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foreign [Music] kids and cruisers at first glance it migh...

kids and cruisers at first glance it
might seem like an odd vacation combo
but the two mix surprisingly well yeah
heading into the deep seas might not
seem like an obvious choice with your
little lovelies tracking right behind
you but modern traveling has made the
impossible possible cruise ships now
bring the best of recreational
facilities for a fun-filled family
vacation package be it twisting water
slides on board or cooling Aqua pools
here are the 10 best cruises we stumbled
across in our search welcome back to
wonderfully lost a travel Community for
parents by parents number 10. Carnival
don't ask us why but there is something
incredibly intriguing about zipping up
and down the twists and turns of a
roller coaster aboard a ship the
adrenaline pumping Bolt the first roller
coaster of its kind that is c-bound is a
top attraction that is flamboyantly
flaunted by the Carnival Cruise Line and
who can blame them the idea is wacky and
unique all at once a shoe a fire hit
with the kids the cruise line offers a
colorful palette of features that makes
its onboard experience strikingly unique
make tracks towards the zany craft
studio and enjoy some cracking creative
downtime with your kids craving some
serious bonding time with your family
with the Stars smiling down on you grab
a snack and catch a flick with your fam
on the top deck with giant projectors
other top tier features include spacious
staterooms bar specialty dining and
drinks soothing spa treatments as well
as onboard entertainment and excursions
on the shore number 9. MSC cruises in
the hallowed hallways where kid-friendly
cruise ships are celebrated MSC Cruisers
deserves an honorable mention or at
least a plaque or two and we say that
with utmost seriousness if you're
serious about having a super fun time
with your brood then make a beeline for
this captivating Cruise Line chalk up
some extra points for MSC virtuosa and
why is that you ask teen labs are an
immersive and Innovative concept except
offered on this Cruise liner that lets
your temptuous teens get absorbed by its
state-of-the-art Tech gizmos MSC ships
are not child's play although they do
offer plenty of that watch your kids
squeal in Delight while ziplining or
when they score a stupendous win at the
bowling alley parents take heed there's
something for everyone on board so don't
feel neglected this one will perk you
right up if British Isles sailings are
part of your itinerary then a premium
drinks package and gratuities are all
yours pretty well deserved break
wouldn't you think also you get to Feast
your eyes on a Broadway show Daily
totally riveting number eight p o
PO Cruises
cruises p o Cruisers are injecting a
thrill factor to the high seas Universe
of rare and one-of-a-kind experiences
let's hop aboard the arvia the cruise
lines Excel class ship you and your
family can absolutely jive with the vibe
of the cruises Diner that lets you fill
your platter with yummy goodies boasting
an All-American touch topped up by its
signature retro style pretty neat then
there's a full screen Cinema ocean
Studios and a kids club oozing with
interesting activities and that there
are things like altitude for Thrill
Seekers with the altitude Skywalk as
well as altitude mini golf totally worth
checking out number seven Celebrity
Celebrity Cruises
Cruises from complimentary kids clubs to
recreational activities Celebrity
Cruises doesn't leave even a teeny weeny
crack for boredom to creep in as a
caregiver or parent there's little else
you want let your teens unwind at the
Xbox station or Sports Court while your
younger lot cozies up with a snuggly
slumber party courtesy of the cruises
camp at Sea program this is one cruise
that offers an education with STEM
Science technology engineering and
Mathematics letting your budding
biologists brush up on Concepts such as
Marine wildlife and ecological
conservation make the most of the bar
specialty dining as well as
entertainment options such as shows if
you want to indulge in some Placid
meditation while taking in the view
chill with a drink
Princess Cruises
number six Princess Cruises Princess
Cruisers will make you and your Junior
Clan feel like absolute royalty with a
load of impressive gizmos that assist
you in locating your kids and ordering
delicious meals at the mere Touch of a
button pretty high-tech stuff huh that's
all part of the princess Medallion class
the liner scores pretty big on the wow
factor too with an indoor Planetarium
and the opportunity for your kiddos to
have a cute old meet and greet with the
little puppies and parrots subject to
your destination do some stargazing with
your munchkins on the top deck you can
hop aboard the Caribbean Princess to
have a wild time at the reef family
Splash Zone and to down some mocktails
with your kids save the cocktails for
