Revealing Disney’s Newest Cruise Ship, Disney Treasure: Everything You Need To Know

Revealing Disney's Newest Cruise Ship, Disney Treasure: Everything You Need To Know

Bringing cherished cinematic characters to sail along to off-the-beaten-path paradises, Disney Cruise Lines offer an inimitable travel experience for families. Whether you are off to Jack Sparrow’s Caribbean adventure or the fairy home of Elsa and Anna, Disney’s ever-growing cruise line will get you there while offering the most remarkable travel experience.

Disney combines family-friendliness and elegance to create an amazing travel experience for its guests. Kids can have fun at Disney’s Oceaneer Club, while grown-ups can relax at the spa. See if you can find all the hidden Mickeys on the ship, and don’t be surprised if you meet some of your favorite characters too!

The Disney Cruise Line has grown significantly in the last year with two new additions. In 2022, Disney Wish, a Triton class, joined the cruise line after the company’s 10-year hiatus. The company has announced that Disney Treasure, also a Triton class, will hit the waters in 2024. Disney Treasure joins the cruise line consisting of Disney Wish, Disney Dream, Disney Magic, Disney Wonder and Disney Fantasy.

Celebrating adventure of all kinds, you will discover Captain Minnie Mouse wearing her finest explorer outfit, eager to explore on and off the Treasure! Like all Disney Cruise Line Ships, the moment you step onboard the Treasure, you will feel like you have been transported to another world. This article will scour every corner of Disney Treasure, painting a picture of your vacation aboard Disney’s in-production marvel.

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The theme of Disney Treasure

The Disney Treasure’s theme is ADVENTURE, which means lots of chances to explore both on and off the ship. The teaser video showed characters like Coco, Moana, and even the Hitchhiking Ghosts from Haunted Mansion ready for an adventure!

New Instagram posts also hint at Arabian Peninsula, Mexico, and Colombia stops. This suggests that Aladdin, Coco, and Encanto will play a big role on the ship, with restaurants, play areas, lounges, and more themed around them.

Disney Treasure will have a similar layout to Disney Wish but a tad more distinct. It won’t have the same bright, airy fairy tale vibe as Wish. Instead, it will have a more mysterious feel. The Grand Hall will use deep blue, turquoise, and gold colors, picking inspiration from palaces from Asia and Africa. It will also include the fictional city of Agrabah from Aladdin.

A statue will also feature Jasmine, Aladdin, and the Magic Carpet, ready for an adventure. Aboard Disney Treasure, Captain Minnie will also wear a special adventure outfit. And at the back of the ship, you will find Peter Pan and Captain Hook, ready to sail wherever the Treasure leads you.

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Disney Treasure’s Cabins

Disney Treasure will offer 1,256 cabins and suites, ranging from basic interior cabins to fancy two-story funnel suites. All of them will follow the theme of Disney adventures. Some will showcase movies such as Aladdin, Pocahontas, Finding Nemo, Up, Luca, and Encanto.

The Concierge Suites will pay homage to The Lion King, while the four Royal Suites will pay tribute to the tigers in The Jungle Book and Aladdin. The ship’s signature suite, the Tomorrow Tower Suite, will be a two-story wonder.

Disney Wish first introduced this concept with a Moana theme, but Disney Treasure’s version will have a futuristic design inspired by Epcot. The Tomorrow Tower Suite can accommodate up to eight guests.

Disney Treasure’s food spots and bars

Signature Disney Cruise Line restaurants

Every Disney ship has three restaurants where guests and their dining group take turns in early or late dinner seating. On Disney Treasure, one restaurant is entirely new to the fleet, while the other two are reincarnated from Disney Wish.

1. Worlds of Marvel

Because Treasure has longer itineraries, Disney is adding a new show to the Worlds of Marvel lineup. The company hasn’t revealed much about it yet, except that Nick Fury, founder of the Avengers, has its information in a safe place. The dinner show “Quantum Encounter” on Disney Wish will also be on Disney Treasure but with minor changes.

