6 SUMMER Family Vacation Ideas Your Kids Will Love

you're finally taking a break from work and school to go on ...

you're finally taking a break from work and school to go on a well-deserved vacation welcome back to wonderfully lost your home for all things travel today we're going to be talking about what you can do to make the most out of your summer vacations but there's so much out there where do you even start well let's sort things out for you carabay Hilton San Juan located just a few minutes from the historic heart of the Old San Juan the Caribe Hilton is a warm and welcoming beachy Oasis known for its chatty resident parrots and if you're looking to let off some steam the Caribe Hilton won't mess around the oceanfront swimming pools are a great way to cool off or you can even sign up for snorkeling but maybe you're just a sports Enthusiast and even during your time or from work or school you're craving to grab your gear and get out there tennis fans can practice their game with lessons at the Monica Puig Tennis Center which is named after the local Olympic gold medalist for all you Foodies out there you don't want to miss out on a poolside Mofongo making class here Chefs of the resort teach you how to make this traditional Puerto Rican dish and when all's said and done and you're ready for some Adventure head to the manatee Conservation Center where the little ones can be Manatee caretakers for a day or book yourself a kayak or better a glow-in-the-dark LED kayak in the Condado Lagoon for some late night kayaking 5. beaches Turks and Caicos providencials when it comes to an all-inclusive family vacation this spot has become a massive hit in the Caribbean it provides Great Value and there's just so much to do for all the guests whether you're a lone adult or if you've got kids you can't mention the beaches Turks and Caicos without mentioning the absolutely massive 45 000 square foot water park on the site or the ridiculous range of Cuisines to try out we counted as many as 24 and if that's not enough how about unlimited access to the water with Paddy certified scuba diving and water sports and this isn't even half of it let's not forget the stunning and Sandy 12 Mile Beach there's also a spa on site which is available to everyone so if you want to just sit back and take a breather this is your place to go like there wasn't enough water already mentioned there's 10 pools here too and four whirlpools the list goes on and on but you get the point no matter your age or what you enjoy you are guaranteed to find at least something worth your time in the beaches Turks and Caicos number four Grand Hyatt Bahama New Providence Island if you're looking for a place with a bit of Casino action you're going to want to check this one out the sprawling Grand Hyatt Bahama had the biggest Resort opening in the Bahamas after Atlantis it got an interior casino and it's like something out of Las Vegas there's slot machines and poker tables as well as restaurants ranging from French cuisine to Sushi Hot pots circling the main area the resort has its very own Flamingo sanctuary and over 40 Restaurants let that sink in on the way to Cable Beach you're going to walk past the tropical gardens and the Seven pools some with their own waterfalls and Cliff jumps but that's just the Grand Hyatt the massive property stretches out to over 1 000 acres and actually covers three Resorts the Grand Hyatt SLS and Rosewood no matter whose guest you are you're going to have unlimited access to Baja Bay which is the 15-acre beachfront water park the kids are going to have a good time and on the topic of good times for kids they can even take part in bake offs and participate in cooking classes if that's something that interests them number three Hyatt Ziva capkana Punta Cana all of these Hyatts are coming in hot aren't they this family-friendly vacation located in Punta Cana and an all-inclusive resort offers a little something for everyone the Hyatt resort enjoys a more than prime location on the shores of whenilo beach while the kids run around you can lean back in one of the Resort's infinity pools or if you're in for some Adventure you could head out for some deep sea diving the kids are bound to have a good time too if they head over to the resorts kids club where they can find a number of activities like spider Zone and even virtual reality simulators and and don't forget that this is an all-inclusive resort what does that mean for you across the Hyatt Ziva are 14 restaurants and bars and all of them are included for you what tops are free all inclusive stay at a Grand Resort number two signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Orlando just five minutes from Orlando's theme parks is the signia by Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek nicely tucked away in the Nature Preserve for water enthusiasts there's a lot to do starting off with the three acre long Lazy River grab your inflatable donut ring and let the river's tide carry you on there's also a mix of quiet pools with roomy Cabanas if you're looking for something even more relaxing than the lazy river and there's no shortage of family-friendly activities by the poolside like scavenger hunts and mermaid lessons the resort also provides complimentary Disney park shuttles so you can make it to the theme park rides as well Walt Disney World is only less than a mile away anyway so if you're a die-hard Mickey Mouse fan you might want to check this one out the standard family rooms are super spacious with options for bunk style rooms for families a really cool thing about this Resort is that it shares some amenities with Windham Grand Bonnet Creek which means there's a bonus of pools and even a mini golf course on the other side of the lake Club wind and Bonnet Creek provides homeier digs that are super spacious too we're talking two to three bedroom suites with their own kitchens living rooms and dining rooms and the kids are going to have a blast when they see a pirate shipwreck in the middle of the main pool which also happens to offer unlimited ice cream sundaes number one Montage Palmetto Bluff Bluffton we've been giving a lot of attention to beaches so far but it's about time we appreciate Rivers too not only are they an ideal Escape but you can pack your fishing gear and head out whenever you want to and there's no better place that offers that than Montana Palmetto Bluff which sits on the May river right in the middle of Savannah and Hilton Head Island it's an absolutely gigantic Nature Preserve spreading out over 20 000 Acres with its own walking trails but wait till you hear the next bit the real stars of the show are the over 300 species of birds that reside here the resort has its very own resident naturalist who takes guests on walks to Bird Island it's an interesting Journey during which the naturalist shares the history of the area and points out the local flora and fauna with each step and kids are going to absolutely love the kayak tours why are these two are special these kayak tours get really close to the dolphins that live there all year round and it makes for a very spectacular sight there are a lot of things to do at the resort so keep your pen out to cross things off your bucket list you can go fishing in the May river which could make for some very peaceful you time that you might just be craving or have a go at some golf at the May River Golf Club but maybe you're just in the mood to kick back and relax well head over to the 13 000 square foot spa for a leisurely afternoon and there's also Riverside Cottages which provide plenty of space in addition to the rooms and Suites at the property and that's not all there are two full Villages which are full to the brim with shops and restaurants so make sure you make the most of it so we leave it to you to decide what to do with your summer vacations remember to plan everything out carefully and don't forget to have a good time thanks for wandering with us if you enjoyed these family summer vacation ideas check out our best family all-inclusive resorts linked here [Music] thank you

