Best of St. Lucia’s Adults Only All Inclusive Resorts Series: Coconut Bay | Vacation for Two

foreign [Music] from private beaches to Lazy rivers and w...

from private beaches to Lazy rivers and
water parks these resorts are too good
to be true welcome back to wonderfully
lost your home for all things travel get
ready to be swept off your feet as we
reveal the top all-inclusive resorts in
St Lucia here's our top picks starting
with number seven sandals Halcyon Beach
Sandals Halcyon Beach
we've got the perfect escape from your
hectic life at the sandals Halcyon Beach
Resort this place is a total gem with a
whopping 8.5 rating on bookings and if
you're a sucker for all things fancy
you're in luck this result is known for
treating their guests like royalty with
their five-star services so get ready to
feel like the queen or King that you
already are wait you're a picky eater no
worries because this Resort offers a
total of six restaurants and all of them
have plenty of options to pick from so
you probably won't have a hard time
finding a bite to grab but the real
kicker is the Luxury Spa where you can
forget about all your worries and pamper
yourself to the Max and when the Sun
goes down the fun doesn't have to stop
the result offers a free shuttle service
to town for some nighttime Shenanigans
and if you're feeling extra adventurous
there's a nightclub where you can dance
the night away if all this sounds like
heaven to you you know which Resort
you'll be booking for your next vacation
but wait and watch on you might find
something even better number six
Royalton Saint Lucia now if you're
planning on going on vacation with your
family along with your kids we've got a
pretty good option for you located in
Gross islet Royalton is an autograph
collection Resort from Marriott and they
focus on families so you won't have to
worry about leaving your kids home while
you watch the sunset on the beach they
offer a lot of activities to keep their
guests Happy by the beach but speaking
of the beach your kids should have fun
in the water too right well Royalton has
got you covered they offer a splash park
for all the kids staying at the resort
but what if you have teens you don't
have to worry about them either because
this Resort offers a teen club where all
the teenagers staying at the resort can
gather around make new friends and have
a blast while you do the same let's not
forget about the most important guests
of all the ones paying for the vacation
you'll be spoiled for Choice with the
wide variety of exotic and conventional
Foods on the menu and if you're feeling
stressed from all that parenting head on
over to the spa and let them work their
magic now this all sounds like something
you and your kids both can say is a good
option yeah but what if you don't have
kids yet but you're still a couple well
let us tell you about this next Resort
then number 5. zotri marigot Bay St
Lucia we all get tired of our loud busy
routines at work and at home so a lot of
us just want a peaceful vacation without
all the noise and maybe even the
partying well if you've reached that
part of your life where you just want to
relax on a beach chair and sip a cool
drink this Resort is going to be right
up your alley located in America got Bay
the resort has more than just Scenic
views to offer this place is so Serene
and calm you might end up achieving
inner peace without even trying plus
they don't allow any of those pesky kids
so it's just you and your fellow adults
free from all the noise and Chaos one of
the things that guests love is their
on-site wine and rum tastings now
doesn't that sound tempting but if
that's not good enough for you how does
24-hour private in-suite dining sound
and you won't even have to leave your
Suite to get snacks because they restock
your in-suite mini bar twice daily but
let's not forget the most important part
of any Beach vacation the pool and this
Resort has not won but multiple infinity
pools that lead straight to the beach
and if you're feeling a little bit more
adventurous they've got 11 restaurants
for you to choose from number 4. belgou
another Adults Only Resort on today's
list but trust us you won't get much
time to think about your kids once you
step foot inside Bellevue Resort there
is Resort has a fantastic rating of 8.5
out of 10 on bookings which is
incredible when you think about it
because it's one of the most affordable
ones on today's list the resort is
conveniently located just a short 10
minute ride away from the beautiful
veggie Beach so you can enjoy all the
sun Sand and Sea that you could possibly
want without dealing with the crowds of
tourists that usually flock to beaches
belgou offers a free shuttle service
that will take you to and from the beach
so you won't have to worry about
anything but enjoying the golden sand
between your toes and the beach isn't
the only perk here they have three
on-site restaurants that offer
everything from cheeseburgers to chicken
curry and a wide range of other
International Foods but if you're not in
the mood to eat you can always head to
their spa and have a relaxing massage to
get refreshed if all this sounds like a
dream you have your next vacation resort
figured out number three Harbor Club St
Harbor Club
Lucia are you the kind of person who
loves to stay close to where all the
action is well if so the harbor Club in
Rodney Bay is the perfect place for you
with just a quick 30 minute drive from
the airport you can hop out of the taxi
and right into a poolside Cabana ready
to soak up some sun the resort has a lot
of things to tempt you into booking like
a total of four outdoor pools but if
that's not your thing you can always
rent Cabanas if you want more privacy
sure their dining options might be
limited to just four but who cares about
that when you're living this sweet life
in one of the luxurious rooms and let's
not forget about their spa packages and
room service both of which are designed
to spoil you rotten so if you're willing
to overlook a limited menu the harbor
Club is waiting for you to come and have
the time of your life number two Coconut
Coconut Bay Beach Resort
Bay Beach Resort and Spa are you torn
between wanting to take your family on
vacation and also needing some time to
yourself well this Coconut Bay Beach
Resort and Spa has got you covered yep
located in Beaufort this Resort consists
of three Wings you can either stay in
the harmony Wing or the splash Wing if
you're bringing your kids along with you
and if you're new newlywed or just a
couple looking for some sweet time away
from everything they've got the serenity
wing all ready for you visitors have
rated this Resort at a decent 8 out of
10 on bookings and this Resort rarely
lets guests leave displeased with a
private beach and a water park with a
lazy river you'll be able to keep both
your family and your inner child happy
and if you're worried about putting on
vacation wait no need to fret because
they've got a fitness center where you
can burn off all those pina colada
calories number one East Winds are you
East Winds Resort
ready to escape the hustle and bustle of
everyday life and indulge in a luxurious
honeymoon look no further than the East
Winds Resort in Gross islet where
newlywed couples have given it a
remarkable rating of 9.6 out of 10 on
bookings let us tell you why firstly are
you the kind of person who just wants
the whole Beach to themselves well that
might not be possible but this Resort
offers you the closest thing to it with
a private beach you won't have to deal
with anyone other than your loved ones
no need to worry about crowds and
interruptions just peaceful Serenity the
resort boasts some of the most stunning
Gardens you'll ever see providing the
perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll
hand in hand with your partner you'll
feel like you're walking in a Paradise
Garden straight out of a fairy tale and
let's not forget about the food East
Winds offers a taste of the Caribbean
like no other with classic dishes
bursting with flavor that'll have your
taste buds dancing with joy so what are
you waiting for which of these has
sparked your interest comment below we'd
love to know which ones hey are you a
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Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, a travel community where the road less traveled is the right way to go. And for today’s blog, we are doing exactly that!

