11 Wonderful Vacation Ideas for Families Traveling with a Baby

foreign [Music] calling all manic mummies looking to unpa...

calling all manic mummies looking to
unpack and unwind if you're on a mission
to probe the globe with your sweet
little dumpling or you're a new Dad
planning a playful adventure with your
tiny pee you've come to the right place
you might want to check out our 11 tips
and traveling do's and don'ts for newbie
parents welcome back to wonderfully lost
your Holy Grail for all the latest info
on family vacation and Adventure travel
tip number one back to traveling Basics
traveling with your baby can be an
exciting experience but don't get
carried away before you start
fantasizing about taking little Johnny
on a long-haul flight you will need to
pay a visit to your precious bundles
pediatrician after all there are notes
to take and itty bitty details to
consider ideally doctors endorse the
idea of holding back on plans for
pottering around the globe till your
baby's immune system is a bit more
robust no you don't have to wait till
College to take the plunge it can happen
as early as one month for a full-term
infant to dip their little toe in travel
opinions vary but as per most docks this
range can fall anywhere between your
baby's three to six month Mark how about
putting the brakes on until the first
round of immunizations is done and
dusted traveling is quite a germy Affair
so you want to be fully prepared for
baby kin's sake traveling to some
countries requires additional vaccines
so it's a stellar idea to peek into that
as well we're not Healthcare
practitioners so it's best to keep your
pediatrician on speed dial and go over
all the nitty-gritty Deets tip number
two decisions on desirable destinations
provided that your own postpartum health
is on the up and up now's the time to
decide on a dreamy destination to
de-stress and unwind choosing the wrong
vacation spot can spell disaster and
cast all your well-laid plans in the
dumpster not ready to Don that bathing
suit yet don't worry next the idea and
bask in the luxury of a plush Beach
Resort if that's what floats your boat
there are plenty of other options to
pick and choose from whether you're a
beach bar for a mountain lover you can
cast a pretty wide net to fish for a
good vacation spot whatever you choose
with a baby on board you need to focus
on these three top considerations safety
cleanliness and availability of good
health care with these three things in
order the rest of your vacay planning
shouldn't be too hard to pin down tip
number three making an informed decision
be it a car trip a train ride or an
airplane Journey every parent can March
to the beat of Their Own Drum when it
comes to choosing their ideal mode of
transportation with a baby in tow
traveling by plane short haul flights
are more suitable but it's your life and
your decision you do you and don't
forget those documents or you'll be in
for a doozy at the airport remember the
devil is in the details so sort out all
the relevant documentation to travel
with your bundle of joy be it their
passport or birth certificate different
airlines practice different sets of
policies for infants on board so do
check in with your airline of choice if
you're opting for the train route the
one thing to keep on your parenting
radar is to be wary of crowds think
about your baby's developing immune
system and recycled cold and flu germs
cozying up to each other not the most
comforting combo car trips can be
convenient when coupled with well-timed
breaks with you at the steering wheel
you can control the pace of your journey
whatever your plan plan it around your
baby's sleeping and eating schedule
congratulations you've covered the first
leg of your vacation prep what will
follow will only be a cakewalk so get
set and go tip number four arranging
appropriate accommodation want to
simplify your vacay staying game then
pick an all-inclusive hotel that's child
end Baby Friendly life for traveling
parents becomes miraculously simplified
if they make advanced reservations at a
hotel that offers baby amenities such as
cribs baby baths bottle warmers
strollers and even diapers such as the
Saint Regis hotels this allows you tons
of packing space and saves you some
major headaches babies are Pros when it
comes to soiling clothes with spit up
and poo so do take stock of the laundry
facilities at your vacay Escape as well
doctors on call and transport facilities
are super too tip number five packing
like a pro don't forget to plug into our
blog to get your hands on our latest
compilation of essential traveling kits
with invaluable tips hacks and advice
that'll take your traveling game up a
notch the golden rule of packing is
don't over pack with baby's company
you'll have your hands full already the
last thing you need to do is lug around
tons of stuff here's a general checklist
diapers and wipes should be easily
accessible at all times clothes socks
shoes sippy cups baby food are good bets
as are formula breast pump for
breastfeeding Mummers pacifier and a
swaddle blanket as a Saving Grace in
sticky situations do carry a wet bag
toys teething gel soft baby carrier
especially if train travel is involved
and a detergent for clothing mishaps
this is assuming that your hotel offers
the baby amenities otherwise add those
to your luggage as well tip number six
putting the fun in flying if the idea of
flying with a baby fills you up with
Dread it's time to face your fear
head-on you don't need to fret just
follow our tips when you board that
plane and you're good to go being
unprepared at thirty thousand feet is a
very bad idea so plan plan and plan
ahead a bassinet on board is your best
friend when traveling by an airplane
call the airline in advance to make sure
that one is available some Airlines
require a reservation in advance so keep
your booking games strong your little
baby boo will thank you by sleeping
through most of the flightless cozy
cocoon which means more r r for you such
sweet Bliss just a tip bassinets are
handy when the airplane is at cruising
altitude during takeoff Landing taxi or
with the seat belt sign on they are
usually not in service got it good tip
number seven pop in air pressure
problems you know you're on tricky
terrain when air pressure in the cabin
fluctuates during takeoff and Landing it
spells bad news for the baby because she
or he can only cry up a storm with the
painful popping in their ears is there a
time-tested way to get around this
problematic issue of course that's where
we step into the picture no we're not
offering onboard Nanny services but have
we got some Sage advice to lessen your
emotional load anything that allows your
precious to engage in a sucking motion
can ease those ears be it breastfeeding
bottle feeding or even giving a good old
pacifier also the dehydration is real
keep the baby hydrated pump extra breast
milk beforehand if you have to or
prepare whatever liquids your dumpling
loves to chug on in advance Pro tip do
check travel restrictions before packing
baby's preferred beverages your well
welcome tip number eight the weatherman
is your best buddy you cannot possibly
plan a trip with your little pumpkin
without giving some serious thought to
the weather forecast from picking a
destination to packing scheduling the
time and season of your trip to filling
up a fun-filled itinerary the weather
app on your mobile phone is a super
handy tool and one you absolutely cannot
function without getting caught in a
downpour with your infant is not a very
appealing picture now is it so be a
diligent dad and check the weather
before you embark on your baby Adventure
tip number nine trim your itinerary if
your day is packed to the brim with
activities that keep you on the go
around the clock then don't expect your
little pudding to adjust to your crazy
Pace with giggles and Coos keep your
everyday plans light and flexible for
minimal stress and maximum Comfort
you'll be taxing your baby and tempting
your luck to turn on you if you go for a
ridiculously fast-paced daily dose of
craziness don't say we didn't warn you
tip number 10 be careful when and
carrying meds if you're carrying babies
meds in your carry-on luggage be on your
toes if an inspection is required say
you're carrying a pain reliever and
cough syrup then do the needful thing
and let the screening officer inspect
them tip number 11 go easy on yourself
we don't want to be too emo about this
but this goes without saying you're
going on a joyous Journey with your baby
for the very first time don't beat
yourself up if things don't go all
perfect and peachy cut yourself some
slack it might seem like climbing
Everest with one arm tied behind your
back right now but it'll get easier with
time we promise you that what's more
you'll make tons of wonderful memories
that'll pump up your confidence even
more to go on more traveling adventures
with your little pumpkin pie so what are
you waiting for get cracking on planning
a fantastic getaway with your baby and
that's the long and short of it if you
want to go globetrotting with Baby
Bunting hey are you a Wanderer yet if
not check out our travel blog at
wonderfully lost travel dot com