Are you looking to crack the elusive code of the vacation which offers fabulous fun for the entire family? 

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Welcome to Wanderfully Lost. We’ve got the perfect blend of amazing family vacation ideas that will put a zing in your vacation plans. Be sure to check out our FAMILY VACATION travel planning resources at the end, and if your time on our site is as WANDERFUL as we hope, we’d be super thrilled to have you share this post with your fellow wanderers.

6. Aulani, Disney Resort and Spa (Ko Olina, Hawaii) USA

Aulani, Disney Resort and Spa (Ko Olina, Hawaii) USA

Join your kids on a sun drenched, exhilarating adventure at this magical kiddie’s paradise that sparkles with the enchantment and allure of Disney.

Let the playful adventure begin with a sumptuous breakfast complemented by your kids’ favorite Disney characters.

You cannot ask for a more energetic meal to kick off a day of fun-filled Disney themed quests, story-telling and explorations.

Head over to the pool to let the vacation mayhem gallop full steam ahead. It’s a vacay packed with thrilling surprises.

There are rainbow water jets for some outta this world summer fun. Your kids can take a rumble and tumble with the rushing rapids or even cool off getting fanned by the mellow breeze at the lazy river.

The whole kiddie clan can take a plunge and go on a golden adventure at the private Rainbow Reef Lagoon.

Have surprise run-ins and chance encounters with Mickey Mouse and his gang at the summer escape’s renowned Kids Club also known as Aunty’s Beach House.

Run with unbridled joy at the pristine white sand beach.

Take snazzy pics with all the Disney characters and have a delicious Hawaiian dinner to bring the festivities to a close.

The resort has lapped up many accolades. Hawaii Magazine declared it the “Best Hotel or Resort for Families” and it earned the Reader’s Choice Award.

Up for a high-tech scavenger hunt? Head to the Menehune Adventure Trail or lend an ear to Uncle John and his fantastic stories in the glow of a cozy fireside.

Your teens can make a colorful splash at the ‘Ohana Painting Party.

Warning: Your kids might want to make it their forever home!


5. The Hotel Hershey (Hershey, PA) USA

The Hotel Hershey (Hershey, PA) USA Family Vacation

If you’re stumped and can’t figure out which vacay idea might be a resounding hit with your family, this might be your golden ticket to indulge your loved ones in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque sweet summer escape.

Hop aboard a plane and fly over to this amazing sweet spot!


Prepare to be delighted as you and your family get the thrill of a lifetime on the roller coaster that is centered around a cheerful Jolly Rancher theme that zooms into a tunnel bursting with flavors!

The Hotel Hershey does not scrimp on the giveaways. Prepare to be delighted with this sweet surprise and get your hands around a king-sized Hershey bar gifted to each family member upon arrival.

Once you’ve zipped and zoomed around the park on the rides, take the younger crowd to the kiddie spray deck and let your inner child emerge with some quality time in the hotel’s swimming pools.

That is not where your delicious escapades end. Hershey’s Chocolate World awaits!

Round up the kids to head over to this fantastical place to learn all about the tantalizing secrets that go into candy making.

Have some once in lifetime fun by learning the ropes of the luscious chocolate trade. Create a dreamy chocolate bar or a creamy peanut butter cup. 

