at the festival can be a real
headache and don't forget hacker Fest
salt if you want to enjoy some striking
interior designs by oscar-winning set
designer Rolf ziard Bauer while sipping
on your beer then this is the tent to go
through so to make it clear here make
sure you read up on the tents because it
can make or break your experience you
can find plenty of official links
detailing all 14 tents speaking of seats
the only way to grab some is if you're
showing up in the late hours of the
morning or the early afternoon during
the middle of the first week walking in
on weekends or evenings is actual
suicide food at the Oktoberfest now beer
is not the only thing they serve at the
festival Bavarian grab is something to
die for as well the minute you step into
the festival you'll be greeted with the
tantalizing Aroma of the local Cuisine
filling the air The Barbarians will
usually start the day with some wise
worst a delectable white sausage made up
of bacon meat and veal then for lunch
you can expect the mouth-watering handle
which is a half of a rotisserie chicken
cooked to Absolute juicy golden
Perfection and spine Hudson is a roasted
pork knuckle drowned in gravy also if
you're feeling like munching something
when you're drunk there is kaiserschmarm
a traditional shredded pancake cake dish
that's both satisfying and sweet and
good old roasted almonds and pretzels on
that note don't think about writing any
of the bumper cars or amusement rides
after you've downed a lot of drinks and
food what to do at the Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest is more than just drinking
and eating it's a world of excitement
and entertainment waiting to be explored
Oktoberfest is not like your traditional
festivals it's actually a Volks Fest the
largest one in the world for those of
you who don't know volkspest is German
for a festival that offers the joys of
both drinking and rides speaking of the
rides they're just as crazy if not more
we're talking roller coasters with five
Loops or more aka the Olympia looping
the largest transportable roller coaster
that'll definitely have your heart
pounding you can also head to the
Skyfall the tallest mobile drop tower in
the world if you consider yourself a
brave soul then there's the crino line
which promises nothing but nostalgic
riding fun with some good old brass
music playing in the background the
flip-fly a giant boat swing for only the
Brave and the monster Russian an amazing
water slide are popular attractions as
well you'll find a long Queue at the two
sofrat as well the locals love competing
with each other to see who can stay the
longest on the spinning disc if you need
a break from rides and drinks make your
way to schickel an Old-Fashioned
vaudible theater known for its Lively
parade they even execute a visitor on
the guillotine inside Bavaria is worth
stopping by as well it's a large statue
that you can climb up on the inside to
soak in the Fantastic views of the
Oktoberfest at the top toboggan gathers
a crowd as well where Riders try their
luck at climbing the slides Tower using
a really tricky treadmill safe to say
you won't run out of things to do rest
up and finally don't underestimate the
power of rest once you've partied till
you've dropped dead on the dance floor
and honored the spirit of Oktoberfest
the best way you know how it's time to
rest up we're not kidding you're going
to have your battery drained the next
day so take our advice and take it slow
you'll be able to enjoy the festival to
the very end this way hey are you a
Wanderer yet if not head over to our
travel blog at wonderfully

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, the one-stop shop for every wanderer’s travel advice and support. And in today’s blog, we gear up for one of the most anticipated festivals in the world.

Welcome to the world of Oktoberfest, where the joy of beer, hearty food, and Bavarian traditions come together in one grand celebration. This first timer’s guide will help you navigate this lively festival with ease and make the most of every moment.

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What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest, the legendary Bavarian bash in Munich, Germany, is an extravaganza that stretches over two weeks and ends on the first Sunday of October.

The festivities first kicked off on October 12, 1810, in honor of the wedding of Bavaria’s crown prince, later known as King Louis I, to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The celebration wrapped up five days later with an exhilarating horse race at a spot dubbed Theresienwiese, or “Therese’s green.” The following year, the race merged with a state agricultural fair, and in 1818, booths serving delectable treats and drinks were introduced.

Fast forward to the late 20th century, these booths evolved into grand beer halls with impressive features. Each of Munich’s brewers constructs one of these structures, hosting around 6,000 guests. The festival officially kicks off when the mayor of Munich taps the inaugural keg. Oktoberfest-goers guzzle a whopping 75,800 hectoliters of beer, equivalent to roughly 2 million gallons. The breweries make their presence felt through lively parades, showcasing beer-laden wagons, floats, and people dressed in traditional attire.

The revelry also includes games, thrilling rides, lively tunes, and dance. Drawing in over six million attendees annually, Oktoberfest is a massive hit, with a significant chunk being enthusiastic tourists.

What to Expect – Beer, Beer, and More Beer

There are only six local breweries that get the nod to serve up their brews right at the heart of the action—Paulaner, Spaten, Hacker-Pschorr, Augustiner, Hofbrau, and Lowenbrau. These are the original Oktoberfest brews, as authentic as it gets.

But there’s more to the story! You’ll stumble upon a bunch of other beers flaunting the Oktoberfest badge, brewed both inside and outside the German borders. While they bring their own unique flavors to the party, they’re usually on a mission to capture the classic styles of Oktoberfest brews from years gone by. And guess what? They’re almost always lagers!

The waiters and waitresses expertly carry trays with an astonishing number of full beer mugs. It’s a spectacle in itself, and you might even witness a record-breaking 26 mugs balanced by a single waiter.