We are taking you to the hidden adults-only gem in the heart of St. Lucia where it takes two to tango. With private indoor and outdoor living areas, mahogany king beds, fine dining, craft cocktails, butler service, 24-hour room service, and a personalized top-shelf bar, this is what dreams are made of.

This is Serenity by Coconut Bay!

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Welcome to the Land of Luxury!

Nestled amidst the captivating beauty of Saint Lucia, Serenity by Coconut Bay emerges as an exclusive sanctuary tailor-made for couples seeking a refined retreat. Here, 36 Plunge Pool Suites thoughtfully placed near Hewanorra International Airport come together to create an intimate escape that whispers sophistication.

The rooms here aren’t just rooms—they’re meticulously crafted spaces that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor areas in one swift go. And with antique mahogany king beds, the experience is taken to the next level.

On top of that, the culinary experience goes beyond basic sustenance—think fine dining and cocktails that are more like works of art, enhancing the entire gastronomic journey.

Enter the butler, your personal concierge on a mission to make your stay uniquely yours. Late-night cravings? No problem—with 24-hour room service, your wishes are their command.

When at Serenity by Coconut Bay, couples don’t just embark on a physical getaway. They step into a timeless tale of shared moments, where sophistication meets grace.

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Where You’ll Stay

Serenity at Coconut Bay warmly invites you to savor true luxury with their accommodation options, and there are quite a few to choose from.

The 36 intimate luxury suites fall into one of three distinct categories—the Plunge Pool Butler Suite, the Premium Plunge Pool Butler Suite, and the Grande Plunge Pool Butler Suite. All three of these offer a delightful spectrum of choices that cater to varying tastes, budgets, and desires.

First on the list, the Plunge Pool Butler Suite, the most intimate option, unfolds its charms across a generous 1,250 square feet of both indoor and outdoor space. Your personal haven includes a private deck just steps from a meticulously handcrafted mahogany king bed. The rooms come with a plunge pool and a waterfall ready for sun-soaked swims or a tranquil dip beneath a star-studded sky. The deck, adorned with lounge chairs, a cozy hammock for two, and a shaded wet bar, becomes your private oasis. Inside, a personalized bar, cable TV, complimentary Wi-Fi, a Bose sound system, and French doors opening to your deck await. And let’s not forget the bathroom—a sanctuary featuring his and hers vessel sinks, a walk-in rain shower, a soothing soaking tub, and premium toiletries.

Next in line, the Premium Plunge Pool Butler Suite, stretching across a lavish 1,500 square feet of opulent interior and exterior space. Revel in the custom mahogany vanity, a sumptuous king-size four-poster bed, and a wall-mounted 55-inch TV creating the perfect ambiance for nighttime viewing. The bathroom boasts an oversized soaking tub, setting the scene for a romantic couple’s bath. Stepping onto your outdoor deck, you’ll find an outdoor shower, a hammock for two, lounge chairs, a plunge pool, a waterfall, and a wet bar, thoughtfully restocked by–wait for it–your private butler. Your personalized beverage preferences are always at the forefront, whether you’re enjoying them on your private deck or ordering in-room service.