This is one trip that will forever be etched in the memories of your bambinos every time they nibble a chocolate bar.

4. Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

4. Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya Family Vacation

Get ready for a daring and dazzling adventure and enter the wild world of the spectacular Masai Mara National Reserve.

The stunning wildlife safari will leave you and your loved one in open mouthed wonder.

It’s not every day that one can encounter the glory of wildlife in all its natural splendor.

Get your kids ready for the big day when they can encounter the king of the jungle, African elephant, leopard, rhinoceros as well as buffalo. Also  known as the big five.

The lush and verdant green of the land gives off Lion King vibes! You’ll get the thrill of a lifetime by playing the African version of the game “I Spy.”

Your kids’ eyes will not scan the landscape for objects, rather they will search for lithe cheetahs or majestic lions.

The highlights of the trip are spotting the big five. A hiking and river swimming adventure awaits children over the ages of twelve. It remains incomparable in terms of its awe-inspiring quotient.

Get a glimpse of wildlife up close and personal with the Masai Tribe and partake in their rituals or nab a bird’s eye view of the glorious terrain via a hot air balloon ride.

Mara Serena and Mara Intrepids on location are good options for safe and convenient family accommodations.

3. The Yorkshire Dales, United Kingdom

The Yorkshire Dales, United Kingdom Family Vacation

If an idyllic and quieter vacay time with family is on your radar, then The Yorkshire Dales in England is a family destination that has proved its mettle as an all-around family pleaser.

Home to the aptly named The Oldest Sweet Shop i n the World, Yorkshire offers much to comfort, soothe and relax with its quaint charm and natural beauty.

Rolling hills and lush green landscapes are a sight for sore eyes. Visit a dairy farm with your family to get a hands-on experience of how milk is sourced.

Feast your eyes on hazy hills with dancing wisps of mist. Get a cooling view of the waterfalls up close.

Take a bike ride with your family to meander in and out of cobbled lanes. The labyrinth of straw mazes is an added charm to enthrall your fam.

Take up accommodation at Aysgarth Lodge which is an ideal locale to get an eyeful of local fauna.

Travel back in time and take your junior clan on a tour of the region’s famed ancient castles such as Ripley’s Castle, Jervaulx Abbey, Middleham Castle, Pendragon Castle or Richmond Castle.

Visit Stump Cross Caverns- a labyrinth of caves with exciting twists and and turns. The caves are a jaw dropping glittering marvel garlanded with surreal crystals and stalactites.

These prehistoric caves journey you back in time long before man or mammoth beasts like dinosaurs occupied our planet.

The caves maintain a steady temperature of seven degrees so gear up.

2. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan Family Vacation

When it comes to safety and family friendliness, Japan has a stellar record.

The city of Kyoto offers a kaleidoscope of sights, smells, cultural sites such as shrines and temples and experiences that will make your trip a surefire hit.

There’s plenty to do and explore in Kyoto. Explore Japan’s super healthy and flavorsome cuisine. Experience the delight of dining at a sushi train! Try other yummy foods like sashimi, tempura, Ramen and Yakitori.

Experience tranquility and oneness with nature by paying a visit to the Yasaka-jinja Shrine as well as Maruyama-koen Park.

Your kids will get a cultural education and enjoy the invigorating view of the koi fish and turtles gliding in the serene ponds. It’s a beautiful experience.

The gorgeous green island is ideal for walks!

Visit the ethereal Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. The surreal and fantasy-like beauty is nothing short of breathtaking.

It resembles a forest one would visit in the pages of a storybook and will fascinate the young and old alike! Get mesmerized by the enormous bamboo.

If you want to experience more of Japan’s rich culture and landscape, prepare to have an uphill climb with your family up the gorgeous terrain of Mount Inari.

Your adventure will culminate at the dazzling orange gates at the mountain’s Shinto shrine.


1.Geilo Ski Resort, Norway

Geilo Ski Resort, Norway Family Vacation

A family ski resort with sub-zero temperatures, 45 slopes, picturesque and rugged peaks capped by snow and the opportunity to learn skiing makes the Geilo Ski Resort in Norway the perfect family vacation getaway!

The resort is uber family-friendly which even caters to toddlers!

Enjoy this snow-filled adventure with your kids with fascinating features such as a magic carpet.

There is a ski-school as well as a plethora of other recreational facilities.

The lifts have easy button access. The resort also has child care services on board to ease the load of frazzled families or simply those who want some fast-paced fun! 

The resort does not disappoint even if you are accompanied by toddlers.

Hitch a charming ride up to your destination via the Oslo Bergen Railway. It even has a comfy carriage for your toddler’s entertainment like a padded play area. There are books and DVDs on board as well.

Which idea meets your family’s needs? Happy Vacationing!


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