Feast Like a Bavarian

As you enjoy those leisurely sips of the refreshing golden brew, get ready for a culinary adventure. First in line is the Weisswurst—a delightful white sausage crafted from veal and bacon, the perfect jumpstart for your day. Then, come lunchtime, the options are endless. You can relish in the succulent delight of a roasted pork knuckle, known as Schweinhaxen, or perhaps opt for a half a rotisserie chicken, lovingly referred to as Hendl. And for those in-between snack cravings, don’t worry! There’s a delightful array of pretzels, roasted almonds, and the mouthwatering shredded pancake dish, Kaiserschmarrn, to keep you satisfied.

These are some other common Oktoberfest Bavarian delights:

– Apple Strudel

– Blitz Torte and Blitz Torte Square

– Bienenstock and Bienenstock Square

– German Chocolate Cake

– German Chocolate Cup

– Rye Bread

– Poppy Loaf

These treats are sure to add an extra layer of delight to your Oktoberfest experience!

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Parties and Parades

Oktoberfest isn’t just about the brews. It transforms into a vibrant fairground with thrilling rides, lively folk music, puppet shows, and lively parades. And if you’re feeling adventurous (and a bit daring), there’s even a tradition of rolling down a hill after a few too many mugs of beer. Just remember, proceed at your own risk!

Don’t forget to explore the famous Oktoberfest Fairground. Whether it’s a spin on the merry-go-round or a heart-pounding roller coaster ride, the amusement park offers a whole new dimension to your Oktoberfest experience.

Where To Stay?

If you’re wondering where to set up a base camp for your Oktoberfest adventure, Munich’s heart is the place to be – Theresienwiese!

Staying in any of the hotels here not only puts you in striking distance of the Oktoberfest grounds but also at the center of Munich’s vibrant action. This borough is a bustling hub, home to lively districts like Glockenbachviertel, which is a focal point for Munich’s LGBTQ/party scene. Nearby is Gärtnerplatzviertel, boasting one of Munich’s most charming squares, popular among the young and the hip. And let’s not forget the world-renowned Deutsches Museum, the largest science and technology museum globally.

Here are some Theresienwiese hotels that promise both style and a top-notch stay, despite their central location.

1. Eurostars Book Hotel

A mere 10 minutes’ stroll from Theresienwiese, Eurostars Book Hotel offers not just proximity, but also the convenience of private parking. This gem ensures you’re never far from the festival buzz.

2. BOLD Hotel München Zentrum

With just an 8-minute walk to Theresienwiese, BOLD Hotel München Zentrum combines location with versatility. Offering both hotel rooms and apartments, it caters to various preferences, ensuring a comfortable stay.

3. Hotel Senator München

A mere 3 minutes’ walk from Theresienwiese, Hotel Senator München stands out for its budget-friendly approach. It also provides the added perk of private parking, making it an excellent choice for those mindful of expenses.

4. Jugend- und Familienhotel Augustin

Also just a 3-minute walk from Theresienwiese, this family-friendly option is known for its affordability, with special deals that won’t break the bank. It also accommodates large groups with rooms for up to six guests.

5. One Bavaria Homes

Offering a 7-minute walk to Theresienwiese, One Bavaria Homes is an excellent choice for those seeking the comforts of an apartment-style accommodation. With rooms catering to up to five guests, it’s perfect for families or small groups.

But while this is undoubtedly the prime pick location-wise, it comes with its trade-offs. Availability might be a challenge, and you’ll encounter a fair share of noise and crowds. And on top of that, the pricing can be the real deal breaker for many.

Because of how well-connected Theresienwiese is to public transportation, opting for a place a bit farther out (but still on the right U-Bahn lines) could be more budget-friendly, and quieter. The key here is finding a nice hotel near a U3, U4, U5, or U6 stop.

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Oktoberfest Essentials

As you gear up for the festivities, a few things to keep in mind will get you the full Oktoberfest experience.

Embrace the traditional Bavarian garb! While it’s not compulsory, wearing Lederhosen (for the gents) or a Dirndl (for the ladies) can add a whole new level of festivity to your experience.

Make sure you’ve got a solid meal in your belly before you dive into those big steins of beer. Hearty festival grub will be your best ally against the strength of those brews. And they are very, very strong – take it from us.

Next up, if you want to avoid long lines and ensure a comfy spot to enjoy the festivities, booking a table is the way to go. It’s like having a golden ticket to a smoother, more enjoyable time. No fuss, no muss!

Here’s a fun touch to add to your Oktoberfest attire: learn the Dirndl bow placement. It’s a quirky tradition that lets you play around with your look. Front-right says you’re taken, front-left means you’re ready to mingle, and front middle? Well, that’s the playful “I’m still figuring things out” choice.

Don’t forget to load up on cash! ATMs can be a rare sight, and you don’t want to waste time searching for one. Having some notes and coins on hand will keep you in the festival flow, no interruptions.

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What Not To Do

While it might be tempting to hop up on the tables for a better view, it’s actually a better idea to stick to standing on the benches. It’s a safer and more considerate way to enjoy the lively atmosphere without disrupting the festivities.

When it comes to treats, you might come across those charming gingerbread hearts. While they’re cute, if you’re looking for something more satisfying, go for heartier options like Kaiserschmarrn. This shredded pancake dish is a real winner.

Here’s a nifty insider tip: when it comes to settling the bill, don’t expect a handful of change back. The waitstaff are working hard to keep the merriment flowing, and any extra you leave is generally considered a tip for their efforts.

Lastly, let’s talk about transportation. Leave the driving to the pros. Finding parking can be a bit of a puzzle, and after indulging in the festival’s fantastic beers, taking the wheel isn’t the safest choice.

And there you have it – the essential first timer’s guide to the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Between beer, delicious food, cultural exhibitions, and more beer, an exciting adventure awaits.

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