later number 5. Holland America Holland
America has also joined the kitty
Brigade by putting on some hard to
resist offers such as free travel for
children 18 and under why not venture
out to Frosty Alaska with your kids and
embark on an unforgettable and exciting
Journey with highlights such as wild
salmon fishing if that doesn't float in
mini mez's boat they can always catch
the Warm Rays of the Sun by The Lido
pool we'd definitely take up this offer
after all who doesn't love a freebie do
some effortless packing and make your
prep fail safe by picking up handy tips
and tricks and taking notes from our
family travel kit number 4. Ritz-Carlton
RitzCarlton Yacht Collection
yacht collection the Ritz-Carlton yacht
collection takes luxury family cruises
up a notch with top-tier facilities
offered on its ship everyma you can
breathe a sigh of relief and exhale as
the cruise offers an exciting program
that'll make your kids grin from ear to
ear with a youth counselor on board a
trip to the Mediterranean on board this
luxury ship will be a dream come true
with all the arrangements sorted by the
capable Ritz-Carlton concierge all this
allows you to finally kick back and
pamper yourself number three Disney
Disney Cruise Line
Cruise Line it goes without saying that
the Disney Cruise Line will make it to
the best of the best least when it comes
to child-friendly cruises let's quickly
get the ball rolling but first a little
heads up if your brood is somewhere
between the ages of 4 to 11 years then
there's no place like a Disney ship to
bring some vacation magic to your
Summers for older kids you might want to
explore other options to add a little
Sparkle to your little one's holiday
there's a bibbity bobbity Boutique on
every Enchanted ship step with your
kiddos into one of these and Presto
they'll emerge as pirates princesses and
knights all decked out in their shining
gear from a Pirates of the Caribbean
Deck Party to bumping in with characters
from Finding Nemo and Tangled at the
animators palette and Rapunzel's Royal
Table Restaurant Disney takes your
family on a memorable and delightful
Odyssey number 2. Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Cruise Line
the Norwegian Cruise Line doesn't do
anything halfway when it comes to
catering to your kids every women desire
at least on the food front their menu
reads like every kid's secret fantasy
with ooey gooey waffles delish ice cream
fresh pasta that packs a powerful punch
melt in your mouth chicken fingers and
pizza wow NCL ships The Haven epic
Breakaway and getaway offer
accommodation options that can house up
to six people break away and get away
are the ultimate kitties Paradise with
five multi-sensory water slides to
double the fun so your kids want to
listen to that little voice in their
head and tap into their inner sailor
then hoverboard Norwegian Escape
everything about the ship screams Larger
than Life from its Monumental and one of
the largest ropes courses to eager
wannabe Sailors to its giant water park
that offers Unlimited fun your kids can
butt heads in the battle cages test
their rock climbing skills and enjoy
separate pool areas number one the Royal
Royal Caribbean
Caribbean the Royal Caribbean line is
like the Beyonce the queen Bay of the
Seas let us bring on the fireworks and
light up the screen with some A-list
names of its top kid-friendly cruise
liners there's wonder of the Seas
Harmony of the Seas anthem of the Seas
Odyssey of the Seas a lure of the Seas
Symphony Of The Seas and Oasis of the
Seas Phil that's quite a list of names
to Rattle off one thing's for sure you
and your clan will be supremely
entertained by the absolutely
spectacular variety of on-board
entertainment activities that can
outnumber all the glittering stars in
the Milky Way galaxy okay that's a bit
of an exaggeration but where else will
you find a package that includes
adventurous activities like rock
climbing walls and a zipline or zooming
across with your munchkins in an ice
skating rink there are two Flo Rida surf
simulators as well as a 3D theater
that's the kind of fun The Oasis class
ships of this Cruise have to offer sign
us up we've got a serious case of fomo
there's no way we can miss all that and
that's just a tiny Glimpse the anthem of
the Seas even has a London Eye type of
Ferris wheel other ships offer some more
fantastic beaches to add to this
dazzling mix onboard nursery care is
also available for you if you need some
me time and that's the long and short of
it so grab your gadgets and get a head
start on bookings right away thanks for
watching hey are you a Wanderer yet if
not head on over to our travel blog at
wonderfully losttravel.com

Welcome back to Wanderfully Lost, your one-stop destination for family travel inspiration. But today’s virtual family adventure is anything but one-stop because we are going aboard the 6 best Walt Disney Cruise Ship Tours right now!

