St. Lucia 7 Best All Inclusive Resorts

from private beaches to Lazy rivers and water parks these re...

from private beaches to Lazy rivers and water parks these resorts are too good to be true welcome back to wonderfully lost your home for all things travel get ready to be swept off your feet as we reveal the top all-inclusive resorts in St Lucia here's our top picks starting with number seven sandals Halcyon Beach we've got the perfect escape from your hectic life at the sandals Halcyon Beach Resort this place is a total gem with a whopping 8.5 rating on bookings and if you're a sucker for all things fancy you're in luck this result is known for treating their guests like royalty with their five-star services so get ready to feel like the queen or King that you already are wait you're a picky eater no worries because this Resort offers a total of six restaurants and all of them have plenty of options to pick from so you probably won't have a hard time finding a bite to grab but the real kicker is the Luxury Spa where you can forget about all your worries and pamper yourself to the Max and when the Sun goes down the fun doesn't have to stop the result offers a free shuttle service to town for some nighttime Shenanigans and if you're feeling extra adventurous there's a nightclub where you can dance the night away if all this sounds like heaven to you you know which Resort you'll be booking for your next vacation but wait and watch on you might find something even better number six Royalton Saint Lucia now if you're planning on going on vacation with your family along with your kids we've got a pretty good option for you located in Gross islet Royalton is an autograph collection Resort from Marriott and they focus on families so you won't have to worry about leaving your kids home while you watch the sunset on the beach they offer a lot of activities to keep their guests Happy by the beach but speaking of the beach your kids should have fun in the water too right well Royalton has got you covered they offer a splash park for all the kids staying at the resort but what if you have teens you don't have to worry about them either because this Resort offers a teen club where all the teenagers staying at the resort can gather around make new friends and have a blast while you do the same let's not forget about the most important guests of all the ones paying for the vacation you'll be spoiled for Choice with the wide variety of exotic and conventional Foods on the menu and if you're feeling stressed from all that parenting head on over to the spa and let them work their magic now this all sounds like something you and your kids both can say is a good option yeah but what if you don't have kids yet but you're still a couple well let us tell you about this next Resort then number 5. zotri marigot Bay St Lucia we all get tired of our loud busy routines at work and at home so a lot of us just want a peaceful vacation without all the noise and maybe even the partying well if you've reached that part of your life where you just want to relax on a beach chair and sip a cool drink this Resort is going to be right up your alley located in America got Bay the resort has more than just Scenic views to offer this place is so Serene and calm you might end up achieving inner peace without even trying plus they don't allow any of those pesky kids so it's just you and your fellow adults free from all the noise and Chaos one of the things that guests love is their on-site wine and rum tastings now doesn't that sound tempting but if that's not good enough for you how does 24-hour private in-suite dining sound and you won't even have to leave your Suite to get snacks because they restock your in-suite mini bar twice daily but let's not forget the most important part of any Beach vacation the pool and this Resort has not won but multiple infinity pools that lead straight to the beach and if you're feeling a little bit more adventurous they've got 11 restaurants for you to choose from number 4. belgou another Adults Only Resort on today's list but trust us you won't get much time to think about your kids once you step foot inside Bellevue Resort there is Resort has a fantastic rating of 8.5 out of 10 on bookings which is incredible when you think about it because it's one of the most affordable ones on today's list the resort is conveniently located just a short 10 minute ride away from the beautiful veggie Beach so you can enjoy all the sun Sand and Sea that you could possibly want without dealing with the crowds of tourists that usually flock to beaches belgou offers a free shuttle service that will take you to and from the beach so you won't have to worry about anything but enjoying the golden sand between your toes and the beach isn't the only perk here they have three on-site restaurants that offer everything from cheeseburgers to chicken curry and a wide range of other International Foods but if you're not in the mood to eat you can always head to their spa and have a relaxing massage to get refreshed if all this sounds like a dream you have your next vacation resort figured out number three Harbor Club St Lucia are you the kind of person who loves to stay close to where all the action is well if so the harbor Club in Rodney Bay is the perfect place for you with just a quick 30 minute drive from the airport you can hop out of the taxi and right into a poolside Cabana ready to soak up some sun the resort has a lot of things to tempt you into booking like a total of four outdoor pools but if that's not your thing you can always rent Cabanas if you want more privacy sure their dining options might be limited to just four but who cares about that when you're living this sweet life in one of the luxurious rooms and let's not forget about their spa packages and room service both of which are designed to spoil you rotten so if you're willing to overlook a limited menu the harbor Club is waiting for you to come and have the time of your life number two Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa are you torn between wanting to take your family on vacation and also needing some time to yourself well this Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa has got you covered yep located in Beaufort this Resort consists of three Wings you can either stay in the harmony Wing or the splash Wing if you're bringing your kids along with you and if you're new newlywed or just a couple looking for some sweet time away from everything they've got the serenity wing all ready for you visitors have rated this Resort at a decent 8 out of 10 on bookings and this Resort rarely lets guests leave displeased with a private beach and a water park with a lazy river you'll be able to keep both your family and your inner child happy and if you're worried about putting on vacation wait no need to fret because they've got a fitness center where you can burn off all those pina colada calories number one East Winds are you ready to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and indulge in a luxurious honeymoon look no further than the East Winds Resort in Gross islet where newlywed couples have given it a remarkable rating of 9.6 out of 10 on bookings let us tell you why firstly are you the kind of person who just wants the whole Beach to themselves well that might not be possible but this Resort offers you the closest thing to it with a private beach you won't have to deal with anyone other than your loved ones no need to worry about crowds and interruptions just peaceful Serenity the resort boasts some of the most stunning Gardens you'll ever see providing the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll hand in hand with your partner you'll feel like you're walking in a Paradise Garden straight out of a fairy tale and let's not forget about the food East Winds offers a taste of the Caribbean like no other with classic dishes bursting with flavor that'll have your taste buds dancing with joy so what are you waiting for which of these has sparked your interest comment below we'd love to know which ones hey are you a subscriber to 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Close your eyes and picture this: a clear blue sky, the ocean, a shimmering gauze of emerald and turquoise and a gentle breeze fanning your face as you dig your toes deep in the sand and soak up the summer sun. Utter Bliss! You’re Enjoying St. Lucia All Inclusive Resorts

