Paris France Travel Guide: 11 Best Things to do in Paris

Paris is consistently rated as one of the best tourist dest...

Paris is consistently rated as one of
the best tourist destinations in the
world attracting over 30 million
visitors each year wonderfully lost
presents this Paris travel guide video
full of information on what to do where
to stay and what to eat so you can get
the most out of your time in the city of
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all right let's go what to do in Paris
when in Paris there are certain
landmarks and signature attractions that
you simply can't leave the city without
seeing for example you must see the
Eiffel Tower one of the most
recognizable landmarks in the world take
an elevator up to the top or if you're
feeling athletic climb the stairs to the
top for a panoramic view of the city
enjoy some bubbly at the Champagne Bar
located on the top level while you take
in the sights visit the Louvre Museum
and see famous works like the Mona Lisa
and the Venus de Milo up close the
Louvre is huge there are three Wings
each with over 70 rooms so make sure you
have a plan going in of what you want to
see and if you didn't take in enough art
at the Louvre check out The musee Dorsey
this museum is home to a collection of
impressionist and post-impressionist art
including works by Monet Manet and Van
Gogh a little over a mile away from the
Louvre is the Notre Dame Cathedral a
masterpiece of Gothic architecture and
one of the most famous churches in the
world after being ravaged by a massive
fire in 2019 Notre Dame Cathedral is
scheduled to reopen in 2024 but today
tourists can still view the cathedral
and admire the architecture take a
stroll along the sen river which runs
through the heart of Paris and don't
forget to stop along the way for a glass
of wine at many of the river bars head
to the basilic DU sacrika an iconic
church located on a hill in the mon
Matra neighborhood or transport yourself
back hundreds of years while visiting
the shadowed oversai this lavish Palace
located just outside of Paris was the
residence of the French monarchy for
over a century if you're looking for
good shopping or to just admire a
beautiful Art Nouveau domed ceiling
check out the gallery's Lafayette
Houseman a luxury department store
popular among both locals and tourists
head up to the rooftop area where you
get wonderful views of the city in all
directions another popular and fun
option among tourists are guided bike
tours where you can visit some of the
Lesser known neighborhoods and hidden
gems this is a great way to get off the
beaten path and experience the city like
a local Parisian hop on a bike and voila
off you go
what to eat in Paris Paris is a city
known for its culinary excellence and
their famous Cuisine is one of the major
reasons that so many tourists and
Foodies keep coming back as of 2022
there were 118 Michelin starred
restaurants in Paris 10 of which have
three stars this is viewed as the
highest culinary achievement a chef can
earn and the only city that tops Paris
in their number of three-star Michelin
restaurants is Tokyo so if you're
looking for a fine dining experience
Paris is the place to be if you're in
the mood for classic French cuisine make
sure to dine at lombwasi a restaurant
located in the Murray neighborhood or
televor located in the 8th the Rhonda
small for modern French cuisine done at
a land de Cass or Plaza atene located in
the Plata atene hotel or La preg catalon
located in the boa de bologna park and
if you want Ultra Modern Innovative
French Fair don't miss less Stones this
intimate restaurant is in the 16th of
rondisma and serves entrees like avocado
encased crab meat ravioli sauteed pigeon
and foie gras with lemon confi and
hazelnut oil ah delicious Paris also
offers a variety of unique food
experiences outside of the traditional
restaurant setting take a course in
macaron making where you will spend
three hours with a French chef
perfecting the art of these delicious
pastries or sign up for a gourmet food
tour a great way to sample a variety of
local Specialties and side benefit
you'll burn off the extra calories while
walking between the restaurants enjoy
cheese tasting at astir a traditional
Bistro offering an oversized cheese
platter course and watch gourmet
chocolate being made at La manufacture
de chocolate don't worry you'll get to
enjoy plenty of samples before you leave
for quick fare get in line for any of
the food trucks you'll find Wandering
Paris while these aren't typically
serving authentic French food you can
enjoy International Cuisine made by the
French which is obviously delicious
finally you can't leave Paris without
getting a baguette out of a vending
machine you'll find these scattered
throughout the city and it's said that
tourists love them
where to stay in Paris we've covered
what to do and what to eat now we're
going to share some really great Hotel
options in Paris if you're looking to
Glam it up Paris has an abundance of
five-star hotels that will impress even
the most sophisticated traveler the Ritz
is known for its opulent decor and it
has hosted plenty of royalty and
celebrities throughout the years Le
Bristol is another five-star hotel
option which houses the famous three
Michelin starred restaurant Epicure or
you can never go wrong with the
peninsula Paris located right near the
art de Triomphe which offers amazing
views and lavish amenities check your
budget though because these hotels will
cost between one to three thousand
dollars a night for more budget-friendly
options check out the 200 a night Hotel
Monte Cristo with its unique Middle
Eastern Vibe sitting right next to the
Latin quarter you'll be nearby a wealth
of restaurants and vibrant nightlife
check out the modern and clean hotel de
omaray located right in the center of
Paris with rates around 120 a night and
if you want to feel like royalty but at
a reasonable price stay at the hotel
descend for around 170 a night this
three-star hotel offers opulently
decorated rooms in classic French style
is walking distance to the Sim and is
located next to the food and nightlife
of the Latin quarter if you're on a
super tight budget Paris offers a ton of
hostels for around a hundred dollars a
night and many of these can actually be
quite nice advenia Paris is a classic
dorm style hostel located near the Shams
Elise and it includes a complimentary
breakfast the people hostel offers
private rooms and is centrally located
near Notre Dame Cathedral Adventure
Paris is a youth hostel run by the
Catholic Community featuring a beautiful
outdoor Terrace with seating areas
regardless of your budget you will be
sure to find clean comfortable and safe
accommodation in Paris this concludes
our Paris travel guide what culinary
experience would you rather have in
Paris three Michelin star fine dining or
food trucks tell us in the comments and
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