From some of the best fine-dining options across the country to endless entertainment and larger-than-life interactions with Disney’s most iconic characters, there’s a little bit of everything here.

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The Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Set sail on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship for an unforgettable adventure at sea! This ship offers everything you need for a fantastic voyage, from cozy rooms to a wide array of activities and amenities. And it’s just the right size, which makes it an excellent value for your investment.

From Broadway-style shows to thrilling movies and even dance clubs, you’ll find it all here. Keep an eye out for beloved Disney characters. Don’t miss “Tangled: The Musical” for a unique experience, after which there are breathtaking fireworks at sea.

Movie lovers can catch the latest Disney films or enjoy an outdoor screening under the starry night. And be prepared to meet over 20 Disney characters during your voyage. Families can also enjoy trivia, bingo and deck parties. They can test their Disney knowledge at bingo.

Kids can splash around in Goofy’s Pool and Nephews’ Splash Zone, while parents relax in the serene Quiet Cove Pool. Thrill-seekers won’t want to miss the AquaDunk waterslide, a thrilling drop-out slide high above the Forward Funnel.

When it comes to dining, there are many options. From fine dining at Palo to family-friendly buffets at Rapunzel’s Royal Table, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Disney Wish

Introducing the Disney Wish, the crown jewel of Disney’s cruise fleet, which set sail for the first time in the summer of 2022. This majestic vessel is designed for 3- and 4-night Bahamian escapades, departing from the sun-soaked Port Canaveral (FL), with stops at the enchanting Disney’s Castaway Cay and the vibrant Nassau.

A dedicated crew of 1,555 ensures every detail is tended to. The Disney Wish is the inaugural gem of the anticipated “Triton Class,” with two sibling ships slated for introduction in 2024 and 2025.

Dining is an adventure in itself. Each of the three rotating restaurants has its own unique charm. Arendelle, a Frozen Dining Adventure, transports you to Queen Anna and Kristoff’s engagement celebration with authentic Norwegian-inspired delicacies and live musical enchantment by Elsa and Olaf.

Worlds of Marvel, on the other hand, offers a global menu inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, spiced up with a dash of adventure from Ant-Man and the Wasp. And for a nostalgic experience, visit 1923 – a tribute to Hollywood’s golden age where California flavors reign supreme amid animation relics.

Immerse yourself in Disney’s first-ever “attraction at sea,” the AquaMouse, a captivating blend of waterslide, raft ride, and roller coaster. Be transported by live renditions of Disney classics like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

At the Marvel Super Hero Academy, they’ll train to save the day, while the Star Wars Cargo Bay invites them to explore a galaxy far, far away. In the Walt Disney Imagineering Lab, they can craft their very own coaster. Tweens and teens have their haven at Edge and Vibe, where dancing and karaoke rule the night.

Disney Wonder

Setting sail in August of 1999, the Disney Wonder is another treasure in the Disney Cruise Line family. Like its sibling, the Disney Magic, it’s crafted with the elegant Art Nouveau style on the inside but departs from the Art Deco flair of the Magic.

With voyages to enchanting spots like Alaska, Hawaii, Australia/New Zealand, and the USA’s West Coast, the Disney Wonder stands tall as a top-notch cruise ship.

The Disney Wonder houses three main restaurants, each offering its own special cuisine. Triton’s serves up French dishes in an Art Deco haven. Tiana’s Place delights with southern flavors and live jazz. Animator’s Palate amazes with a dining show, where you can dine with beloved Disney characters.

For a quick bite, Daisy’s de-Lites offers sandwiches and salads, while Pinocchio’s Pizza guarantees a perfect slice. For adults seeking a more refined experience, Palo is the place, offering Italian-inspired delights with live music.

Kids are in for a world of wonder aboard the Disney Wonder. The Oceaneers Club and Oceaneers Lab welcome kids aged 3-12. The Club offers a haven with TVs, costumes for imaginative play, a slide for playful fun, and counselor-led activities. The Lab is tailored to older kids, offering video games, TVs, computers, cooking classes, and more.

Want more family vacation ideas? Check out our YouTube channel for hundreds of them.