2. Plaza de Coco

The brand-new restaurant on Disney Treasure is Plaza de Coco, a Mexican restaurant set in the world of the “Coco” movie. Just like the Frozen-themed area from Disney Wish, Plaza de Coco follows a dinner in the round concept with music, dancing, and characters from the “Coco” film performing on stage and mingling with diners. On Treasure, all guests will enjoy Plaza de Coco at least twice, so you can experience two different shows there.

3. 1923

Another Disney Treasure restaurant concept borrowed from Disney Wish is 1923. The California-themed restaurant is named after the year the Walt Disney Company started. At 1923, you will see decorations, artwork, and items from Disney’s many years of storytelling, with a focus on their exciting films and stories.

4. The Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods

You can enjoy a quick bite from the Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods on the Disney Treasure. These restaurants are on the upper decks, so you can easily grab a meal whenever you want!

You can get freshly cooked pizzas, tacos, grilled burgers, and vegetarian delicacies at the Festival of Foods on the Disney Treasure. However, these places are usually closed during the dinner seatings.

  • Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue; will serve fresh barbecue, including ribs, pork, and fries.
  • Donald’s Cantina; will serve meats, plant-based fillings, and toppings for tacos.
  • Daisy’s Pizza Pies; will offer fresh pizzas like Margherita, Cheese, and Pepperoni, all cooked in a wood-fired oven.
  • Goofy’s Grill; This traditional spot serves burgers, fries, and chicken sandwiches.
  • Minnie’s Delights; Enjoy Disney Cruise’s famous ice cream served by friendly staff. You can choose between a cone or a bowl in various flavors.

5. Jumbeaux’s Sweets

Jumbeaux’s Sweets is a brand-new ice cream and candy store opening on Disney Treasure. It picks inspiration from Jumbeaux’s Cafe in the blockbuster “Zootopia,” where you will find statues of Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde inside.

Adult-only restaurants

The restaurants are for guests aged 18 and older. Like on Disney Wish, you will have to pay an extra fee to access them.

1. Palo Steakhouse

Disney Treasure features a special adult-only restaurant named Palo. It’s famous for its incredible 270-degree ocean views. Palo serves delicious Northern Italian delicacies and is a must-visit for adults on a Disney cruise. You can enjoy a fancy dinner with multiple courses, dessert, and champagne for around $70 per person or try their special brunch for $45.

2. Enchante

The Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant offers a fancy dining experience with a menu curated by 3 Michelin-star chef, Arnaud Lallement. Enjoy beautiful ocean views as you try different international cuisines at the upscale restaurant.

Enchante also has brunch and dessert options. Enjoy their special Champagne Brunch with a glass of bubbly and a French-inspired meal. You can also opt for the Just Desserts option, where you can enjoy a 5-course dessert menu served with coffee. During these mouth-watering seatings, you can chat with the head and pastry chefs, who will tell you about the history and story behind each sweet treat.

3. Periscope Pub

Periscope Pub is a new bar opening on Treasure, replacing Wish’s Keg & Compass as the official sports bar. It’s inspired by Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas” and Disney’s 1954 movie version of the book. The bar is designed to look like the Nautilus submarine, with a giant periscope, porthole windows, and a ceiling that makes you feel like you are underwater.

4. Skipper Society

The new Disney Cruise Line ship is trying something unique. Instead of only using Disney characters and movies for themes, Treasure is also using park attractions. One example is the Skipper Society bar, inspired by the Jungle Cruise ride. While here, you will enjoy unique cocktails and light snacks, like waffles, all with a jungle adventure vibe.

5. The Rose bar

The Rose Lounge was designed with Beauty and the Beast in mind but just for grown-ups. The fancy champagne bar and lounge is right by the entrance to Palo Steakhouse, making it an excellent spot for a pre or post-dinner drink. It’s all sophistication, making it a dream come true for Beauty and the Beast enthusiasts. And if you want to enjoy ocean views, this place is perfect, too.

