The 20 Best Europe Food Destinations we regret not trying sooner

I think we can all agree that one of the best things about ...

I think we can all agree that one of the
best things about traveling to another
country is the food so today we present
this European food tour where we'll show
you the best foods drinks and desserts
across 20 European countries hope you're
hungry make sure to stay until the end
to find out where you can have beer
brewed by monks and don't forget to
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minutes alright let's go number one
France French cuisine is renowned for
its sophistication and elegance some of
the most popular French dishes include
escargot snails in garlic butter Coco
vong chicken cooked in red wine bouya
base a fish stew from Provence
Ratatouille a vegetable stew from nice
and Tate tatan caramelized Apple tart
sip on the world famous French wine and
for breakfast cafe or lay and a
croissant silver play
number two Spain you can't go to Spain
without enjoying their famous Tapas
popular Tapas includes paella tortilla
Espanola Spanish omelette albondigas
meatballs and Jamon cured ham Spain also
has some of the best wine in the world
make sure to try their Rio and Ribera
Del duero or sip on a sangria while
finishing off a plate of churros it
doesn't get better than this number
three Italy when in Italy you'll find
yourself in a carb Lover's Paradise
you'll see pasta dishes like spaghetti
bolognese lasagna and fettuccine Alfredo
on almost every menu along with pizza
and risotto for dessert enjoy gelato the
traditional Italian ice cream Italy is
also famous for its wines such as
Chianti barolo and Prosecco and for its
apparatifs like Campari and limoncello
number 4. Germany when you think of
Germany you probably think of sausages
and beer and you're right head over for
Oktoberfest and enjoy the best of German
cuisine and beer and while many people
think of German beer the country also
produces excellent wine such as Riesling
and geverts tremina for dessert you
can't miss out on black forest cake this
cake is truly a gift to mankind we're
talking chocolate cake with layers of
cherries and whipped cream number five
United Kingdom the United Kingdom is
known for its traditional dishes such as
fish and chips Yorkshire pudding and
shepherd's pie the most popular British
drink is you guessed it tea Pub culture
is a big part of British life and it's
where traditional British food and
drinks can be found such as bangers and
mash roast beef and Ale pie and cider
number six turkey turkey has many
well-known dishes such as kebabs baklava
pede a type of Turkish pizza and dolma
stuffed grape leaves however they are
particularly known for their donor Kebab
which is a sandwich made from meat
cooked on a vertical rotisserie and
served in pita bread have a cup of
traditional Turkish coffee which dates
back to the Ottoman Empire number seven
Portugal while in Portugal you'll find
Excellent seafood dishes like salt cod
fish stew grilled sardines and octopus
if Seafood isn't your thing they make
amazing soups salads and custard Tarts
in terms of drinks they are known for
their port wine young white wine and
beer number eight Netherlands you can't
travel to the Netherlands without
enjoying their famous Stroop waffles
which are waffles in syrup and no we're
not talking about the kind that United
hands out on their flights the
Netherlands version is warm and fresh
and will leave you wanting more they are
also known for their deep fried
meatballs their soups and their cheeses
enjoy some Dutch gin and perhaps a deep
fried donut you'll never want to leave
number nine Austria some of the most
popular foods in Austria include wiener
schnitzel veal cutlet tuffle Spitz
boiled beef and pan-fried potatoes with
bacon and onions they make a delicious
dish called kaiserschmann which is
essentially a golden brown pancake that
is shredded and served with a plum or
raspberry compote they are also known
for their Schnapps and their Austrian
wines number 10 Poland next up is Poland
with their hearty comforting Cuisine
popular foods include peregys dumplings
filled with various ingredients Biggers
a traditional stew made from meat and
sauerkraut kielbasa Polish sausage and
breaded pork cutlets now you may have
heard of Polish vodka and it is worth
the hype just be careful you don't want
to get a hangover for dessert you have