Ah, the joys of parenthood! You’re sleep-deprived, your social life is limited to playdates, and you’ve got a diaper bag that could rival Mary Poppins’s bottomless carpetbag. But guess what? Parenthood doesn’t mean the end of your vacation dreams – it just means you need to adapt.

Yes, you are dealing with intricate timetables, wrangling a load of baby travel gear, battling unexpected diaper disasters, and teetering on the brink of sheer exhaustion. Travel could be that liberating experience you desire, for there’s truly nothing quite like witnessing your little one’s wide-eyed wonder as they explore a new destination for the very first time.

Reaching significant milestones such as a first smile or even those tentative first crawls, while on a family vacation, creates indelible memories you will forever hold dear. So, grab your stroller, baby wipes, and sense of adventure, because we’re about to explore some vacation ideas for families with babies. Without further ado, here are 11 vacation ideas for families with a baby on board.

Make sure to go all the way through to our surprise #1 Chicago.

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11. The Bahamas

Planning a trip to the Bahamas with a baby might sound like a high-stakes mission, but with a pinch of patience and a sprinkle of humor, it can be an unforgettable adventure. Have you ever seen a baby’s face when they feel sand between their tiny toes for the first time? It’s a mixture of pure amazement and perplexed disgust.

With its sun-kissed skies, balmy temperatures, and endless stretches of immaculate, velvety beaches, the Bahamas is tailor-made for delightful seaside escapades and sandcastle adventures.

The island also bustles with countless family-friendly attractions such as waterslides, encounters with marine creatures, a captivating pirate-themed museum, a charming zoo, and a host of other offerings – making Nassau Paradise Island an absolute crowd-pleaser for kids of all ages.

As the day turns to night, the gentle lullaby of the ocean waves becomes the perfect soundtrack for a baby’s slumber. These many facets make the Bahamas a wonderful vacation spot for families with babies.

10. Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, with its sun-kissed shores, family-friendly atmosphere, and countless activities, is a fantastic destination for parents looking to create lasting memories with their little ones.

Take advantage of the beautifully maintained Myrtle Beach Boardwalk for strolls with your baby in their stroller. The boardwalk offers stunning views of the ocean, and the gentle ocean breeze is a perfect way to soothe your baby while enjoying the scenery.

Another top attraction in Myrtle Beach, Ripley’s Aquarium is a hit with families. It’s a fantastic place to introduce your baby to a mesmerizing underwater world. Strollers are welcome, and there are plenty of interactive exhibits that will captivate you and your little one.

To introduce your little one to nature, head to Brookgreen Gardens. This nearby locale is a delightful pitstop for families. Stroll through the beautiful gardens, explore the sculpture collection, and even introduce your baby to some of the local wildlife, including low-flying butterflies in the Butterfly House.

9. Destin

Destin, Florida, offers a perfect blend of relaxation, family-friendly activities, and beautiful beaches. For a laid-back experience, Destin offers several scenic boardwalks and paved trails that are perfect for an evening walk with your baby. Take a stroll along the HarborWalk Village, where you can enjoy waterfront views and a variety of dining options.

Henderson Beach State Park is another fantastic spot for families thanks to its pristine beach, picnic areas, and restroom facilities. The park’s natural surroundings provide a serene environment for your baby to experience the beauty of nature while you relax.

8. Seattle

Seattle, the Emerald City, is known for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and countless attractions. Start your adventure with a walk along the picturesque Seattle Waterfront. The gentle waves of Elliott Bay and the fresh sea breeze can be quite soothing for you and your baby.

On Pier 59, the Seattle Aquarium offers a great opportunity for your baby to experience marine life up close. Brightly colored fish, playful otters, and mesmerizing underwater exhibits are sure to captivate your little one. The aquarium even hosts interactive activities and touch tanks for a hands-on experience.

If your baby is a budding animal lover, the Woodland Park Zoo is a must-visit. The zoo features a wide range of animals and beautifully landscaped exhibits. You can easily navigate the zoo with a stroller, and your baby will be fascinated by the animals and lush surroundings.

Escape the city’s hustle and bustle by heading to Discovery Park. This vast urban park features open spaces, walking trails, and a stunning lighthouse. It’s an ideal place to introduce your baby to nature, enjoy a family picnic, or simply unwind in the peaceful surroundings.

7. San Diego

San Diego, the jewel of Southern California, is a city that appeals to every traveler and should appeal to your baby as well. Its scenic waterfront is a perfect place for a stroll with your baby. The Embarcadero, with its wide, paved pathways, offers beautiful views of the bay and the USS Midway Museum.

Another attraction is Balboa Park. Often referred to as the “Smithsonian of the West,” the park is a cultural oasis in the heart of San Diego. It boasts stunning architecture, lush gardens, and a host of museums. While your baby may not fully appreciate the art and history, they will certainly enjoy the vibrant colors of the Spanish Village Art Center and the tranquil Japanese Friendship Garden.

The world-famous San Diego Zoo is also a fantastic place to spend a day with your baby. The zoo is stroller-friendly, and there are plenty of shaded spots to take breaks. Your little one will be fascinated by the array of animals, from giant pandas to playful primates, and it’s a great opportunity to introduce them to wildlife and nature.

6. Outer Banks

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a picture-perfect destination known for its stunning beaches, rich history, and laid-back atmosphere. While it may sound like a serene escape for adults, your little one will likely enjoy this trip too.

The locale offers plenty of outdoor adventures suitable for families with babies. Take a stroll along the scenic boardwalks of Jockey’s Ridge State Park or the Elizabethan Gardens. You can even embark on a leisurely nature walk with your baby in a stroller.

The Outer Banks is also famous for its lighthouses, each with its unique charm. While climbing to the top with a baby might not be feasible, you can still appreciate their beauty from the grounds and capture some precious family photos.

It is home to several attractions that are perfect for families with babies. The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island is a great choice. Babies love watching the colorful fish swim by, and there are play areas for older siblings.

5. Disney World

Disney World, the epitome of enchantment and wonder, has been a dream destination for families for generations. The good news is that Disney World isn’t just for older kids; it can be a magical experience for your baby too.

Start your Disney adventure with a visit to Fantasyland, where you’ll find rides tailor-made for little ones. “It’s a Small World” is a gentle boat ride with delightful music and enchanting scenes that are perfect for keeping your baby entertained. “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” and “Peter Pan’s Flight” are also great choices for a baby’s first Disney ride.

Meeting beloved Disney characters can be a magical experience for babies and parents alike. Check the daily schedule for character meet-and-greet locations and times. Keep your camera ready to capture the joy on your baby’s face when they see Mickey, Minnie, or other Disney favorites up close.