6. Coffee places

You will find plenty of coffee on the Disney Treasure. If you want a regular coffee or something stronger, here are some places to get your coffee on the ship. Some of the coffee shops include;

  • Jade Cricket Café; This coffee cafe, inspired by Mulan and located next to the Grand Hall, offers a range of unique coffee drinks. The Jade Cricket Cafe is a new addition to Disney Treasure and has a beautiful moon gate, plum blossom decorations, and subtle touches of Mulan across the shop.
  • HeiHei Café; This unique cafe near the Grand Hall serves special coffees and drinks with flavors and decorations inspired by the island of Motunui. The Moana-themed cafe is also new to Disney Treasure and creates an adventurous island atmosphere.
  • Cove Café; Located next to the Quiet Cove infinity pool, the Cove Café is an adult-only coffee shop with a cool Moana theme and a tropical vibe to make your mornings better on the deck.

Fun activities on Disney Treasure

If you have been on a Disney Cruise before, you know it’s not just for kids! Disney Cruises are also wonderful spots for grown-ups, and the Disney Treasure is no exception. Along with fantastic restaurants and cozy lounges, you can also enjoy activities like a spa, water slides, splash pools, adult-only deck areas, and more! Here are some fun activities on Disney Treasure;

1. AquaMouse

AquaMouse, the water ride first seen on Disney Wish, will also be a special attraction on Disney Treasure. Like on Wish, riders will have fun with Disney characters before going on a thrilling ride around the ship. On Treasure, there will be a new show called “Curse of the Golden Egg,” where Mickey and Minnie hunt for hidden treasure in an old temple. The show will also be added to the AquaMouse ride on Disney Wish later.

2. Sarabi Lion Lounge

This Disney Cruise Lounge, inspired by The Lion King, offers family fun during the day and exclusive adult entertainment at night. Its décor is themed to an African style, featuring wood, rocks, and textured walls. The 2-story lounge lets you enjoy game show-like activities and play the Disney Treasure Game aboard.

3. Senses Spa

Disney Treasure will also offer spa services. You can unwind at the Senses Spa, a lovely outdoor area with plenty of seats. The spa includes an Ice Lounge for thermal therapies and loungers, soothing spa showers, saunas, steam rooms, and dry rooms.

4. Quite Cove Pool

The Disney Treasure has a big area on the upper deck for adults. Known as the Quiet Cove, the adult-only spot has a lovely infinity pool. This pool is at the back of the ship, just outside the Moana-inspired Cove Café.

5. Toy Story Pool

The Toy Story-themed pool is designed for little kids and toddlers. It has a shallow pool and a Saurus Rex Family Waterslide. There’s also a new Splash Zone where kids can have a great time playing. This area features popular Toy Story characters like Buzz and Woody.

When does Disney Treasure set sail?

Disney revealed that Disney Treasure’s first trip will be on December 21, 2024, starting from Port Canaveral in Florida. During this seven-night journey, the ship will stop at Tortola, St. Thomas, and Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island), allowing passengers three days at sea to relax after their onshore adventures.

Throughout its first season, Disney Treasure will offer weeklong Caribbean cruises. Disney Treasure will have seven-night Western Caribbean cruises, with stops in Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Cayman; Falmouth, Jamaica; Castaway Cay; and two days at sea.

Since 2012, Disney Cruise Line has had only four ships. But since 2022, they have had a growth spurt. The company launched Disney Wish in 2022 and this year announced that Disney Treasure will sail in late 2024. There is also the third Triton-class ship scheduled for 2025.

The company has also added a new top tier, Pearl, in their special Castaway Club program to celebrate Disney’s 25th anniversary in the cruise business, and they will also add another private beach spot in the Bahamas called Lighthouse Point in the summer of 2024. It’s a great time to be a Disney Cruise Line fan!

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