to try the famous punch key which are
jelly filled Donuts number 11. Grease
Grease is known for its Mediterranean
cuisine using fresh ingredients like
olive oil herbs and seafood popular
foods include Souvlaki grilled meat
skewers moussaka layered eggplant and
meat dish dolmaris stuffed grape leaves
and Tzatziki yogurt and cucumber dip try
samuzo the traditional Anis flavored
aperitif don't forget to say opa number
12. Czech Republic similar to Poland the
Czech Republic is known for its hearty
meals often incorporating meat potatoes
and bread dumplings you'll find plenty
of goulash dumplings and roast pork with
sauerkraut they make the best Plum
dumplings which are made with fresh
plums and cream cheese and topped with
poppy seeds sounds delicious and
speaking of plums make sure to try their
slivovits which is a plum brandy number
13 Switzerland Switzerland is known for
its delicious chocolate hello Nestle and
cheese you can't live without having a
traditional fondue meal or enjoying some
Raclette which is melted cheese served
on top of potatoes rosti are a
traditional Swiss dish made with grated
potatoes and they are to die for have
some Swiss wine or hot chocolate and
crack open a Toblerone Bar number 14
Norway this country serves seafood and
warm filling dishes that reflect the
country's harsh climate and long Winters
well-known dishes include dried Cod
cured salmon mutton stew and potato
flatbread make sure to try the fatigue
man a deep fried pastry dusted with
powdered sugar number 15 Croatia we're
back to Mediterranean Cuisine but this
time with grilled minced meat beef stew
and Squid Ink risotto that's right Squid
Ink Croatian Cuisine has a strong
influence from central European Cuisine
which is reflected in dishes like
goulash and schnitzel Croatia makes a
Delicious Fruit Brandy called rakia and
for dessert enjoy mini donuts and
custard cream
number six island when you think of
Ireland you may think of meat and
potatoes and you're right but their
dishes are both elevated and Hearty
check out a local pub and get some Irish
lamb stew or corned beef and cabbage
your hotel may offer a traditional Irish
Breakfast which consists of bacon
sausages eggs black pudding and soda
bread black pudding is not what it
sounds like it's actually blood sausage
have a pint of Guinness or a shot or two
of Irish whiskey number 17. Denmark in
Denmark you'll find some delicious
open-faced sandwiches on rye bread
Danish meatballs and pan-fried pork with
parsley sauce they make incredible
desserts as well make sure to try their
fried dough ball and their resaleman
which is a dessert made of rice pudding
and topped with cherry sauce you won't
be able to have only one number 18.
Sweden you can get a taste of Sweden at
your local Ikea but there's no
substitute for the real thing go for the
Swedish meatballs with signature
lingonberry sauce Seafood is also huge
with local favorites being pickled
herring smoked salmon and grab legs
cured salmon after your pickled herring
enjoy some barandin which is a schnapps
made from potatoes or grains then
include your sweet tooth with Canal Bula
cinnamon rolls Simla cream filled pastry
or chocolate bowler chocolate balls
number 19. Belgium Belgium the land of
chocolate waffles and comfort food for
breakfast when in Belgium you have to go
with waffles when you're looking for a
Hearty dinner try the moolfreets which
are mussels and fries and carbonade
flamon beef and onion stew Belgian monks
are also world famous for their Trappist
beer brewed in small batches when it's
time for dessert the obvious choice is
Belgian chocolate number 20 Bulgaria
Bulgarian dishes are scented around meat
vegetables and yogurt or miliaco which
translates to sour milk yum in Bulgaria
you'll Feast on benitza a pastry filled
with cheese or spinach and kieft special
Bulgarian meatballs made of pork veal or
beef for desserts go for the well-known
baklava a sweet pastry made of phyllo
dough with nuts and sweet syrup finally
don't pass on the rakia a Bulgarian star
brandy made from fermented fruits and
traveling across Europe offers a wide
variety of culinary experiences each
with their own unique tastes ingredients
and feel what are you most interested in
trying on your next European Vacation
the main meal or the dessert tell us in
the comments and make sure to subscribe
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