Disney World offers Baby Care Centers in each of their locales. These centers provide a quiet and comfortable place to feed, change diapers, and take a break from the hustle and bustle. They also have a small shop with baby essentials in case you run out of supplies.

4. Olympic National Park

With its diverse landscapes, stunning vistas, and a variety of family-friendly activities, Olympic National Park has something to offer everyone, including the tiniest members of your family. The beauty of this trip is that you can enjoy breathtaking views right from your car.

Make stops at the iconic Hurricane Ridge and the Hoh Rainforest, where you can take short, easy walks with your baby in a carrier or stroller. The park offers a range of accessible trails suitable for families with babies. The Hall of Mosses Trail in the Hoh Rainforest, for instance, is a short, looped path that showcases towering trees covered in vibrant moss.

For coastal views, try the Kalaloch Beach Trail, a stroller-friendly boardwalk with glimpses of the Pacific Ocean. Keep an eye out for the park’s diverse wildlife, from Roosevelt elk to bald eagles. Your baby might not understand the significance of spotting a black-tailed deer, but their wide-eyed wonder at the sight is priceless.

The park also boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the Pacific coast. Take your baby for a gentle stroll along Ruby Beach, Rialto Beach, or Second Beach. The soothing sound of the ocean and the sight of tide pools teeming with sea life will captivate their attention.

3. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, a coastal gem on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, offers a stunning backdrop for a family-friendly getaway. From relaxing beach days to cultural explorations and baby-friendly activities, there’s plenty to do in Puerto Vallarta when traveling with a little one.

Puerto Vallarta is blessed with beautiful beaches, and they are an ideal spot for families with babies. The gentle waves and soft sand make it a perfect place for your little one to play and explore.

The Malecón, Puerto Vallarta‘s iconic boardwalk, is a wonderful place for a stroll with your baby. Lined with shops, restaurants, and art installations, it offers a vibrant atmosphere and scenic views of the ocean. You can stop for snacks, enjoy street performances, and introduce your baby to the sights and sounds of this charming city.

For an encounter with nature, head to Vallarta Botanical Gardens. While your baby may not fully appreciate the diverse collection of plants, they will certainly enjoy the lush greenery and tranquil surroundings. The gardens are stroller-friendly so it should be easy navigating all there is to offer here.

2. Honolulu

Honolulu is not only a destination for sun-seekers and surfers but also a haven for families, including those with babies. You can’t visit Honolulu without hitting the world-famous beaches. But with a baby, your beach day requires a little extra planning. Look for calmer, more sheltered beaches like Ala Moana Beach Park. The gentle waves and shallow waters make it ideal for a baby’s first beach experience.

The Honolulu Zoo is another fantastic spot for a family outing. It’s stroller-friendly and has a wide variety of animals that can captivate your baby’s mind. Many of the exhibits are shaded, offering a cool respite from the Hawaiian sun. As you explore, your little one might even catch their first glimpse of a playful monkey or a sleepy lion.

For your baby’s experience with nature, enjoy the lush beauty of Honolulu with strolls in shaded parks. Foster Botanical Garden, Liliuokalani Botanical Garden, and Kapiolani Park offer serene environments and are perfect for pushing a stroller. Let your baby explore the textures and colors of the local flora while you take in the breathtaking scenery.

1. Chicago

Chicago offers a wealth of activities and attractions that are just perfect for families with babies. From stroller-friendly parks to engaging indoor museums, there’s something for everyone in the Windy City.

Kick off your Chicago adventure with a visit to the world-famous Millennium Park. This sprawling urban oasis offers a plethora of attractions suitable for babies and their parents. The Cloud Gate, fondly known as “The Bean,” provides a visually stimulating experience for your little one, while the serene Lurie Garden offers a peaceful retreat for a stroll with your baby.

Maggie Daley Park, situated near Millennium Park, is a haven for families with babies. Its whimsical play garden features imaginative play structures suitable for all ages, including the tiniest tots. The park is also home to the Play Garden, which offers sensory play experiences and a separate area for little crawlers.

If you’re seeking a memorable family outing, look no further than the Lincoln Park Zoo. This zoo is not only free but also incredibly baby-friendly. Your little explorer can delight in watching animals while you enjoy a leisurely walk through the lush gardens. The zoo also provides convenient amenities such as changing stations, stroller rentals, and family-friendly dining options.

You can also introduce your baby to the world of art at The Art Institute of Chicago. While they may not fully appreciate Monet or Picasso just yet, the vibrant colors and captivating shapes in the Thorne Miniature Rooms or the Modern Wing can be mesmerizing. The museum is stroller-friendly and even offers baby-changing facilities for your convenience.

So there you have it, parents: plenty of vacation ideas to prove that traveling with a baby can be an adventure in itself. Who knows, your little one might become the world’s youngest globetrotter, and you’ll have the baby photos to prove it.

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