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, your home for all things travel!

We have our pick of 7 best St. Lucia all- inclusive resorts. And those resorts have something for everyone!

Whatever floats your boat, we’ve got your summer vacay covered! Be sure to check out our St. Lucia travel planning resources at the end, and if your time on our site is as WANDERFUL as we hope, we’d be super thrilled to have you share this post with your fellow wanderers.

7. Sandals Halcyon Beach

Sandals Halcyon Beach St. Lucia All Inclusive Resort

If your palate veers towards the more upscale variety of summer beach getaways- you’ll hit the jackpot with this one!

After all, boasting an average rating of 8.5 on is no ordinary feat. Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort has something for just about everyone.

A nature connoisseur? Prepare to get mesmerized by St. Lucia’s dreamy seascape from the comfort of your luxury getaway.

The idyllic resort sure knows how to pamper its visitors by offering them the very best of its top notch 5-star treatment. Guests are treated to an unforgettable experience with unmatched services.

Indulge your taste buds with the very best of what fine dining has to offer. Take your pick from Sandals Halcyon’s selection of six delightful restaurants. From the rich flavors of Italian cuisine, to a delicate Japanese menu or a delicious crispy stir-fry, Sandals’ team of international chefs will not disappoint.

In the mood to get a flavor of St. Lucia’s thriving night-life? Then hop aboard a shuttle and head straight to town where you can dance your stresses away to the rhythm of a nightclub. Yes, this all inclusive private paradise also offers its own shuttle service.

Speaking of stress, leave your worries behind. Rejuvenate yourself and indulge in some serious TLC at the resort’s luxury spa with a relaxing aromatherapy or couple’s massage.

6. Royalton St. Lucia

Royalton St. Lucia All Inclusive Resort

If your cuppa tea involves beachy summer vibes and some serious fun in the sun with your family, the Royalton St. Lucia might be the answer to all your vacation needs.

Summertime fun doesn’t get any better than this! The Royalton is the creme de la creme of family resorts- the gold standard.

The super luxe all inclusive resort boasts impressive credentials as it is an autograph collection resort from Marriott.

The best part? Everyone gets their fair share of vacay perks as the resort exclusively caters to families.

So if you have toddlers suffering from the terrible twos or moody tweens and teens, the resort is a one stop solution to keep the entire family entertained.

Your kids can take a spin in the splash park designed especially for them.

Teenage guests get a space of their own at the Teens Club where they can hang out, mingle and strike up friendships for life!

Not only that, but moms and dads also get some much needed me-time. 

Get set to embark on a gastronomical adventure like never before and select from a number of options from an eclectic menu catering to diverse tastes.

Need an antidote to soothe away your worries and stresses? Replenish your senses at the resort’s exclusive spa.

5. Zoëtry Marigot Bay St. Lucia

5. Zoëtry Marigot Bay St. Lucia All Inclusive Resort

If you are a fan of all things cool, calm, clean and serene then this dazzling slice of paradise might just do the trick for you.