The Disney Dream

Introduced by The Walt Disney Company, The Disney Dream is a splendid vessel that offers three-day, four-day, and occasionally five-day jaunts to the Bahamas.

Rotational dining here promises a unique experience each night. Animator’s Palate enchants with a state-of-the-art dinner show, while Royal Palace invites guests to a classic Disney fairytale feast. Enchanted Garden offers a tranquil reprieve in a conservatory setting. For a more laid-back dining experience, Cabanas beckons for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Flo’s Café serves up delicious pizza, chicken, burgers, and salads. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Frozone Treats or indulge in creamy delights at Eye Scream.

For a sophisticated, adult-exclusive experience, venture to the Italian-inspired Palo or the French-inspired Remy. And should you yearn for a bite in the comfort of your own quarters, in-room dining is at your service round the clock.

The Disney Dream is a playground of entertainment. Engage in digital sports simulations, tee off at the 9-hole mini-golf course, or show off your skills at the full-sized basketball court. There’s also a volleyball court, a pitch, and a walking track to keep you active and engaged.

Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy, the fancy sibling of the Disney Dream, has been making waves since its launch in 2012. This regal vessel offers travelers the choice between a seven-night Eastern or Western Caribbean voyage. With an onboard guest capacity of 2,500 at double occupancy, and a bustling 4,000 at full tilt, a crew of over 1,400 ensures every detail is attended to.

Fantasy takes you on a journey along the British Virgin Islands, the US Virgin Islands, the Bahamas and Jamaica, to name a few.

When it comes to dining, the options mirror its sister – Animation Magic at the Animator’s Palate, Enchanted Garden, and the Royal Court.

As with her sister ships, the Disney Fantasy offers a treasure trove of activities tailored to kids of all ages, from individual pursuits to guided adventures. Embark on a thrilling “water roller coaster” called the AquaDuck, explore the nightclub district of Europa, and immerse yourself in pools, pubs, theaters, and more!

For a seamless family vacation with all the highs and none of the lows, check out our Family Travel Kits here.

The Disney Treasure

And now! Are you ready to embark on a grand adventure aboard the Disney Treasure? This marvel is the latest jewel in the Disney Cruise Line’s crown. Starting December 2024, set sail on 7-night Eastern and Western Caribbean odysseys, where the magic of classic Disney tales and park attractions comes to life.

Each night of your voyage, you’ll be transported to one of three imaginative restaurants, each offering a unique experience.

Plaza de Coco, a vibrant plaza inspired by the world of Coco, invites you to savor the flavors of Mexico. From lively mariachi tunes to a festive Dia de los Muertos celebration, immerse yourself in the magic of this multi-night theatrical dining experience.

Step into the epic Worlds of Marvel for a cinematic dining adventure. Join Spider-Man for an encounter of heroic proportions, all while indulging in a global menu inspired by your favorite superheroes.

The elegant 1923 restaurant pays homage to the founding year of The Walt Disney Studios. Amidst storyboards and props from beloved adventure-themed Disney movies, dine like Hollywood royalty on fresh California cuisine.

Indulge your sweet tooth at Jumbeaux’s Sweets, with a selection of over 31 flavors of handmade gelato and ice cream.

The Disney Treasure has no shortage of entertainment! Join Moana on her daring voyage across the ocean in Disney’s The Tale of Moana, a Broadway-style musical celebrating courage and dreams.

Experience the magic of Beauty and the Beast in a dazzling musical performance. Dive into the underwater world with Disney Seas the Adventure, starring Goofy and beloved Disney and Pixar friends.

Kids of all ages are in for a treat aboard the Disney Dream. It’s a Small World Nursery, Oceaneer Club, and Oceaneer Lab offer enchanting spaces for young ones to explore.

Prepare for an exhilarating water coaster adventure on the AquaMouse. Join Mickey and Minnie on a quest for legendary treasure, complete with immersive show scenes and unexpected twists.

The ship also has two theaters: the Walt Disney Theater, where Broadway-style performances come to life, and the Buena Vista Theater, showcasing first-run Disney movies.

Each of these cruise ship tours offers something old, something new. And it is the unique parts of each 6 of these cruise ship tours that make them all worth a try. So, do you have a favorite yet?

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