Now, for the pinnacle of opulence—the Grande Plunge Pool Butler Suite, Serenity’s grandest offering, generously spanning 1,900 square feet of combined indoor and outdoor space. Revel in his and hers closets, a mahogany credenza, and a custom slab crafted in St. Lucia. Your butler becomes your personal caretaker, handling unpacking, turndown service, and packing, elevating your pampering experience. Fine linens, luxurious towels, and indulgent toiletries add a touch of sophistication. The private bar setup, boasting a premium liquor selection, ensures your indulgence is tailored to perfection. And with your butler’s expertise, luxuries like a champagne bubble bath or a private in-suite spa treatment are always available at arm’s length.

Where to Eat

Serenity at Coconut Bay invites guests to embark on a culinary adventure with its Premium All-Inclusive dining package, featuring nine diverse options to cater to varying tastes. Ranging from laid-back to fine dining experiences, these venues promise to satisfy every palate.

Starting with the relaxed side, the Beach Grill, situated near the swim-up pool bar, offers made-to-order grilled favorites. The Jerk Treehouse introduces a Caribbean flair with delectable chicken and pork dishes, while Coconut Walk Marketplace provides an international menu for those seeking a culinary world tour.

For an Asian-inspired journey, Silk presents a menu that delights the palate. Calabash brings a burst of Caribbean flavors, and Capri tempts with Italian delights—both requiring reservations for a refined experience. Elevating the dining options, La Luna and The Greathouse offer fine dining experiences for a nominal fee, promising a culinary journey to remember.

When it comes to beverages, Serenity at Coconut Bay ensures that a favorite cocktail is just a request away. With seven bars scattered across the resort, including the Splash swim-up bar catering to both adults and children, guests have ample choices for a refreshing drink. The recently revamped 360-degree lobby bar welcomes guests with a gazebo and fire-pit seating, providing designated sections for smoking and non-smoking preferences. Blu Bar and Peter John’s Lounge offer indoor elegance for those seeking a more intimate setting.

Outdoor bars include the Harmony Pool Bar, Splash Pool Bar, Swim-Up Pool Bar, and the newest addition, Paradise Beach Bar. Boasting an extensive rum list with over 30 options, many locally produced in Saint Lucia, and featuring premium top-shelf liquors as part of the Premium All-Inclusive Package, allows guests to indulge in a variety of high-quality spirits at no additional charge.

The Greathouse, with its grand mansion charm, offers an exceptional dining experience. Chef’s signature dishes and reimagined classics are crafted from the highest quality ingredients, including locally sourced produce. Diners can choose between indoor dining under vaulted ceilings and handcrafted chandeliers or outdoor dining on the Greathouse patio, providing a picturesque view of the Serenity Pool beneath the stars.

The gourmet experience at Serenity extends beyond designated dining hours with 24-hour room service. Guests can enjoy special menus delivered to their private Meal Box at the suite entrance, ensuring uninterrupted indulgence. Additionally, the Plunge Pool Suite offers a personalized dining experience, with butlers serving meals on the patio, allowing guests to relish each other’s company in a romantic setting.

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What to Do

At Serenity by Coconut Bay, comfort always comes first. The activities that the resort has in store reflect their philosophy through and through.

Embark on a carefree escapade to Serenity Beach, only a little more than a hundred steps away or a leisurely ride in a butler-chauffeured golf cart. Feel the essence of freedom as you unwind. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of a kayak or paddleboard adventure from the Watersports Hut or prefer the laid-back vibe of the Paradise Beach Bar, the possibilities for sun-soaked play are as vast as the horizon itself. And to sprinkle a bit of romance into the mix, ask your butler to craft a dreamy Private Beach Picnic with a beach blanket and a basket filled with delightful treats.

As the sun paints its final strokes below the horizon, the Serenity Pool transforms into a tranquil blue oasis, exclusively designed for sophisticated guests that love a bit of meditation. Canopied daybeds and coconut tree-shaded chaises invite you to the pool deck. And when night falls, the well-lit pool steals the spotlight, with colorfully lit fountains creating a captivating backdrop for cocktails at the Greathouse Restaurant veranda or by the flickering fire pits nearby.

For those looking for seclusion, the plush comforts of poolside and beachfront cabanas await, tended to by attentive staff eager to fulfill your every whim. Picture yourself in a poolside cabana, complete with Serenity’s signature daybed and table, fresh towels, and your favorite cocktails at your fingertips.

Elevate your retreat with a spa experience designed for personal bliss, just for you and your loved one. Within the comfort of your Plunge Pool Suite, skilled therapists use local organics and essential oils to offer a variety of refreshing treatments. Your butler takes charge, turning your suite into a private spa sanctuary where you can sip Champagne and let tranquility elevate your spirit.

Beyond the boundaries of Serenity, guests gain entry to five additional pools at Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa, sprawling across 85 acres. From the exclusive Serenity Pool to the lively Splash wing with its waterfalls and swim-up bar, the resort unveils a diverse array of aquatic delights.

And while all of this is enough to convince even the most picky wanderers, there is so much more to this little slice of paradise that you can only know by staying at Serenity by Coconut Bay. Believe us when we say this: this adults-only haven does not disappoint. 

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