Channel your inner spiritual guru at the tranquil Zoetry Marigot Bay – All Inclusive resort to relax and ease into a zen vibe.

A word of caution though- this might not be the most ideal spot if you are planning to bring your junior clan along. A strictly adults only resort is what is on the cards at Zoëtry Marigot Bay St. Lucia.

In the sense that it caters to adult tastes.

The all-inclusive resort has carved a niche for itself by offering an on site wine and rum tasting adventure. Explore the tantalizing world of the best wines and rums by experiencing the resort’s unique selection.

That is not where the ecstasy ends!

Immerse in the bliss of the resort’s luxurious and expansive infinity pool.

Fancy a bite? You won’t be short for choices as this all inclusive dream resort harbors an impressive number of restaurants- eleven to be exact- to cater to the palate of even the most choosy eater!

4. Bel Jou

Bel Jou St. Lucia All Inclusive Resort

The Bel Jou Adults Only – All Inclusive is an all- out winner!

Where else will you find the incomparable luxury of a resort that stands at an impressive ranking of 8.5 on! It has great value for money as it might not make a heavy dent in your pocket and lets you get away from the munchkins to enter a world of unmatched beauty and comfort.

Sounds like a winning combo? Then read on!

Tired of endless crowds and the buzz of tourists spoiling your calm day out on the beach? 

Bel Jou spares you from the toil and discomfort of navigating touristy spots by offering its own shuttle service to Vigi Beach located a mere ten minutes away and back to the resort again. If that isn’t relaxing and convenient, we don’t know what is!

Time off from the stresses of urban life provides the perfect window to indulge in some serious R and R. Bel Jou’s Spa is just the place you need to revitalize and soothe your soul with its array of relaxing massages. Experience the aroma and sensations of this unique exotic universe.

Want to kick back with a low-key cheeseburger? Or are you in the mood for some fragrant curry- check in at any of the resort’s three on-site restaurants and savor each delectable bite!

3. Harbor Club St. Lucia

Harbor Club St. Lucia All Inclusive Resort

What trumps Harbor Club St. Lucia over all others is the decadent luxury of its cabanas and suites.

Cabanas, yes you read that right. You can rent your own private cabana at the Harbor’s Club for some private quality time.

Their impeccable room service will definitely be one of the highlights of your stay.

The exclusive features offered by the all-inclusive resort do not end just here.

A quality luxury spa with some of the very best range of services and packages is another add on to the luxe experience.

There are four outdoor pools as well where you can unwind and relax or even make a splash!

Another huge plus point is the resort’s proximity to the airport. Say bye-bye to long road trips to and from the airport as the resort is only half an hour away from this haven of comfort.

How neat is that? You can park your luggage in your hotel room and zip off to have some fun!

The only downside is that dining options are not quite as diverse with only four choices offered. 

However, all the other amazing experiences that one can partake in at the resort would definitely make up for its shortcomings!

2. Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa

2. Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa St. Lucia All Inclusive Resort

Calling all couples and honeymooners! 

No, wait! Calling all moms and dads along with their kids.

Confused? Don’t be.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa embraces all and offers fun for everyone!

How can anyone say no to a place that has its own private beach?

It is any beach buff’s paradise.

But that’s not enough. Coconut Beach Resort has set the bar impossibly high by building its own Splash Park.

And if you think that’s where the fun ends, you could be dead wrong.

There is even a lazy river for chilled out souls to lounge around. 

Which is not to say that fitness buffs have to twiddle their fingers because the all inclusive resort has its own top of the line fitness center.

Tucked away at Vieux Fort, this sprawling resort lets its guests take their pick from its three wings based on their requirements and personal preference. 

So go ahead, make that reservation. Be sure to make the right pick for your type. It can either be the Splash Wing- kids ahoy, the Harmony Wing and for all you lovebirds out there- the Serenity Wing.

1. East Wind | St. Lucia All Inclusive Resorts

East Wind St. Lucia All Inclusive Resort

With enchanting gardens, private beach and gourmet food delights- the East Winds located at Gros Islet is every honeymooner’s dream come true!

This might be a godsend for you if you are stuck on options to whisk away your sweetheart on a magical romantic adventure.

Think cozy and intimate times- just you and your nearest and dearest on a quiet beach far away from all the noise.

Treat your beloved to an assortment of exotic delights featuring the very best of Caribbean Cuisine.

Fancy some alone time under the starry sky? Take a soothing stroll through the resort’s beautiful gardens filling in your senses with their quaint charm.

Tempted? Then make that reservation right away. You won’t regret it!

And there you have it- a complete lowdown on the best all inclusive resorts of St. Lucia. Which one do you think is the best? 


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