Essential Travel Kit for Moms: 11 Must-Have Items for an Organized and Stress-Free Journey

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Moms, travel is hard on you. You plan and organize and pack and make sure EVERYONE has EVERYTHING they could possibly need. And then you think about you. We see you. This guide is for you. We want you to have a few nice and convenient things for yourself as you travel with your kiddos in tow, making travel just a little less stressful for you.

1. Knockaround sunglasses

Moms want nice things. Specifically, you WANT to have nice sunglasses, but you know your kids’ grimy little fingers are inevitably going to get ahold of them. You don’t like to spend a lot of money on them, but you want them. Enter, knockaround. A moderately priced sunglass with the cutest designs and colors. And what’s better, the lenses are impact resistant. You can worry less about them getting broken or scratched when you throw them in your purse or your toddler throws them in the pool, because you didn’t spend a fortune on them.

Women’s Knockaround Sunglasses $35

2. Kizik slip on shoes

Let’s hear it for the slip-on shoes during travel. If you’re road tripping you can kick them on and off between stops. If you’re flying you can easily slip them off to wiggle your toes a bit in flight. We love Kizik brand because they’re fully slip-on-no-hands-needed, they’re comfy enough to explore your destination in, they’re secure enough to chase your kids around the airport and they’re cute as heck. The Athens linked below comes in a variety of colors.

Kizik Women’s Slip on Shoes $129

3. Apple Watch

Maybe you already have one and aren’t yet aware of its travel friendliness. Or maybe you don’t have one and are about to add to cart before your next trip. Did you know you can store your boarding passes on your watch? No need to get out your phone or have your physical pass in hand as you go through security. If you have the download the app for your airline, you’ll also get notifications for flight updates on your watch. This came in handy for us last time we spend eight hours at an airport with an infant and toddler due to flight delays. When you’re chasing kids you don’t always have an extra hand for your phone. Did you also know you can use your watch to take a picture on your phone? Let us explain… set your phone up, get your family wrangled into the frame and tap your watch to take the picture from afar. We know you’ll find 50 other reasons to love your watch for travel too. Go ahead Momma, add to cart. You deserve nice things too.

Apple Watch is your travel bestie $220

4. Passport Wallet

You’re inevitably in charge of your entire family’s travel documents. Keep it all organized for your sanity as you move about the airport.

Family Travel Documents Wallet $18

5. Loop Earplugs

From personal experience, we know you’re overstimulated. The noise in your life is A LOT. And it’s about to get a lot more as you travel. These earplugs are going to reduce and filter noise, specifically background noises, but still allow you to hear voices clearly. They’re actually great for wearing around the house as well! The Experience Plus version comes with the option to add extra noise cancelling too.

Loop Experience Plus Ear Plugs $45

6. Baby Bjorn Carrier

If you’re travelling with babies, you’re going to want to be able to have your hands free at times. We love this carrier because you can wear your babe facing you or facing out and then when they’re a little bigger you can put the carrier on your back. You can even put your toddler up to three years old or 33 pounds on your back in the Baby Bjorn One Air.

Baby Bjorn One Air $220

7. Baby Jogger Travel Stroller

You probably think you have enough strollers. Your husband maybe even teases you about how many you have. But if you don’t have this travel stroller yet, you don’t have them all! The City Tour 2 by Baby Jogger easily folds up into a bag that fits in the overhead compartment on a plane, or takes up little space in your trunk. Let’s be honest, most strollers take up ALL of the room in your trunk. Even if your kids feel a little too old for a stroller, if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking during your travels, this will come in handy.

City Tour 2 Travel Stroller $250

8. Tech Case

If your family is like ours, they come with a lot of gadgets. Keep your cords and devices simplified and organized with a tech case and help yourself not lose your mind looking for an antsy toddler’s tablet charger.

Family Tech Storage Case $18

9. Carry On Bag

Hear us again, you deserve nice things Momma. You’ve gotten all your kiddos a carry-on bag to keep their gear handy on the plane. It’s your turn. You don’t have to use your old college backpack anymore. We love this weekender because it has a wet pocket, a suitcase strap, detachable shoulder strap, lots of space and is waterproof. (Those grimy kid fingers again.) But if you’d prefer a backpack style carry-on we’ve included one with similar features for hands free traveling. Both are very reasonably priced too!

Weekender Carry On $20

Backpack Carry On $37

10. Travel Water Bottle

While you’re busy making sure your whole family stays hydrated, don’t forget to drink your own water too. We love this travel bottle for its large capacity and ability to keep you hydrated on long flights. Plus, we know your kids are going to drink out of it anyway.

Mom Water Bottle $25

11. Mini First Aid Kit

Somebody is going to get hurt and you’re going to be prepared! Always travel with a first aid kit. This one is very compact and TSA friendly. And it’s cute!

Travel First Aid Kit $25

Mommas, thanks for wandering with us. We hope you can relax a little this trip. More importantly we hope you can be present with your family as you soak in their innocence and joy during your adventures together.

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